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Best Three 4K LED TV in India below 52000 Rupees

Best 4K LED TV in India below 52000 Rupees

4K LED Micromax 50K2330UHD TV

Since the arrival of 4K technology, the whole world has been excited to experience it. According to the entertainment industry, the 4K devices is the next big thing in the market. Even we believe in 4K technology, as it is capable of drawing real life excitement in much better quality.

Popular TV manufacturers are also trying to convert people’s excitement into a big hype.

Just a few of years before a middle-class family could not afford an FHD TV forget about 2K or 4K TV. Now, the market reality has changed. Thanks to desi manufacturers, particularly Micromax and Vu the prices of premium HD, FHD, and 4K televisions has dramatically come down.

Micromax had surprised competitors with the launch of a new series of UHD TVs in the first half of 2015. 50K2330UHD is one initial launch from the UHD series and has been selling well in  the online electronics market. The 4K LED has become a dream of middle-class customers who want to buy a UHD TV with premium features.

Within two months of its launch, many experts had echoed negative views against the model. In spite of all criticism, we recommend this TV model in UHD category if your budget around 50000 rupees. Indian consumers can purchase it for 46,990 rupees, an attractive deal indeed.

Superior Looks but Inferior Build Quality

Micromax 50K2330UHD TV is a piece of beauty in the real sense. It is just 44.3 mm thick and looks perfect on a wall. You do not necessarily need to install it on a wall rather choose what will be perfect in your house– tabletop or wall mount. We always suggest wall mount installation to ensure safety.

Even in the case of tabletop installation, the golden color stand creates a harmonious setup and gives an appealing feel to viewers. The manufacturer has succeeded in putting an end to haters who always criticized its design policy.

Although Micromax has done an appreciable work on the design front but it has disappointed me in terms of build quality. The materials used in making are of cheap quality, so the glossy finish all over will be easily eroded in a few years.

Micromax UHD 50K2330UHD 4K TV Review Specifications Price Online

4K In Budget: Should You Go For It?

This is the best time to invest for a premium TV when ICC T20 World Cup is currently on and India has a good chance to win the cup under Dhoni’s leadership. To experience the excitement of stadium at home, the best way is to buy a big screen 4K LED TV with a powerful audio system. Some of my friends have already decided to shift to 4K televisions in order to have greater experience while watching live matches.

To all my friends, the Micromax UHD LED television could be a good and affordable option. However, one thing that everyone should be aware is that no sports channel broadcasts live feed in 4K.

Wait a second, this does not mean a 4K TV will be a total waste of money. Even if the feed is in HD or FHD quality that will be presented such a way that almost close to real life excitement created on the TV screen uplifting your experience to a new height.

Moreover, the count of available 4K channels is on rise (but very slowly). 4K content is widely available now, in fact, YouTube has already started broadcasting content in 4K resolution.

If a TV supports upscaling, you will notice some improvement while watching even regular HD videos. Unfortunately, the Micromax TV does not come with an upscaling engine.

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The 49-inch display panel featured on this TV offers wide viewing angles, but considerably fails in generating good colors. Oversaturated colors and lacking deep information was the result when I played some videos for a test. Another on screen problem is its top layer is quite reflective and generates great distraction if a source of light is placed right in front.

For gamers and gaming community this UHD TV model from Micromax will not be a great platform since it is limited to 4K 30 Hz format.

Runs Android TV OS Out of the Box

We are not a huge fan of Android TV operating system, but the good thing is it keeps evolving under Google umbrella.

For this UHD TV model, Micromax collaborates with Android TV OS instead of developing its own Smart TV operating system. The interface of the television is basic and can be operated by pointing a cursor with the help of remote.

The most disappointing fact about the interface is it suffers from a number of bugs. Even though it comes with a 4K display, you cannot increase the size of streaming video more than 720p in the preloaded YouTube app. In addition to this, the onboard media player fails to play MKV format videos.

A TV cannot get a designation of “Smart” unless it connects to the internet. Therefore, both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity onboard secure “Smart TV” identity for this Micromax 4K LED. You can also find three USB and two HDMI ports on its back.


  • Beautiful design
  • Android Smart TV
  • 4K compatible
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Three USB ports
  • Decent audio quality


  • Build quality is not up to the mark
  • Cannot render 4K at 60 Hz
  • User interface is loaded with a bunch of bugs
  • Disappointing color production


I have pointed out all major cons on this Micromax television in the above discussion. However, we still consider it one of the most affordable & premium 4K Smart TVs in online electronics mall. Go with it if 4K is your Top priority.

Price 47000 Rupees
Display Size 49inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 12W X 2
Dimensions 1093 X 44.3 X 642 mm
Weight 16.5 KG
Connectivity 3 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Viewing Angles 178 (Horizontal) and 178 (Vertical)
Response Time 6.5 ms


Sansui SME43QX0ZSA UHD Television

Sansui had a great reputation in the Indian TV market just years before. However, the brand failed to cope up with the advent of TFT panels and high-resolution displays.

Now Sansui is in restructuring with a completely new range of LED televisions. This time around, Sansui has no hesitation in adopting the latest technology.

Recently Sansui introduced a new model SME43QX0ZSA with a UHD display panel in India. 43,500 rupees is the current market price you have to pay for it. Since Sansui was silent in the preceding years, it has lost trust among buyers. Still, Sansui deserves a chance and certainly, for this 4K LED comes with some extra features.

Fantastic Looks

There is no denying to the fact; Sansui SME43QX0ZSA is one attractive budget 4K television. It comes painted in silver color, so it will look appealing on a wall, decorated in any color combination. The TV is just 63.5 inches thick and looks great both on a table as well as on a wall.

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Extraordinary Display Panel

The 43-inch ultra high definition display panel of this Sansui LED TV has really impressed me. It offers a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels, which helps in generating crispy graphics.

The TV is not small. It offers a perfect platform for watching movies and suffices the needs of a home theatre system as well. It can generate 1.06 billion colors, which is something that most televisions of this price segment cannot be entitled with.

Moreover, its display panel can go as bright as 320 nits and offers the maximum viewing angles possible.

Sansui SME43QX0ZSA UHD 4K TV Review Specifications Price Online

Produces Satisfying Audio

Sansui has equipped this television with a set of two speakers. These speakers are capable of giving a total RMS output of only 10 watts. Seriously, I am unable to understand Sansui‘s decision for such a poor audio system on a 4K LED TV. The audio that the TV generates will be enough for small to medium size rooms. Stereo audio effect gives the users more immersive experience.

It Is a Smart TV

The Smart functionality will certainly attract more customers to this product. It runs on the famous Android TV OS. But do not expect very fluid experience since the processor is not capable of handling too many applications at the same time.

Good Connectivity Options

In the long list of connectivity options on this Sansui TV, one of most exciting features is a set of three USB Ports. Users like me always want to attach an external Hard Disk and a Blu-ray player to a TV, and keeping one extra USB ports for pen-drive and other connectivity needs.

Furthermore, Sansui has blessed this TV with all the necessary connectivity ports and hardware. For a smart TV, extra connectivity ports are required; those are present on the back of this LED.


  • Great picture reproduction
  • Decent audio quality
  • Mind blowing design
  • Features three USB and two HDMI ports
  • UHD resolution
  • Bright display panel
  • Superb viewing angles
  • 5X Protection feature
  • Low power consumption


  • UI of the Smart TV menu is not that fluid


Considering the price, the Sansui 4K LED TV comes with a long list of impressive features. You will get a great movie watching experience with it. According to my team, this television will give a tough competition to other budget LED from brands like Micromax and Vu.

Price 43500 Rupees
Display Size 43inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 10 Watts
Dimensions 1099.6 X 638.4 X 63.5 mm
Weight 17 KG
Connectivity 3 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Viewing Angles 178 (Horizontal) and 178 (Vertical)


Lloyd L40UJR 40 Inch 4K LED TV

Lloyd is one of the few Indian companies considered gems of India’s corporate crown. This brand has made us proud by offering the best quality air conditioners. Lloyd has a long history of making air condition and related products and now plans to expand reach into other electronics segments. This is something every successful brand does.

Lloyd had launched its first television set some 3-4 years ago and since then it has never turned back. We trust Lloyd for good quality ACs, so I am going to review one of the budget 4K television set that it sells nowadays.

After a long research, we decided to consider the Lloyd L40UJR UHD TV for this article; showcase the best 4K LED around 50000 rupees budget. In the online Dukan, pay only 52000 rupees to buy this brilliant product. it is a good product with a 40-inch 4K display as well as a classy & solid form factor.

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Decent Pixel Quality

While buying a television set or a computer monitor, people think the more the pixel count, the better the display is. However, this law has many limitations. You cannot decide the quality of a television based on just the number of pixels it has to offer. The quality of individual pixels and the technology used in making them also play an important role.

Lloyd L40UJR UHD 4K TV Review Specifications Price Online

In spite of being a budget 4K TV, it offers amazing picture quality. Moreover, on the 40-inch display, it also generates accurate colors and crispy graphics. The contrast ratio of the display is enhanced by a powerful LED backlighting system that can increase the brightness up to 275 nits.

The Lloyd 4K TV considerably fails to give a nice movie watching experience. Its viewing angles are limited and the response is quite high as well.

Low Volume Audio

The 14 Watts of RMS audio output on a 4K LED TV is something utterly poor, I had never expected from Lloyd. This happens, despite the TV comes equipped with not one rather two driver units. Customers should have an external audio system even if they install it in a medium size room.

Mind Blowing Design of the Outer Shell

One thing is clear the Lloyd 4K television fails to impress with sound and entertainment value features. Wait, the review is not yet over and we have some more points to add here.

Next we are going to discuss built and design of this 4K LED. I will have to draft a 2000 words article to describe the beauty of this television set. Its design blew my mind on the very first look. I am sure in the competition of the best 4K LED TV; this Lloyd TV will get the first price. I must congratulate Lloyd for making a product so cool and appealing.

The bezels are almost negligible, which translates into less distracted while watching movies and TV serials. It looks amazing on a wall of any color.


  • Bright and crisp display
  • UHD resolution
  • Generates accurate colors
  • Offers high motion refresh rate of 100 Hz
  • Power efficient
  • Appealing form factor
  • Supports both table top and wall mount installation types
  • Smart TV functionality
  • 3 USB and 4 HDMI ports
  • Free installation and 5 years of service warranty
  • Auto Volume Leveler


  • Bad viewing angles
  • High response time
  • Generates low volume audio


One this 4K LED TV, Lloyd has put all the effort improving built & design whereas ignoring display and entertainment value features completely. In the same price range, Sansui and Micromax offer better products.

Lloyd is yet to learn the basics of the television market. I do hope that in coming years, Lloyd will launch televisions that will not only look good from outside but will also offer some great features from inside.

Price 52000 Rupees
Display Size 40inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 7W X 2
Dimensions 902 × 560 × 192 mm
Weight 12 KG
Connectivity 3 X USB, 4 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Viewing Angles 170 (Horizontal) and 150 (Vertical)
Response Time 8.5 ms

Users Review and Opinion


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