► Nikon Coolpix B700 with 60X Zoom

From far away shots of safari wildlife to that memorable touchdown at the football game, Nikon B700 rises to every occasion. Its agronomic DSLR design along with a convenient PSAM mode dial ensures that control is up to the user. Here, camera shaking is minimized by innovative optical vibration technology.

As one of the best Super Zoom Cameras, this wonderful piece of technology produces excellent quality images in high definition. Its newest image sharing technology makes sharing your precious moments quite easy.

Zoom capacity: the Nikon B700 uses the incredible 60x fine zoom and 100x dynamic fine zoom, along with high-performance CAD system with autofocus to shoot sharp details in clear focus. Moreover, the electronic viewfinder and varying LCD monitor allow you to shoot from virtually any position and in any light.

Image quality: The camera produces beautiful 20.3-megapixel images and videos in the 4k ultra high definition (3840 x 2160/30p). In addition, the zoom microphone has awesome sound quality and the HDMI support allows the camera to connect to monitors.

Vibration Reduction: Nikon Coolpix B700 checks every box in ensuring your shots are perfect. The state of the art 5-stop dual detect optical VR allows the camera to produce clear images, irrespective of shading conditions. Moreover, this technology ensures that shutter speed is optimal. It also makes use of motion vector information to minimize camera shake effect and image blur.

Snap-bridge: Among the latest in image sharing technology, snap bridge allows images from the Nikon B700 to be shared with smart devices at the drop of a hat. Besides, important camera functions on this Nikon camera can also be controlled remotely from the device.

Nikon B700 Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Pros and Cons of this Nikon Super Zoom Camera

  • Sharp, clear images in details
  • Instant photo sharing with Snapbridge
  • Camera shake minimization with latest vibration reduction technology
  • Fast startup time of 1.3 seconds with high-speed autofocus
  • Convenient 0-inch 921k D07 van angle LCD monitor for shooting from different viewpoints
  • Provision for NFC and Bluetooth connections
  • Long battery life
  • High-resolution sensor


  • Occasionally slow Snapbridge functioning
  • Single function control dials
  • Poor high ISO
  • Confusing menus
  • Large file size
  • Lack of real filter threads
  • No battery charger
  • Heavy
  • No touch screen

Conclusion: Despite a few disadvantages and hitches, the Nikon B700 is a wonderful camera, which one can use on different occasions, and work conveniently at any time. Nikon B700 has a good score for many outdoor photography activities to include street, sports, daily, and portrait/landscape photography. Buy: 20700 Rupees

► Canon IXUS-285-HS Digital Camera with DIGIC 4+ and 12x Zoom

The Canon Digital Camera is one of the well-known photographic devices with the greatest finishing designs and outstanding performance. Essentially, it is a combination of style and performance. It is lightweight and a very portable camera with a 20-megapixel image sensor inside. Read also 4 Best Digital Cameras in India under 20000 Rupees.

If you are very much interested in holding a small and compatible camera that will offer great pictures in good light, then you should not hesitate to get IXUS 285 HS. This Canon camera, which is powered by the DIGIC 4+ (with iSAPS technology) processor has an effective resolution of 20.2 megapixels while also serving as one of the smallest cameras ever known. IXUS 285 HS sensor is a back-illuminated CMOS whose filter type is primary colors.

The quality of images produced by this camera holds a lot of similarity with images from hybrid Smartphone but being that the device is made specifically for shooting, additional features to accentuate image-taking ability is clearly noticed.

In terms of power features, Canon IXUS 285 HS has an assistant beam, redeye reduction effect, a provision for external flash (Canon High Power Flash), four (4) AF modes, image stabilization ability and a minimum focusing distance of 1cm. Its combined zoom is extended up to 48X and it has face detection points as well.

Canon IXUS 285 HS Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Key Features of this Canon Digital Camera

Canon IXUS 285 HS can be used to capture clear images irrespective of the object locations. This is powered by the focal length range of 4.5 – 54.0 mm and the Optical 12x lens extendable to 48X when combined, which has a minimum f/number of f/3.6 – f/7.0.

Superb quality: This camera has an intelligent optical image stabilizer for sharp still steady movies together with a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor. Canon IXUS operates with the 4th DIGIC processor, which accentuates the image quality and speed.

Image quality: The camera’s resolution, 20.2 Megapixel offers smart pictures and 1920 x 1080 full high definition movies even at hybrids. In addition, the images come with resizable options in playback and a superfine/fine compression.

Compatibility: Interestingly, Canon IXUS 285 HS is compactable with every smart device you have available to connect with the camera through various connectivity means. It supports a very dynamic near-field communication (NFC), Wi-Fi connection, HDMI Micro (Type-D) Connector, and a high-speed USB connection. You can comfortably use your Smartphone as a remote control for your IXUS 285 HS. It has an Image Transfer Utility, Map Utility and a camera connection application for your Windows (Windows 10 or later) and IOS (Mac OS X 10.9 or later).

Dynamic image stabilizers: The image stabilization is designed to support different physical conditions, even while in motion to regularly offer you with a clear image irrespective of the accompanying conditions.

→ CANON IXUS 285HS Pro Factors

  • Powerful Full HD movies
  • You can carry it you at all times because it is very slim and portable
  • Very good for creativity photos
  • Easy to connect and to share photos
  • Gives you quality photos that you will not forget in a hurry

Product specifications:-

  • Weight: 147g
  • Size: 100 x 58 x 23 mm
  • Tripod socket: 1/4 inches
  • Processor: DIGIC 4+
  • Format: 1 /2.3”, 6.17 x 4.55 mm
  • Resolution: 20 MP
  • Focal length: 25-300 mm
  • Zoom: 12X
  • Continuous speed: 2.5 frames per second
  • Display type: TFT LCD
  • Display size: 3 inches
  • External storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Image format: JPEG
  • Video file format: MP4
  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 / 30 fps
  • Recording time: 29 min. 59 sec.
  • Audio recording: yes
  • Video output: HDMI type D
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • Battery type: NB-11LH, Li-Lon, 800mAh
  • Shots per charge: 180

Conclusion: Canon IXUS 285 HS digital camera is a full packed photographic device in a miniature representation. It offers lots of flexibility and yet lacks almost nothing compared with flamboyant cameras with very high-quality productions. Buy: 12800 Rupees

► Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Digital Camera with 40X Zoom

When it comes to creating memories that can last forever, the Canon SX720 HS is the camera for the job. With its sexy, rounded edges and its slim and compact body, the camera appeals to all those who not only want their pictures to look great but also need to have those pictures taken with a stylish tool. With a 3-inch CMOS sensor, it gives other cameras a run for their money when it comes to shooting those pesky wide angles.

Zoom capacity: the SX models have steadily increased their zoom over the years. The latest model, the SX720 does not fail to deliver in that aspect. It comes equipped with a 40x zoom, which is great for close up shots, long distance snaps and every picture in between.

Image quality: Clear images are guaranteed with the SX720’s 20.3 megapixels for pictures and 1080p HD for videos. Add to that CMOS sensors and DIGIC 6 image processors and you are assured of high quality and definition, be it for your picture or videos. Best of all, it compiles automatically your images and videos for the day into a story reel, complete with the soundtrack. Isn’t that perfection?

Intelligent IS: We cannot have shaky pictures in a perfect camera. The SX720 HS uses Intelligent IS to predict camera movement; correcting shakes no matter the shooting situation. With its normal, planning, macro, tripod, and dynamic IS modes; you are guaranteed a steady image no matter your shoot setting.

Camera Connect App: The SX720 HS is equipped with WIFI and NFC baked in, which allows the user of its cannon camera connect app easy movement of photos from the camera to our phones. This should be exciting news for social media lovers.

Canon SX720 HS Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Canon SX720-HS Pro Features

  • Convenient and portable
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • It cranks out those action shots quickly (6 shots per second)
  • 0-inch screen for convenient viewing of pictures
  • Zoom framing assist allows for automatic zoom


  • It takes quite a while for the buffer to clear
  • High ISO speeds which mean increased noise levels
  • Limited autofocus options

Conclusion: You can either love it, or you can hate it, but the Canon SX720 HS is an awesome camera and there is no doubt that it is here to stay. The design is quite attractive and the extra flexibility features ranked Cannon SX720 among the most – easy to use cameras. Buy: 20000 Rupees.

► Sony Cyber-Shot H300 Point Shoot camera with 35X Optical Zoom

Memories are quite interesting when properly kept with a standard tool for it. And Sony H300 has been introduced to help you achieve a record of every outdoor and indoor memory you’d like to keep. With the face-detecting feature, you are sure to enjoy clear shots of every moment coming out just fine.

It will interest you more to know that the H300 camera introduced by Sony has neat automatic smile detection also to ensure a track of your happy moments and also guarantee no happy moment is lost once you have it. Further, the H300 with a maximum aperture varying from f/3.0 at wide angle to f/5.9 comes with various scene modes and panorama feature to enable you to enjoy your pictures with style.

The high-resolution quality pictures produced by the 20Mega Pixel CCD sensor of Sony H300 gives you a better edge to edit your pictures multiple times without losing the real picture effects and beauty. H300 LCD monitor comes with RGB dots of approximately 460,000, which is equivalent to 490 x 330 pixels. The image is powered by the powerful 35X optical zoom, 875mm-equivalent telephoto, and 25mm-equivalent wide angle. It is powered by four pairs of AAA batteries equivalent to about 360 shots without much zooming and photo viewing.

Sony H300 Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Dynamic Range Optimizer and Other Key Features

With this feature, you need not worry about any type of lighting condition. H300 will simply manage the shadow while also maintaining any form of high light intensity. This simply means that you are not limited to taking pictures due to light. The AF illuminator attached to H300 will simply give you the brightness required when objects are in areas not bright enough. This feature is a makeup for the external flash channel not supported by the H300 model.

Intelligent Active mode: This mode comes to replace the old-fashioned active modes of the previous Sony camera models. The optical image stabilization energized by the Intelligent Active mode enables easy shots to be taken even while walking and as well as stabilizing your movies for the best, it can be.

High Sensitivity range: ISO 32,000 powers the high sensitivity of Sony H300. This takes away every potential issue with buffering even though the capturing rate of H300 for a second is at 0.8 frames.


  • No black and white settings
  • Poor battery life
  • No Bluetooth or wireless connection
  • No viewfinder
  • Focusing delays a little

Conclusion: The Sony H300 camera is a powerful camera to track all kinds of events and keeping the memories with style. Moreover, it is completely affordable, comparing the standard features it comes with. H300 is suitable for every type of photography and easy to use. Buy : 12500 Rupees

► 20.1-MP Sony H400 Digital Camera with 63X Optical Zoom

Do you need a camera that takes great pictures at that graduation, birthday party, or just generally special event? Are you referring to a camera that has no problem producing images of quality and definition? You are reading about a camera with those qualities and a camera that will also look sleek and stylish in your hands. Yes, search no further, Sony H400 is here for those great services. And, because it’s a super zoom camera, it does not have any problem taking a wide range of shots.

  • Zoom capacity: with the Sony H400, you never have to worry about your camera’s ability to capture those fine details. With a powerful 63x optical zoom lens, there is no doubting the zoom capacity of the camera.
  • Image quality: the camera shows 3-megapixel images on a 3-inch screen with a 460k dot resolution, which allows for sharp, beautiful pictures. It records videos at 720p and with enhanced digital features; your videos are the best they can be. Plus it has an anti-reflective coat on its screen that means you can see your images clearly even in a broad daylight.
  • White Balance: White balance is essential in professional photography to make for realistic photography. That means that objects that are white in reality, appear as white in the snapshots. Most digital cameras encounter a lot of difficulties in their AWB (auto white balancing). However, the Sony H400’s AWB performs well under a range of lighting; from tungsten to fluorescent lights; giving accurate resultant images.
  • Optical Steady Shot: this allows for image stability, which means you can take pictures or even shoot videos while walking and not have them be blurred. You can also make use of this feature during low light or longer focal length shots.

Sony H400 Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Pros and Cons of the Sony Super Zoom Camera

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Advanced recording functions
  • Built-in electronic viewfinder
  • Digital SLR styling for a steady grip
  • Auto shooting mode + full easy to understand manual control
  • Anti-reflective coating on screen
  • Smile shutter technology that detects our smiles easily so that we never miss out on capturing those elusive smiles


  • Small viewfinder making usage uncomfortable for eyeglass wearers
  • Slow focus speed
  • Poor ISO
  • Lax panorama viewing mode

Conclusion: Yes, the Sony H400 camera does have its disadvantages; this is true. But it also has advantages that are sufficient to sway interested buyers. All in all, it is a great point and shoot camera. Buy: 18500 Rupees

► Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2-MP Point Shoot Camera with 28X Optical Zoom

The Nikon L340 is a budget bridge type camera for that photographer who does not have a lot of cash to spare, but who does not want to compromise the quality of their shot. It is the smallest camera with 28x optical zoom, making it a convenient and user-friendly piece. Its structural design makes it easy to grip, and thus perfect for use in every situation. The three-inch LCD screen allows for acceptable viewing with comfortable contrast and brightness. The Nikon L340 produces detailed high-resolution 20.2 megapixel CCD images, and 720p high definition videos, making it nothing to sneeze at.

  • High-quality images: it's impressive 56x dynamic, fine zoom, with super NIKKOR telephoto lens produces extremely crisp and clear shots in any lighting. It also has 16 scene moods, which include food, indoor, snow, etc. That ensures there is a style for every occasion. It comes with an inbuilt red-eye remover, and a face detection technology, for optimum pictures of those loved ones who refuse to keep still long enough for the perfect shot.
  • Storage support: the Nikon L340 has provisions for SDHC, SDXC, and SD memory cards, ensuring that there are few limitations on the number of shots that can be taken. This gives you room to experiment with countless photos.
  • Video capacity: Not satisfied with stale shots? Want to have your cherished moments as live movies? The Nikon L340 is the budget-friendly camera for you! It captures beautiful 1280×720 movie clips at 30fps. It also has an in-built microphone for high fidelity sound.
  • Power: Due to the cost efficiency of the Nikon L340, it does not come with a rechargeable battery pack. However, it is compatible with it, and one can easily purchase rechargeable batteries and charger. Alternatively, 4 AA alkaline batteries can also be used. As can lithium batteries.

Nikon L340 Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Pros and Cons of this Nikon Super Zoom Camera

  • Comes with lens-shift Vibration Reduction for better quality images
  • It is designed ergonomically for easy handling
  • Budget-friendly
  • It has a long lasting battery
  • It has a sensitive image sensor for crisp detailing


  • Compared to the other Nikon cameras, it has a relatively low-quality zoom
  • No means of connectivity to smart devices
  • It does not come with its own rechargeable battery.
  • It has slow, macro auto-focus

Conclusion: Nikon L340 is a fully functional camera in a miniature design. Sometimes, the size of a device may deprive it access to more flexibility, but this is far from Nikon L340 camera. It’s an attractive device made to serve a full purpose of photography. Buy: 11500 Rupees.

► Point and Shoot Camera Nikon Coolpix B500 with 40X Optical Zoom

Manufactured by Nikon, the B500 model is a very readily available, quite affordable, and easy to use point & shoot camera. This camera weighs 541g with a memory card (both internal and external memory card) and batteries. It has black or red color option. This high quality textured camera feels secure in the hand as it has a big handgrip that protrudes far from the body. It is quite possible to hold the camera with either one hand or two to get your shot as desired.  All the buttons here are located on the right-hand position of the camera. With an inbuilt flash found on its top most part. This flash has a range of 6.9 meters.

Cameras certainly come in their sizes, shapes, and features. And these things among others are what create a big difference between one kind of camera and another. Nikon B500 camera since it was introduced into the market is one, which above all has stood out in the midst of other cameras simply because of its impeccable features and general body quality.

→ A budget camera for Smart Performance

Nikon B500 is a camera built in the pattern of other high-quality Nikon's cameras but has its own distinctive features, which afford its user the ability to activate up to 80x digital zoom, take photo shoots with a 16 megapixels sensor, and maintain steady Bluetooth connections with any Smartphone or tablet using its snap-bridge technology. Even though there isn't any manual control in Nikon B500, the camera still affords you as the user a wide range of shooting modes.

With Nikon B500, your images are ready to adore the pages of the various social media platforms as soon as you take them because the Bluetooth connection enables you to send to your Smartphone, worry less about editing because the images are already edited to perfect texture by the camera and the upload immediately.

This light weighted, midsized, and neatly textured camera also comes along with an inbuilt connection for Wi-Fi, a full HD video recorder, a 3.0-inch tilting screen and a lot more. For easy usage, Nikon B500 has attached to its body a handgrip, which helps you safely handle the camera both when in use and when not in use.

Nikon B500 can be used for portrait photography, street photography, sports photography, daily photography, landscape photography. Further, with this camera, it is possible to create short clips within seconds and then join them into one video.

It has the Snap Bridge technology that will enable the constant Bluetooth link with Smartphone, this makes taking images, sending the images across and its share on social network sites very easy and achievable. This means the camera can be connected to a mobile phone using Bluetooth for automatic transfer of images from the camera to the device.

The tilting 921k-dot LCD display allows for capturing images and video from a difficult angle.

Nikon B500 Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Other Cool Features of Nikon B500 Digital Camera

Has already mentioned, there is an inbuilt connection for NCF, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, which allows for easy connectivity between the camera and any smart device. With the help of these connections also, one can operate the Nikon B500 camera using a Smartphone as a controller.

Mono speaker and an inbuilt Stereo microphone: With Nikon B500 camera, there is no need for an external microphone connection or headphones because it comes with its own stereo microphone that can comfortably pick any sound within and also a mono speaker for your sound outlet.

Battery: Powered usually by any 4xAA batteries, Nikon B500 has an admirable battery life as it provides a shooting life range of 600.

Video Features: Video recording for resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 Pixels is very much possible when you are using Nikon B500. This full HD video resolution recorded can be saved in both MPEG-4 formats and H.264 formats.

Nikon B500 Specs:-

  • Long battery life of up to 600 shots
  • High shutter speed with 40X optical zoom
  • Availability of remote control source,
  • wireless and Bluetooth connectivity,
  • Maximum video resolution of 1920 x 1080,

The camera offers exceptional wide-angle capacity because of its 23mm focal length on the wide end and the super telephoto, which is up to 900-mm.

Conclusion: Nikon B500 camera is an improved series of Nikon product, which actually is the best at what it does. Its uses and advantages are standard and incomparable. Buy: 14000 Rupees

► 18.2-MP Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC-WX350

At last, the King of camera has arrived. With the Sony Cyber-shot DSC WX350 now in circulation, you can now experience all the benefits that come with a sophisticated camera that you have always wished for. It is interesting to know that the Sony WX350 camera is an update of the Sony WX300 with the addition of NFC.

SONY WX350 is a high-performance camera in any situation, be it indoors, outdoors, night or day. It delivers frames whose details are bright and sharp using the Exmor-R CMOS sensor.  The sensor gives excellent results when combined with a BIONZ image processor. The SONY WX350 has a wide ISO range of 80-12800 and delivers pin-sharp results in low light. It has a built-in- Picture Effect technology as well a range of modes to choose from.

Beyond the beauty of this camera, it is a compact and can easily be pocketed. It comes along with an impressive optical zoom lens of 20x, a Wi-Fi provision for connections, an 18.2 Exmor-R CMOS sensor and it is available in different colors of your choice like white, black and pink. Aside from all these interesting qualities that Sony WX350 is associated with, it’s also a proven fact that whether it is used indoors or outdoors, in the dark or in the sun, its performance is classic and outstanding.

Sony WX350 Digital Camer with Super ZOOM

→ Trust Brand Sony for All-Time Budget Camera

Depending on the environment you are shooting under, the Sony WX350's intelligent Auto setting quickly recognizes the conditions and immediately response by adjusting on its own the camera settings to suit the given scene at the moment. Its self-setting also comes to play while trying to shoot portraits, the camera will also on its own brighten teeth, remove skin blemish widen eyes and cut forehead shine.

With the help of the inbuilt Wi-Fi, the Sony WX350 camera allows you to send the pictures you have taken and videos as well to any smartphone or tablet around, it also enables you to operate the camera using your mobile device as a control. While using your Sony WX350 for video recording, it can be done in full 1080p HD Optical SteadyShot Active Mode just to make sure your videos are very steady and also come smooth.

→ Some Unique and Innovative Features of Sony WX350

The following listed below are the key features of the Sony WX350 camera.

Video recording at Full 1080p HD: Using Sony WX350 you can make a video record of full HD 1920x1080p resolution while using stereo sound along with the wind noise reduction technique of the phone.

Operating the 3” LCD Screen: The Sony WX350 comes with an LCD size of 3 inches and on the both sides of the LCD are buttons for menu, playback and movie record. Operating the camera is quite easy and can be done without a professional help as the menu is designed in such a way that navigation is not a problem.

Battery: The Sony Cyber-shot DSC WX350 X-type strong battery powers the camera to offer a lifespan of 470 shot after a single charge.

Sweep Panorama mode: SONY WX350 can take a variety of panoramic shots which enables it to capture wide landscapes very easily. With sweep panorama mode, you can have mind blowing perfect shots. This can be done very easily and is available in desired directions up to the 360-degree full circle. This camera has the ability to shoot continuously and speedily, and can flawlessly fix the pictures, arranging them to give the best possible arrangement for an eye-catching panoramic picture.

→ A Budget Camera with 20x Optical sharp Image Zoom G Lens

By comparing patterns of adjacent pixels, the SONY WX350 creates new pixels with the aid of its powerful clear image zoom processor. These new pixels match a particular selected pattern, and this, in turn, gives you images that are not only of extremely high quality but are also as real as they come; with perfect clarity. With clear image zoom, optical zoom in the camera is doubled; allowing for clear photos even when the photos are close. Buy: 19500 Rupees.


  • In-built Wi-Fi
  • Very light weight
  • High Resolution (18.0MP)
  • Face detection ability
  • Quick shooting
  • Wide Lens (25mm)
  • Optical zoom of 20X
  • 800 ISO
  • Landscape Shooting
  • Stabilized Image


  • Lacks environment
  • Focusing is completely automatic
  • Lens is slow at Tele
  • No Touch Screen
  • Focus points not fixed
  • Poor Screen resolution
  • Lens is slow at wide
  • Absence of External flash
  • Raw shooting disabled
  • Small Sensor