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Best Philips Braun Dry Wet Cordless Epilators for Women

Best Philips Braun Dry Wet Cordless Epilators for Women

Recently, Philips and Braun refreshed their epilator line-up with some efficient products. I will evaluate today three epilators, two from Philips, and one from Braun – to find out how successful both brands have been in terms of resolving customers concern reported with earlier models as well as adding some new features to ensure painless epilation.

Buyers will not be too attracted to these epilator models because of a high price factor. For the Indian market, these are some costly recommendation. In facts, cheaper products of Philips and Braun have already been gaining users trust by giving brilliant results, almost painless experience to users as well.

Thus, in the latest variant of epilators for women, Philips and Braun, both have to deliver some uniqueness in terms of features, along with the next level of precision for achieving total painless as well as a noiseless performance. Read also Top 5 Budget Epilators for Indian Female Below 3000 Rupees.

Philips BRE630/BRE650 Satinelle Advanced Wet and Dry Epilator

Epilators priced above 5000 rupees hardly attract sales. Therefore, there have to be some right reasons why the Philips products cost above 6000 rupees. By the way, Philips BRE630 and BRE650, both are the latest products in the market, launched this year.

The price difference between BRE630 and BRE650 is because of attachment counts – both the models come with. In terms of looks and built quality, both are a replica of each other, have the same set of control options and functionality.

Philips BRE650 630 Epilator Underarm care

While BRE630 does efficient work with a set of five accessories, you could pay 3000 more for BRE650 variant, has a set of total eight accessories. Both variants, in fact, delivers a long lasting smoothness to user’s skin whether on legs or underarm and in bikini area as well.

Both models come with attachments for removing hairs as small as 0.05 mm from roots. The wet & dry epilators have the cordless S-shape handle and rechargeable feature as well.

The best Gift for women: We have published some articles recommending some of the best dry epilators in affordable price range. However, after going through the Satinelle dry & wet Epilators, I am of the opinion that the best gift for women could not less than one of these efficient machines from Philips. Use it as and when one wish to. It offers wet and dry epilation, which means they could be used during bath, before bath, and after bath as well.

These two Philips champs are all-in-one device meaning they could bring smoothness to any part of user's body along with bikini area in just a few seconds that too with almost no pain.

Unique S-Shape Design first time in Epilator

Respecting to the natural curve of the human body, Philips has invented an S-shape design handle for the epilators. The economic handle offers maximum control thereby providing more comfort to users in reaching to all over their body. The uniquely shaped handle also ensures natural and precise movements without much effort from users.

Philips BRE650 630 Epilators Facial Care

Power of Ceramic Material

In order to ensure at least a month of smoothness after an epilation session, hairs have to be uprooted : not all epilators can work effectively. A low-cost epilator will just shave instead of removing hairs from roots.

Philips BRE630 and BRE650 epilator variant come with an effective Epilation head, made by ceramic material for perfect grip. The header teeth lock around hair and uproot them for a long lasting smoothness. Philips claim that such skin smoothness may last four to five weeks.

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The best way of using an epilator is during bath because then hair becomes soft, so uprooting them does not give much pain. Furthermore, Philips has designed epilation head so well that when it has removed hair, users hardly feel for that. Allergy and redness on user’s skin after the first time use of an epilator will not come by this Philips epilator set.

A big problem with low-cost epilators is – they get only 70 to 80% hairs in the first attempt. Users have to repeat stroke in order to get 100% hair uprooted but still fails as some soft brown baby hair lying do not come to epilator’s header contact. However, with Philips BRE630/650, users are not going to face such problem. In fact, in one go, users could get rid of with up to 96 to 98% hair from a skin area. This is indeed remarkable.

Further, I would like to mention here, Philips Satinelle series of personal equipment for women has been voted for great results. The two models, I am discussing here is from the Satinelle series although launched last year but became available in Bharat just a few months before.

Philips BRE650 630 Epilators Legs Care

30 mm wide epilation head

It is just an extension of Philip’s notion that users should get a better result as well as a faster result. Both the models have a much wider epilation head than the head size of epilators, we generally see in the same price range from other brands. The 30 mm head gets coverage of wider area thus ensuring a faster epilation. No longer will user’s life partner complain that she is taking more time in getting ready for a function.

Patented design for Epilation head: An epilator is all about having brilliantly designed epilation head for uprooting hair successfully. Here, Philips usages its patented design for the epilator head, which is very efficient in

  1. Lifting hair
  2. Gathering lying hair
  3. Guiding hair to the pulling point: First grab the hair firmly and then pull that out

Philips epilation head is a set of uniquely designed ceramic discs for reaching closer to user’s skin for the best result through a gentle process.

Lightening facility onboard: This is truly magical. The epilators come with an effective LED light system for getting user’s eye access closer to skin thereby allowing seeing even hidden hair root and soft baby hair that has to be uprooted for a 100% result. There are only a few epilators in the market today that come with LED light system.

Skin Care : As I told in the beginning, there is a total of eight attachments for the BRE650 and five attachments for BRE630. And, the price difference between both models is around 3000 rupees as of today.

In the list of attachment, there some specially designed accessories for a gentle care of user’s skin post epilation process. Especially for beginners, such accessories could be quite useful. In fact, even for the regular users, these accessories can work better when the epilator is used improperly sometimes in a hurry.

Philips BRE630 Epilator Review Specifications Price Online in India
Philips BRE630

The list of skin care attachments with the Philips epilators are –

  1. Body Massager (its usages effect reaches to deep layer of skin. By effective use of it users could get a natural glow in their skin)
  2. Body exfoliation brush (Gently removes dead skin cells thereby stimulate the generation of fresh skin.)
  3. Massage cap (Use this cap to ease sensation post the epilation.)
  4. Skin stretcher cap (Very effective accessory for getting a great result with the epilator. It is used to tighten user’s skin so that the Philips epilator moves smoothly.)
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Solution for unwanted Hair in Facial, Underarm, and Bikini area

These two personal care devices from Philips are not only “all-in-one”, in fact, a master solution for women. It offers epilation solution for the entire body including some advanced solution for removing unwanted hair from user’s face and making smooth underarm and bikini area as well.

There are two uniquely caps in the attachment set: the facial area cap helps in removing unwanted from user’s facial area whereas the delicate area cap is for making underarm and bikini area smooth gently.

Additional Info: In order to get optimum result, always use the Philips Epilators at a 90% angle.


  1. Use it while bathing
  2. All in one solution: epilator for skin, and solution to remove unwanted hair from user's facial area as well as from underarm, bikini area.
  3. User-friendly S-shape design in the handle
  4. 30 mm wider epilator
  5. Cordless
  6. Patented epilation system with ceramic discs

Final Thoughts: I did not find any major cons with these two Philips epilators that should be highlighted to readers. For beginners and regular users, I find these Philips products fully qualified to have the title “all-in-one” solution. BRE630 and BRE650 are an efficient & gentle epilator, a trimmer, a massager, a solution to remove hair from facial, underarm, and bikini area as well.

Philips BRE650 Epilator Review Specifications Price Online in India
Philips BRE650

I suggest the Philips BRE630 over the BRE650 model. Just because of some extra accessories for skin care, paying 3000 rupees more hardly makes sense to me. Just to repeat once again, Philips BRE630 epilator comes with a complete solution for giving a gentle hair removal treatment to women head to toe. Read also Most Popular Epilators In India Below 5000 Rupees.

Philips BRE630 Philips BRE650
Price 5500 Rupees 9500 Rupees
Wet and dry use YES YES
Opti-light YES YES
Cordless YES YES
Epilator head 30 mm, Ceramic discs 30 mm, Ceramic discs
Speed settings 2 settings 2 settings
Body Massager NO YES
Body Exfoliation Brush NO YES
Shaving Head YES YES
Trimming comb YES YES
Facial area cap YES YES
Delicate area cap YES YES
Massage cap YES YES
Skin stretcher cap NO YES
Cleaning brush YES YES
Battery Type Li-ion Li-ion
Usage time up to 40 minutes up to 40 minutes
Charging Rechargeable, 1.5-hour charging time Rechargeable, 1.5-hour charging time
Warranty Two years Two years
Buy 5500 Rupees 9500 Rupees


Braun 9 9-561 Silk Epil Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

The brand Braun is a big name in the personal care gadgets segment. In fact, it has been one and only brand that has challenged Philips at every price point in every market. Here, too, to compete with Philips products, we have a stylish and efficient epilator from Braun.

Especially in the epilator segment, Braun is currently offering products under six categories, wherein the series 9 being the best and the models listed in have most advanced features. Thus, the series nine is a collection of advanced, innovative, and costlier epilator models from Braun.

Today, I have an epilator from the prestigious series 9, recently made available on Amazon India by some dealers who have imported it from the USA. Officially, it is yet to be listed at Braun’s official website for Bharat. As mentioned in its product description on Amazon India – buyers will be entitled to two years of free service warranty through service support channels of the brand.

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Since the product is genuinely available in Bharat, let us now move to the details and the features of this elegant epilator. In terms of looks, it is certainly an a-grade product, blessed with very interesting, exacting design.

 Extra wide Head : For a faster epilation, this Braun epilator could be an ideal choice since it comes with a 40% bigger header that helps in uprooting hair from a slightly bigger area in one stroke. Similar to Philips, Braun, too, offers a greater and faster epilation solution with this model.

Braun 9 561 Epilator Dry Wet and Cordless Epilator

MicroGrip Tweezer Technology

The Braun 9 9951 is one of the rear epilators, effective in removing hair smaller than 0.05 mm. Although most epilators more or less successful in grabbing and uprooting hair bigger than 0.05mm, however, this Braun epilator could easily pull up lying baby hair and uproot them effectively.

Thus, with a wider header and an advanced technology the MicroGrip Tweezer, Braun 9 9561 is one of the best epilators today out in the market. To support my argument further, I would retreat the fact: the product is launched by a leading personal care appliance brand Braun, and then it belongs to premium series of the products from the brand.

Furthermore, the pivotal head of the epilator can effectively adapt to body contours for a smooth and complete epilation. The impact of the flexible head is much more evident when it is used in underarm and bikini area.

Other Advanced features : There are some key features that making this epilator really a must have for women: smart light, long-lasting battery, two-speed setting, and 100% water proof. Its use during bath is also possible.

Pricing Factor : No denying to the fact that Braun is an internationally reputed brand in the personal appliances market; however, still, its products are too costly in India. In fact, Philips, the one and only competitor of this American brand offers better and cheaper solution by having some really advanced products with patented technology.

Before this Braun epilator, I have discussed Philips BRE630 and BRE650, priced 6000 and 9000 rupees, respectively. However, Braun, despite having a lot less to offer still prices its epilator (9, 9561) with a high price of 8900 rupees for the Indian market.

Braun 9 561 Epilator Review Specifications Price Online in India

In the comparison of both Philips epilators from the highly appreciated Satinelle series, the Braun 9 9-561 seems very costly to me. While Philips offers some special delicate solution for underarm and bikini area, Braun offers none with the model.

Pro Features:-

  • All-in-one solution: use it on legs, underarm, and in bikini area as well
  • The pivoting head is extra wide, in fact, 40% bigger than a regular epilator
  • The MicroGrip Tweezer can effectively grab hairs smaller than 0.05 mm size

Final Thoughts: Everything about this Braun epilator is perfect except its price. I would have rated it well if I had not seen the Philips BRE630. In fact, Philips BRE650 with eight attachment solutions for all-in-one care is a much better deal than this Braun epilator, which comes with just six attachments. Read also Top Braun Epilators Between 5000 to 11000 Rupees.

Braun SE9-561
Price 9000 Rupees
Wet and dry use YES
Opti-light YES
Cordless YES
Epilator head 40% bigger, MicroGrip Tweezer
Speed settings 2 settings
Attachments shaver head, trimmer cap, massage cap, skin contact cap, facial cap, and charging stand
Warranty Two Years
Usage time One Hour and 40 minutes operation
Buy 9000 Rupees
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