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Best Selling Sansui Air Conditioners for Indian Homes

Best Selling Sansui Air Conditioners for Indian Homes

Summer season is gone but the heat is still burning people from top to bottom. In addition, the increased humidity (because of rainy season) has made the life of people like hell. Many people do not invest in air conditioners during this time but my opinion differs a bit.

Manufacturers and retailers like to empty their warehouses when the season ends. Considering this, the month of August and October are the best for purchasing air conditioning items for your home. Customers can easily get premium products at non-premium prices.

We are not here to discuss the benefits of buying an air conditioner during rainy season. Instead, I have dedicated this article to have a roundup of pros and cons of Sansui ACs.

Sansui is one of the most reputed brands in the market. Its air conditioners pack many amazing features but do not cost a lot. I would like to point out though the manufacturer sells all its products exclusively on Flipkart.

In order to keep everything organized and easy to read, we have divided this article into two sections. The first section will focus on the common features a customer can expect across all Sansui air conditioners and the second one will deal with individual models. Now, let us not waste any more time and get down to it.

Filters To Enhance Life of Components

Microbes suspended in the air can lead to great damage. Sansui equips all its air conditioners with anti-bacterial, active carbon and Catechin filters. These filtration units are really effective and stop almost all harmful microorganisms from entering the AC. As an extra layer of safety, Sansui air conditioners also come with Silver Ion technology. Ions of silver rip the cell walls of bacteria and kill them on the spot, which indirectly helps in cleaning your room’s air.

Built-In Dehumidification

Humidity can be a big problem during Monsoon season. The good thing is Sansui offers inbuilt dehumidification on all its products. Its ACs remove excess water molecules from air and makes the environment more comfortable. This low level of humidity also helps in keeping the inner components working for longer periods.

Capable Of Self Cleaning

Most air conditioners end up being damaged even before their warranty period expires if the management is not done properly. Settling of dirt and other particles is quite harmful in ACs. Sansui solves this problem by using a unique self-cleaning system on its air conditioners. This system keeps removing dust particles and other impurities from the inner components on a regular basis.

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Attractive and Durable Body

All air conditioners from Sansui come in attractive and beautiful outer shells. They sport durable build materials. One thing customers should know is there is no difference between the looks of Sansui air conditioners. Every model comes in an identical body. The wide LCD panel displays multiple variables simultaneously and is also backlit.

The remotes of all the Sansui ACs features night glow buttons, which will be extremely helpful in dark situations.

Sansui Japanese Technology Entertaining the World

Available Sansui Air Conditioners

Sansui does not have a wide range of air conditioners. To sum up, it only sells 4 ACs, all of which are available at really affordable prices.

Sansui 1.5 Tons 4 Star Split AC

This air conditioner is perfect for medium to large size rooms. It has a high cooling capacity of 5200 Watts but only consumes 1480 Watts of electricity. Noise level is impressively low and as a result, you will not get disturbed during night.

Low power consumption and high energy efficiency ratio have helped this 1.5-Ton AC to get a respectable BEE rating of 4 stars.

A powerful turbo mode cools down the room in a matter of minutes by running the inbuilt fan at full speed. Auto restart function proves to be quite helpful in case of power cuts. The AC also has the timer function.

Interested people can purchase this product for an amount of 26,490 rupees.

Tonnage 1.5 Tons
Power Consumption 1480 Watts
Energy Rating 4 Star
Air Circulation 850
LCD Panel Yes
Remote Type Nightglow With Display
Warranty 1 Year On Product And 5 year On Compressor
Price 26490 Rupees


Sansui 1 Ton 4 Star Split AC

The 1-Ton Sansui AC is a great option to go for the people who want high power savings without investing on a costly alternative. With a cooling capacity of 3510 Watts, it is powerful enough to cool small rooms.

Aluminum condenser is something most customers do not want these days but it greatly reduces the price of the final product. The manufacturer is currently selling this model for an affordable price 22,490 rupees.

This 4-star air conditioner will keep your electricity bill under control as it consumes just 999 watts of energy. Sansui has loaded it with all the basic features a customer would expect on other ACs of the same price segment like on/off timer, turbo cool mode and auto restart.

Tonnage 1 Tons
Power Consumption 999 Watts
Energy Rating 4 Star
Air Circulation 600
LCD Panel Yes
Remote Type Nightglow With Display
Warranty 1 Year On Product And 5 year On Compressor
Price 22490 Rupees
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Sansui 1 Ton 2 Star Split AC

At just 20,990 rupees, this air conditioner is one of the cheapest solutions available out there. It has a powerful cooling system but at the same time consumes more energy than other 1-Ton ACs. As per the manufacturer, it is rated at 1060 Watts and qualifies for just a 2-star rating. The other features of this product are same as other models.

Tonnage 1 Tons
Power Consumption 1060 Watts
Energy Rating 2 Star
Air Circulation 600
LCD Panel Yes
Remote Type Nightglow With Display
Warranty 1 Year On Product And 5 year On Compressor
Price 22990 Rupees


Sansui 1.5 Tons 2 Star Split AC

This is another affordable air conditioner from Sansui, which a customer can get by spending 24,990 rupees. It is great for people who live in a bigger room but do not have a high budget. The cooling capacity of the Sansui 1-Ton AC is quite impressive. It also comes with some cool features including auto air swing, sleep mode and real time clock (on remote).

I would like to point out though there are some drawbacks that a person should consider before making a purchase decision. Firstly, it is a really power hungry machine and consumes 1655 watts of energy. Thus, in the long run, you may end up spending more money on power bills than saved from purchasing it. Secondly, the noise its fan and compressor make is a bit high, because of which this AC will not be good for studios or other environments where silence is given more importance.

Tonnage 1.5 Tons
Power Consumption 850 Watts
Energy Rating 2 Star
Air Circulation 600
LCD Panel Yes
Remote Type Nightglow With Display
Warranty 1 Year On Product And 5 year On Compressor
Price 24990 Rupees

Sansui Air Conditioners Review and Specifications

Installation Procedure and Charges

As Sansui air conditioners are available through online channels only, a customer will have to call the customer support once the product is delivered in order to get the installation done. One may have to wait for a couple of days before a technician arrives. Even if you are in a hurry, I would not advise calling a local technician. Damage done during installation by a local technician will lead to spoiling of the product warranty.

The authorized technician who will come to your doorsteps will charge extra money for the installation and the amount will depend on the parts used.

Customer Support Quality

Sansui has a good reputation when it comes to providing post-purchase services. Its executives work swiftly and solve the problems on priority basis. The company also provides a toll-free number i.e. 1800 419 4040.

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  • All ACs are affordable
  • Good build quality
  • Will last for a long time
  • Modern features
  • Every model comes with LCD display and night-glowing remote
  • Good customer support


  • Installation is not free
  • Some models consume more power


From my experience, Sansui’s air conditioners offer far more value for money than any other brand in the market. Still, I would recommend you to only go for the 5-star models because they will save more power. Sansui should also start selling some inverter ACs because people are looking for these types of products also.

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