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#Bosch GSB 500 RE Kit Under 4000 Rupees

Bosch GSB 500 RE Kit Power Hand Tool Kit Box

Frankly speaking, I am not an expert of tools, nor I work with such tools every day. Today, my office manager ordered this item online for personal use. I looked at user's review and found this toolbox a recommended thing for those who need a hard toolkit for general purposes.

The Bosch tool box set comes with collections of multi-use tools for fixing things in the home, which might cost 100 to 500 rupees if a technician called. Further, if these tools are brought individually, the final expense would too expensive. Hence, the Bosch Tools Kit with 92 robust, sturdy tools is highly recommended and a must-have toolbox in every home. Read also 4 Best Household Hand Tool Kit below 2500 Rupees.

  • Tools Included : Impact Drill , Claw Hammer , Pliers and Knife , Spirit Level , Wrench , Drill Bit for Wood, Steel and Concrete , Screws , Wall Plugs , Screw Driving Bits and Nut Bits.
  • Recommended for : Plumbing and Repairs Works, Mounting Photo Frame, Painting, Set Right Furniture.

Bosch GSB 500 RE Kit with 92 Tools

What are Pros Cons of the Bosch Tool Box Set

The GSB-500-RE is a toolbox kit from the best tools maker in the world, and therefore is worth considering. This toolbox comes with all the required tools for day-to-day usages.

Pros :-

  • Durability 92 tools
  • Screwing and unscrewing option
  • Reverse function
  • Comes with required tools and drills
  • Hammer option
  • Separate drill bits for drilling in wood, steel, concrete
  • A stainless steel hammer and adjustable wrench with excellent grip
  • The hammer drill machine comes with two modes: the impact mode for drilling hard material such as concrete, and the normal mode for drilling in wood.
  • It has magnetic screwdriver holder with 10 different screwdriver bits making your work easy and fast; no more manual screwdrivers required.
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Cons :-

  1. The hammer drill machine appears to less effective when drilling hard concrete and steel surfaces.
  2. There are only four drill bits for wood( You might need to buy 2 or 3 for lower diameters which are cheap and easily available a local hardware shop).
  3. No speed control levels on the drill machine.
  4. No level straightness indicator over the machine: a disadvantage for those who cannot drill straight.

How to best use this Bosch Power Tools?

To use all the tools of this Bosch tools kit, one may need some level of experience in home service and repair works. Bosch is marketing it a complete tools box for home use. And, Bosch is right as the kit do not come with all necessary tools for one profession. Professionals will have to buy some additional tools in addition to this package. That might significantly increase their budget for essential tools needed in their work. Therefore, it is better for them to invest in the tools kit that is designed for their profession. As far as home users are concerned, for them, Bosch GSB 500 RE kit with 92 multipurpose tools could be a good buy.

Tools 92
Weight 4.5 Kgs
Warranty Two years
Power Requirement 500-Watt
Impact Rate 0-41600 bpm
Drilling Diameter in Brickwork 10-mm
Drilling Diameter in Concrete 10-mm
Drilling Diameter in Steel 8-mm
Drilling Diameter in Woom 20-mm
Combination Plier 1
Nylon Plugs 30
Concrete Drill Bits 5
Measuring Tape 1
Utility Knife 1
Metal Drill Bits 5
Wood Drill Bits 5
Hammer Drill 500-Watt
Wrench 1
Hammer 1
Cutter 1
Spirit Level 1
Screwdriver Bits 10
Bit Holder 1
Screws 30
Buy 3200 Rupees