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Best Sewing Machine with 130 Stitch Patterns

Brother HC1850 Specifications

Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine

Singer and Brother are top sewing machine brands win every dress designer’s heart with some amazing products. Brother is much more proactive than Singer is. In fact, to tap huge opportunities in the low budget segment (10 to 15 thousand rupees price range), it has launched some brilliant sewing machines in recent time.

One of such affordable sewing machine is the HC1850 model. Although this model has been up for sales in America, but in Bharat, it is yet to arrive. Thus, we have to consider it as good as a new model.

In the US, the price of this Brother product is around 190 dollar that roughly converts as 12350 to 13000 rupees. The machine comes with unbelievable features that will surely impress you.

I will not be wrong calling it one of the best sewing machines below 15000 rupees. I have to say “One of,” since this model has been almost four-year-old now and, when it becomes available in India, it will be close to a five-year-old model. Obviously, such old release should be considered outdated. Read also 6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features.

120V Issue

Brother HC1850 works with 120V electricity power. So, it will not work here, even if a voltage converter or some desi Jugad in use. However, we are hearing that very soon an upgraded variant, which will support the voltage input 230V, would be introduced in Bharat and other SAARC countries. Therefore, after reading this review, wait for it to become available in our country officially. Importing it from any other country will be a waste of money.

Brother HC1850 Prince in India

Who should buy this machine?I will never suggest this sewing machine to first-time users. This is an advanced gadget with lots of sewing, quilting, and embroidery functions. Moreover, it is computerized, which means it offers huge space for creativity. But to present that on a piece of cloth requires some prior expertise in running such machines.

Without a doubt, it is made for tailor shops as well as for smart homemakers who have a good experience in sewing clothes with some level of creativity. See, I repeat creativity again-and-again because the Brother machine comes with lots feature for quilting and embroidery. If your only requirement is to stitch clothes, for that many affordable sewing machines are available with basic features.

If you are already using an electric sewing machine and want to upgrade, then Brother HS1850 is a perfect choice to go with.

With this all-in-one machine, sewing is easy and it allows you to play with designs. Think some caricature, flowers, birds, animals – draw this design by mixing some colorful threads and using smart features of this machine on a salwar suit or a Blouse piece. In fact, we were shown a demo that how efficient this machine is in terms of drawing embroidery design on dresses.

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For the best result, set this machine properly and run it in sequence, when you are done, the result will be a beautiful dress with amazing art creation. In fact, you can have a fruitful career in home based sewing. Register yourself at Flipkart and Amazon as a seller and start selling your amazing creations.

How to start sewing

In order to start sewing, first, switch on the power button, and ensure utility stitch indicator is on. Now press the stitch selection key (which presser feet to be used is also shown above the number), using hand wheel lower the needle, now lower the presser feet, adjust the speed using sewing speed controller, and finally press start/stop button to start sewing. In fact, this is good thinking that one button works for both START and STOP action.

Built-in 130 Stitches Patterns and Eight one-step Buttonholer : Until now, I have given just a basic introduction. Now I will dig deep into the premium features. I am sure after reading its entire features; you will be desperate to get this machine home.

The primary attraction is inbuilt 130 stitch patterns. That translates into 170 stitch functions with 55 alphanumeric stitches. Eight one-step button holler is a bonus.

Brother HC1850 is a versatile sewing machine with a large collection of stitch patterns. It offers easy doing of quilting, embroidery, some interesting & decorative designs.

Since it is a computerized sewing, I was expecting some arrangement to store sewing patterns and option to reuse them in other projects.

Brother HC1850 Review

Control Sewing Speed: Yes, you can control sewing speed. Maximum speed it offers is 850 stitches per minute; maximum stitch width and length are 7mm and 5mm, respectively. Users can also adjust needle position. The start/stop buttons is used to initiate and stop sewing process.

Automatic needle Threader: Needle threading is one irritating and time-consuming work. In fact, after a certain age, it becomes hard to find needle hole. To rescue from this problem, Brother HC1850 has the “Automatic Needle Threader” inbuilt feature.

It is nice to see how an intelligent setup makes one tedious task so easy. Use the lever to push thread upward and you are done as the thread passes through the needle hole. Understand this process once, you can do needle threading even with closed eye after that. In fact, a short hint of this process is already printed on this machine.

Easy Bobbin System

The brand strictly prohibits use of some third party bobbins. Use the bobbin that has been designed by the brand especially for this model.

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There are some inbuilt hooks, tools, and a spook tab helping in bobbin winding. Although I am not a tailor master but it was amazing to see, how easy a tedious process has become on this sewing machine. Brother’s product designer has designed everything smartly.

There are some drawings around the bobbing winding setup making the process simpler not only for beginners even for experienced users. This is incredible and I give full marks for such great thinking that helps users.

Bobbin threads, which ultimately becomes the lower thread, requires no expertise in setting up. Near the needle is the bobbin case, remove it, and follow the instruction diagrams printed closed to the presser feet rest area. In fact, inserting the bobbin correctly is easy and it becomes kids play after one or two attempts.

Foot Controller : Brother with its smart design does not force users to change their working habit rather it comes out with some additional tools. Use the add-ons to continue whichever way you find easier to use the sewing machine.

Brother adds a foot control with this model. Connect it with the machine and feel comfortable in running it by your foot. This is the magic with this new Brother product. It is a modern device but supports traditional ways of running a sewing machine.

Brother HC1850 Stitch Patterns

Watch controls live on LED Screen

Human eyes have some limitation, we cannot easily see tiny stitches whether that is being done correctly, or there is some mismatch in alignment. Young tailor masters have the ability to maintain a straight observation of fast processing stitches, but it is not good for their eyes in long run.

Brother HC1850 comes with a built-in LCD panel on front that shows a complete overview of the current stitch patterns and other related essential selections. There are few push-in buttons to set stitch patterns and styles.

This is amazing. Now you can have utmost precision in sewing and do micro stitching by setting up accurate stitch length, correct design, and also a suggestion on which pressure foot to be used on the LED screen.

Thus, users get full information about the running process by seeing the LCD and this allows them to work by taking small-small breaks. In fact, the LCD feature becomes vital when users have to stop sewing every after few minutes. No need to memorize all settings, just look at LCD, and you are ready to resume work from where it was left.

Setup and Working: HC1850 comes with a longer and a bit wider working platform, which is detachable on user’s choice. The area is enough space for wide range of stitching, embroidery, and quilting works. In fact, you will find easier to work with large items like ladies suit, bed sheet, sarees, and others heavy items.

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25 Years of Service Warranty

Not all sewing machine models from Brother have the blessing of 25 years of service warranty. For such long period, you will be assisted with voice call, machine service & repair, and in some extreme condition, the brand might accept full replacement request. You will agree, 25 years of the period is too long, thus, you should be fully sure about the build quality & durability of this sewing machine.


  1. Detachable wide table
  2. LED Light helps users to sew in no light zone
  3. Variety of stitches
  4. Wide LCD display
  5. Thump up for experienced users
  6. This is really an affordable sewing machine
  7. Simple Drop-in bobbin
  8. Hassle-free usages
  9. Automated upper and lower thread cutter
  10. Accessories storage

Cons: Knee Lifter is not present

Final Thoughts: Brother HC1850 is one highly recommend product for beginners, pro users, and tailor shops. I am amazed that a long list of features and functions it has, despite its price so affordable. I am not a tailor master, but after seeing this machine in action, I believe I can design some interesting and attractive clothes. It comes with many accessories, presser feet, and a DVD in English and French. I find this sewing machine economical, innovative, and latest in terms feature.

In the Box: Specialty feet, Quilting Feet, the unit, 8 quick-change presser feet, user DVD, warranty card.

Brother HC1850 Specifications

 Stitch Select LED Stitch Selection
Lighting LED
 Needle Threading System Advanced
Quick-in Bobbin Yes
 Maximum Sewing Speed 850 per minute
 Feed Dog Yes
Built-in Sewing Stitches 130
 Buttonhole Styles 8 One-Step
 Stitch Width  7mm
Stitch Length 5mm
Stitch Speed Control Yes
Needle Position Lever Yes
Quilting Stitches Yes
Specialty Feet Yes
Feet included Buttonhole, Zipper, Zigzag, Button fitting, Monogramming, Blind stitch, Overcasting, Spring action quilting
Included Accessories Accessory pouch with needle set, screwdriver, ball point needle, twin needle, bobbins (4), seam ripper, extra spool pin, cleaning brush
Body 6Kg,  12.5″ x 19.25″ x 15.25″
Buy 14000 Rupees

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