Introducing here some best-selling room heaters to keep you warm in this winter season. Place an order for one of the top rated room heaters so that you sleep well in the cold night and genuinely enjoy winter, one of the most amazing seasons of the Indian weather.

Room Heaters have many types. These types are not too similar in their working. The apparent difference is in their effectiveness against the freezing weather. Thus, carefully examine each kind and see what would be worthwhile for your requirement. For instance, I would never buy a room heater with a fan because that generates noise and I can't sleep while noise is around.

Heaters are just a simple appliance with one or two function keys. However, cutthroat competition in the Indian market is such that brands have been forced to popularize room heaters with some level of smart control and automatic safety. Besides, competition among brands also resulted in a benefit to buyers at the price front. Over the years price of branded room heaters have dramatically fallen. In fact, the cost of the heaters, reviewed in this article, is in the price range of 500 to 1500 Rupees.

In this review article on best room heaters, products of Orpat, Usha, Orient, Havells, Maharaja, Bajaj, and Singer have been analyzed. All these brands manufacturers their room heaters range locally hence they carry “MADE in INDIA” tag.

☼ Top Room Heaters with Fan

In fan heaters, while heating elements reside behind the fan to warm up air, the wings are designed to push hot air from its back to front. The Hot air spreads quickly and works as a catalyst to raise room temperature. Consequently, while sleeping, you feel warm and pleasant hence you get a deep sleep.

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Orpat is the leading brand in the segment of fan heaters. The India brand, which became popular due to its affordable-stylish table clock and wall-clock, has many top-rated “Made in India” fan heaters in online markets. Moreover, Orpat room heaters are affordable, well designed, and comes with adequate safety.

Orpat Room Heater with a Fan

Should you buy a room heater with a fan? Room heaters with a fan are a top favorite for warming up a room uniformly. Hence, they are an attractive choice in principle. However, such fans consumer more energy and generates enormous noise. If that is acceptable to you, then you have selected the best in the market for you. Buy: Room heater with a fan.

Should you buy an Orpat room heater with a fan? Not denying the fact that Orpat Room heaters with a fan are an excellent choice in the market, but its warranty terms should be a concern. Orpat's warranty commitment is “One-Year warranty against manufacturing defect” meaning after 6-months if you encounter an issue you cannot ask the nearest Orpat service center for the free service. Logically, a room heater cannot work if it has a manufacturing defect. Since it has already warmed up you in last winter, you can't claim in this winter season that due to a manufacturing defect, it is not working now. Buy: Orpat Fan Heater

→ Single-Rod Electric Room Heater

The concept here is straightforward. A copper wire is sheathed in a rod which burns and realizes heat when power is through. This technique, by the way, is not that effective in warming up a room. Typically, the only pro side of it is hundred percent silent while ON, no noise at all. But its warming up capacity is like making “Birbal ka Khichadi.” Electric room heater with single rood is best-fit for students who stay in a small room. Moreover, it can be well-good for warming up your hand and feet if you need quick heat repository after coming home shivering from outside.

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Since the design of this type of room is more or less faulty, does not serve the purpose. Hence not many brands have room heaters in the “Single Rod” design.

Hytec is an Indian electronics manufacturer and trying to find a toehold in the highly competitive electronics market through e-commerce. I know this brand well, Gadgets Shiksha hosts a review of its heavyweight iron box. Hytec is a reliable brand. Trust its products quality.

Hytec Single Rod Room Heater

The Single Rod heater from Hytec bears 1000-Watt capacity and is a top-rated room heater on Amazon. Many buyers have confirmed it a best buy, as they first understood their requirement and then decided to buy it. This room heater comes with limited scope due to its design, which is ineffective in warming up a big-size room. However, it could be a great buy if the weather is not that harsh in your city. It can then by sitting in one corner of the room would silently raise room temperature thereby ensure a pleasant room temperature fit for you to get a good sleep. Buy: Hytec Single Rod Heater

→ Radiant Room Heaters and its Sub-Types

The type of radiant heater has two sub-types, one is the Quartz heater, and another is Halogen room heater. The Room heaters come with the design of radiant heater often have traits of both the sub-types.

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In the segment of the radiant heater, Bajaj is the leading brand and top favorite of buyers. Bajaj requires no introduction. In fact, this Indian name has positioned itself just behind Philips — with its hundred-plus products today up for sale in the online and offline market. The brand Bajaj is today synonymous with energy saving electronics with affordability, reliability, durability, and a guarantee of quality.

If you are looking to buy a radiant heater, Bajaj and Orpat are the two known brands. Both the Indian names have just a few models with the concept of the Radiant room heater, however. Buy: Radiant Room Heater

Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Radiant Room Heater

Halogen Room Heater: This type of room heater has filaments filled with Halogen gas. Buy: Halogen Room Heater

Maharaja Whiteline Lava Helogen Heater

Quartz Room Heater: The quartz type of room heater has quartz filaments in a twisted cylinder, filled with mercury and argon. Buy: Quartz Room Heater

Comparing Halogen with Quartz room heater, Halogen generates fewer UV rays, remains cost-efficient, and scientist certifies it a room heater method that is energy efficient. Examining the life of both the types of room heater, Halogen room heater has a longer life.

Maharaja Whiteline Quato Quartz Heater

☼ Which one should I buy Convection heater or Radiant heater

If you are looking for an actual room heater, then buy the convection heater, which is genuinely a room heater with a fan to blow hot air. Such room heaters blow warm air that would spread uniformly in the room. So you feel terrific at sleep. However, Convection room heater is noisy and consumes more energy than radiant room heaters.

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Radiant heaters are a practical solution. Moreover, this type of room heaters does not add substantial value to your monthly electricity bill. But Radiant room heaters, which includes Quartz room heaters and Halogen Room Heater is not a practical room heater instead they are good for warming up one direction of the room. Radiant heaters are not meant to be ON during the whole night. Intrinsically Radiant heaters are an electronic version of ​अलाव, which is quite a known thing in the village area. Between two sub-type of Radiant heaters, Halogen Room heaters are superior to another sub-type. Just to add here never use a radiant heater in a closed room.

Conclusion: Whichever type of room heater you prefer, brand-wise, set your first preference to Bajaj as it offers 2-Year of free service on product malfunction, then Usha, and finally Orpat and other brands. Preferring to a Radiant room heater over another type of room heater would be a worthwhile decision.

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