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Best Samsung Smart LED TV in 34000 to 38000 Rupees

Samsung 32J5300 Full HD Smart LED TV

Affordable 32-inch televisions of popular brands generally come with a really low-resolution display. Truly speaking, there is no point in offering HD resolution on a huge 32-inch display, but brands do this to maximize their profits. However, some credit should be given to Samsung for taking an initiative in this direction. Its LED TV model 32J5300 comes at a relatively affordable price of 32,460 rupees and yet offers a full HD resolution display.

Brilliant Display

The display panel of this TV is certainly stunning so I decided to discuss that first. The resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels really makes everything striking on the screen. You will be able to see even the smallest of details with much clarity. The Wide Color Enhancer increases the contrast ratio and makes the display more vibrant. Hyper Real Engine produces all the details and colors with a really high accuracy. However, users will still not be able to attach a gaming console to this TV because of the low motion refresh rate.

Great Connectivity Options: Being a smart TV, this product also comes with built-in Wi-Fi that opens a whole new world of possibilities. The Smart Share feature lets the users transfer files from their smartphone to a pen drive wirelessly. Screen Mirroring is another great feature using which you can open media files stored on your phone on the big screen of this television. One surprising fact is that Samsung has also provided an Ethernet RJ45 port on this TV, so you will be able to enjoy internet even if there is no Wi-Fi router at your home. Two USB ports on the back allow the users to connect two storage devices at the same time. Moreover, this LED TV can also be used as a display for two devices simultaneously as there are two HDMI ports on it.

Samsung 32J5300 32 In Smart LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Smart Apps: A smart TV will not be much useful unless the brand gives users the ability control functions with installed apps. A pre-installed application store can be browsed to download useful apps on to this LED TV. This app store is really rich and offers a number of famous apps like YouTube, Talking Tom and Skype. One can also use internet using the built-in smart browser. Also, the onboard media player supports all modern formats, which means you, can directly open the media files stored on a USB storage device.

Powerful Speakers

I always prefer down firing speakers on televisions because this position eliminates the chances of audio muffling in the case of wall mount installation. The two speakers of this LED TV give a total sound output of 20 Watts and are also equipped with DTS Studio Sound technology.

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Power Efficient: Interestingly, this Samsung smart TV consumes only 70 Watts of power even when it has got a full HD resolution panel. I am not promising that this product will not affect your electricity bill, but it is efficient than other full HD TVs for sure. Like most of Samsung televisions, this TV also comes with triple protection feature.

Pros Features:-

  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, and USB 3G dongle support
  • Consumes less power
  • Full HD resolution display
  • Smart apps
  • Screen mirror feature
  • Supports local languages
  • Great audio quality
  • Two USB ports
  • Great design
  • Easy to access connectivity ports

Verdict: This smart TV from Samsung has surprised me at each and every front. There are hardly any cons (except the Edge LED panel) that can be used to criticize this product. The most striking fact is that its price is in a perfect balance with all the features that it offers.

Price 37400 Rupees
Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 70 Watt
Dimensions 721.4 mm x 424.8 mm x 66.8 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity Built-in Wi-Fi, RJ45, 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Smart Apps, Hyper Real Engine, Wide Color Enhancer, DTS Studio Sound and Triple Protector


Samsung 32J5570 Full HD Flat Smart LED TV

Samsung is a king of the television world and every year it launches a whole new range of premium quality TVs. If you are looking for a high-quality smart television, then the Samsung 32J5570 that was launched this year can be a good option. At just 39293 rupees, it offers a bunch of great features like full HD display, built-in Wi-Fi, and multiple HDMI ports.

Tizen OS: The people who follow tech world might be familiar with Tizen OS. It is an operating system developed by Samsung for its smart televisions. Although a number of experts have questioned the worthiness of this OS, but some of its features are appreciable. Its app market contains a great number of useful applications. Multitasking between different apps is also possible. The quad-core processor at the heart of chipset is so fast that you can start from where you left while multitasking. The inbuilt web browser is really fast and allows for easy management of multiple tabs.

Apart from the above-mentioned features the Tizen OS also allows mirroring of smartphone screens on the huge display of this TV. Moreover, transferring of files from a smartphone to an attached USB pen drive is also possible.

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Vibrant Display: With the help of Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology, the 32-inch display generates accurate and vibrant colors. Because of high pixel density the experience of the user becomes as immersive as it can be. The surrounding bezels are too small to cause any kind of annoyance while watching movies. This display also offers a really high contrast ratio of 1000000:1. The Clear Motion Rate of 100 Hz is good for eliminating motion blur but is not enough to allow high-quality gaming.

Many Connectivity Features

You can connect this TV with internet using the inbuilt Wi-Fi or by attaching a USB 3G dongle to one of the two USB ports on the back. Samsung has loaded this product with three HDMI ports so that it can be used as a display output for multiple devices at the same time. You can also open media files stored on a pen drive using the built-in media player of this television that supports all modern formats.

This smart TV is also capable of receiving signals under the DVB-T2/S2 standard, which means you will be able to directly view satellite channels on it.

Samsung 32J5570 32 Inch Smart LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Mind Blowing Audio Quality: The audio that comes out from the two 10 Watts speakers of this TV is really loud. The Dolby Digital Plus technology improves the quality of sound and DTS Studio Sound technology creates a virtual surround sound effect. You will experience cinema grade audio quality on this TV for sure.

Consumes Less Electricity: This full HD TV consumes only 80 Watts of power in the active mode and when it goes in standby mode that number even drops to a mere 0.3 Watts. Wide voltage input range of 100-240 Volts makes this TV safe from voltage fluctuations.

Pros Features:

  • Comes loaded with Samsung’s own Tizen OS
  • Screen mirroring and smart share features
  • 32 inch full HD display
  • High contrast ratio
  • Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Studio Sound technologies
  • Down firing speakers
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and 3G dongle support
  • Ultrafast quad-core processor for seamless multitasking
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • Supports 22 local languages


  • Buggy Operating System
  • Edge LEDs

Verdict: With this Smart LED TV, Samsung has tried to bring premium quality features to the middle-class household. Both picture and audio qualities of the TV is exceptional. Tizen OS is a little buggy, but that can be managed considering the great features that it offers. Moreover, this TV is also rich on the front of connectivity.

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Price 35000 Rupees
Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 80 Watt
Dimensions 721.4 mm x 424.8 mm x 66.6 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity Built-in Wi-Fi, 2 X USB, 3 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Tizen OS, Smart Apps, Hyper Real Engine, Wide Color Enhancer, DTS Studio Sound and Triple Protector

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