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Best Multimedia Speakers with Powerful Bass for Home Party

Philips IN MMS6060F 94 Multimedia Speakers 6000W Review

Philips IN-MMS6060F/94 2.1 Multimedia Speakers 6000W

Great sound and easy-connect are two idioms that explain the Philips 2.1 channel speakers set. The setup has two powerful speakers and one strong subwoofer.

Speaker Set for a Home Party : These three multimedia speakers are truly made in great quality and it generates amazing audio with clear Bass. Philips 6060F is so powerful that its selection as a primary audio system for a house party will not be a wrong decision.

I am not saying there are no better alternatives, but when user's trust is high in the brand Philips, then this speaker set becomes a perfect choice for selection. The Philips MMS 6060F generates enough sound, sufficient for a big hall. Thus, calling it just a general-purpose computer speaker will not be a fair assessment.

True Bass and Audio Control

One of the reasons why this Philips speaker should be at the top of your wish list is it produces amazing Bass. In fact, there is one dedicated control knob at its rear to set a Bass volume.

This does help in setting a perfect balance of rhythm according to listener’s mood and melody’s requirement. In fact, Bass control is a necessary feature in any audio system for perfect audio output. For instance, folk songs with too much Bass do not sound good. On the other hand, listening to rock & peppy Bollywood item numbers without Bass is like food without spicy taste.

It plays like this. Set a Bass as per your liking, and then increase or decrease volume using the front wheel.

There are no other ways to explain audio quality except saying it is great. How pure it performs can be understood only if users listen to songs on it for a day or two.

Philips IN MMS6060F 94 Multimedia Speakers 6000W Specifications

Rich Bass and Powerful Audio: This 2.1 channel speaker simply blasts impeccable audio at all three low, medium, and high volume. In fact, Philips calls this speaker a musical thunder and rightly so. If you are a fan of Bollywood peppy numbers like those produced by Meet Brother Anjjan, then Philips MMS6060F is a right choice.

The total audio output is 60W wherein 30W are being generated by both speakers and the rest 30W is the addition of bass audio from the woofer. Driver size of the subwoofer and speakers are 5.25inch and 3inch, respectively.

USB port Connectivity : Playing a playlist from a pen drive is widely used fashion in small cities and villages. Thus, the Philips speakers with super Bass are one perfect choice if you want to gift to someone living in a village or a small town.

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SD-Card Slot

The Philips speaker can also play songs from an SD card. It has an SD slot for this job. Just because of this feature, this Philips product will get huge sales in small towns. I will explain this now.

Recently I attended a function in my native village. There, interestingly, the sound system Waala has no audio CDs or cassettes rather local and Bollywood beats were stored on a tiny SD that reside his mobile phone. He just connected his mobile phone with AV receiver and rolled out the fantastic musical environment there in few seconds.

The demand for affordable nano technology is much more in small towns than in metro cities.

FM Tuner : Yes, it supports FM radio tuning. You will need an FM antenna, though. A good quality branded FM antenna costs 500 to 800 rupees. It is very easy to connect the antenna with this speaker. There is a port on the woofer, close to the Bass control knob. Insert another end of an FM antenna into the port and you are ready to tune favorite FM stations.

Philips IN MMS6060F 94 Multimedia Speakers 6000W Connectivity Ports

Remote Control for Other control Options: The Philips MMS 6060F comes with a nicely designed stiff remote, letting users do everything while relaxing on a sofa. In fact, it is rare that a 3500 rupees speaker set has a remote controller. In an entertainment system, a remote is essential accessories for full enjoyment. Think how much relief we get from a TV remote. I am sure today no one would buy a TV if that does not come with a remote controller.

Thanks to this remote controller, no need walking to the speaker to change volume & track or to increase or decrease Bass. Users can control everything right from this tiny device. Use it to adjust all settings in a much easier way.

Shape Size and Design

The MMS 6060F is made by using some good quality materials. From outside it looks glossy and attractive. It shines in the light and enhances the beauty of the place where it kept. Its Bass control knob is at the rear and volume control knob at the front. An LED display is also at the front of this Philips speaker. Ports to insert external cables are also at the rear.

Pro Features:-

  • Strong built and Attractive design
  • Power Bass and clear audio
  • Modern day’s connectivity option
  • Perfect for a small home party
  • Remote control Option
  • USB port and SD card reader
  • FM Tuner

Cons: Bluetooth feature is absent

Final Thought: There are small-small things that make a company great in eyes of consumers. Look how incredible is the wise thinking of Philips’s design team. They have built an affordable sound system, which is just great in terms of performance and suitable for every house from the North Pole to the South Pole.

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You want something fancy and much more powerful then look for a better alternative in the market. However, a common person searching for a value for money product, which is affordable too as well as has a great performance, this Philips speaker is one good choice to go with.

There is no better way to describe a sound system that it is brilliant in all accounts. I could not find single fault to blame Philips.

I should also thank Philips for a correct pricing. I am surprised it costs only 3500 rupees. Even if Philips asks 4000 rupees for it, I am very sure that will be a fair price considering the trend in speaker Bazaar.

In the box: The unit, remote control, 2 RCA to stereo-1 no. cable, and user manual, service guarantees card

Philips IN MMS6060F 94 Multimedia Speakers 6000W Review

Driver Subwoofer[5.25″], Speaker[3″]
Tuner bands FM
Audio systems output power:60W, Both Speaker:2 x 15W, Subwoofer power:30W
Audio Effect Two satellite speakers, Wooden cabinet enhances bass effect
Dimensions 46.4 x 40.6 x 24 cm
Control Bass Control Knob, Main volume control, Remote controller
Connectivity USB, SD card, Aux
Buy 3500 Rupees

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