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Best Smart LED TV in Best Screen Sizes below 40000 Rupees

Best Smart LED TV in Best Screen Sizes below 40000 Rupees

Of late the prices of LED televisions has gone down, owing to the infiltration of cheap Chinese TV models in the global market. This has meant that even large producers like Samsung and Sony, who were initially making a killing from this line of electronics, now have to subsidize their prices in order to stay competitive. All the same, this doesn’t mean that the quality of cheap LED TVs has been tainted. As a matter of fact, every TV manufacturer in this market is trying to pack up maximum quality in their LED TV sets and then sell them for cheap.

This explains why all over sudden we have new TV brands that were hardly heard of previously, like TCL and Noble Skiodo. Luckily, compared to the traditional ray tubes we knew in early television sets, LED technology is generally easy and cheap to manufacture. We are therefore very optimistic that the price of LED TV sets will go down even more in the near feature. Funny enough, this line of electronics is advancing at a very fast pace, in terms of quality and sophistication.

Today we have ultra slim LED TV’s featuring 3D support. Some even have a slight curvature for augmented viewing angles. The latest entry is the 4K display technology, which delivers ultra-HD imaging in LED TVs, at its best. In this piece, I have discussed 3 of the best-selling and most affordable LED TV sets in the market today. You will realize that they aren’t exactly cheap, but at least you can get them with a mere 40000 Rupees or less. Instead of buying a fake Chinese TV at three-quarters the price (only for it to spoil in a few months), it would be better to pick any of these three options.

LG 32LH576D 32 Inch HD Ready Smart LED IPS TV

What makes this TV to be among the best options at this price range is the fact that it’s a full HD TV with a screen resolution of 1366 by 768 Pixels. The screen gives you a terrific and detailed imaging, one that you would mistake for a real-life picture. In addition, the television is Smart enabled. What this means is that you can easily connect this device to other devices as well. You also get an advanced magic remote that ensures an enhanced user experience.  Being a late version of smart TVs, this product features a Wi-Fi certified Miracast utility.This utility is what enables you to connect the TV with other smart devices like Android phones and Tablets wirelessly. It also allows you to transfer photos, music and videos with your TV set.

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LG 32LH576D 32 Inch HD Ready Smart LED IPS TV Review and Specifications

Live streaming from video sites has never been this easy. The 32LH576D IPS LED TV supports live streams from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix. This gives you access to unlimited video content from the internet. Plus you also stay updated about new films and music videos in real time, unlike when you are depending on regular TV programming for your updates. The inbuilt Wi-Fi radio on this TV also ensures that you can browse the internet seamlessly just like you would do on your desktop PC or smartphone. The product’s design is metallic with some slim bezels which means that the TV won’t consume much space on your wall unit or TV stand.

The designers also included a wall-mountable design on this TV. The Flexi- mount allows you to tilt the TV at an angle to get a better viewing position. The flexi-mount’s bracket allows up to 6-way movements in all directions so that you can actually choose a setting that fits you right. The TV also comes with a smart energy saving feature with a backlight control panel. The additional standby mode on this product allows it to hibernate so as to cut down power consumption. About the product’s sound quality, I wouldn’t complain much since it has a clear Voice III boost. This technology separates background noise from voices for added clarity.

Price 23000 Rupees
Model 32LH576D
Weight 8 kg
Material Metallic
Dimensions 87 x 50 x 15 cms
Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Screen size 32 Inches
Wattage 20 W
Display technology LED
Smart enabled Yes
Wi-Fi Yes


Noble Skiodo 42SM40P01 40 inch Full HD LED Smart TV

Noble Skiodo is enjoying the fruits one of the most phenomenal contracts in the history of online trading. Its alleged agreement with Amazon has meant an increase in both sales and popularity of the brand’s products. All their products seem to bring out a certain level of nobility to their consumers, especially in terms of design, no wonder they chose the name (Noble Skiodo). Their recent entry in the TVs line, the 40 inch 42SM40P01 LED TV is a must have. If you are on a budget and want a Smart TV that comes with an array of functionalities, then this is the product for you.

Noble Skiodo 42SM40P01 40 inch Full HD LED Smart TV

To start with, the 42SM40P01 Smart LED TV comes in Full HD with a 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution. It has good dark and bright colors and displays true to life images. The viewing angles are optimized owing to the high dynamic contrast ratio (200,000:1). Being a smart TV, the device holds a powerful Cortex A7 dual core processor and a Mali-4000-MP2 GPU for added stability, since it runs on Android. The Android version on this TV isn’t exactly one of the latest version but considering that it’s a TV and not a smartphone, then this is a really huge improvement. It runs on Android KitKat V4.4.4 and has some apps already installed for you.

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The TV has an inbuilt Wi-Fi chip meaning you can browse the internet as you wish. Plus you can also access video streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo seamlessly. To make your experience even better, the TV also comes with a smart wireless Keyboard. The keyboard is found at the back side of your remote. Through it, you can handle all Smart Hub operations on the TV. The product’s sound quality is worth it. It uses Dual 8W speakers with several sound modes to choose from. Apart from this, you also get numerous input and output utilities on this TV. They include 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

With these, you can transform your TV into a desktop PC while using the screen as the monitor. If you have an external HDD, you can connect it to the TV through the USB ports and do all your activities on it as you would normally do them on a desktop PC. The TV has 1GB of RAM (DDR4) and an added external 4GB EMMC flash memory. This makes it a very stable device when using it for all your operations.

Price 31000 Rupees
Model 42SM40P01
Weight 8kg
Dimensions 93 x 8 x 56 cms
Screen size 40 inches
Resolution 1920 x 1080 p
Speaker Surround sound channel configuration Yes
Display Technology LED
Smart enabled Yes with Smart Hub
Wi-Fi Yes


TCL C48P1FS 48 inch Full HD Curved Smart LED TV

This particular TV is colossal and probably the only one of its kind, you will find in this price range. Considering that most 48 inch Smart LED TVS are above 50,000 Rupees, this particular TV is somehow like a bonus. In addition, it features the latest curved design, which is common in High-End TVs priced at well over 60,000 Rupees (for the same size 48 inch). Apart from featuring a full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, this TV comes with better viewing angles than its Noble Skiodo counterpart. This is partly because of its curved screen design and also due to its Motion Picture enhancement and True Color technology. The TV comes with different modes which include, Cinema mode and sports mode.

TCL C48P1FS 48 inch Full HD Curved Smart LED TV Review and Specifications

I can’t complain about its sound output now that it uses Dolby digital speakers. One area that this television has beaten all the previously discussed products in, is connectivity. Apart from featuring an inbuilt Wi-Fi radio, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and MHL, this television also has Bluetooth connectivity. Combine these numerous connectivity options with a Quad Core A7 1GHz CPU, then you have an unbeatable product. This TV has the Quad processor and an additional Dual Core ARM Mali-450 GPU. The flash memory is 4GB in size and the TV runs on Android 5.1.

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It comes with pre-installed apps and it’s also Smart Hub enabled. TCL has also gone a mile ahead in making this TV a power efficient device in your home. It has a power consumption rate of 105 W and this is considerably low when compared to other similarly sized curved TVs from other brands. Here I am talking about the likes of Samsung’s own 48J6300, which has a power consumption rate of 135 W. The TV also supports mobile screen sharing where you can magnify what’s playing on your phone by wirelessly connecting the phone to the TV so that its screen contents appear on the TV’s screen. You can also use your phone as the remote and wireless keyboard, too.

The adaptive backlight dimming and ECO backlight controls help save energy and protect your eyes from getting damaged by the bright light from the LED screen. The speakers are also Bass enhanced and include Smart volume support for added ease in controlling the volume. The design is attractive, although the screen is quite thick if compared to the previously discussed TVs. It measures 108 by 21 by 68 centimeters.

Price 38000 Rupees
Model C48P1FS
Weight 15Kg
Dimensions 108 x 21 x 68 cms
Screen size 48 Inches (Curved)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Speaker Technology Dolby Digital
Display Technology LED
Smart enabled Yes
Wi-Fi Yes


Editor's Pick

Honestly, it was hard to choose between the 3, but considering all the factors, including design, power efficiency, Price, Viewing angles and size, I choose the TCL C48P1FS 48 inch Full HD Curved Smart LED TV. Who would hate having a 48 Inch curved LED TV, with such a powerful CPU at just 38000 Rupees?

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