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The Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Laptop

The Best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for laptop

The regular computer users should buy keyboard and mouse only from the two brands: HP and Logitech. In this article, I revealed why Logitech is the best brand for Keyboard whereas HP is my favorite brand for a computer Mouse. Although here I assist in deciding the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for laptop and everyday use.

I prefer to use a full-size keyboard for comfortable typing on my laptop. Almost four years back I bought my first wireless mouse when wireless keyboard & mouse was through the early stages of becoming mainstream solutions. Then wireless keyboard mouse in a more subtle design and with reliable performance — price wise had started becoming within reach of general computer users. It used to be very costly earlier. Today although it is a practical notion to consider replacing the regular wired keyboard mouse with a wireless keyboard mouse.

It was a Dell wireless mouse, and it did not last long. In fact, it was one poor purchase decision. My experience with Dell products has never been great. In my options, for general use computer and hardware, Dell is not the best brand. I have had not one, in fact, many terrible experiences with Dell products. Read also Stylish and Reliable Logitech Gaming Mouse Review and Specs.

Logitech wireless keyboard mouse combo MK 220 and MK 215 review

Both the wireless keyboard mouse combos from Logitech are the best choices among all the options available in the market at present. Their design is perfect. With a slim profile and in a lightweight build they are the best portable keyboard mouse under 2000 Rupees. Despite their overall size being 36% small than the regular keyboard, Logitech's smart design retains all the keys at their original position — this is very important. Moreover, the shape size of keys closely parallels with the keys on Logitech's wired keyboards. In fact, a regular user of a Logitech keyboard would not have difficulty in switching from a wired keyboard to a wireless keyboard. Having this Logitech wireless keyboard means — for typing whether a desktop or a laptop makes no difference you get the same comfort.

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Further, both the wireless keyboard mouse combo is portable enough to carry on a trip to use with a laptop. It can fit perfectly into a standard laptop bag. Remarkable properties those I listed below makes this Logitech wireless keyboard my favorite.

  • Lightweight Build
  • Portable enough to carry in a laptop bag
  • Keys are in the Logitech's signature design
  • Leys are in the known positions
  • No Lag no delay
  • Have the same typing comfort as you get on a wired keyboard

Logitech's smart design for the wireless keyboard mouse combos is more focused towards making them ideal for portable use. Not as the way we use the standard wired keyboard mouse. Thus, the wireless combos are not a convenient alternative of the wired keyboard mouse that comes in the grand size.

Logitech MK220 or MK215 Wireless Keyboard Mouse For Your Laptop

I am sure you are here not to read my review assessment of both the Logitech wireless keyboard mouse combos. Instead, which one is the best in them? Which one should you buy? Isn't it? A straightforward answer to your question is both. The fact is both the Logitech wireless keyboard mouse combo is same in design, features, functions and hence in performance, too. However, the noted difference is in the warranty period Logitech offers for them.

Logitech MK220 MK215 The Best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for laptop

The MK 215 combo comes with 12 months warranty whereas the same on the MK 200 is 36 Months. You should buy the MK 200 for the more extended warranty even if you have to pay the extra cost for it. I am currently using the Logitech MK200 combo. I encountered malfunction within the first six months of its use. Thus the rational to select the model became self-evident — which I had thought of at the time of purchase. Read also Logitech Gaming Mouse with 11 Control Buttons.

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There is 99.99% guarantee that a wired keyboard mouse from Logitech would last not less than 24 months for the regular users. However, the same cannot be said with utmost assurance for a wireless keyboard set. You cannot be sure about the durability of a wireless keyboard mouse even if Logitech brand name engraved on it.

It is quite likely within six to ten months of use it would stop working, or some keys fails. If your luck is terrible, the same malfunction will happen after 13 months of use, which often is the case with me. Jokes apart, to get a full return on your investment for such a costly keyboard mouse, opt for the model, which comes with a more extended warranty. In the long run, you would be benefitted from the longer period for sure.

Buy Top-Rated Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse At Amazon
Logitech MK220 with 3-Year Warranty 1240 Rupees
Logitech MK215 with 1-Year Warranty 1000 Rupees

In case of keyboard mouse, warranty service means a full replacement. Logitech has service centers in all major cities of India. If there is an issue with your keyboard or mouse, go to service center, show your purchase receipt, return the not functioning device, get the new device, and come back. So easy it is. If the nearest Logitech service center is not providing you proper resolution, comment here with your details. Read also Things I bought Online to Make an Old PC Run Faster.