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Branded Headphone Earphone under 2500 Rupees

Branded and Affordable Headphone Earphone under 2500 Rupees

Philips SHB3060 Bluetooth Headphones in On-Ear Design

Manufacturers face great difficulty in making an over-the-head headphone. They always have to achieve a balance between looks and comfort. This is the reason why most of the headphones available out there fail to give a good overall experience. I am not implying that you cannot buy a good quality headphone in today’s competitive market. There are plenty of options available.

The only thing a customer needs to do is always be skeptical. Do not buy a headphone only on the words of brands. Always make your purchase decision based on expert’s opinion and other customer’s suggestion. Read also Best Headphones below 1000 from Philips Sony Audio Technica.

Okay, all that was enough for buying tips. Now let us move on to what you have come here for. Philips had launched the SHB3060 Headphone in the year 2015, but then it failed to get customers attraction. In fact, it has never been an in-demand headphone. This seems a little weird to me as this headphone offers great features for just 2990 rupees.

On-Ear Design: This on-ear headphone looks stylish, clean, and compact. It has a thin headband, which connects to earpieces with two highly flexible hinges. Philips has also marked the earpieces with left and right signs to help users in easily putting the headphone on their ears. Build quality of the product is not so impressive but is not that bad either. It will not break easily and fits on the head of any size. Surprisingly, this headphone is also foldable.

A Philips Wireless Headphone on Your Budget

The Philips SHB3060 is one of the most affordable wireless headphones currently available in the market. Its inbuilt battery lasts for around 11 hours on a single charge. The right earpiece is equipped with volume, music, and power controls. A blue LED indicator notifies users about status of connection.

Philips SHB3060 Bluetooth Headphones

Impressive Sound Production: The frequency response range of 10-22000 Hz makes this device quite an impressive headphone of the budget segment. It will generate those thumping bass frequencies, which everyone loves to hear. The treble is super sharp, but that does not cause any pain to the ears.

In my testing, soundstage was totally absent though that should not be a problem considering the price point of this headphone.

Its drivers have a high impedance of 24 Ohm, which is not a big issue as an inbuilt battery power this device.


  • Manufacturer has used decent quality materials in the making
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Offers long battery backup
  • Onboard media controls
  • Can receive calls on the go
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Cons: Not good for long music listening sessions

Verdict: Once again, Philips has proved that it makes the best budget headphones out there. Travelers and people who mostly stay outdoors will fall in love with this device on the very first look.Philips SHB3060 Bluetooth Headphones Control and Connectivity

Connectivity Bluetooth
Design On-Ear
Frequency Response Range 10-22,000 Hz
Dimensions 7 X 16 X 15.5 cm
Weight 145 grams
Buy 2300 Rupees


Jabees Beating SweatProof Sport Wireless Earphones

There are many options to choose from when it comes to headphones, but only a few of these are good enough for daily usage. The Jabees Beating SweatProof Sport Wireless Headphone is one such device. Read also Recent Launch Sony Sports Earphones with Mic Online in India.

The headphone comes at 1,900 rupees, a price tag that makes it a budget friendly product. Jabees is not a highly famous brand, still the features of this device will blow your mind. Honestly, a similar quality headphone from a popular brand like Jaybird will cost you more than 10,000 rupees.

Superior Build: The material used in the outer shell of this device will really last long. Normally, we do not see such a high-quality build on a budget device. It is available in multiple colors, all of which looks great.

Both earpieces of the headphone connect with each other using a flat cable, which is supposed to hang behind user’s neck.

This Jabees Earphones Offers High Comfort to Users

Jabees has designed this headphone in a way that enhances the user experience. The ear buds fit inside user’s ears tightly and provide a high level of isolation. After wearing this headphone, most of the mid and low-frequency audio is blocked.

Soft cushioning of the drivers eliminates the pain during a long music listening session. Although this device looks heavy but it is quite lightweight to wear.

One of the main attractions of this headphone is its ability to resist sweat, which is what makes it a good choice for athletes.

Jabees Beating SweatProof Sport Wireless Headphone

Premium Audio: As I said in the introduction, the audio quality of this headphone is so great that even a 10,000-rupee alternative will fail to compete with it. The frequency response range is too wide. Bass and treble production are also highly impressive.

Both iOS and Android OS Devices are Supported by This Earphones

There will be no problem in using this device either with an iOS device or with an Android one. It supports a number of Bluetooth 4.1 profiles like HFP, HSP, A2DP, and AVRCP. Moreover, this Jabees headphone works flawlessly even if the source device is located 10 meters away. The power button on the left earpiece and other control buttons on the right one.

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  • Uses Bluetooth 4.1 to connect wirelessly
  • NFC connectivity
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • IPX4 certification
  • Good build quality
  • Great sound production

Cons: Inbuilt microphone records noise

Verdict: This device is really a bang for the buck. You cannot get anything better at 1,900 rupees. It is perfect for all types of usage including receiving calls on the ago as well as for listening to music while working out.

Connectivity Bluetooth
Design Earbud
Frequency Response Range 20-20,000 Hz
Dimensions  2 x 2.6 x 1.5 cm
Weight 9 grams
Extra Features IPX4 Certification
Buy 1900 Rupees


JBL T200A Wired Earphones with MIC

JBL is one of the premium brands of headphone market. Its products are so great that most people do not feel the need of thinking twice before making purchase. Today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of JBL’s T200A Earphone, which is available in the market for an amount of 1750 rupees. This product was launched a couple of years back and has managed to create a great following of customers since then. Read also Premium Portable JBL Bass Speaker below 7500 Rupees.

Amazing Build Quality: This is a branded headphone and its build quality reflects that. Although the manufacturer has used mainly plastic in making the earpieces, it feels great. I can say this product will remain your companion for the next couple of years for sure.

Moreover, it is available in multiple colors including red, black, and yellow.

Comfortable Fit: JBL ships this headphone with three pairs of ultra-soft ear tips, which are much easier to replace. It is lightweight and does not lead to any kind of discomfort in case of a long music listening session.

Powerful Inline Microphone and Remote of this JBL Headset

The most useful feature of this headphone is its inline remote, which also sports an inbuilt microphone. Instead of placing the remote at the joint (where the cables coming from left and right earpieces meet), the manufacturer has placed it on the cable of left earpiece. This placement puts the microphone nearer to the user’s mouth and enhances the quality of audio being transferred to person on the other side of the call.

Decent Sound Production: Each earpiece of this JBL headphone features a 9mm neodymium driver and is capable of generating loud audio. Together both earpieces give the user a surround sound effect. Bass levels are impressive and you will be able to hear even the faintest beat in a music track. This headphone offers a frequency response range of 20-22000 Hz.

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You will not need any amplifier in order to enjoy music on this device as it has very low impedance. The 3.5-mm audio jack makes it compatible with a wide range of devices.

JBL T200A Earphones


  • Great build quality
  • Attractive design
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Inline remote
  • High-quality microphone
  • Comes with multiple ear tips

Cons: Fails to isolate the user

Verdict: The JBL T200A is a great product. However, its price tag is a little bit on the higher side. I do not think any budget customer would spend more than 1000 rupee to purchase an earphone.

Dimensions  17 x 5.4 x 4.6 cm
Connectivity Aux In
Inbuilt Controls Singe Call Receive Button
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response Range 20-22000 Hz
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 1200 Rupees

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