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Brand New 10 Mobile Phones Below 1500 Rupees

Brand New 10 Mobile Phones Below 1500 Rupees in 2015 June

This article is a continuation of the last article, which features ten good quality mobile phones in the price range of 1000 to 1500 rupees. In this quick review session of brand new mobile phones, we are analyzing ten newly launched cell phones around 1500 rupees budget in the Indian market. Read also 3 Reliable Low Cost Mobile Phone in Your Budget.

Celkon C58 with Digital FM Radio

The Celkon C58 feature phone comes with a little unique design than other budget phones of this segment. It is currently listed online with a price tag of 1395 INR, but fails to attract many when it comes to features.

The 2.4 inch display of this phone features a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. You can play almost any type media on this phone like MP4, MP3 and AVI. The storage of this phone can be expanded up to 8 GB via a micro SD card. You can also listen to your favorite radio jockey as this phone has got FM Radio feature.

Battery: This phone comes with a user removable 2000 mAh battery. Low resolution display and limited usability allow this phone to easily last for days on a single charge.

Celkon C58 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Connectivity: The Celkon C58 features two SIM cards that support GSM networks. Expecting 3G connectivity will really be unfair considering the price of this phone. However, you do get the features like GPRS, Bluetooth and micro USB.

Warranty: You get 1 year of warranty on this handset that only covers the manufacturing defects. The entire accessories that come in the box come with 6 months of warranty.

About the brand: The Celkon has become famous recently, but believing a brand that has a small service centers can prove to be bad for you. If you can increase your budget, then a better option would be to go with other popular brands like Lava, Micromax or Spice.

Price 1500 Rupees


Micromax X2625 with Wireless FM

Micromax is number one Indian smartphone brand in our country. The brand has achieved significant position and big fan following that remains curious about its next move.

The X2625 is a low budget mobile phone available at a pocket friendly price tag of 1500 rupees. It features some of unique specs that are quite handy in day to day life. There is a dual SIM port that requires SIM to be in mini shape and GSM compatible.

On board storage is 256 MB that can be expanded upto 8 GB with help of a microSD card. Its display is a 2.6 inches TFT that has resolution of 240P and 154 PPI pixel density. For camera, Micromax has done nice trick to appeal a large section of buyers. 0.3 MP VGA camera is joke and does absolutely zero work. Although the main camera is backed up by a digital zoom to increase spottiness of a distance object.

Micromax X2625 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

1400 mAh battery on this phone is really good as the end user can have 3 to 4 days of backup on regular usages. According to Micromax, one single 100% result translates into 6 hours of talk time and 11 days of standby on the 2G network.

The X2625 supports network band from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz giving miss to 850 MHz network, which is in use especially in rural or mountain reason. Bluetooth 3.0 is good and USB port connectivity lets you copy music from a computer to mobile phone.

For multimedia entertainment, the end user will find a FM tuner, music player with loudspeaker and audio recording feature. Music player supports audio file such as MP3, WAV and MIDI.

Main Features:-

  1. Auto Call Recording
  2. Wireless FM
  3. Music Player
  4. Audio Recording
  5. Dual SIM whereas SIM is in mini shape
  6. 256 MB memory and 8 GB microSD card support
  7. 1400 mAh battery with one week standby feature
  8. 1G, 2G, GPRS, Bluetooth 3.0, USB
Price 1561 Rupees


Rage PS20 with Mobile Tracker Security

After falling of Nokia, new feature phone brands are coming up almost every quarter because of which prices of feature phone has dropped considerably. One such brand is Rage and today we will be talking about its PS20 feature phone.

The Rage PS20 has got a 2.4 inch color display, which is good at producing nice colors. You can also attach an 8GB micro SD card to this phone if you like to listen to music. The 1.3 MP rear camera of this phone does not have any great feature to mention except its video recording capability. This phone also comes with games like F1 race and Snake. You might remember these games if you ever had a budget Nokia phone launched back in 2009. Features like Mobile Tracker, Auto call Recorder, LED Torch and FM radio also come on board.

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Battery: Thanks to the 2000 mAh battery that moderate users can easily get about 3-4 days of power backup on this phone. The manufacturer itself promises at least 10 hours of talk time under normal conditions.

Rage PS20 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Connectivity: It is a dual SIM phone that supports GSM networks. The list of connectivity options on the Rage PS20 includes Bluetooth, GPRS and micro USB.

Warranty: The Rage PS20 comes with 1 year of warranty for the defects resulting from poor manufacturing.

About the brand: Rage is a not a much known brand in the Indian feature phone market. It is advised to look at the service center list of this brand before making a purchase.

Price 1255 Rupees


Lemon B563 with a mini Processor

Lemon is a new smartphone brand in India. I like the design of its smart and feature phones. Today, we have the Lemon B563, which features some unique and premium specifications.

Although it is a feature phone, but you will get some taste of a smartphone. 256 MB RAM and a mini processor brings a glance of a smartphone. It has a brand warranty of 365 days for full service in addition to 10 days replacement warranty from ecommerce website. ( Check the sellers replacement policy).

In terms of look and feel, it is quietly resembled with Nokia smartphone. On board storage is 256 MB wherein 185 MB is free for the end user. If you want to expand the memory size, you should buy a microSD that has storage limit upto 16 GB.

Lemon B563 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

The B563 sports a 2.4 inches TFT display wherein resolution and pixel as good as we have seen in most of feature phones so far. 1.3 MB camera is good to take some visible shot in support of a digital ZOOM.

1800 mAh battery is my pick. In general, you will get 3 to 4 days of back up on active usages. If the brand to be believed, the B563 battery is qualified to give 9 hours of talk time and 20 days of standby on the 2G network.

The nifty feature, which I mentioned above, is mobile tracker, which helps recover the phone if it is stolen or lost anywhere. If your phone is lost, then police or security agency will be able to detect this mobile phone because of tracking feature.

Main Features:-

  1. Dual SIM in mini shape
  2. 256 MB ROM and 256 MB RAM with a mini MediaTek processor
  3. MicroSD card support
  4. Mobile Tracker
  5. Call Waiting
  6. 1G, 2G, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB, 900 MHz to 1800 MHz frequency band
  7. FM, Music Player with Loudspeaker
Price 1375 Rupees


Intex Mega 501 with a long lasting Battery Life

The people who are looking for some quality at extremely low budget can go for the Intex Mega 501 feature phone. Unfortunately this phone is currently unavailable on most of the popular eCommerce websites, but you can easily get it at the electronic shop near your place at a decent price.

Features: The phone comes in 4 variants of different colors and is just 98 grams in terms of weight. A 2.4 inch TFT display along with nice build quality makes this phone suitable for the average Indian user. On the back of the phone you can find a VGA camera, which is also capable of recording videos. It is a full multimedia phone that supports micro SD card up to 32 GB. However, the phone itself has just 61 KB of internal storage. This phone also comes with a Mobile Tracker feature that protects the phone from being stolen.

Intex Mega 501 Review Specifications and Price in India

Battery: The Intex Mega 501 features a 2000 mAh battery that, according to the manufacturer, provides 16 hours of talk time and 650 hours of standby time.

Connectivity: This feature phone comes with dual SIM slots both which support GSM networks. Other connectivity options on this phone include Bluetooth, GPRS, micro USB and FM Radio.

Warranty: Intex provides 1 year of warranty on this phone and 6 months of warranty on the accessories.

About the brand: Intex is a famous brand in the Indian mobile market. Its latest series of smartphones is performing great among the young smartphone lovers. Read More about the Intex Mega 501 at Top 10 Mobiles Under 1500 Rupees

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Lava Arc Grand has a camera with LED Flash

The Arc grand is a pure feature mobile phone with essence of quality, comfort and standard craft. Although specification wise, it does not stand against some other listed smartphones yet you will fall in love because of its good looks and easy performance.

The Lava Arc Grand is a dual SIM mobile phone supports normal SIM size and adheres to frequency range of 900 MHz to 1800 MHz. While on-board storage is just to work with basic feature of the phone, user should opt for a microSD card with a limit of 8 GB.

2.8 inches Display is a little bit bigger than what we have seen so far. 143 PPI pixel density is low, but translates into good battery backup. The Indian brand Lava has packed this mobile phone with a 1.3 MP primary that is fixed focus and supported with LED flash and digital ZOOM.

Lava has given a twist camera feature. The main Camera 1.3 MP is much better than what we have analyzed so far. We could be able to take some nice shots in natural light and in low-light. We give good mark or full mark for camera performance. If you are looking for a feature phone under 1500 rupees for good camera, then this is the cellphone you should buy.

Lava Arc Grand Review Specifications and Price Online in India

1200 mAh battery is good, but not great. We could able to avail 2 days of full backup without any issue. Lava Arc Grand is spotted with some regular features such as GPRS, Bluetooth, music player, FM, audio recording and some popular gadgets.

This is not a complete feature phone. I mean some of regular features are missing here. However, whatever qualities it has that is in good standard.

Main Features:-

  1. Dual SIM with regular SIM size
  2. MicroSD card support upto 8 GB
  3. FM RADIO, Music Player, Audio Recording
  4. 1G, 2G, GPRS, Music Player, USB, Loudspeaker
  5. 1200 mAh battery
Price 1420 Rupees


Jivi JV X3270 with Auto Call Recording

The X3270 is a stylish and sleek feature phone that really comes at an attractive price of 1249 Rupees. One great thing about this phone is that it features a 1.2 GHz cortex A 18 processor and runs on Symbian series 60 OS out of the box.

Features: This multimedia feature phone comes with a 2.4 inch display that packs a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. At the rear, you get a 0.3 MP camera that comes with video recording capability. It comes with 32 MB of internal storage, but that can be expanded up to 8GB using a micro SD card. The list of extra features on this phone includes like Auto Call Recorder, FM Radio, Privacy Lock and Mobile Tracker.

Jivi JV X3270 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Battery: The Jivi JV X3270 is powered by a 2000 mAh battery, which is really huge considering the specs of this phone. Jivi itself is promising about 10 hours of talk time under normal conditions.

Connectivity: Almost all feature phones of this price segment feature two GSM SIM slots and this phone is no different. Other connectivity features like GPRS, Bluetooth and micro USB are also featured on the Jivi JV X3270.

Warranty: The handset comes with 1 year of warranty that only covers manufacturing defects.

About the brand: Jivi is a small brand and its business is based on feature phones only. However, small brands like Jivi are always poor at providing good customer service after the purchase is made.

Price 1250 Rupees


Spice Boss Power 5710 with a 3MP Rear Camera

The Boss Power 5710 is a brand new feature phone aimed to catch up with user’s imagination of the best of musical experience. In terms of specification and nifty features, the phone is packed with some generic features already exist in most of feature smartphone.

However, Spice manages to deliver the best in terms of musical entertainment. The Boss 5710 has been a choice of music lovers under 1500 rupees price. Currently, it is selling at a price of 1350 rupees.

MicroSD card support is upto 8 GB. In my opinion since Spice has focused more on music experience, so 16 or 32 GB microSD card support could have been a cherry on Cake.

Its display has a regular specification that is a combination of 2.4 inches in size, 167 PPI pixel density and 240P resolution. Primary camera is a VGA camera. Spice has boosted it with an effective digital ZOOM.Spice Boss Power 5710 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

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1500 mAh battery goes along music player demand for more power. If Spice is to be believed, 8 hours of 2G and 13 days of standby are confirmed on the 2G network.

Spice has made it available in White and Yellow colour options. I would request you to choose white model as the yellow does not go well with day-to-day décor.

Main Features:-

  1. 2.4 inches Screen, 240P Resolution and 167 PPI pixel density
  2. MicroSD card support upto 8GB
  3. Dual SIM, GSM + GSM, Regular SIM size
  4. 1500 mAh battery delivered 8 Hours of Talk Time and 13 Days of Standby
  5. 3 MP main camera with digital ZOOM
  6. Auto Call Recording
  7. Music Player
  8. FM with Loudspeaker
Price 1350 Rupees


iBall Tarang Music 2.8J with 2400 mAh battery

Indian brand iBall has been struggling to find feet in gadgets segment. Although the brand is involved in making all kinds of known gadgets, yet does not own big brand equity. The iBall entered in mobile market long before than Intex, Spice and Celkon. Today, these three brands do better business than the iBall in the Smartphone space. The reason of iBall failure is, it tries everything rather focusing on a particle segment.

The Tarang Music 2.8J is a good smartphone and does deliver every time music experience. It has a bigger screen, high memory enhancement, best battery power and wireless FM for clear crystal free live music.

It works with dual GSM SIM cards that in the regular shape and size. iBall has added ZERO internal memory, but given a microSD card support that goes upto 16 GB. 2.8 inches TFT display features 240P resolution and 143 PPI pixel density. Although the smartphone is packed with 2400 mAh battery does get more help from low resolution display to reduce battery draining.

iBall Tarang Music 2.8J Review Specifications and Price Online in India

In terms of connectivity and multimedia, iBall has spotted the cellphone with GPRS, Bluetooth, USB, FM, Music Player and Loudspeaker. Wireless FM is my favorite specification as it allows you to tune local FM stations without plug-in an earphone or specific antenna.

Main Feature:-

  1. Dual SIM, GSM, Regular SIM Size
  2. MicroSD card Support Upto 64GB
  3. Wireless FM
  4. Audio Player
  5. 1G, 2G, GPRS, USB Port, Bluetooth and 900 MHz to 1800 MHz network frequency band
  6. 2400 mAh battery for minimum three days of backup on genuine usages
  7. 240P Resolution, 2.4 inches in Size, 143 PPI pixel density
Price 1500 Rupees


Philips E160 with Philips Trust

One of 20 most trusted brand Philips is not keen to make mark in mobile phone space. However, the current market reality has forced it to join the league of smartphone manufacturer. Philips is one of the top 5 brands in Kitchen Appliances, Lighting Gadgets and Heath Instruments.

Trust me; if Philips becomes aggressive in smartphone business, then the low – cost mobile phone makers will face heat because of its brand reputation among buyers. If I go buy the recent launches of Philips, it seems the brand still not sure about its presence in smartphone market. At this website, the E160 is the second smartphone to be reviewed after the Philips W6610, which comes with a nifty feature of a massive 5300 mAh battery.

Today, we have the E160 – a feature smartphone with dual SIM compatibility on GSM network. You can use all types of SIM card whether that is micro, mini or regular.

It houses 14 MB internal storage and a microSD card support upto 32 GB. The screen is a 2.4 inches TFT that carry a 240P resolution and 167 PPI pixel density. Main camera is 0.3 MP VGA equipped with a digital ZOOM.

Philips E160 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

1600 mAh battery delivers approx three days of back against regular usages. At connectivity front, we do not find a USB port to connective with a PC. However, you can use enabled Bluetooth for the same. Network work browsing is allowed through GPRS integration.

Main Feature:-

  1. Dual SIM, GSM, Regular SIM SIZE
  2. 14 MB Internal Memory and 32 GB MicroSD card support
  3. 240P Resolution, 2.4 inches TFT Display, 167 PPI Pixel density
  4. 3 MP main camera with digital ZOOM
  5. 1600 mAh battery
  6. 1G, 2G, GPRS, Bluetooth and 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency band support
  7. FM Radio and Loud speaker
Price 1500 Rupees

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