Are digital blood pressure machines accurate? Do not judge by reading someone’s opinion or going through media reports. Test it by yourself and then decide. I am saying this because it is effortless to do. Get your BP checked by the traditional Blood Pressure Monitor setup. Immediately test your BP by an automatic digital blood pressure monitor device. Compare both the reading to decide whether should you trust a digital blood pressure machine for an accurate report or not. The minor discrepancy in both the reading does not matter.

Which is the best digital arm blood pressure monitor under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling fully automatic blood pressure monitor machines which are trusted for an accurate reading.

☼ Omron 7124 Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Omron is a Japanese brand and in the India market, it is currently one of the best names for digital BP monitors. The Omron 7124 blood pressure monitor is a fully digital device and its operation is fully automatic. It comes with the features for ensuring accurate reading of blood pressure.

Omron HEM 7124 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The reading of Digital BP monitors isn’t trusted by doctors yet. They still rely on the traditional method of blood pressure checking. Omron brand mentions on its official website for the model HEM 7124 that it is clinically validated. That means it matches the traditional system of blood pressure checking in terms of accuracy. The Omron HEM 7124 Digital BP Monitor when used according to the steps prescribed in its manual will give an accurate measurement of blood pressure.

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Price ₹2000 | Amazon
Features One-Touch Operation | Fully-Automatic | LCD Screen | Memory for Last Reading | Body Movement Detection | Battery-Powered | Warranty: 3-Year


☼ Agaro 701 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Agaro is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle brands in India. Especially for health devices, it is a favorite brand. You will get more information about this brand by going through our presentation on Agaro Foot massager.

Are you looking for a fully automatic blood pressure monitor machine for an instant and accurate blood pressure report? You should get an Agaro BP monitor device. Recently we had the opportunity to test Agaro 701 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Machine.

Agaro 701 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Machine

The digital BP monitor device turned out to be much better than we had expected. It has a durable ABS plastic body with a large screen and a powerful loudspeaker to announce blood pressure reports in a female voice.  Apparently, the speaking function is the most exciting feature of the device.

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Testing your blood pressure with an Agaro digital blood pressure monitor is very easy. Check this video to learn how to do it properly. Since the 701 model is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor, it does everything automatically from start to analyzing the final blood pressure report. All you have to is to wrap up the belt on your arm tightly and pressure the START button.

Unboxing | Digital Blood Pressure Monitor under 2000 Rupees | #Agaro BP Monitor

Price 1000 Rupees
Features Speaking Function | Memory-Feature to Auto-save Old Test Reports | Multi-user Support | Low-Battery indicator
Power 4 × 1.5V AAA-Size Batteries
Testing  Oscillometric Method for Fast and Accurate BP Report | Auto Blood Pressure Report Analysis | Irregular Heart Beat Detection | Displays Error for {Body Movement during Testing | Wrong Cuff Position} | Average Function (of the last 3 BP Testing Reports)
Sales Box BP Monitor Device | 4 Batteries | Carry Bag | User-manual | Warranty Card