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Best Smart Android LED TV and Accessories in India

Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Price in India

Sony Bravia KDL 50W800C Android Smart TV

Last year Sony launched KDL50W800C Android Smart TV in the Indian market and it is currently available for around 75,000 rupees. On paper, this TV seems to be offering some amazing features, which is why many readers have asked this website to do a review on it.

I have been doing interviews and collecting data about this television since the last two weeks. Customer’s opinions and response has not been one-sided rather mixed.

The Smart TV comes with many great features that many people these days get attracted to. However, it is not free from cons. Therefore, read this review until the end to decide on its purchase.

Attractive Look and Premium Build

No other brands can match the build quality that Sony offers on this Android TV. The materials used in making this set are highly durable. Trust the brand Sony for this sturdy, attractive, and highly durable LED.

The manufacturer has also done lots of hard work on the design front. I am sure you will appreciate the looks and design of the outer shell. It is just 2.32 inches thick and gives a great appeal to the eyes.

You can choose from wall mount and table top installation types. Here, I would suggest tabletop setup because the metallic stand provides a floating feel to the whole setup.

However, there is an ignorable flaw in the design. If you choose to install it on a wall, the connectivity ports will be much harder to reach. The control panel is located on the back and its layout will be quite difficult to understand unless you take a direct look at it.

Sony KDL50W800C Android Smart TV Review Specifications

Most Beautiful Display in this Segment: Without a doubt, the Sony smart television comes with the most vibrant display if we consider zero to 80000 rupees price range.

It features a 49.5-inch edge LED backlit panel and you will not find any kind of brightness distortion across the screen. The color reproduction is as accurate as it can be. High contrast ratio helps in generates deepest darks and brightest whites.

The display is also capable of generating 3D imagery. However, the screen resolution is limited to 1920 X 1080 pixels, which does not suit a TV this big.

Android TV OS: Sony KDL50W800C is not just a Smart TV rather an Android Smart TV with lots internet features. You can install as many apps as you want from the Play Store. The motion refresh rate of the display can go up to 100 Hz, which is good for playing games and high-quality movies.

Many experts criticize Android TV OS for being limited and they are right to some extent. However, do not forget that Android is an open source platform and it evolves faster than any other alternative in the world.

It comes with many connectivity features including inbuilt Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, and ScreenCast capability. Use the preloaded browser to access online websites. You do not like its interface, no problem, there is always an option to install some other internet app from the Play Store.

Decent Audio Output

The Sony TV comes with a super audio system that produces crisp, clear, and loud audio. Two speakers set here give a total RMS output of 20 Watts. Dolby Digital technology further improves the audio quality. However, I would advise you to install an external music system to experience the real entertainment power of this television set.

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  • Features big and vibrant display
  • Accurate color reproduction with wide viewing angles
  • Low power consumption
  • Comes with 4 HDMI ports
  • Internet connectivity
  • Runs on Android TV OS

Cons: Screen resolution is low

Verdict: At this price point, Sony should have offered a 4K display. Full HD resolution does not help in enhancing the user experience with a display that is 49.5 inches wide. But if you can manage with the Full HD resolution, then this television set can be a great solution. Its build quality is impressive and the fact that it runs Android TV OS is more than amazing. Also read Best Smart LED TV in Best Screen Sizes below 40000 Rupees.

Display Size 49.5inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 43.94 X 25.75 X 2.32 inches
Weight 13.69 KG
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 2 X USB, 4 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Buy 75000 Rupees



In last five years, Internet-based set-top boxes have been popular in the market. Generally, there are only two platforms that have ruled this segment since the beginning i.e. Android and iOS. Google TV and Apple TV are already doing great out there. However, the profit potential has lured other manufacturers to make portable TV Set Top Box.

Last year Nvidia tried its luck by launching the Shield Android TV. This device is available in two variants i.e. 16 GB and 500 GB. In western markets, the lower end version is available for an amount of $199.99 that roughly converts to 14,000 rupees.

Since the brand has not launched the product in India officially, customers have no option than to buy it from EBay for 29,999 rupees (16 GB). Moreover, even EBay is not selling the 500 GB variant in the country. This puts a big question mark on the price value of this Android device.

Superior Quality Device

I have to admit here Nvidia has done lots of hard work in designing this device. Its outer shell looks highly futuristic so, you can place it whichever way you want vertically or horizontally.

The Shield Android TV is just 25 mm thick and weighs in at 654 grams. All the connectivity ports have been placed on the back while the capacitive power button sits on the front.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Review Specifications

Great Performance: The manufacturer has loaded this set top box with class-leading hardware. It features Nvidia’s self-made Tegra X1 chipset that comes with 8 CPU cores and 256 GPU cores. Additionally, the 3GB of RAM handles all background processes flawlessly. A microSD card slot on the back of this device helps the users in expanding the onboard storage (which is quite necessary if you have purchased the 16 GB variant).

If not the only one, it is one of the few devices to offer 4K playback at 60 frames per second in this segment. The device is capable of running even the most graphic and processor intensive apps available in the online space.

A Gaming Platform: As this is a media-streaming device by Nvidia, it was normal for everyone to expect some sort of gaming capability from it. Guess what, you will not be disappointed for gaming features.

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The Shield Android TV comes with a great hardware setup. The motherboard has also been equipped with a cooling fan in order to cope up with the temperature.

In the packaging box, you will find a gaming controller that offers a bunch of controls. Customers also get the option to purchase additional accessories like Bluetooth Remote and a metal stand.

Although the device itself does not create any problem for gamers but the OS, it runs (Android TV) is highly limited as of now. There are only a handful of games available on Play Store that is compatible with this device.

The Shield TV also offers a special game streaming service that can be used to play the games stored on user’s PC. But to enjoy this feature fully, you will need a high-speed internet connection and a PC that can handle graphic intensive games.

Disappointing User Experience

I do not think India is still ready for media streaming devices like this one. Surely, Netflix has launched its services here but its showcase is limited to only a few shows. Another problem is that not everyone has a high-speed internet connection and a high-resolution TV to enjoy 4K videos.

In addition to all this, my understanding is Android’s TV platform is quite behind when it comes to providing a nice user experience. There are not many useful apps available in the store. In fact, the Shield TV does not even come with Chrome browser.


  • Durable
  • Attractive and compact build
  • High performing processor unit
  • 4K at 60 fps support
  • Runs everything flawlessly


  • Highly priced
  • Limited number of supported apps

Verdict: Unless the manufacturer officially launches the Shield Android TV in India, I do not think its prices are going to come down. A better option would be the fourth Gen Apple TV offers a number of great features and available in India for a price less than 15,000 rupees. Also read Reliable Apple Mini CPU for Indian Computer Users.

OS Android TV
Processor Nvidia Tegra X1
GPU 256-Core
Storage 16/500 GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, microSD Card Slot and IR Receiver
Dimensions 25 X 210 X 130 mm
Weight 654 grams
Buy 30000 Rupees


Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

You own a smart TV, but having problem in operating it with the default remote. If yes, then you are not alone my friend. Almost everyone who uses the latest entertainment devices like a Smart TV, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, etc. faces problem while browsing through the menu.

You see, to interact with a PC-like interface, a TV remote is not the right input device. In fact, even a smart remote is not fully capable unlocking smart features of a modern LED TV. Accessing the internet feature onboard is even more difficult.

Suppose you want to browse Zee News website. Now, it becomes a messy task to point cursor on the keys of the on-screen keyboard one by one.

Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Review Specifications

I need a Solution

You do not have to live in vain anymore. You have already made huge investment to purchase a smart LED TV and a console. Now trust our suggestion and take one more step to yield Honey from the setup.

Logitech has launched a wireless Keyboard (K830), which also features a touchpad. The keyboard is a great solution for the problems that we have just discussed in the preceding paragraph. You can buy this amazing input device for about 9,599 rupees. I know it is a lot of money but in return, you are also getting worthy features.

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Two Ways to Connect: Comparing Logitech K830 with other wireless keyboard mouse set will be a mistake. Even measuring it with popular Logitech wireless keywords for PC will be another mistake. Trust my words K830 Keyboard is much better than any other alternative.

You can connect it to a source in two ways. The first is of course, the traditional dongle method. And, the second method is obliviously wirelessly using Bluetooth. Moreover, I do not need to need to tell the keyboard will connect with one source at a time.

User-Friendly Design: I know you are still not convinced with its price. Precisely, why to buy such costly device when presumably better alternatives are available that too on much cheaper price like 2000 rupees or less. I am in full agreement with your thinking.

I agree the market is full of cheaper alternatives, but all those devices are made primarily for PCs and not for TVs or set-top boxes. Logitech has specially designed the layout of this keyboard according to the requirement of Smart TV platforms.

Besides known actions, the top line of function keys can also be used to perform simple tasks like going back, opening the home screen, or accepting a command. Moreover, the engineers behind this product have ensured you do not accidently press any key by adding features for protection.

Accurate Trackpad

Ideally, trackpad should be at the center, but here it is on the right side of the key panel. At first, it might look like a weird design, but you will find it much easier to operate after holding it on the lap. When we work on a desktop, the mouse is always position on the right side. Therefore, the layout that Logitech has adopted is quite natural.

Great Build Quality: Let me clear a few more things here. Neither is it a lightweight device nor it has a slim profile. Logitech K830 offers a great user experience. All its keys give a good feedback and are easy to press. The touchpad is also comfortable in use.

Long Power Backup: For power, it comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. On the rear, you will find a microUSB port for charging it with a compatible smartphone charger. A single charge gives more than a week of free usage. I have to appreciate its battery backup feature.

Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Price in India


  • K830 keyboard is not long so fits easily on the user’s lap
  • Durable build
  • Attractive and comfortable design
  • Offers more function keys
  • Inbuilt trackpad
  • Can also be used with a PC
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity

Verdict: The Logitech K830 comes with a number of great features. However, this is a highly overpriced device. Go for it, if you can afford.

This is not the first and last device as its kinds. There are many cheaper alternatives with similar feature available in the online malls. Do consider them before making a decision final about it.

Dimensions 125.3 X 367 X 16.5 mm
Wireless 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth Yes
Trackpad Yes
Backlighting Yes
Battery Life More than a week
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 8000 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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