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Best Tips for Hair Fall Control, Dandruff and Hair Care

How to Regrow Hair

Here I share my experience on how to care hair, how to stop hair fall, how to get relief from dandruff problem and lastly how to regrow lost hair. The solutions given here are proven methods and tested by myself in last few years. I cannot guarantee although that by following these methods one could get back all the lost hair but these tips would certainly help in gaining some.

I would say even if you recover twenty to thirty percent of your lost asset, then you should consider that a great success. Actually, there is no treatment in practice that would give 100% resolution on hair loss. So if you have lost your hair that means you have lost them forever. But by following the suggestions I have listed here you would be able to regain some of them. Once you have them back, continue to follow my suggestions on how to care hair, so that you do not face hair fall issue ever again.

Five most popular techniques for regrowing Hair available online

If you search online, on Google, these five search results are common:-

  1. Dr. Batra’s ads for a complete hair treatment.
  2. Some bizarre foreign made treatment based on some unheard – unfound herbs for regrowing hair.
  3. Baba Ramdev’s suggestion on how to repair and regrow hair.
  4. Costly oils at Amazon and Flipkart, priced between 500 to 3000 Rupees, assuring to regrow natural hair in just a few months.
  5. And, some homemade Dadi Ma ka Nuskha as well

Let’s discuss these most found methods one by one. My friend took Dr. Batra treatment, spent close to 25000 rupees, but he had no result. Even if you search online for the experience of (or review by) those who took Dr. Batra treatment, there would be no positive feedbacks. Although the feedback page of Dr. Batra’s official website says something else. Based on what is available online as true reviews of Dr. Batra hair treatment and experience of my friend – is sufficient to suggest that Dr. Batra treatment for hair regrowth is not a reliable solution.

There are thousands of bizarre Ayurvedic Nuskha available online, promoted as a genuine solution for reclaiming lost hair. I have tested few; within few days I got to know that they were either hoax or I could not follow them because finding the suggested herbs in the methods were – either close to impossible or not available in India.

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My experience says that those bizarre treatments based on some chemicals, vinegar etc either not practical or not genuine for hair treatment. Testing those foreign made Nuskha could be a fatal mistake and, might create some adverse affect on your hair.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil

Baba Ramdev happens to be the first YOGA guru, who suggested – yes it is possible to regain hair by practicing some simple YOGA (rubbing fingers nail). He also suggests homemade hair oil, based on some desi ayurvedic Nuskha for faster result. One could follow his YOGA treatment because that is somewhat result oriented. My friend’s father, who is now 56 years old, got a satisfactory result after close to two years of relentless (the) Yoga practice. On his bold head now has some hair, which requires regular combing as well.

Baba Ramdev Yoga Rub Nails For Hair Growth

You must follow Baba Ramdev’s suggestion on Ayurvedic Hair Oil, which is made using coconut Oil, Arhul Flower, and some other herbs. Making the oil is easy. However, in metro cities, it could be very tedious to find all the suggested herbs for that.

Arhul Flower for Hair Care
Arhul Flower

Search on Google “Baba Ramdev Hair”. You will get the result I am referring to here.

Search Hair oil for hair growth on Amazon, Flipkart, there are hundreds of branded products, claiming to regrow hair in just 30 or 60 or 90 days. I do not know how true their claims are. These hair oils, however, are made using some chemical so one shouldn’t try them without having the complete information on the side effect. Also, the price of these hair oils are really high, one cannot dare to buy them without having a deep pocket. I have never used any of them so cannot say much about their success rate in terms of hair growth. Still using these hair oils are not advisable.

My brother, however, has used Kesh King, advertised by Juhi Chawla. And he says that the oil helps in controlling hair fall and dandruff.

At the last, there is hundreds of homemade Ayurvedic treatment for solving hair issue. I am a true believer of these treatments, in fact, tested many in last few years. The big thing about these homemade ayurvedic solutions – is that if you didn’t get the desired result, there wouldn’t be any side effect either. If one follows the homemade treatment I have suggested here, I am sure he would get a good result in just a few years. I am going to explain which homemade desi Nuskha I found most result oriented and what has been my hair regrowing success rate so far.

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How to Regrow your Hair?

  • Use onion juice: Apply some onion juice on the bald spot on your head. Follow this daily or on one alternate day. After applying onion juice on the bald spot, leave that for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. For any noticeable difference, use this treatment for at least six to twelve months.
  • Use Baba Ramdev Yoga: Do Baba Ramdev Yoga for hair growth, at least two to three minutes; and, as many as sessions possible by you every day.

Onion Juice For Hair Growth

These two techniques are more than sufficient if there is any hope for regrowing hair on your scalp. In fact, I found the treatments economical, practical as well as doable on regular basis despite daily’s hectic schedule. Never follow a treatment or do a practice which you cannot continue for a very long period (minimum six months).

Bhringraj for Dandruff Cure
Bhringraj for Dandruff Cure

Easy Treatment for Dandruff problem

  • Apply onion juice on your hair, twice in a week for a month. This is a permanent cure for Dandruff problem.
  • Apply Bhringraj paste one or two times in a week. Again this provides a quick cure from Dandruff problem.
  • Apply Heena paste: If you apply Heena paste on your hair every week or once in every 15 days, you will have a permanent relief from Dandruff problem. I mean you will never get dandruff problem.
  • And, stay away from chemical based Shampoos. In fact, if possible never use these highly advertised two-three-rupees shampoo pouch made using 100% chemical. Instead use Khadi shampoo; I am using Khadi shampoo. Actually, my experience with Patanjali’s shampoo has not been so exciting. Whereas Khadi Shampoo provides real nutrition to hair root and scalp without damage to hair.

Mehndi for Hair Care

How to stop Hair fall? How to Care your Hair?
  • Apply Mustard Oil: At least one to two times every week before going to bed. The next day while bathing, use any Ayurvedic shampoo to wash out that oil from your hair.
  • Apply Virgin Coconut Oil: At least two to three times a week same way as I explained for mustard oil.
  • Apply Baba Ramdev’s Kesh Kanti: Really good hair oil for a nutritious treatment for your hair and Scalp. Also, it helps you get good sleep and relief from headaches.
  • Eat Amala: Eat raw Amala as and when possible.
  • Apply Mehndi: Patanjali is selling a good quality Heena – mixed with some ayurvedic herbs for applying on hair. Heena provides a good relief from Dandruff and enriches your scalp with necessary nutrition for strengthening hair roots.
  • Use Ayurvedic Shampoo: Khadi Shampoo is my favorite.
  • (Optional) Drink Green Tea: This again contributes towards strengthening hair root.
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These five hair caring solutions are easy to use, ancient (and modern as well) & tested methods for providing the best care for hair. If you follow the six (or seven) points as I have suggested here, you would get guaranteed relief from hair fall problem. In fact, hair fall problem would never occur again in the rest of your life.

Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil

And, when hair fall is reduced and there is sufficient nutrition in your scalp to strengthen hair roots, you would notice that in just a few weeks, baldness on your head appears less. Further having sufficient nutrition in scalp will allow the growth of new hairs; this is a natural tendency of body hormones.

Mustard oil for Hair Growth

Thus, the three things – hair fall reduction, strengthening hair roots, and necessary nutrition for growing new hairs – will ensure that baldness on your head have disappeared completely or does not come to notice unless given attention.

According to medical research on hair fall, 70 to 150 hairs uprooted every day – is normal, and is not a matter to worry. And, the same way, 70 to 150 new hairs grow on human scalp daily. So there is a clear balance between debit and credit. An issue, however, arises when you lose 200 to 500 hairs daily and only 20 to 50 or no new hairs are growing on your scalp daily.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Herbal Mehandi

In accounting terms, if there are more debit only and less credit, within few years, you hair account would be in loss. I mean there would be noticeable baldness. So by following the above-said methods, one could ensure a certain balance between debit and credit in terms of hair loss and hair regrowth. Also, share your hair care experience and tips.

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