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Best Printer For Indian Office has Head Count 15 to 40

HP Officejet Pro 6830 e All in One Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 6830 e-All-in-One Printer

The HP model is one of the few office-suitable printers that perform really well for all the AIO features. Use this multitasking device for print, copy, fax, and scan and it accepts command from the inbuilt touch screen, mobile application, local area network, and web.

An LED touch screen on top of this printer minimizes the requirement of a computer connection for delivery. Moreover, it can directly print from USB Pendrive and Smartphones.

The AIO printer is available at a correct price, it is cost effective and fast; these credentials make it highly suitable for any small to medium size office where employee count is 20 to 45. It fits perfectly into the gap of low to high budget printers.HP Officejet Pro 6830 e All in One Printer Ink Solution

OfficeJet 6830 is not one recent model; in fact, it became available in India around two years before. At GS, generally, we avoid reviewing old gadgets. However, a printer is always latest. While choosing a printer, check the features and performance, not the manufacturing date or model release year. Do a correct assessment of your requirement, and then decide. Thus, despite it being an old model, we were encouraged by readers to consider it for review, in fact, rightly so. This product is high in demand currently and sales like a chocolate cake.

Good Printer for Indian Office

After a basic overview, I can draw a conclusion that it is more suitable for office usages. This is a fast printer with high memory and cost-effective ink technology. Many features are entwined on this OfficeJet, making it a complete daily performer.

Basic Functions : HP 6830 can print in laser, color, and photo. It has some multitasking functionality including some must-have features as well as the latest modern technologies.

HP Officejet Pro 6830 e All in One Printer Mobile Printing

Print Speed and Volume: Fact and claim are two widely used words in the tech review world. Gadget manufacturer claims and we reviewer after testing features – present facts and performance result.

HP made huge claims in the product specifications sheet, available at the official website. Only 60 to 75% of that is true in real usages, though.

The OfficeJet 6830 is much faster in laser printing but remains shaky with slow color printing. Thus, it is not a perfect choice for photo studios. Experts will call this performance imbalance a concern though I believe it is a well-thought out design by HP.

Since the device is meant for office use only, color printout performance is not much important. It has to be fast enough to deal with frequent laser A4 size-printing requests. In fact, it does well in black & white printing.

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It surely gives 10 to 14 page per minute in laser printing and 4 to 6 page per minute in color printing. The color printing delivery is emphasizing its performance to printing a color page with text and images.

Interestingly, it also does fast and good quality photo printing. A photo card in the size of 15 × 10 cm takes about 65 to 80 seconds in printing. According to the market standard, this is a good speed.

Print Technology and Quality

HP OfficeJet 6830 does brilliant photo color printing. The details in output will satisfy user’s need; deep and natural color in every output looks amazing. The final output remains more or less a bit in darker side by default, though.

This should not be a major issue since it can be compensated using some advanced software like Adobe Photoshop. With HP OfficeJet 6830, you will never complain in terms of print quality whether use it for laser or color printing: on paper and photocard. This also applies to its performance in terms of copy, scan, and fax.

What makes this HP device even more efficient is that it does low-cost printing. We compared it with two popular printers: one is Epson model and another is Canon printer, both are suitable for office use with similar features and price. The overall comparison in A4 laser, color project, and photo printing makes a clear winner to this HP OfficeJet. In fact, 6830 model delivers much cheaper prints than its competitors do.

Thus, in long run, it will ensure huge saving on monthly and annual printing cost. The HP 6830 is high in productivity but low in energy consumption and output cost.HP Officejet Pro 6830 e All in One Printer Ports

Connectivity Options: All the latest and modern connectivity options are present on this device. It supports cloud, online, and app based print instructions as well.

HP 6830 OfficeJet will easily support to Windows and iMac systems and also works fine with Linux operating system.

Give print instruction to it using some modern connectivity options including USB2.0, Wi-Fi, Ethernet Port, and RJ-11 Fax. If you own iPhone, then Apple AirPrint application is the easiest way to print entire project. The users of Android and Windows phones need to download HP ePrint application for mobile printing.

Ink cartridge into this printer is hidden behind the scanner bad. There is the place for four separate black and color ink cartridge. HP’s InstantInk, a subscription-based service can also be considered for continuous running of this printer.

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High Memory

How much memory is available, is also one of the deciding factors of a printer performance. Low memory means a printer cannot print a big size project made using Adobe applications as well as not able to schedule all instructions coming from systems connected to it.

This OfficeJet is powered with 128 MB print memory that is sufficient for scheduling simultaneous print commands from 10 to 15 systems at a time.

Paper Handling: It has only single input and output tray, missing to the priority feed. The input tray can adjust up to 225 sheets with 35 sheets for ADF. Logically output tray will be lesser in capacity, thus, it keeps only 60 sheets. This is more than sufficient for daily use.

Scanner Functions: ADF feature of this printer can also scan without manual intervention. Use either scanner flatbed or ADF for scanning any number of documents.

The quality of output image, irrespective of file type remains at higher side. I would highly recommend HP 6830 OfficeJet for high-quality fast scanning; the scanned image can be reproduced in smaller sizes without losing quality. This helps save huge space on system hard drive.HP Officejet Pro 6830 e All in One Printer Specifications

Copier and Fax Functions: Maximum copy resolution in text and text plus graphic is 600 × 600 dpi. You will not be disappointed with output quality as even small fonts are copied in utmost clarity. In terms of fax performance, it is fast, in fact, it can scan and send a color A4 sheet as quick as in four to six seconds.

Built and Design

In terms of build & design, HP 6830 is one of the finest printers in the market. It looks amazing in gray and black design. To make its usages even more convenient, there is a 63mm LCD touch panel at the top. Use this touch screen to do pretty much anything on this printer.

All connectivity options are at the right location, and you will never face discomfort in using them. For instance, the USB port is at the front makes really-really easier to insert a thumb-drive. All such connectivity options that do not require frequent alteration are intelligently hidden at the back and on sides.

Pros Features:-

  1. ADF with automatic duplex printing
  2. Low power consumption
  3. High print memory
  4. Supports HP InstantInk
  5. Fast printer
  6. Lots of connectivity option
  7. Touch screen control
  8. Wireless, App, and ePrint features
  9. Energy star rating


  1. Noisy operation
  2. Single paper tray
  3. Duplex printing speed is not good
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Final Thoughts: The HP 6830 is a value for money office printer. It looks standard and does laser to photo low-cost printing. It has a long list of connectivity options and 128 MB print memory. Thus, this HP OfficeJet is a versatile and efficient machine suitable in any Indian office has employees head count 20 to 50.

In the Box: The unit, power cord, HP 934 black ink Cartridge (good for 400 page), HP 935 CMY Ink Cartridge (good for 400 page), and phone cord.

HP Officejet Pro 6830 e All in One Printer

Price 11500 Rupees
Functions Print, Fax, Scan, Web, Mobile
Print Speed 18 PPM Black; 10 Color
First Page Out 14 Sec Black; 17 Sec Color
Duty Cycle A4 15000 Pages Monthly
Print quality 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color; 600 x 1200 dpi Black
Memory 128MB
Media Size Supported A4, A5, A6, B5,  Executive, Legal, Letter, Statement, Index card, Envelope and more at HP's official website
Borderless printing Yes, up to 8.5 x 11 in, 216 x 279 mm
Connectivity USB 2.0, Pen Drive Support, Wi-Fi, LAN, RJ-11 fax, Ethernet
Display 2.65-inch touchscreen
Processor Speed 500 MHz
Print cartridges 4
Automatic paper sensor NO
Mobile printing capability HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint
Paper Handling 225-sheet, 35-sheet ADF: input tray; 60-sheet: output tray
Body 461.85 x 559.95 x 224 mm
Full Specs Click here

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