How to reset billing machine? Every billing machine model has its produce for creating, resetting, and deleting data. Therefore, instead of searching online you need to check the user manual of your billing machine. Somewhere towards the end, you can find a section on the user manual explaining how to perform a factory reset and delete existing records. User manual of your billing machine is as essential as the warranty card.

► Factory reset for Wep billing machine

I can explain how to do Wep billing machine factory reset. The procedure may not be the same for other brands’ billing machines, however.

Usually, factory reset option is under the menu or the setting option. In Wep billing machine, the factory reset option is under the menu option. By using the down arrow key look for the settings option under the menu option. Press enter to access available options under the machine settings option, which is under the settings option. Inside the list of options under the machine settings option, you will get the factory settings option.

You will be warned when you press enter for the factory settings option. If you are sure that you want to factory reset the Wep billing machine, press enter. Next, you need to enter the special password, which is 75245. In a few seconds, the machine will come to its original stage as it was before being customized at your place.

{Menu → Settings → Machine Settings → Factory Reset → Enter → Password → Enter → Factory Reset completed}

One of the critical factors in business success is data analysis. You can get the required data for analysis from the billing machine in use. Therefore, while selecting a billing machine, also go through its capability of generating various reports. If a product is not moving, it is better not to order it again after its stock is over. Use the space to store other fast-moving products. You will get all such information from the sales report generated by the billing machine.

► Wep BP20 Billing Machine

Wep India brand claims that the machine is in use at 80,000+ locations as of today. That’s an incredible number for a billing machine. The BP20 billing machine can store up to 2000 products with their details, applicable tax, and any discount offered.

Wep BP-20 GST Enabled Billing Machine

This billing machine is for printing receipt bill in 2-Inch width. It is a GST enabled billing machine. You can set the GST rate for products with current discounts on them. Moreover, it generates 11 types of reports. That includes reports for daily to yearly sales, tax, and reports for accounting.

Generating bills on this Wep billing machine is super easy and fast. Its control panel has 30 keys wherein 26 hotkeys are for best-selling products. One machine could be used round the clock and 365 days since multiple cashier accounts with security is supported, withal.

Wep India is a highly trusted brand for billing machine in India market. Therefore, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying the BP20 standalone billing machine in 9600 Rupees is the best GST enabled billing machine under 10000 Rupees.

Price 9600 Rupees
Ideal for Bakeries | Ice-cream parlors | Vending machines | Takeaway/self-service restaurants | Kirana Shops | Hotels | Restaurants | Fast Food Chains | Juice and Ice Cream Parlors | Coffee Shops
Features Store up to 2000 Product Records with GST Rate and Discount offer | Print: 2-Inch Wide Bill | Up to 15 Cashier Accounts | Search Product by name or code | Control: 30 Keys (26 Hot Keys for best-selling products) | Print Speed: up to 10 Bills in one minute
Reports 11 Types of Reports | Sales Reports | Tax Reports | Reports for Accounting
Sales Box Billing Machine | Power adapter | Software CD | Data Cable and 1 Paper Roll