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Best Philips Speakers Between 700 to 2500 Rupees

Philips Spa 60 Wired Laptop Desktop Speaker Review and Specifications

With this article, we are expanding our reach to speakers followed by many more new electronics segments this month.

In India, Philips holds the same trust and believes as the brand TATA and the quick fix Fevicol. Since I personally prefer Philips products, therefore, speakers review serious on this website starts with the first article that showcases some five Philips speakers below 2500 rupees.

Philips MMS3535F 94 Laptop Desktop Speaker

The Philips MMS3535F speaker is really popular among the music lovers these days. It has got a price tag of 2399 rupees and offers audio output of 3000 Watts (PMPO). Moreover, its design is not unique reminds the classic era of the 90s.

Sound Quality

The two satellite speakers feature a 3inch full range driver each while the subwoofer features a 4inch driver and produces deep bass. The audio that this speaker system produces is really loud. You can easily use this set for roof parties and events in the home. By the way, do not get fooled by the PMPO output as it is not a good measure to rely on.

Philips MMS3535F 94 Laptop Desktop Speaker Review and Specifications

Handling Connectivity and Controls

User can easily control the tracks with the help of the remote that comes along. It also features a USB connector, which means you can play the audio files stored on your USB device using this speaker. The seven segment LED display helps in choosing the tracks. There are also dynamic LED lights on the sub-woofer.

The whole unit is about 4.4 KG in weight and also takes a considerable space. Also, these speakers are not portable.


  • Classic design
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Loud audio
  • Remote control
  • Dynamic LED lights
  • USB connector

This speaker system is really a good buy at the current online price. It will take your partying experience to the next level for sure.

Price 2770 Rupees
Channel 2.1
Total Output 3000 Watts (PMPO)
Connectivity USB and SD Card
Extra Features Remote Control, FM Radio, Dynamic LED Lights and LED Display


Philips MMS 2550F Multimedia Speaker

There are only a few quality budget speakers available in the Indian electronics market and the Philips IN-MMS 2550F/94 Speaker is one of them. At just 1950 rupees, it offers superior sound quality and better connectivity options.

Sound Quality

The audio that this speaker system produces will really blow listeners mind. All frequencies are played without any distortion from its two satellite units. The dedicated subwoofer helps in producing really deep bass, but the bad thing is its diaphragm is located at the bottom. This speaker has an output of 2500 Watts (PMPO). However, PMPO is not a reliable measure of judging the audio quality as it only calculates the peak output.

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Philips IN MMS 2550F 94 Laptop Desktop Speaker Review and Specifications

Connectivity and Handling

The best thing about this Philips speaker is that you can control it with a remote. It also features built-in FM radio that really enhances the experience of the users. There is also an LED display alongside the control buttons that helps a lot while choosing the music track to play from a USB device.

Certainly, you will not be able to carry this speaker set everywhere in the home. Its units are really huge and you will face some problem on the handling front.


  • 1 channel
  • Great sound quality
  • Built-in FM Radio
  • USB connectivity
  • Remote
  • LED display


  • Sub-woofer diaphragm is located at the bottom

There is no other speaker system in the market that offers many features and a special remote to control sound output. You will not have to think twice before making a purchase decision.

Price 2100 Rupees
Channel 2.1
Total Output 2500 Watts (PMPO)
Connectivity USB and SD Card
Extra Features Remote Control, FM Radio and LED Display


Philips MMS 1400 2.1 Chennal Speaker

The Philips speaker system is the best that you can get at 1540 rupees. It comes in a really cool form factor and has got a USB port 2.0. Moreover, this speaker also comes with built-in FM radio that will entertain you with the tuning of free live FM channels. However, the one thing that will disappoint users is its average audio output quality.

Sound Quality

The MMS 1400 offers 2.1 audio channel sound, which means you get two satellite speakers and one sub-woofer. Here, the max RMS output of each speaker is only 3 Watts and that of the subwoofer is only 6 Watts. The sum total of volume output is not very loud also clarity does not satisfy users.

In terms of money spent on the operational electricity consumption, the Philips MMS 1400 is one good choice as it requires really low power input.

Philips MMS 1400 Review and Specifications

Connectivity and Handling

All that you get on this speaker is a USB port and a 3.5 mm audio connector. It can be connected to any kind of device whether it is a mobile phone, laptop or desktop or a portable audio video player.

The Philips MMS 1400 occupies really less space, but it cannot be considered a portable gadget. Cables that connect all speakers together might get tangled as there are three separate units oddly attached.


  • 1 audio channel
  • 1-year warranty
  • Volume controls
  • Built-in FM Radio


  • Low audio output

This speaker system looks old-fashioned, which makes it quite suitable for aged generation for listening of Gazals or 60’s melody. The speaker system has an antique look that wins music listener's heart when old songs are played with a richness of Dholak and Mridangam beats. In fact, we had great pleasure in listening to Music director O P Nayyar and Madan Mohan songs on it. Buy this Philips speaker, audio quality of this will disappoint you and in a complete package it worths every penny.

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Price 1540 Rupees
Channel 2.1
Total RMS Output 12 Watts
Connectivity USB
Extra Features FM Radio


Philips SPA1100 Portable Soundbar for Presentation

Sound-bars speakers have become really popular these days. They provide a portable and easy solution to music listening needs of the tech-savvy generation. One of the most popular soundbars audio woofer currently available in the market is the Philips SPA1100 2.0 USB Speaker that can be bought for an amount of only 1799 rupees.

Sound Quality

This speaker offers 2.0 audio configuration and also comes with Class ‘D’ Digital Amplifier enhancement technology. However, the quality of audio that it produces is still not synced with the price.

With this portable sound system, your experience will not be greater than a USB speaker available for a price of 700 rupees in the market. Since the satellite units always face towards the listener, the generated audio feels much louder anyway.

Philips SPA1100 2 0 USB Speaker Review and Specifications

Connectivity and Handling

Since it is a wired speaker, it uses USB port as the power source. The end user will find difficulty at connectivity front since both audio and power cables are really short.

The Philips SPA 1100 speaker is designed to work with laptops or a portable audio player. Therefore, making it workable with a desktop will be a tough task. In order to attach it with a desktop user has to buy a long audio cable with 3.5 mm jack and 3.5 mm input receiver port.

The soundbar speaker is designed to be carried for meeting presentation or to address a small group of listeners. You can also attach this speaker on top of a laptop display. Philips also ships a pouch in the sales box that looks really cool.


  • Stunning looks
  • Easy to handle
  • Two driver units
  • Designed to work with portable music players
  • Easy to carry in laptop bag


  • Short connectivity cables
  • Average audio quality
  • No volume control

This sound gadget will impress to technology nerds, office executives or a sales person in terms of audible presentation. Philips aims to offer a unique gadget for business productivity. However, traditional music listeners will find its audio quality is much below than expected.

Price 1799 Rupees
Channel 2
Sound Enhancement Class ‘D' Amplifier
Connectivity 3.5 mm Audio Jack and USB Port
Speakers Units 2
Extra Features Bass Reflex


Philips Spa 60 Wired Multimedia Speaker

For most of the home computer users, music quality does not matter since their requirement is limited to loud and clear audio output. They want a compact and durable solution for their audio listening needs. If you are someone with such requirements, the Philips Spa 60 Speaker will be proved to be the best and affordable solution at just 697 rupees.

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Sound Quality

The Philips speaker gives an output of 15 RMS Watt, which is not very loud, but manageable considering the size of units. Frequency response range of 35-200 Hz proves that the speaker is not great when it comes to producing crispy treble. However, the bass that it generates is superior to any other speaker available in less than 700 rupees price segment.


In order to ensure its compatibility with portable to large audio players, the Philips speaker has got an impedance of 6 Ohms. Play songs and video right from your smartphone, iPod, tablet, desktop, CD and DVD players.

Philips Spa 60 Wired Laptop Desktop Speaker Review and Specifications


Handling of this sound gadget is super easy. You can carry it along in your backpack. Since both speakers have oval shape and stand base is tinny, the units easily fall on the sides. In my opinion, Philips should have attached a bit bigger plate even though that goes against its compact nature.


  • Nice build
  • Attractive finish
  • Highly portable
  • 0 channel
  • Bass master


  • Audio quality is not that great
  • Battery powered


In the price segment of 700 rupees, you will not find a set of speakers better than the Philips Spa 60. It has compact built, stylish look and compatible with all kinds of devices have 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB port.

Price 697 Rupees
Channel 2
Total RMS Output 15 Watts
Connectivity USB
Speakers Units 2
Extra Features 6 Ohm Impedance and Frequency Response Range of 35-200 Hz

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