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A Bit Noisy But Durable Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder below 5000 Rupees

A Bit Noisy But Durable Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder below 5000 Rupees

Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder HL7576

The famous Dutch company is not an obscure one. Philips, as the name surely would have flashed the simplicity of their logo to the high-quality products they have been delivering throughout the years. Today you'll get to know about one such dependable item manufactured by Philips. The Juicer Mixer Grinder HL7576 is one of the ‘not so modular' yet ‘not so backward' kind of mixer. Which as a matter of fact probably makes it one of the easiest to use blenders in today's' ultra modern world!

Philips has always made its way to the hearts of its users with its durable, affordable and superb quality products. Let’s get started to make you aware of one such product by this popular company!

Having plenty of benefits for all of its users, it’ll surely be one of the best buys you could do for your kitchen.

Affordable Price and High Performance

It comes with the most amiable price yet offers an exclusively designed 600 watt Torque X motor for not letting a bit of the utterly precious fruit pulp and fibers go waste. All the people who have used this blender are already in love with its smooth mixing capacity. The inbuilt strainer helps to target the mere possibilities of dissolution which gives the tint of perfection to everything you incorporate in it.

Short Blades for Faultless Mixing

The short arm mixer blades ensure you of its flawless blending, not only juices but all kind of paste you use in your everyday cooking. May it be a puree or a dry powder- these blades are super reliable for any kind of consistency you wish for in your recipe.

Separable Spout

As time passes by and your mixer gets all weary, there’s some dirt that starts to get stuck in it. Now you can easily clean it out but then there are some points which are hard to even put a brush into! So as per me the third advantage which is one of the most helpful and hygienic benefits is the separable spout which withers away the worry of any grime stuck and you trying all sorts of moves and twists to get it out.

Auto Cut Off

We all have faced the problem of the motor making noises and in no time after that, it’s news to us that our blender which was totally fine yesterday is no more working! Well, you don't need to worry about it anymore as this Philips mixer has an auto cut off protection which not only lessens your worries but also gives your precious motor a pretty good life to keep on working like a brand new one.

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Effortless Jars

The fifth advantage you get here are the simple and sober jars. These jars are not only healthy but totally fuss free and without fancy designs that need you to stay meticulous while using the mixer.

They also don’t have any edges that are difficult to clean. Keep your ‘cleaning groves' aside as this mixer cleans itself smoothly just by placing it below the running tap water for few seconds.

Healthy Plastic

Coming further, the fifth benefit makes me want to ask a question. Have you heard the common fact of ‘plastic is harmful'? And you have purposely started to avoid plastic and get into the ‘steel and glass’ crockery mode?  Surprise! You need not worry about it even a little as all of the plastic of this Juicer Mixer Grinder promotes healthy living even after when the food comes in contact of the plastic.

As well as the absolutely free spatula saves you from the scratches on the jars caused by the spoons and knives you use to let out the paste.

Rust Free Stainless Steel

The very much popular chromium steel is everyone’s favorite because of the obvious reasons. It has the unique ability to resist tarnishing, chemical damage, and extreme temperature corrosion. Having good strength the aesthetic appeal just adds up and gives this easily maintained yet high-quality steel a very pleasing appearance. Also, the hygienic properties of stainless steel make it the first choice in every department where health is a concern. Being truly durable, its prices are least expensive too.

Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder HL7576 Review and Specifications


World class branded product with affordable cost

Who won’t like having a multinational company product right in their kitchen? That is famous for its durability and quality aspects? That too with a decent price and all the amenities needed in a blender!

Satisfactory motor (600 Watt Torque X)

The speed and finish of the motor are pretty much commendable especially as per the people who have used and reviewed it. It works perfectly well for everything that’s under your daily needs and is much less noisy as compared to the usual or say average motors in blenders.


Features like the auto cut off and using rust-free stainless steel as its core material simply adds up to the life of this mixer grinder.

Hygiene Factor

There are lots of germs that get attracted to plastics and lots of dirt that gets stuck in areas like that of a spout. The healthful plastic and detachable spout clearly are one of the effort’s to show their concern or thoughtfulness regarding health of their customers. Besides, who doesn’t want to stay fit?

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One Year Warranty

Most of the people look for at least two to three-year warranty in any of the electrical home appliances. So if you’re one of them – there might be some hesitation to proceed towards checkout.

A Little Noisy

Like any other mixer, this one is noisy too. Its operational noise is much less than the average juicer mixer blenders but it is still present, though. If you are looking for an MG machine with extremely silent operation then this one is not for you.

Concluding It All

Having a finely manufactured product of this world class brand that too after all of those amazing advantages it has got, it would be one of my best buys. So in short HL7576 is the perfect Juicer Mixer Grinder for you if you're looking for the best blender that fulfills your daily needs, has high satisfactory advantages and is in your budget rate too.

Price 4000 Rupees
Jars 3  (Stainless Steel)
Special Features Automatic Cut Off
Speed Settings 4
Motor 600 Watt Torque X
Warranty 1 Year (limited lifelong warranty)
Included Spatula

Users Review and Opinion


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