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Best Popcorn Makers Under 2000 Rupees

Orbit Chuck Popcorn Maker

While watching movies at home on weekends, my family prefers to have popcorn. This amazing snack not only has a great taste but also is healthy. I do not think a human can resist the sweet and smoky smell of popcorn.

These days street vendors do not sell popcorn and going to a distant restaurant is not feasible for everyone. Thanks to some home appliance manufacturers, there are portable machines that are capable of making popcorn within minutes at home. Below is a list of three affordable and portable popcorn makers available in the market. Read also Microwave Ovens with Many Smart Cooking Features.

Chef Pro Popcorn Maker CPM093

The Chef Pro is certainly one of the best popcorn makers I can recommend to anyone. It is available for an amount of 1900 rupees and comes with many features.

Makes Popcorn within Minutes: The heating element of this Chef Pro device consumes 1200 Watts of electricity and generates a lot of heat. By using it, one can make popcorn within a few minutes.

Further, this popcorn maker is much easier to use. Just put some popcorn kernels inside and turn on the machine. After popping, the popcorn will fall through the cap opening. You need to put a bowl under the opening in order to catch all the popcorn.

Chef Pro CPM093 1200Watt PopCorn Maker

Cap Also Acts As a Measuring and Serving Cup

The cap of this machine offers several uses. While cooking popcorn, customers can use it for measuring the kernels. After cooking, the same cap helps in serving the popcorn. Moreover, it is also good for mixing butter with the popcorn.

Safe and Durable: This portable popcorn maker consumes more than expected power. In fact, its high power consumption of 1200 Watts would certainly raise concerns in the mind of customers, though there is no need to worry about this. Ensuring safety for the user and appliance itself, Chef Pro has installed this popcorn maker with an overload protection system. Proper insulation of the circuitry reduces the chances of short circuits. Further, strong and sturdy build materials make this product highly durable.

Portable and Easy To Clean: The unique design of this Chef Pro popcorn maker has greatly impressed me. Its compact body does not require much space and is also easy to carry around. Making it easy to clean, this portable popcorn maker machine comes with dishwasher-safe detachable parts.


  • Fast operation
  • Compact design
  • Durable body
  • Does not require oil
  • Great for roasting papad, nuts, and chips
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Verdict: In my opinion, the Chef Pro popcorn maker is a must have kitchen appliance. This machine makes it so much easy to make popcorn at home that you would never think of going to a street vendor again.

Power Consumption 1200 Watts
Requires Oil No
Dimensions 18.5 X13 X 27 CM
Weight 880 grams
Buy Rs. 1900


Orbit Chuck Portable Electronic Fryer

Small brands do not have sufficient budget to advertise their products and it is the duty of reviewers like us to give them proper exposure. Orbit is present in the Indian home appliance market since a long time but has failed to secure a good customer base. Its Chuck Popcorn Maker is listed on eCommerce sites with a price tag of around 1250 rupees.

Generates Less Noise: Most popcorn makers make weird and annoying noise during the operation but this Orbit device solves that problem. Actually, the base plate of its container is smartly designed to reduce friction and eliminate noise. Furthermore, the inbuilt motor remains stable no matter how many kernels are in the machine.

Roasts Almonds, Cashew nuts, etc: This Orbit product is not just a popcorn maker rather a multi-purpose machine for Indian homes. It makes popcorn as well as roasts items like almonds and cashew nuts. Since this electric portable fryer does not require oil for processing edibles, it thereby protects your healthy as well.

This is just a portable fryer and the size of the cooking container is not that big. It, therefore, cannot fry long sliced papads. In fact, Orbit has not designed it to be a papad fryer rather a popcorn maker and in that this is a device with an absolute performance.

Orbit Chuck Popcorn Maker

Average Build Quality: The build quality of this Orbit popcorn maker is not so sound. The manufacturer Orbit although promises this machine being utmost safe in daily use and durable, too.

One vital feature is Heat resistant in the outer shell that prevents users’ fingers from burning. I would like to admit though its build quality is not up to the mark. The brand does give one year of warranty but it may not last that long.


  • Can be used to roast items like almonds, nuts, etc
  • Low noise
  • Fast heat up

Verdict: Although the Orbit popcorn maker comes with some attractive features, it also has some drawbacks. Before making a purchase decision, customers should look at other available options.

Power Consumption 1200 Watts
Requires Oil No
Dimensions 34 X 38 CM
Buy Rs. 1250
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1200 Watt Nova Popcorn maker NPM-3772

The model Nova NPM-3772 is one of the most affordable popcorn makers available out there. Its low price of just 1100 rupees has attracted many customers.

Cute Design: This popcorn maker will enhance the beauty of your kitchen top. The combination of black and white colors renders a great appeal to the eyes. In its design, a visible yet hidden factor is the top is wider than the base, which provides more stability to the whole setup. A plastic shell covers its aluminum kettle and provides insulation from heat.

Consume More Power: The Nova device pops corn kernels by heating the aluminum kettle. This heat yielded by consuming a whopping 1200 Watts of power. Customers will not experience any significant increase in power bill as it stays powered on only for a few minutes (makes popcorn really fast). It supports a wider input voltage range correspondingly that saves inner circuitry from power fluctuations.

Nova NPM3772 1200Watt PopCorn Maker

High Capacity: With this machine, one can make popcorn for 3-4 members in one go. It is also suitable for roasting potato chips and making other snacks.


  • Appealing looks
  • Portable
  • Big kettle

Verdict: For those who are limited on budget, there cannot be a better solution than this Nova device. No other popcorn maker comes with a big container like this one under the price cap of 2000 rupees. Read also Highly Efficient Low Cost Oven Toaster Griller Below 5000 Rupees.

Power Consumption 1200 Watts
Requires Oil No
Dimensions 5.3 X 3.2 X 2.5 Inches
Weight 1.2 KG
Buy Rs. 1100

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