☼ 16MP Canon Powershot SX520 Point Shoot Camera

Bridge camera market is really flourishing with new additions every year from stabilized brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. Well, this all is good for budget customers as they are getting many choices even in the low price segment. The Canon Powershot SX520 that was launched last year is considered one of the most affordable bridge cameras at this moment. Although the features it packs are not that impressive but its zoom performance will certainly blow your mind.

42x Zoom: The SX520 comes mounted with a zoom lens that has the focal length range of 24-1008 mm (35m Equivalent), because of which it can optically magnify the subject 42 times. The brand Canon failed to provide a wide aperture at 24mm, nevertheless at the highest setting you will get f/6 aperture. Moreover, the optical specialization technology helps a lot in keeping the zoomed object in the frame even when you are not using a tripod.

The onboard 1/2.3-inch sensor does not promise many details. Since the megapixel count is low, the photoreceptive cells can capture colors accurately on this camera. You can also effectively use this Canon camera for action shots because it does not suffer from rolling shutter effect.

Canon Powershot SX520 Review Specifications Price Online in India

Users will get disappointed with the low light performance of the SX520. Even at ISO 800, noise starts to fill up the frame. Also, the images captured in daylight fail reproduce highlights.

DSLR like Controls: One of the best benefits of using a bridge camera like this Powershot camera is the user gets a DSLR-like experience. The hand grip features a rubberized cover that feels soft in the hand. Both mode dial and control dial are located on the top for easy accessibility. This Canon camera also features an inbuilt flash, but you will have to manually pop it out.

Just to add here, lacking viewfinder feature on the SX520 might create a problem when the sun is too bright.


  • Captures images in full HD resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Built-in flash
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 42x zoom
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Autofocus mechanism is really fast

Verdict: From my experience, the Canon Powershot SX520 camera will not be a good solution for pro photography enthusiasts. However, if you want a camera just for casual home usages and occasional tour photography, then this Canon camera can be a right option.

I would like to add here the end user will not have to spend lots of time to get used to with controls key for better photography. I mean all buttons are on perfect location, clickable profile and easily reachable.

Sensor CMOS, 1/2.3 inch
Processor DIGIC 4+ Processor
ISO 100-3200 (6400 In Extreme Setting)
Burst Mode Up To 10 Frames Per Second
Lens 24-1008mm (35mm Equivalent)
Still Formats JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity HDMI and USB
Video Features Full HD At 30 FPS
Battery 1060 mAh
Weight 442 grams
Buy 18000 Rupees


☼ 16MP Nikon Coolpix L830 Point Shoot Camera

Point & shoot cameras are not much impactful when it comes to professional photography. Nikon knows this well, which is why it has launched the Coolpix L830 in the Indian market. At a really affordable price of just 15500 rupees, this Nikon gadget offers superior image quality and easy control buttons and convenient hold and grip over the body.

Flexible Display: I was stunned by the fact that this camera features an articulating display even at this price. You can tilt the display up to 90 degrees, which might be helpful when the camera is positioned in a tricky way. There are 921,000 individual pixels on the screen that makes possible for the user to see the finest details before hitting the shutter button.

Attractive Looks: The Coolpix L830 comes in three color variants, all of which feel much appealing to the eyes. The design of this device is similar to a DSLR camera. Buttons are easy to press and the handle offers a firm grip. A dedicated video record button is also provided on the right side of the display. However, I would have preferred an addition of an electronic viewfinder.

Can Zoom the Subject Up To 34 Times: The 4-13 mm lens of this camera offers 34x zoom, which is enough to capture even the smallest object located in the view field. But you might want to consider other bridge cameras if high zoom capability is your preference. Zoom controls are provided on either side of the lens.

Impressive Image Quality: Considering the fact that the Coolpix L830 is a low budget camera, its image quality is indeed impressive. Colors are reproduced nicely and the high-quality lens increases the sharpness of image. Full HD video recording is also possible on this camera.

While everything is in the right direction, we discover the biggest drawback of the Coolpix L830, which is its poor performance in low light conditions. User’s desire of good quality images in the low light shatter until a few artificial light source is arranged.

Nikon Coolpix L830 Review Specifications Price Online in IndiaUnlike other cameras of this segment, this device needs 4 AA batteries to work. A DC input port is also provided on the camera body. However, if you do not want to use that always feel free to take out the batteries and charge them with a dedicated charger.


  • Display is flexible and packs 921,000 pixels
  • Captures good quality images
  • 34x zoom
  • Can record videos in full HD
  • Feels comfortable in the hand

Cons: Viewfinder is missing

Verdict: The Nikon Coolpix L830 is a good choice if you would like to hang a camera around your neck and show off to friends. It is capable of shooting some good quality images and FHD videos. However, this is not a right camera for professionals and certainly not for beginners planning to have a stable career in photography. Read also 3 Best Camera in 25000 Rupees Price Range.

Sensor 1/2.3 inch CMOS Sensor, 16 MP
ISO 125-1600 (3200 In Extreme Setting)
Burst Mode Up To 6.7 Frames Per Second
Lens 4-136 mm
Still Formats JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity AV Out, HDMI and USB
Video Features Full HD At 30 FPS
Battery 4 X AA
Weight 508 grams
Buy 15000 Rupees


► 20.1MP Sony Cybershot H300 Point and Shoot Camera

The Sony Cybershot H300 should be your choice if the budget is really tight and you still want a good quality digital camera. This device has impressed us a lot with its shooting capabilities. It captures stunning images and it can even be used by beginners have absolutely zero knowledge about camera, focus and ability to choose a perfect lens.

CCD Sensor: Most of the digital cameras that we see these days pack CMOS sensors. Although this is a cost effective solution but results in the rolling shutter problem. To solve that issue, Sony has put a 1/2.3 inch CCD sensor on this camera. The benefit of Sony move translates into such that the end user can shoot images without creating artifacts even at high speeds.

This Sony camera can capture high-quality pictures in low light situations. Another important thing to mention here is that its autofocus system is really fast and can detect up to eight faces at once. But CCD sensor has a few drawbacks that might annoy professional pro photographers.

Do not be highly impressed because of the camera ability to capture snaps in 20.1 MP.  This is not a great feature since the sensor is really small that reduces the sensitivity. Videographers will certainly get disappointed with this Sony device as it cannot record videos in full HD. Moreover, there is only a single microphone on the body that fails to capture good quality audio.

Sony Cybershot H300 Review Specifications Price Online in India

High Zooming Capability: The 35x zoom is an impressive feature of the Cyber-shot H300 and it helps a lot when the subject is located really far away. You can also capture wide angle shots at 25mm (35mm Equivalent).

3-inch Display: This Sony camera sports a large 3-inch display that enables the users to review the captured images easily. Moreover, the screen can go really bright to assist you outdoors.

User-Friendly Form Factor: Sony deserves some appreciation for adopting a DSLR-like design for the Cybershot H300. Firm grip and easy to operate control panel enhance the experience of users.

Pro Features:

  • CCD sensor eliminates rolling shutter effect and enhances low light performance
  • Bright LCD panel
  • Can zoom up to 35 times
  • Interface is really easy to browse through
  • Advanced flash technology


  • Not capable of recording full HD videos
  • Cannot shoot in RAW

Verdict: With this Cybershot camera, Sony has tried to focus on the budget segment of the market. The CCD sensor does surprise me because the technology is not cheap. Also, the lens is of great quality and its zooming capability is just mind blowing.

Although the Sony Cybershot H300 camera is a good solution for a layman but I would not like to recommend it to serious photographers and videographers. For beginners, the Sony H300 is recommended camera at the current market price of 12650 rupees.

Sensor 1/2.3 inch CCD Sensor, 20.1 MP
ISO 100-3200
Burst Mode Up To 0.8 Frames Per Second
Lens 25-875 mm (35mm Equivalent)
Still Formats JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity USB
Video Features HD At 30 FPS
Battery 4 X AA
Weight 590 grams
Buy 12000 Rupees