With this article presenting a detailed review of best car charger in India in the price range of 500 to 4000 Rupees. The recommended turbo USB car chargers are designed for providing fast charging service on the go. Here you read an in-depth review of the latest product of top car charger brands Aukey, Motorola, Anker, and a startup brand ZUK. I sure The USB car charger reviews would help you to buy a good-quality USB car charger in your budget.

► Motorola Turbo Power Quick Car Charger

Technology has improved a lot in the last 10 years, but there is still a long way to go. We do have great smartphones capable of outperforming supercomputers of the 80s and 90s. However, these small and portable devices still suffer from the problem of battery life.

Modern lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries can give power backup of only one or two days. In fact, some users use their devices so heavily that they end up with a dead battery even before the end of the day. Many times, we forget charge to our smartphones and face problem the next day in the office. Sure, you can carry a wall charger, but it is not easy to find a power outlet out there. Read also Top 20 Tips To Save Smartphone Battery.

motorola turbo power car charger

For people who travel via a car, there may be a solution to this problem. Most cars come with a cigarette lighter receptacle. These receptacles are nowadays used to supply DC-current to portable devices and can act as a charging outlet for smartphones using a car charger (I know many people know this, but it is still a worthy thing to mention).

While one can easily get a car charger for around 100 rupees from local stores but those offer low power output, are not durable and can damage your smartphone. In my opinion, you should invest in a good quality car charger that would last for years to come even if it costs a bit more money.

Motorola may have the best alternative in this case. Its car charger costs you around 800 rupees on the market but at the same offers, more features than other cheap solutions. Let me tell you upfront that based on people response It is safe to term, the Motorola car charger as one the best USB car chargers in India.

→ A Reliable Charger with High Power Output

Those who have used a car charger earlier know how slow they are. In theory, it could take more than 5 or 8 hours for them to charge a phone with 4000-mAh battery.

The unique thing about the Motorola car charger is it outputs-2 Ampere of electricity, which translates to 2000-mAh of energy every hour. So, a phone even with powerful 4000-mAh battery would get fully charged in around 2 hours. To give you a little perspective, the standard wall charger manufacturers’ ship with smartphones is generally rated at just 1-Ampere. According to Motorola, this fast charger could render 8 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes, whereas.

Motorola Car Charger Review and Specifications

Good Build Quality: Motorola is famous for its high-quality products. It has used durable and premium materials to make this charger. Moreover, it looks appealing to the eyes. Clamps on either side fit this device into the receptacle tightly.

A USB port on the back not only allows the users to charge smartphones but any other compatible device.

→ Indicator Light on Motorola Car Charger

A white color indicator above the USB port of tells if your smartphone is charging correctly or not. It is powerful and remains easily visible in bright daylight as well.


  • Compact and sturdy
  • Attractive looks
  • The power output of 1.2-Amps

Cons: Single USB port

Verdict: The Motorola car charger costs a lot, but your money would not go to waste. However, there cannot be a better investment than this. Looking at the build, charging performance, and ratings online, I would be wrong in rating it the best car charger in India under 1000 Rupees.

Output 2-Amp
Ports 1 X USB
Color Black
Indicator Light White
Price 800 Rupees


► ZUS Smart USB Car Charger

Last month, while searching for some cool accessories, I came across the ZUS Smart USB Car Charger. An American brand called Nonda has manufactured the device.

The USB card charger is becoming popular in the Indian market since the manufacturer teases its features quite uniquely in adverts. However, the features and performance of this unique USB product do not convince me. Its price of 3,999 rupees is high and this will stop many customers from buying it.

ZUS Smart USB Car Charger Price Online in India

Solid Build Quality: This car charger comes in a compact form factor. Its outer shell is made up of a much strong polycarbonate material. To provide more stiffness, the manufacturer has coated its sides and connectivity area with titanium. Moreover, it is one of the few US military grade car-charging devices.

However, the question is what benefits this military grade sturdiness has to offer to the end users. A car charger remains attached to the charging port or it is kept in the Glove Box. So, how will this device be vulnerable to any damages?

Anyway, the product looks premium. In addition, it comes equipped with a lighting system that helps users in finding the charging port.

→ This Special Car Charger can do Fast Charging

Most car chargers do not offer fast charging because of which they become useless for modern smartphones that come with big batteries. However, on this charger, you will find two USB ports both of which are rated at 2.4 amperes. This much power is enough for charging a 2400-mAh battery in just one hour.

A Bluff? The manufacturer proudly promotes this charger in the market by saying that it will help people in finding their cars in a parking lot. However, in my opinion, this feature is just a bluff. I am saying this because this device does not come with an inbuilt GPS antenna.

ZUS Smart USB Car Charger Review and Specifications

Nonda is just tricking the customers with this feature. What really happens is when you attach the charger to the port after doing the setup, it sends a signal via Bluetooth connectivity to the app that you have installed. This app runs in the background, starts fetching GPS data, and saves your location.

Therefore, this simply means, you have no need of this charging device for saving the location. A simple app can do all that on its own.


  • Good build quality
  • Two USB ports
  • Fast charging
  • Lighting system

Con: It does help in finding the location of your car but that task can also be by just a simple app.

Final Verdict: I did not find anything special about this ZUS car-charging device. I am sure you are now clear about it. The brand Nonda is asking you to buy a 4000-rupee device for a benefit that even a free app can provide.

Price 4000 Rupees
Charging Ports 2 X USB
Fast Charging Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Dimensions 14.6 x 10.1 x 3.3 cm
Weight 109 grams


► Fast Charging Anker PowerDrive+ 1 Charger

When it comes to third party chargers, Anker is trusted as the best brand to go for in the whole world. This company keeps its products updated with latest technologies and offers solutions for all types of needs. Last year, it launched the PowerDrive+ 1 car charger in India that was especially focused towards facilitating fast charging. The USB car charger price is 1,535 rupees.

Cute and Sturdy Body: The PowerDrive+ 1 features one of the cutest outer shells, which is attractive, too. A nice color combination of black and red paint on the body makes it look elegant and attractive. Moreover, this device feels quite sturdy in the hand. It fits in the port perfectly and does not allow any kind of swivel.

Anker PowerDrive Plus One Review Specifications Price Online in India

Quick Charge 2.0 Support: Surprisingly, this car charger supports Quick Charge 2.0, which is Qualcomm’s latest fast charging technology. Although this technology is limited to Snapdragon chipsets but you will be able to enjoy the fast charging on other smartphones and tablets also.

Single USB Port: The main downside of this device is that it features a single USB port. This drawback will push away many customers for sure.


  • Supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging technology
  • Sturdy build
  • LED indicator light

Cons: Features only one USB port

Conclusion: If you can manage with just a single USB port, then there cannot be any better option. This car charger is capable of charging even power hungry tablets and that also at the full speed.

Price 1600 Rupees
Charging Ports 1 X USB
Fast Charging Yes
Rated Output Max 2.4 Amps
Dimensions 64 x 28 x 28 mm
Weight 23 grams


► Aukey 24W/4.8A 2-Port USB Car Charger

Lately, many manufacturers have flooded the electronics market with some interesting accessories one of which is the Aukey 24WUSB Car Charger. This device is available in the market for an amount of 945 rupees only. It comes with many attractive features that I want to discuss in this review.

Two USB Ports: The main reason why I have selected this car USB charger device for a discussion is that it comes with two USB ports. This will help those users who travel with two portable smart devices. It will attract many customers because most of the car chargers available in the market come with only a single USB port.

Supports Fast Charging: People generally charge smartphone and tablet at home or at a workplace. Occasionally, a situation arises when mobile phone runs out of battery, then we are forced to use car fuel to power back it up.

However, when someone uses the car cigarette lighter port to charge devices, they expect it to offer fast charging. The good thing is Aukey knows this and it has equipped this car charger with a circuitry that allows it to transfer power at 4.8 Amps. This means you will be able to charge two tablets at full speed with it.

Aukey 24W 2 Port USB Car Charger Review Specifications Price Online In India

Compact Design: This device is so compact that it perfectly fits into the cigarette lighter port of the dashboard. Moreover, I am also impressed by the build quality of its outer shell.


  • High power output i.e. 2.4 amp per port
  • Great build quality
  • Attractive design

Cons: Does not come with a compatible USB cable

Conclusion: I do not know of any other quality car charger that offers so many features at this low price point. Unless you are looking for a charger from some premium brand, I would suggest that to go with it.

Price 1000 Rupees
Charging Ports 2 X USB
Fast Charging Yes
Rated Output 4.8 Amps (2 X 2.4 Amps)
Dimensions  8.1 x 4.8 x 3 cm
Weight 32 grams