10050 mAh Power Bank ASUS Zen Power ABTU005

As smartphones are becoming more and more powerful every year, the pressure on batteries is also increasing. There was a time when a 1000-mAh battery was considered massive, but these days’ even batteries with a capacity of 2500-mAh fail to give a full day power backup.

To solve the battery-draining problem, people have to rely on some tricks. Those smartphones that come with removable batteries are easy to deal with because users just need purchase an additional compatible battery.

Smartphone brands are adding more hardware and features without increasing the physical size. While the adaptation of features has increased, there is a huge competition to keep the built slimmer and Unibody. Now a slim design (ranging from 5.5-mm to 8-mm) limits a possibility to add a bigger battery. In fact, a new trend of non-removable battery is also a bigger obstacle in the increase of more fuel onboard.

The Unibody design, which also means non-removable battery on board does help in enhancing looks of a smartphone. However, it does not let you swap the battery or restart the phone in case of a complete hang.

ASUS ZenPower ABTU005 10050mAh Power Bank Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Now, a big question is how to solve battery draining on a heavy-duty smartphone. A straight answer to this question is using the battery doctor app and a powerful power bank.

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Day-by-day power banks are becoming more powerful, juicy, and innovative. Now there are many options available to choose from and the increasing competition among brands as resulted in lowering of prices.

In last one year, Xiaomi products have dominated the power bank market in India. However, this scenario will not remain the same for long as other brands are also seeing power banks as a good way to earn the profit.

Recently, ASUS launched its ABTU005 power bank in India, which you can purchase for an amount of just 1599 rupees. My experience with this Asus device has been good in the last few weeks. I am sure it will give a tough competition to all other alternatives available in the market.

Premium Aluminum Build and Stylish Design

ASUS has used premium materials in the making of this compact power bank. Its outer shell is made of a tough layer of aluminum that can resist against falls and up to 60KG of pressure. Input reverse direction protection prevents damage to the circuitry if the user tries to insert USB cable in the wrong direction.

Although the outer shell is quite sturdy and is made for rugged usage but when it comes to scratches, there is always a risk. The good thing is that the manufacturer also offers a wide range of colorful silicon sleeves for this power bank that feel soft also prevent scratches.

Easy Fits Inside a Pocket: The outer shell of this power bank is so compact and thin that you will be able to fit in even the pocket of a skinny jean. ASUS claims that this device is as small as a credit card. Moreover, the product weighs in at 215 grams, which makes it much easier to carry around.

If you ask me, I would prefer this Asus power bank in a back panel rather than trying hard in my tight jeans pocket.

Reliable Capacity and High Power Output

One of the main highlights of this power bank is that it offers a long fuel backup. It comes with a massive 10050-mAh battery. This much power is sufficient to charge a heavy-duty smartphone 100% more than two times. I will request before judging fuel load capacity of this Asus power bank do calculate the size of your Smartphone’s battery.

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High-Power Output: The Asus power bank comes rated at 2.4 Ampere, which means it can charge smartphones at a high speed. If your smartphone supports fast charging and features a 2400 mAh battery inside, then it will get fully charged in about 60-70 minutes.

Another interesting feature is this device not only gives high power output but also loads fuel at much faster rate. The miniUSB port that it features can be attached to a 2.0 Ampere rated charger. My experience says one full night is required to charge this power bank fully.

ASUS ZenPower ABTU005 10050mAh Power Bank Port

Single USB PortThe only drawback I have found with this device is it features single USB port for output charging. Most of the new power banks come with two USB port, which simultaneously charge two smartphones


  • 10050 mAh capacity
  • Sturdy and durable outer shell
  • Attractive finish
  • Compact credit card size body
  • Ultra light
  • High input and high output
  • Input reverse direction protection


  • Comes with a single full-size USB port
  • Takes time get fully charged

Verdict In my opinion, it is a great product. If you can manage with a single USB port, then there cannot be any better solution than this. Use this Asus power bank to charge smartphones and tablets within no time. Moreover, it looks cool and can be customized using silicon sleeves.

Dimensions 90.5 X 59 X 22 mm
Weight 215 grams
Capacity 10050 mAh
USB Ports 1
Input 2.0 A
LED Torch No
Buy Rs. 1600


11000 mAh Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank

If you are a regular visitor on this website, then you might be familiar that I always praise smaller brands for their efforts. This is because small brands play a very important role in shaking up the market order with affordability, superior service, and quality products. Without small brands, there will be no or very less competition among bigger brands in the budget segment. In order to fetch more profit and earn a reputable place in the market, new startup brands offer premium features at affordable prices.

In this particular article, we are discussing the best power banks that you can buy right now and for budget users, the Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank seems to be a perfect choice. It can be purchased for under a thousand bucks and still offers some industry leading features.

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11000 mAh Capacity: This power bank will be a great solution for those people who travel a lot or for those who carry along power hungry devices like tablets. It sports a massive 11000-mAh power cell inside that can charge a regular smartphone more than three times and an average size tablet more than once.

In general, this Intex power bank requires around 8 to 12 hours of continuous power plug-in to get charged fully.

Intex IT PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Relatively Easy To Carry

Although this Intex gadget looks bulky but it is one of the most portable and compact power bank with 11000-mAh battery. It weighs in at 280 grams only and you will have no problem while carrying it in a backpack.

Built quality of this product is highly disappointing. Intex has used cheap materials in the making. You will have to take extra care because even an easy fall or light collision can damage it.

You will get one year of free service warranty on this product. However, you cannot make much out of that since Intel has a poor reputation in post-sales-service.

Also Comes With A LED Torch: Intex has not missed any chance to make it an attractive and innovative gadget. A high-intensity LED bulb placed on the top tells torch function on this Intex Power bank. You can switch on the torch by pressing the power button for a few seconds. You will find this feature greatly helpful in dark situations or in the case of power cuts. Only a few power banks in the market come with a torch feature. Therefore, I am happy to see this product, which is complete from all angles.

Charge Multiple Devices together with this Power Bank

The power bank features three USB ports. Perhaps, it is one and only power bank in the market that offers more than two USB ports. Another good feature is that two of these ports are rated at 2.1 Amp. This means the Intex power bank can fuel up your smartphone within 1.5 to 2 hours. If your smartphone supports fast charging, then the charging session will be much shorter.

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The built quality of this power bank is below average. Particularly, the quality of connectivity ports is very poor. There is a good chance the metallic frame that surrounds the circuit of ports will be loosened over time. This will force the attached USB cable to swivel back and forth.


  • Good looking
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to travel with
  • Inbuilt LED torch to help in dark situations
  • Two USB ports rated at 2.1 Amp and one USB port rated at 1 Amp
  • Battery status indicator
  • Will take less time to get fully charged if a fast charger is used

Verdict: This Intex power bank will not impress those wants high build quality gadgets anyway. However, for the budget customers, in search of extra features, this device is a great option to go for.

Dimensions 63 X 142 X 26 mm
Weight 280 grams
Capacity 11000 mAh
USB Ports 3
Input Fast Charging
LED Torch Yes
Buy Rs. 1000


Tech Armor ActivePower 6000mAh Power bank

Power Bank market is becoming so much profitable that different brands are competing with each other like never before. Tech Armor, which is a famous premium mobile accessory maker, had launched a 6000 mAh power bank about a year ago. This device is made of high-quality materials and offers some nice features that are worthy to be mentioned in this discussion. However, the price of this power is a little on the higher side and you will have to spend a whopping 3132 rupees in order to get it.

Durable Outer Shell: The design of this device reminds of the Micromax MMX440W router that I purchased in the winters of last year. However, as Micromax is infamous for using cheap materials that device stopped working in just eight months. This Tech Armor product does carry the same looks but is a lot different on the front of build quality. Its body comes covered with a soft touch material painted in blue color, which offers a nice appeal to the eyes. The product feels solid in the hand and is strong enough that it will not be damaged from light collisions.

Compact Body and LED Torch Feature

I am impressed by the compactness of this power bank. It does feel a little heavy, but no problem in carrying on travel. I will not mind take it inside the pocket of my jeans or in my backpack. In fact it would one of best power banks in the Indian market in terms of build quality. In addition, it looks stylish, too.

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LED Torch: Perhaps, it is the only or one of the few power banks in the market that feature an LED Torch. It will be helpful if you are traveling to a countryside or if your house suffers from frequent power cuts. Moreover, it would be appreciable to see other brands to feature a torch on their products.

Tech Armor ActivePower 6000mAh Power bank Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Connectivity Options on this Power Bank

The most surprising feature of this power bank is that it comes with two USB ports. This means users will be able to charge at least two devices simultaneously. Interestingly, one of the USB ports supports fast charging and can be used to charge big devices like tablets.

An indicator panel on the front helps the users by displaying battery status every time you plug in a device or press the power button. Moreover, this device takes much less time to get fully charged as it supports high power input at two Amps.

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It is a 6000-mAh power bank, which is not much, but is enough to help you in emergencies. Tech Armor also offers bigger power banks that you should have a look before making a decision final about this product.


  • Two years of warranty
  • Easy to carry around
  • Features a high-intensity LED torch
  • Comes with two USB ports
  • Supports high power output as well as high power input
  • Durable body with attractive finish
  • Battery status indicator light

Verdict: Not everyone can afford this product. Other manufacturers like Xiaomi and Asus offer high capacity power banks at much lower price. My final verdict about this Tech Armor Power bank is if you can afford, then go for it. Two main features of this power bank are – connect two devices simultaneously and take the advantage of inbuilt LED torch.

Dimensions 14 x 12.4 x 4.8 cm
Weight 227 grams
Capacity 6000 mAh
USB Ports 2
Input Fast Charging
LED Torch Yes
Buy Rs. 3000