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Best Portable Billing Machines for Individual Business

WEP BP 25T Price Online India

Young entrepreneurs set up new business by adopting cutting-edge IT technology, which is feasible to the nature of their business and cost they can afford. The adaptation of smartphone wallet payment: a cashless process where passengers can pay using a mobile phone number as an identification – by taxi owners and auto rickshaw walla is one great example of this.

Bharat has the biggest unorganized retail sector. In fact, less than one percent of the businesses are currently issuing a genuine bill to customers for their purchases. Consumer protection initiatives by Central and state governments have been on for a decade now, still, a visible success is awaited. The situation on the ground although has progressed from no bill to hand written bill. This is certainly not enough, though.

The big shop owners have been forced to adopt IT solution in recent years because the calculation of VAT is not an easy process. Still the kind of IT penetration should have happened in small shops is yet to be seen. Here, by small shops I mean small business like grocery, fruit & vegetables, Barber, book stall, Biryani center, Tea & coffee shops, and so on. These small places still rely generally on voice bill.

Why Small shops must adopt IT Solution

Since the local government across India is adopting maximum IT solutions to manage tax collection, and the same time, they are widening the range of VAT and other local taxes, this is high time for small shops to implementation IT solution before they are forced to that. Furthermore, the certain implementation of GST in the next few years is also an indication: ignoring a proper IT management for sales thereby tax collection would have some serious consequences.

I am going to discuss here the first and final IT solution –small business owners must adopt. Portable digital billing machines are a solution, in fact, a remedy to keep easy track of purchase, sales, and taxes. For this review article, I have interviewed new age business owners and looked at the solution they have adopted.

Two fruit & veggie shops are in my locality: one with billing machine and another with a process of random calculation (495 grams = 510 grams = 535 grams). By tracking expenses for fruits & vegetables, I noticed saving of approx 200 rupees when I started going to the shop – giving a genuine bill for every purchase. In fact, it was not only me who became a regular visitor to the shop, others customer, too, switched to them. Interestingly, the shop with hand-written bill realized this and adopted a new setup: a new weight machine and connected billing machine.

Best Billing Machines in Bharat: Portable billing machines are not cheap. There are no billing machines with all-in-one features below 5000 rupees at present in the Indian market. In order to make digitization affordable for cash-crunched small businesses, either the central government should offer some subsidy or tax-free the billing machine industry.

The portable billing machines have been used by shop owners in Chennai are from WEP India mostly. As I said, such machine has to be an all-in-one solution – the billing machines by WEP comes with essential features for hassle-free accounting, and error-free calculation as well as one-click report generation features. By adopting one of WEP billing machines for your business, you will be up to date with sales, tax, and income & loss details. In effect, you could have a better control on the business and enough time to take a correct decision in case things are not according as you had planned before.

 WEP India Billing Machines

It is quite astonishing that WEP India has as it looks absolute leadership in the portable billing machine market. As I mentioned previously: I had interviewed some small grocery and fruit & vegetable shop owners: all of them were using WEP billing machines. In fact, they had great satisfaction with the efficiency of the hand-held machine.

I had also spent some time poking similar solution from other brands; however, none of them were as good as I found the WEP billing machines.

I always appreciate the gadgets which are standard in terms of performance, but simple in terms setup and usages. WEP India billings gadgets are brilliant by delivery yet very easy in use. In fact, no expertise one requires for making any product, tax, and other data entry into it. Furthermore, sales reports are also out in very simplistic form: easily understand to shop owners.

You will understand better with my first usages experience with a WEP machine. I took less than a minute to understand and less than two minutes to make my first entry without assistance.

After reading the about-us page of WEP India, I can understand why the company is so successful in making such brilliant billing machines. The foundation of the company was set up under India’s premier IT solution WIPRO’s umbrella and it started operation as an independent brand in the year 2000. WIPRO still owns stock in WEP India.


WEB India Product List : According to the product list available at the official website, WEP India offers eleven model/variants of portable billing machines: arranged in seven series, and in the price range of 8000 to 22000 rupees.

BP 200 Series Billing Machine

The series lists a total of four hand-held billing machines at present for various moving types of businesses. Use the devices for giving bus ticket, monthly cable rental collection, issuing token at parking stations, bills gas stations, and other similar business centers.WEP BP 200 Review Specifications Price Online in India

The models listed in the series have a dedicated CPU with a 32-bit processor and minimum 1K RAM for faster processing of the user’s instructions. By default, the machines have the 8MB onboard memory, which can be expanded to 16MB for storing more records generated in a period. According to the official specifications, the 8MB flash memory does preserve 10,000 bill records for about 10 years – completely safe and sound. In this way, 16MB memory will be enough for 20,000 bill records.

The safest way of data security is taking daily, weekly, and monthly backup of the recorded & stored data. USB 2.0 port on these machines is for PC connectivity for uploading and downloading bills & records.

Therefore, 8MB memory, which comes by default, is more than enough for any business – you wish to use one of these billing machines.

WEP India has not compromised with battery quality as well. 2200 mAH lithium-ion battery is the same as we see in smartphones- requires more than four hours of continues charging to reach 100%. The accumulated battery juice is enough for printing more than 3000 tickets (2500 to 3500) in 10 to 12 hours of active status. Interestingly, charging is done using inbuilt charger: no need to bother for mishap even if the charger is not with you. Further, a long idle status of the unit may turn into shuts down automatically and wake-up following user’s soft touch. This feature greatly extends battery backup onboard.

All four machines have the magical 32 soft rubberized keys for info entry, tax entry, issuing ticket/token to customers, and various reports generation. The units have fast ticketing speed, too. Using a 13-meter paper roll, which could be enough for at least 200 tickets, the machine has printing speed – seven lines in just one second. The standard paper width is two inch here.

The display in action here, which can show graphics images also is – GLCD panel with a good resolution of 128 × 64 Pixels. Having white LED blacklist was not expected. One could see input details, add/delete records, and follow menu options for generating specific reports in 20 characters in four lines at once.

Model BP 200D BP 200P BP 200F BP 200T
Price 10000 to 11000 Rupee
Business Distribution Parking Finance Ticketing
Weight 600 grams
Security Password Protection
Prints 2500 – 3500 Tickets with Single Charge
Connectivity USB 2.0; connect with PC
Memory Store up to 10000 records


WEP BP 2000

For a department store, the BP 2000 model, which is a new addition to the product list of WEP India, could be a great choice.

  • External connectivity and Pendrive support
  • Customer display
  • Cash drawer connectivity

This is all-in-one billing machine, and it can store 21000 records also. A user-friendly keyboard is made with hotkeys, Numpad, and alphabet keys for easy access to innovative features of it.

WEP India BP 2000 is best suited for

  • Restaurants
  • Sweet/Grocery/department stores
  • Wholesale shops

As I mentioned in the introduction section, such billing machines could be one of the finest solutions for paperless management of tax reports. The BP 2000 can generate 29 types of useful reports related to product entries, sales, canceled bills, current profit/loss, customer records, duplicate bill, and many more reports along with a VAT report for the current month as well as any or the entire period of the last 12 months on one click. In fact, just by pressing a combination of keys, business owners can get essential reports, which are essential in order to maintain a great financial health of their business.WEP BP 2000 Review Specifications Price Online in India

The unit prints bill entries on 3-inch roll paper, and it can generate 10 to 15 bills in one minute. It also shows the rupee symbol instead of “Rs.” as a prefix of bill amounts.

Easily connect this multi-dimensional billing machine with a weight machine and USB barcode reader, too, for automated entries of weight, quantity, and price. And, it – by connecting with a cash drawer is securing the desk when the agent being off for a moment.

The battery backup of this machine is the same that of BP 200 series. Since it being mostly close to a power socket, it hardly needs battery fuel to remain active. Still, 2200 mAh battery keeps it in active mode for around four to five hours easily.

The main advancement of the machines of the BP 200 is also present on this machine.

Here, I have tried to summarize features, which are essential for a business what I understand. However, BP 2000 has many other important features as well.

Price 20000 Rupees
Suited For Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Sweet Shops, Whole Sale Shops, etc
Items 21000 Records
Print on 3 inch Roll Paper
Reports Support 29
Measurement Units 15
Reliability of Printing Head 50 Km


Bounti BP 5000 Series

WEP India calls the new series all-in-one, therefore, suitable for large but personal business centers. Big restaurants, garment/footwear stores, Bars, supermarkets, modern format stores, and multiband showrooms are some ideal place to install such innovative multidimensional billing machine. Actually, calling this machine just a billing machine will not be a fair assessment.

As I just mentioned that the machine is all in one, it can effectively be a great choice for tax calculation and to generate various reports for a true accounting analysis as well.

I could recall my terrible experience with a billing software from a prominent software solution, which, by the way, could crash quite often. The same time the software was very limited with report generation and tax calculation objectives. However, BP 5000 billing machine can generate 19 types of reports for sales, tax, particulars entries, and printed bills reports.

It looks like BP 5000 model is just an advance version of BP 2000. Therefore, an obvious question may be – which model could be the best pick for your business.

In comparison to BP 2000, Bounti BP 5000 is fast, can store 4000 more particulars, and it is printing more natural big size bill (Not slip) as well. However, still I find BP 2000 far superior billing machine; one ought to trust it for their individual business.

Price 22000 Rupees
Suited For Restaurants, Garment/Footwear Stores, Bar, Departmental Stores, Super Market Stores
Items 25000 Records
Print Bills on 3inch, 4inch, 6inch; Report on 8inch and A4
Reports Support 19
Measurement Units 15


Bounti BP 20

Store 2000 particulars and apply on them VAT, local body tax, CST, service tax, and some discount or offer as well – yes these are some highlighted features of the BP 20. The machine can generate only eight types of reports for sales, tax, and bills. That will be in monthly, weekly, daily, and yearly reports format.

Consider WEP India’s BP 200 billing machine if you are in one of these types of businesses: fast-food center, bakeries, vending machines, ice-cream parlor, and canteen/take-way/self-service restaurants.

Price 8000 Rupees
Suited For Fast Food, Bakeries, Ice-cream parlors, Vending machines, Canteens, Takeaway/self-service restaurants
Items 2000 Records
Print 2-inch Width
Reports Support 8


WEP India BP 25 – My Pick

The serious have only one model currently that is BP 25T: a popular choice for small shop owners. My doubts about its popularity were cleared when I looked at features and specifications of the billing machine.

In terms of features, reports management, connectivity, tax & cash tally, and ability to print bills in great quality- the model is simply a monster. It comprises features of earlier models – discussed here as well. In fact, I would go to an extend saying – think for a feature you wish to have for an easy management of cash, bills, tax, sales, profit, and loss: all such features are embedded well on this model.WEP BP 25T Review Specifications Price Online in India

According to the manufacturer, one can have BP25T for their business if that is in one of the following categories:

  • Grocery store
  • Restaurants
  • Sweet shops
  • Whole shops
  • Shops using weight machine
  • Shops requiring upload and download data

Let us find out some of the features of BP 25T, which could help running a business successfully.

  1. Store up to 2000 items information in three rate slab
  2. Configure bill format, item types, bill slip header and footer
  3. Include 250 items with quantity/weight and price in a single bill
  4. Auto enters weighing machine output into to an active bill
  5. Enter quantity in up to three decimal point
  6. Take regular backup of the data into a PC/laptop by using its USB 2.0 high-speed port
  7. Keep sales record in excel format for easy analysis
  8. Up to 15 login profile with password security
  9. Indian rupee symbol instead of Rs.
  10. Return merchandise and stock management
  11. Connect and use it from a PC
  12. Battery backup runs for 5 to 6 hours and during the period, the machine could generate up to 90 to 100 bills.
  13. Easily generate 19 types of report: sales/bill report, VAT/tax report, stock report, item database report in the format of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly as well as for a user-defined period.

The demand for BP 25T billing machine is good. In fact, the fruits & vegetable shop in my locality is also using this model. Truly I have not covered all the features of the billing machine here rather only those that I thought could be necessary for shop owners.

Price 13000 Rupees
Suited For Grocery, Restaurants, Sweet Shops, Whole shop Shops, Shops using Weight Machine
Items 2000 Records
Print 58 mm paper width; 48 mm print width
Reports Support 17
Reliability of Print Head 50 KM



BP 85, 85T and the newly launched BP 85T language are three models are up for business owner’s selection from WEP India’s BP 85 series. The only difference between 85T and 85T Language is- the former can print in English only and the latter prints either in Hindi or Tamil.WEP BP 85T Review Specifications Price Online in India

The BP 85 series have almost the same set of features than that in BP 25 series. In spite of some enhancement here & there in 85T’s specifications sheet, it is still not a unique billing machine. Therefore, it will not be a wrong assessment that 25T, 85, 85T, and 85T language billing machines are almost the same as far as their core features are concerned. One ought to go with 25T unless wanting the same features to print on 72 mm wide paper.

25T > 85 > 85T in English = 85T Language in Hindi/Tamil

Price 12000 – 16000 Rupees ( 85T info)
Suited For Restaurants, Grocery, Sweet Shops, Shops using Weight Machine, Whole shop Shops
Items 2000 Records
Print 80 mm paper width; 72 mm print width
Reports Support 17
Reliability of Print Head 50 KM


Built Design and Operational cost: These machines are made using ABS material; therefore, they appear tough asset and their maintenance cost is also bearable.

WEP India Customer Care Details: Toll-Free: 1800 4256 446; Email ID: [email protected]; Website:

Final Thoughts: So far we have discussed some excellent billing machines from WEP India, which in my opinion have all credential to be a reliable backbone for an individual business.

What I like most about these devices are: they never tend to restrict in terms of doing things, rather, giving the best possible flexibility to business owners in managing day-to-day records.

Carefully measure the models because not all listed models here are meant for all kinds of business. The best way to decide one appropriate model number for your business is: write down your business requirement in terms of billing, stock, and other financial data management. Once the requirement list is ready, check which model could be the best solution for it. You may also call WEP India for any help and suggestion.

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