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Bragi Dash : The Best Wireless Headphones In The World?

Bragi Dash In India

In the beginning of this year, Bragi launched its much-awaited Dash headphone. Technology enthusiasts were waiting for this headphone to become available in the market since a long time. The hype around this headphone was so great during the CES 2016 that almost every tech media website covered its unveiling. Moreover, many experts around the world have already purported it as the best wireless headphone in the world.

The manufacturer Bragi did not waste any time in taking advantage of this hype and quickly made this device available in India. Although the price of Bragi Dash in the US is just $299, Indian customers will have to spend around 46,000 rupees to get it. Considering this, it becomes quite hard to make a verdict.

So does this device deserve the position of the best wireless headphone in India even at such a premium price? Well, let us find out.

Bragi Dash : An Unusual Beginning

The Bragi Dash is getting a special treatment by review websites around the world because of its unusual conception. This product was not designed, sourced, and marketed by Bragi on its own. In fact, no one knew this brand before the Dash headphone became so famous.

It all started in 2014 when Bragi pushed its concept of an exclusive headphone on Kickstarter is actually a crowd-funding platform. Anyone (a company or someone from public) can feature his or her project concept on this website. If other Kickstarter users find that concept interesting, they will support it by money. In return of their money, the project owner has to deliver the end result of a project to them. Read also Best Headphones Earphones in 15000 to 22000 Rupees.

Bragi attracted a number of people for its Dash Headphone project. It succeeded to collect around $3 million (roughly 20 crore rupees). This much money was enough for the brand to move to the manufacturing stage. Initially, Bragi promised to launch this headphone in early 2015. Due to some unknown problems, the project got delayed to a whole one year.

Bragi Dash Box

Bragi Dash Earphone with The Best Design Possible

I must say, there cannot be a better wireless headphone than the Bragi Dash when it comes to design. Generally, wireless headphones are heavy, bulky, and highly uncomfortable. This headphone tries to solve all these problems. Read also Top Earphones for Smartphone Below 1500 Rupees.

The Dash offers everything you would want on an ideal wireless headphone. It looks really good, is very lightweight and gives a great comfort to the ears. In packaging box, customers get three earbud pairs of different sizes.

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At first, I could not believe how the manufacturer was able to cram up everything from battery, sensors, driver, as well as the microphone in such a small compartment.

Surprisingly, this headphone also manages to look good. It is available in black and white colors. Tinted glass cover on the back of each driver gives the whole setup a premium look. Around this glass cover is a rim of glowing indicator light for showing battery status. This indicator light looks really appeal while glowing.

This Earphone is a Great Choice for Sports

Until the launch of the Bragi Dash, the only wireless headphone suitable for sports usage was the Jaybird X3. Now the situation has changed. The Dash headphone seems more suitable for sports users than the Jaybird X3. The greatest benefit of having this device is it offers a true wireless performance. Both its earpieces are not physically connected with each other (which is not the case with Jaybird X3).

Other important things to mention here is it fits perfectly into the ears of all sizes. It does not fall out even if the user runs, walks, or jogs vigorously. You can even shake your head and the earpieces of the Bragi Dash will not move even a centimeter from their original position.

The manufacturer has also made this device water resistant for up to 1 meter. It offers a sweat-free performance and helps the customers listen to music while they are swimming. I would like to advise, though do not swim beyond one meter while wearing this headphone.

The build quality of the Bragi Dash is just amazing. Durable and high-quality materials make it feel great in the hand as well in the ears.

Loaded With Number Of Sensor and Great Sound Quality

With the Dash headphone, Bragi has tried to offer music lovers an all-inclusive platform. It comes with even those features you cannot imagine on a headphone.

A heart rate sensor becomes quite helpful to athletes and heart patients. Inbuilt step sensor allows the users to track how many steps they have taken and how many calories they have burnt on a daily basis.

Bragi Dash Price Online in India

It also takes help of sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to track orientation of user’s head and his (or her) movements. The last but not the least is the touch interface on the back of each driver unit. It offers a very novel way of interacting with the device in the form of gestures and taps.

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Great Sound Quality: Most of the times wireless headphones that offer a number of extra features are really bad at generating quality audio. Luckily, the Bragi Dash is a huge exception on this front. This premium earphone produces immersive and mind-pleasing audio at all frequencies. Bass levels are extremely high, which allows the users to enjoy genres like pop and rock. Its drivers are powerful and capable of generating high volume audio. I would like to admit though this is not the best headphone for music lovers. A pair of experienced ears can easily figure out its limitations.

The Bragi Dash frequently suffers while producing high-frequency treble. It fails to achieve a balance between Treble, Bass, and Mids. Still, we cannot criticize the Bragi Dash as its audio quality is still better than most wireless headphones out there.

An Earphone with App Support

To setup and use this device, customers need to install a dedicated app on their smartphone (available for both iOS and Android platforms). The Bragi Dash is quite smart. When a user puts this headphone in his ears, it senses that action. Then a series of voice prompts help the user in setting up everything.

After proper calibration through the smartphone app, users have to remove the drivers from his ear so that the calibration settings can be saved in its memory. This step is really weird but is also important (skipping it will erase all the settings you have applied through the app).

According to the manufacturer, the Dash headphone works at its best when the customers use its official application (other wireless headphone apps available out there do not have proper settings and modules for the Dash).

Bragi Dash Review and Specifications

Not Good For Making Calls: The greatest con associated with this headphone is its low sensitivity microphone. In technical terms, this microphone uses bone conduction technology to record voice. When we speak, our mouth not only creates sound waves in the air but also some vibrations in our bones. This microphone picks those vibrations and converts them into electrical signals.

I agree, this technology sounds innovative but in practical terms, it does not work that well. It picks a lot of noise and disturbances. Making a call using the Bragi Dash becomes a terrible experience.

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Unreliable Connectivity: Considering the price of this headphone and its extraordinary features, it should offer a reliable wireless connectivity. Unfortunately, the Dash performs worst in the area of connectivity. Although the manufacturer promises a 5 meter Bluetooth range (which is still low), it suffers from frequent connection drops even if you are holding your smartphone in the hand.

Simple body moments like tilting of head backward, walking while keeping the smartphone in trouser pocket and drinking water from a bottle in such a way that your hand comes between the headphone and its paired smartphone will break the connection.

Onboard Media Player and Battery Management

Users do not need a smartphone for listening to music on the Bragi Dash. It has an onboard media player and also sports 4GB of storage. Still, this does not compensate for the bad Bluetooth connectivity. A wireless headphone should work reliably on a wireless connection.

Impressive Battery Management: Compact driver size has its own disadvantages. Both drivers of the Dash headphone feature a 100-mAh battery each. This much power only helps this headphone to last for around 2-3 hours. To solve this problem, Bragi ships a small charging case that features its own rechargeable battery. This battery case is not very heavy and stores enough power to charge the headphone up to 5 times.


  • Great design
  • Neon style indicator light
  • Heart rate and step sensors
  • 4GB storage
  • Comes with a battery case
  • Tight fitting earbuds
  • Comfortable
  • Decent audio quality


  • Fails to record good quality audio
  • Bluetooth connection does not work properly

Verdict: I am grateful to Bragi for making such an innovative product. The Dash comes with those features that are hard to come by on any other wireless headphone in the world. Customers will enjoy its audio quality as well as fitness tracking capability. Bragi has also invented a new way of interacting with headphones i.e. through gestures and taps.

Bragi Dash In India

However, all these innovative features do not cover up the limitations of this headphone. It is the worst headphone on the front of connectivity and voice calling. These two drawbacks will always stop people from purchasing the Bragi Dash. Maybe in the future versions, Bragi will fix all these cons but as of now, the Dash is not the headphone I can recommend to everyone.

Connectivity Bluetooth
Inbuilt Controls Touch Sensor
Microphone Yes
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate Sensor, Step Sensor, Magnetometer
Battery 2-3 hours
Warranty 1 Year
Buy Rs. 41000
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