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Best Sony and Samsung Smart LED TV for Indian Homes

32 Inch Samsung 32M5100 Smart Full HD LED TV in India

Purchasing a TV can be a complex job. You need to arm yourself with a lot of facts, figures, and data before setting your foot in a TV store. There are more than a few choices to pick from with each choice providing different style, size, and puzzling features. The varieties may perhaps leave you feeling tangled or mixed up. However, if you consider my opinion, then in my view, Smart TVs have the capability to swap conventional televisions. These groundbreaking devices provide many features that a conventional television set does not, moving things a step ahead. This new class of extremely intelligent gadgets shouts with brilliant colors and stunning finish.

Selecting the finest LED TV set hinges on quite a few factors, such as your financial plan in addition to the exclusive TV features.  After all, you cannot buy the first Smart LED TV that you come across as you enter the TV showroom. In its place, you must shop around in not just that first showroom but perhaps on a number of others also. If you try doing this, you will stay certain that you find the finest TV set that turns into the value for your buck.

When it comes to Smart LED TVs for Indian families, Sony and Samsung LED TV fight for authority and power in Indian markets. Both the companies manufacture technologically advanced and remarkable LED TVs with Smartest features and speculations. That’s why they attain better deals, sales and customer satisfaction, no doubt about it. Below, I’m brushing up an honest comparison of the features of Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E as well as Samsung 32M5100 Smart LED television that may get you rid of the never-ending Sony vs. Samsung Smart LED TV problem.

► 43-Inch Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E Full HD Smart LED TV with Built-in Subwoofer

With the Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E Full HD Triluminos Smart LED TV, you can make your living room look stylish. The smooth and strong design allows you to see every tiny detail in a clear way.

Tempting Design and Display: The 43 inch Sony BRAVIA is furnished with a gorgeous design as well as Triluminos display. By way of this, the picture does not get blurry even when light falls on the screen. It is smooth, shiny and looks well-designed and stylish. The Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E comes fitted out with excellent smart technology that makes it an incredible TV. The HDR technology delivers vibrant details in the parts where the details are often absent owing to dimness or glare. Moreover, the X-Reality PRO picture processing recovers the pixel in the frames and lets you attain brilliant precision. All-in-all, you will obtain the remarkable TV experience with life-like pictures.

Triluminos Display: An additional trademark of Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E is the Triluminos technology. This technology lets you enjoy an enhanced TV-watching experience that includes extensive color palette along with some shades that appear to be nearer to reality. The best thing about the Triluminos Display is its exceptional gift to replicate blues, reds and green shades. Most of the TVs with conventional LED display often face troubles to display these shades competently. This technology further conveys natural skin tones to appear nearer to reality due to its remarkable gradation as well as tremendous color adaptation.

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43 Inch Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E Smart LED TV with Subwoofer

→ Incredible Sound Quality and Lots of Connectivity Options

The immersive sound quality of the Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E Smart LED TV will submerge you into the world of the marvelous sound. The sound system is festooned with an integrated subwoofer that allows you to pin your ears back and enjoy the sound that is as realistic as your watching experience. The ironic bass sound assures you of the powerful theater experience. The Clear Audio+ feature modifies the sound that improves your experience while you watch your favorite movies. As a result, you can view, hear, and enjoy the whole thing with a better clarity.

Connectivity: You can connect this TV set to your smart phone or Wi-Fi with no trouble. You can furthermore connect it using USB port and HDMI inputs.  On top of that, you can revel in your much loved YouTube videos on the Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E Full HD TV. It allows faster and better streaming of videos. So, go ahead and buy this Smart LED TV for its remarkable features.

→ Watch your Beloved TV shows on Serial Ab Tak

You can watch your favorite TV soaps and programs with Serial Ab Tak. You can also watch a number of TV channels like Colors, Zee, Sony, Nat geo, Discovery and several more. Cannot miss to mention, you can correspondingly delight in watching soaps in your local languages. More than that, you can set a specific entertainment program or TV episode as your favorite. Far along, you can find it with no trouble.

Quite a lot of Applications: Opera Store, Sony LIV, and Big Flix:-

  • Opera Store: At Opera Store, you can revel in a wide-ranging assortment of applications as well as games. Just choose an application according to your interest, and enjoy.
  • Big Flix: Big Flix allows you to watch about 2000 blockbusters from quite a few languages. You can get 3 months Big Flix subscription for FREE.
  • Sony LIV: Sony LIV lets you view your favorite TV serials and movies without difficulty.

Long TV Life with X-Protection Pro:-

Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E Triluminos TV is strong and robust. It provides protection against:

  • Dirt: As the Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E possesses no ventilation holes at the rear side of the TV set, so, the dirt stays out.
  • Lightning: Advanced protection of BRAVIA protects your television against any effect of lightning.
  • Moisture: Anti-humidity covering on the circuit board of the TV stops any short-circuits that may result from great humidity.
  • Surge: Primary capacitor of the Triluminos TV provides protection against unsteady power.


  • TRILUMINOUS display
  • Full HD Resolution
  • HDR technology
  • X-Reality PRO
  • High Dynamic Range
→ Here is what we have to say about this Sony Bravia LED TV

The Sony BRAVIA KLV-43W772E Triluminos TV lets you discover an exciting world of amazing precision, no matter what you're watching! Together with the unbelievable sound effect and amazing picture quality, Sony BRAVIA will let you see the real colors and feel the music of your favorite movie. It is armed with more than a few features such as Triluminos Display, integrated woofer, and X-Reality Pro as well as HDR technology. It tunes the sound of the TV for a warmly heartening experience that looks as if it surrounds you.  The in-built subwoofer allows you to feel right at the heart of the action while viewing performances and movies. With Integral Woofer, you can delight in deep bass melodies, spiraling choruses, and powerful sound effects. So, get all set to view bright, real-life colors all around you!! Buy: 59000 Rupees

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► 32 Inch Samsung 32M5100 Basic Smart Full HD LED TV

If you want to enjoy a hypnotic TV-watching experience, then this Full HD LED TV from the house of Samsung is just the right choice for you.

Design and Display: Samsung 32M5100 has a weight of mere 3.8kgs together with the Y feet stand. This device is relatively thinner when equated to other equals. The LED TV provides a 32 inch Full HD panel displaying the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The Hyper Real picture engine is a tremendous performer and shows off splendid pictures. In addition, the refresh rate of 50Hz is fairly noteworthy for the current rate.

TV Sound to Mobile: This Samsung TV allows you to tune everything out. You can attain the sound of television right on your smartphones through Bluetooth. And over, you can pin your ears back and enjoy the amazing sound from your earphones for individual entertainment. You can also relish direct sound through Bluetooth earphones that are attuned to Samsung TVs.

→ Screen Mirroring and Private Entertainment features of this Samsung LED TV

You can use this Samsung TV to mirror your smartphone’s content, thanks to its Smart Convergence technology. That means you can view YouTube, Hot Star, Netflix, Videos, Photos wirelessly on the 32-inch screen of your LED TV. So, if you are finding it troublesome to view videos with your friends on your phone, then you can do that with your TV. You can use your smartphone internet connection to view your preferred content on a bigger display using the Screen Mirroring feature.

Private Entertainment: If you wish to watch movies or shows late at night without troubling anyone else in the house, you can achieve that with this LED TV. You can extract benefit of this TV’s two-way Bluetooth audio feature. You can audio stream the TV by means of Bluetooth to your mobile phone and hang on. So, use your earpieces to watch your favorite movie or TV show.

Wide Color Enhancer: This smart LED TV allows you to view all classic movies and watch the hottest episodes of the most recent TV series. The Wide Color Enhancer (Plus) feature restores the picture quality presented on this television set. This exposes the picture details that are upbeat, rich, bright, and attractive.

32 Inch Samsung 32M5100 Smart Full HD LED TV in India

→ Clean View and Smart Share Feature of 32-Inch LED TV

Clean View decreases noise as well as interference. This feature may improve the color and contrast of the picture to attain a crystal-clear view. Owing to the clean view feature, the content shown on the screen becomes polished and rich. Clean View lessens any kind of noise or interference while improving the color and contrast. So, get all set to enjoy the TV experience with advanced image quality.

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Smart Share: You can wirelessly back-up your data from your smartphone to a USB drive linked to the TV without any need of the internet connection or a laptop. You can easily plug your favorite media into this Samsung Smart LED TV and play much-loved videos, music, or view photographs – all use the USB connection.


  • Mobile-to-TV Audio
  • Consumes 59 watts
  • HD Picture Quality
  • Features Analog Clean View
  • Wide Color Enhancer

Verdict: Samsung 32M5100 is perhaps the most reasonably priced Smart HD LED TV that boasts an extensive collection of exceptional specifications. I would undeniably recommend this product to you. This Joy Connect television set is actually the Samsung’s ‘Make for India’ project. That’s why; this Basic Smart TV proposes certain features such as the Indian Cinema mode. Thus and so, this TV set turns out to be an ideal choice for Indian families and households. Buy: 26000 Rupees

► Voltage Stabilizer for Television V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS

If you want to keep your TV set safe, then the V Guard Crystal Plus stabilizer is the flawless addition for your family. This Voltage stabilizer is fit with thermal overload protection for ideal protection all through the temperature burn out. It is armed with the up-to-date IC technology for efficient and consistent operation. If you experience consistent voltage variations, then you can obtain the finest performance with the capacity of 3A.

Compatibility: This Voltage Stabilizer is well-attuned with TV of about 46 inch as well as home theaters and DTH. It can furthermore work on the generator. You can mount it on the wall or the ground.

Input Voltage Range: Now, coming to the input power, this stabilizer has a minimum capacity of 167 V while the maximum capacity is 290 V. By the same token, the minimum output power is 200 V while the maximum is 240 V. On the contrary, the minimum frequency is 50 Hz and the accuracy is 2.5%. All-in-all, this Voltage Stabilizer for Television V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS has a capacity to resist an extensive range of 120V-290V.

Voltage Stabilizer for Television V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS

→ Check Performance of this V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer

This automatic voltage regulator allows you to guard your machines against hitches such as over-voltage, under-voltage, and power spikes. Its coil cut laminations, as well as copper wound transformers, certifies smooth operation. The MS cabinet of the stabilizer is powder coated that makes it scratch-resistant. For your ease, it has a heavy power cord. In addition, it supports an intelligent delay system that confirms improved performance.


  • Primary switching technology
  • Line noise
  • Generator compatibility
  • High voltage cut off
  • Mains turn-on delay
  • Integral Thermal Overload Protection
  • Output voltage correction without breakdown
  • Works well in wide input range
  • Spike protection

Verdict: V-Guard Crystal plus guards TV and music system from voltage rise and fall. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, it suits your home décor with no trouble. On top of that, it proposes a high voltage cut-off protection together with an integral thermal overload protection. The working range of 90V-290V allows maintaining the impeccably stabilized voltage. It moreover provides support for your LEDs, LCDs as well as home theatre systems without problems. Buy: 3000 Rupees

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