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Best All in One Printer below 2500 Rupees

Best Printer Under 2500 Rupees in India

In this piece, I cover best AIO and Single function printers on sale below 2500 Rupees. Here you read the latest printers of top brands HP and Canon those have best-in-class performance and can print cheaply. Any cost less than 5000 Rupees is too less for an efficient printer. Therefore, expecting heavy-duty performance from cheaper printers is too much to ask. We have carefully examined all available options on the market and selected best from them. The recommended printers here are the cheapest printers in India.

The suggested printers are ideal for students and home use. Purposely designed for primary use, they can print only a few pages in one session. If you are looking for office use printer or a printer for a photocopy shop, look for other relevant articles on this website.

► Canon Pixma TS307 – Wireless Inkjet Color Single Function Printer

Wireless printers offer versatility that no other type of printer can offer. One of the best home printers with wireless functionality in the market is the Canon Pixma TS307. This compact gadget will not only solve all your home printing problems but also help you with light commercial projects. Canon engineers tried to fit as much functionality as they could in the Pixma TS307. It is the best wireless printer for home use under 2500 rs. Below is a description that sums up all the features of the Pixma TS307.

Canon Pixma TS307 Single Function Printer in 2500 rs

One-Touch Direct Wireless connectivity: The Canon Pixma TS307 happens to be one of the cheapest wireless printers in the market today. At its price range, it’s perhaps the best canon printer. For a start, this printer has three W-Fi buttons for setting up wireless connections with your laptop or smartphone. In order to use this printer with a laptop, all you need to do is activate connection mode on your PC or laptop and then press one button on the printer.

Compatible with almost all smartphones: The manufacturer made sure that this printer offers an array of mobile printing solutions. For instance, this canon printer for home use is compatible with at least eight or so printing apps. Some of the supported apps include:

  • Apple AirPrint
  • Mopria
  • BLE
  • Google Cloud Print
  • PIXMA Cloud Link
  • Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY (for iOS or Android)
  • iOS Message in Print App

→ High Printing resolution with Borderless Printing

Additionally, this printer offers numerous printing upshots. However, what impressed us the most, was how this printer handles photo printing. To start with, the printer has a maximum printing resolution of 4800 (horizontal) by 1200 (vertical) dpi. This high resolution is achieved through 1280 ink nozzles that print photos and documents with high precision.

Moreover, the Canon TS307 supports both bordered and Borderless printing. Nonetheless, borderless printing is usually preferred for photo printing. To print a borderless photo with this printer, all you need to do is to connect your smartphone with the printer via the Canon mobile app.

In order to achieve vibrant printing results, Canon built this device to run on dye-based inks. These types of ink increase color reproduction on paper surfaces and also bring out a clear distinction between colors that look almost similar.

→ Great Design and affordable printer machine

Canon inkjet printer price in India market varies depending on the size, design, and features of the printer. The Canon Pixma TS307 happens to go for a price just under 3000rs. However, if you judge it from a design perspective, you would think that it cost a fortune. The manufacturer adorned this device with a glossy grid pattern on its top surface.

Supported Ink Cartridge Price
CL-746 (Color) INR 1 455
CL-746S (Color) INR 780
CL-746XL (Color) INR 1 715
PG-745 (Pigment Black) INR 945
PG-745S (Pigment Black) INR 530
PG-745XL (Pigment Black) INR 1 075

The silky finishing on this product is both scratch and fingerprint resistant. Furthermore, the flat top surface comes in handy when creating scanned copies of your documents via your smartphone. By using your Canon App for smartphones, you can make high-resolution copies of documents. After that, you can either store them on your phone for later use. Alternatively, you can print them with this printer.

Price 2500 Rupees
Function Single Function Printer
Connectivity Wi-Fi | USB | Mobile App (Canon Selphy App )
Paper Supported A4 | Photo Paper 4×6 Inch
Feature Borderless Photo Printing | Easy copying of your document or photo | One-Touch Wireless Connection
Duplex Manual
Print Cost 5 – 6 Rupees for Laser Printout | 7 – 8 Rupees for Color Printout
Ideal for Home use
Warranty 12-Months


► HP DeskJet 1112 Single-Function Color Printer

Nowadays it’s time for instant results and outputs from the technology and products according to consumer’s interest. The expectations are elevating from the technology drastically. Today, customer needs more value against price paid. The accomplishment of the job is required at rapidity in comparison to other options available for the same product with same features.

Likewise, we can say a printer comes with the specific needs required according to the customer base. In this line, this budget printer HP DESKJET 1112 is most appropriate to have possession of. We can say it (HP DESKJET 1112) is consolidated resource pool geared to offer excellent printing solutions by integrating best technology being developed by HP in the printing technology.

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HP DeskJet 1112 Single Function Colour Printer

If we talk about a Printer, then the very first impression comes to mind is how does it look and which brand it is. Then the second step goes for the specifications and utilities imbibed into it. We can extend a statement with the compliment that HP DESKJET 1112 Color Printer is pocket-friendly and so easy to install.

With the technology backed by the HP, this printer gives quality prints within a fraction of the time. The printing is trouble-free while it also saves the energy as it’s certified with ENERGY STAR certification.

→ Some Salient Features of this Cheapest Printer

The product is laced with a variety of features to meet the customer contentment as follows:

Reasonable and Ideal: This printer is cost worthy and prints the documents within a range of simple commands. It is the best suited for homes and for very small-scale printing. It can be observed as the ideal match for the lower budget printer with exceptional and inexpensive printing solution.

Easy Solution: While placing a printer at the right and easily accessible location at home or office has different values. One can save the space while installing the printer in any small part of the home or workplace. It can be fitted on a small desk, rack or anywhere wherever it’s convenient to print. Duplex printing is manual only.

Value for Money: You can print more with less expense as it comes with original HP ink which gives quality printing with an assurance of maximum prints. So, without any doubt, we can categorize it in the stream of value for money.

→ Energy Efficient Multi-Function Printer

This printer also makes you a sensible buyer as it conserves the energy and you automatically contribute in saving the energy as it is certified by ENERGY STAR where details of the benefits and assurance are mentioned above.

Pros: –

  • Simple Installation gives it thumbs up.
  • This is an ideal printer for the home printing solution where it is suitable for small-scale printing.
  • It also comes with a single USB port which enables the user to print with simpler connectivity.

Cons: –

  • It is not compatible with wireless connection
  • Color prints are little slower

Conclusion: If someone is looking for the best printer for the vivid color prints and crisp black text, then it deserves frontline. We can also give it a smart shot for the value for money which is suitable for home and very small businesses.

Price 1900 Rupees
Ideal for Home | Office
Print Speed:  20PPM | Resolution:  Max 4800×1200 dpi| Monthly Duty Cycle: 1000 | Max Size: 8.5×11.7 Inch | Duplex: Manual
Paper Size: A4, B5, A6, Dl Envelope, HP 10 x 15 cm photo paper | Handling: {Input: 60 | Output: 25) | Type: Plain paper, Photo paper, Brochure paper
Connectivity USB 2.0
Power Consumption: {Active:  10W} | ENERGY STAR Certified
Warranty  12 Months Unit Exchange Warranty
Cartridge HP 803 @ 850 Rupees | Yield: 150 to 200 Pages | Cost per page: {4.8 Rupees (Laser), 6.6 Rupees (Color) – As per ISO standards}


► Canon Pixma TS207 – Single Function Inkjet Printer for Home Use

Canon advertises the single-function printer as a stylish compact printer that uses low-cost cartridge. The Pixma TS207 printer can print only. It does not have a copy and scan function. Moreover, it can print only on the A4 sheet as well as photo card ( maximum 4×6 inch ). For connectivity, it has hi-speed USB 2.0. This Canon inkjet printer price in India market is 1800 Rupees currently. It is the best printer for personal use.

Canon Pixma TS207 Single Function Printer under 2500 Rupees

To print with this Canon printer, first, you need to install the driver and then connect it with the system. This print does not have mobile and wireless print function. As per Canon, recommended print volume is 10 to 80 pages.

The cheapest print in India market, Canon TS-207 can print in black & white as well as in color. Its print speed is decent. In sixty seconds, it can print four pages in color and seven pages in black & white. Print quality in both types, color as well as Black & white — is outstanding. No concern for print quality, however, the real concern could be the cost of par page print on this single function printer.

→ Costly Per Print on this Canon Single-Function Printer

The way this Canon printer consumes ink, I would say Pixma TS207 does not use cartridge ink; it uses ink squeezed from Indian currency. I mean per page print cost is high. If compared for print performance, still it is a better option than HP 1112 AIO printer, which is its nearest competitor, although.

Build and design of Canon Pixma TS207 printer is a big surprise. It looks outstanding. I did not expect such an elegant design on a printer under 2000 Rupees. The body of this single function printer is scratch & fingerprint resistant. Looking for the best cheap printer for home use, here it is.

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I would happily recommend this Canon single function printer. Everything on it is copacetic. It should print not more than twenty pages in one session. Canon TS-207 is for occasional use, not all time use. Therefore, carefully examine your requirement and then decide whether to order it or not.

Price 1800 Rupees
Function Print | only A4 Paper | Black & White Print | Color Print | Border-less Photo Print
Connectivity Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Print Speed Color 4 PPM | BW 7 PPM
Body Weight 2.5-Kg | Dimensions 42.6 x 56.2 x 21.3 cm | Scratch & Fingerprint resistant Body


► Canon Pixma MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Your search for a low budget all-in-one printer might end with Canon’s new AIO model MG2577s from the Pixma series. This is a newly launched model in India costs much less, only 2500 rupees. It can print, scan, and send fax as well. In fact, it delivers better scan and print quality than its alternatives do.

Canon Pixma MG2577s Price Online in India

Is it Amazon Exclusive? Surprisingly, the product and its details are not available anywhere else other than Amazon India. Does this mean Canon MG 2577s is Amazon exclusive? I cannot confirm that.

Upgraded or a new product The MG2577s model is more or less closely associated with Canon MG 2570s, which has been rated an average printer because of lesser features and high cartridge refilling cost. MG 2577s has some advanced features for an efficient management of personal and professional media printing works. In this exclusive review article, we explain it all.

→ Is this a costly printer?

2500 rupees is not much money. Thus, calling Pixma MG 2577s a costly printer will not be a fair assessment. However, its maintenance cost in terms of money spends for ink cartridge is indeed making it a not so cost effective printer.

Every product has been made with some purpose and they are not for everyone’s use. The MG 2577s is a good choice for home and personal use purpose in office. What is personal use in the office? The office Bosses love to have a dedicated AIO device around them so that they do not need to call office boy or himself rushing to the printer corner for collecting printouts.

Consider a real scenario. Suppose you are in a meeting and want to share some printouts with attendance there. Now it looks embarrassing that you call office boy but he is not there for service. Either the meeting has to be halted for some time or you yourself go and pick the printouts.

Top executives in the big corporate prefer a personal all-in-one printer on their desk. Obliviously they would not wish to have a jumbo size printer, though. The right solution is to have an efficient and compact printer with some excellent printing programs. Canon MG 2577s can be the answer, which by the way is one recent printer in the market. It will be too naïve to think these top executive and office bosses ever bother for printing cost.

In the home, too, we hardly take printouts every day. Therefore, even few printouts from one set of cartridges are not a big problem. Needless to say, the difficulty in finding a color printing center, when expecting printouts in no time. The Canon printer can save you from such unexpected anxiety.

→ Not a printer for business use

I will not suggest this model for running business shops or as a default printer in the office. Moreover, if you take more than 20 printouts daily, then look for a better solution. In 5000 to 8000 rupees price band, you can find many cost efficient models that printing at much cheaper rates relatively.

 Canon FINE : The brand Canon is fine although we are discussing here full-photolithography inject nozzle engineering, in short FINE cartridge technology.

The cartridge breed being new to the market, users come to know them only when they encounter some error. Some of the following error messages are directly related to FINE cartridge in canon printers.

The FINE cartridge is not installed or is not installed in the correct position or cannot be recognized or is not installed properly are some regular error message encountered in the printers with this new ink firing technology. Canon strictly prohibits the use of other brand cartridges. If you try, the printer will show error “the appropriate FINE cartridge is not installed,” then.

Your canon printer with FINE technology will not allow you continue printing until it is happy with both cartridges installed in the printer.

With the new cartridge technology, Canon does reverse engineering, print-head shifts from printer to cartridges. FINE cartridges are a set of only two cartridges one for black and another for tri-color with mechanical print-head built into them. This means now ink directly firing from cartridge to paper making the essential mechanism of the printer of no use.

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Canon FINE cartridge prints in better quality than normal ink cartridge does. Essentially, the unique technology has been part of Canon’s low budget printer models; the reason for that is oblivious. These are costly engineering as of today, though. Print output using FINE cartridge will have the same great quality and depth as seen in the printouts by noted standard printers.

→ Features and Performance

Priced 2500 Rupees, the MG 2577s is one of the cheapest printers in India. That leaves not much space for criticism. Further, no serious complaints in terms of speed and quality as far as print and scan service are concerned. The print and scan speed are more or less fine, not to repeat print quality is excellent.

Auto Power On: I appreciate the brands, which cares for user’s convenience before putting a product idea into a frame. The “Auto Power ON” is one such feature. As soon as you release a print command, the Canon Pixma sense that and boots automatically, gets ready, accepts the command, and gives you the printout in just a few seconds. Isn’t it cool? In fact, I have been searching for such able gadgets from a long time.

Look at the brilliant idea the “AUTO POWER ON” feature has. In personal use, we do not require printouts necessarily every day or every hour. Therefore, keeping the printer active means you are wasting electricity without any use. Because of the feature, the printer can stay in off and become active as and when needed.

User-friendly Software : Instead of going with a boring utility, Canon delivers the official printing software with many fun features. Some of them could be useful in professional use, though.

“My image garden” and “Full HD movie print” are two main additions for adding fun into the paintings. I am interested in taking on to the second feature although first I need a movie clip captured by a Canon EOS DSLR, Powershot digital camera, or VIXIA digital cam recorder.

Using “Full HD movie print,” you can take printouts of each frame separated from the movie clip using the software. “Special filter” with “my image garden” in the printer software lets you have fun by adding creativity into printouts.

→ First Cartridge and Refilling cost

Canon ships cartridge with the printer so that you take the first printout instantly as soon as the printer installation completed with a computer system at your place. The successive refilling might be painful in terms of money spend, but not so often, though. MG2577s model supports XL ink cartridge, too. The printing cost with XL series cartridge is listed here.

Cartridge Black Yield MRP rate
PG-745S 100 499 4.99
PG-745 180 899 4.99
PG-745 XL 300 999 3.33
Cartridge Color Yield MRP
CL-746S 100 746 7.46
CL-746 180 1355 7.53
CL-746 XL 300 1595 5.32

Check the printing cost careful, do a proper analysis of your requirement, and then decide. You had better take a correct decision now than regret it later because of unbearable cartridge refilling cost.

Connectivity: Whatever appreciation I gave for “Auto Power On” feature, I take back because of the poor connectivity management on this Canon printer. The printer is strictly limited to USB 2.0. Nowadays all printers come with Wi-Fi because media files are generally stored in user’s smartphone, camera, and other compact personal devices. To print from a small screen gadget, Wi-Fi communication is the easiest solution. I wonder why Canon made such blunder.

Pro Features:-

  • Good speed and excellent print and scan quality
  • Noise less operation
  • Because of “Auto Power On,” it is a kind of energy efficient printer
  • Advanced software with lots of options and fun items
  • Stylish and standard looks
  • Very good compact build


  • No connectivity option other than USB
  • Printing cost is high
→ Should you buy this Canon printer?

Since I cannot digest the connectivity blunder, I am not fully sure about passing judgment on the purchase decision. The next gen personal gadgets like laptop, smartphone, tablet, professional camera all come with feasible connectivity options and they support one-click connectivity and next click to complete printing. The time has gone when first transfer content to the desktop then give prints command from there. In today’s time, things are done at one click.

Yes, I remember the printer is affordable but that does mean everyone can afford the cost associated with its cartridge refilling.

If printing through Wi-Fi is not so important, get this Canon master printer home then. Otherwise, look for a better solution. In fact, HP has some standard models in the same price range. HP DeskJet 2131, 2132, and 2135 are some decent alternative of Canon Pixma MG 2577s.

Function Print | Scan | Copy
Max Resolution 4800 x 600 dpi
Speed 8 image per minute black; 4 image per minute color
Print Head Alignment Manual
Scanner Type Flatbed
Scanning Resolution 600 x 1200 dpi with 48-bit color depth
Item Weight 3.5 Kg
Price 2500 Rupees
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