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Best Multifunction Laser Printer Below 13500 Rupees

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw

Brother DCP 7060D Multifunction Laser Printer

A smart looking multifunction laser printer sitting at the edge of an office desk is just what every small scale office needs. That is exactly what the Brother DCP-7060D laser printer is meant for. The ‘D’ stands for duplex, meaning the printer has automatic printing capabilities on both sides of the paper. Along with duplex printing, the printer also supports scanning and copying functions. Read also Canon Brother Multi-Function Printers in India.

Built and Design: With a tone of charcoal & light grey colors and dimensions measuring 405 x 398.5 x 268 mm, the printer looks really smart and elegant sitting in the corner of any office.

The printer consists of a single standard A4 size tray, which has a capacity of 250 sheets. Along with the standard tray, there is also a flap to feed single sheets of paper for special purposes such as envelopes, A5 & A6 sheets. On the top of the unit are the scanner & copying unit and the control panel.

Brother DCP 7060D Multifunction Laser Printer

LCD Control Panel: The control panel consists of a 2-inch LCD display with various buttons for power, navigation keys, copying and scanning among others. You can select resolution, set brightness and select type of print document such as email, OCR or image, directly from the control panel of the unit.

100 Sheets Output Trey: The output tray is located on top of the single paper feed flap. Although it might seem a bit cramped but it can hold a fairly large amount of paper (about 100 sheets). You can simply pull open the front of the printer to reveal the tonner drum, which is pretty easy to replace. We recommend removing the tonner drum and giving it a good shake the first time, as this will evenly distribute the tonner which has been packed inside the printer for a long time.

Connectivity and Functionality of this Brother Multifunction Printer

The printer can be connected to a PC using a USB cable located on the back of the printer, there is no option for wireless printing, though. The scan and photo-copying features can be accessed from the printers control panel itself and you do not need to give commands from a PC, thought the option is there.

Output Speed: The company claims that the printer can churn out 24 pages per minute, and the actual output of the printer isn’t too far behind than the company claims. This is a really fast printer. Though the speed does vary with resolution and if you intend to use the duplex function, which is understandable. No colored printouts here as this is a mono-chrome printer.

Printing Quality: The print quality is of high standards with the 1200 dpi resolution producing really nice and rich text outputs. As expected the text output with 1200 dpi is darker when compared with 600dpi, which again is better than 300 dpi. That being said for general inter office documents the 300 dpi shall also be sufficient.

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Additional Features of Brother DCP 7060D

The duplex feature of the printer can also be used while performing photo-coping jobs. The LCD on the printer shall guide you along the way as to when to put in the next sheet of paper to be scanned for printing on both sides of the paper.


  • Well Built
  • Good output quality
  • Lot of functionality built into the printer control panel


  • No wireless printing
  • No backlight display on LCD

Final Verdict: The Brother DCP-7060D is a well-built printer and an economical printing solution. The multifunction capabilities and duplex mode is what many business houses demand and the printer is able to fulfill those demands exceptionally well. This can be a right product for many small business offices.

RAM Size 32MB
USB 2.0 One
Functions Printing, Scanning, Copying
Duplex YES, 10/10 sides per minute
Print Speed 24 paper per minute
Print Resolution 600 dpi, 1200 dpi
Buy 9500 Rupees


Samsung Laser Printer ML 3310ND

If the Mono Laser Printer sitting on a desk in your office becoming an issue as each user has to reach out to the one computer to which it is connected, then the Samsung ML-3310ND Mono Laser Printer might be just what you are looking for. The printer can be connected via a USB directly to your PC or via an Ethernet cable directly into the network so that all the computer at your workplace can connect to it. It is small enough to fight just on the edge of your desk, but is it worth the extra price? Let’s have a look

Design: The printer follows a simple cuboidal design with a boring two-tone grey color. But it should look good enough sitting in your home or office. The printer is small enough to sit on the edge of an office desk.

Paper Handling Capacity: The Samsung laser printer has a fairly good amount of capacity for papers. There’s a primary tray that can hold up to 250 sheets of A4 paper. A secondary tray that can hold 520 sheets of A4 paper and above the second tray is a pullout multi-purpose tray with a capacity of 50 sheets, specifically for envelopes.

Samsung Laser Printer ML 3310ND

Control Options: To give instructions, Samsung has given a ring for navigation controls on this printer. A button for power and one for cancelling a print. There’s another button labeled ‘Eco’, which basically switches printer modes to save toner, paper and power. There’s a two-line LCD display, which sadly does not have a backlight display. But it is angled as such to give a proper contrast under most forms of lighting.

A small button at the left opens the left panel to reveal the single-piece drum & toner cartridge, which is very easy to replace.

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Seamlessly Connect this Samsung Printer with your office network

The ML-3310ND can be connected to your computer via a standard USB or directly through the network, which is what the extra money is all about. Hooking the printer to the network isn’t much of an issue, but its better if you use a fixed IP address, as then you won’t have to reset the network settings each time the printer is turned on.

Printing Speed: Samsung claims the printer has a speed of 31ppm, which is really great for a printer in its class. Of course, the actual results may vary depending on the type of data that you are printing. Although mind you that these stats are taken considering that the printer is already awaiting a print as it takes 15s just to warm up.

HTTP Server and Smartphone Printing: The printer also has an HTTP server built in meaning once connected to a network you can visit the printers setting using a web browser. You can also print documents directly from your Smartphone by installing the Samsung Mobile Print application and hocking onto the printer from anywhere.

Printing Quality of Samsung ML-3310ND Printer

The printed quality is at par with most business laser printer in the market today. The 1200dpi produces crisp and sharp text, the graphic output is also very good. Overall the output appears very professional.


  • Large paper tray
  • Low running cost
  • Fast paper output


  • Small LCD display
  • Relatively long warm up time

Final Verdict: Overall the Samsung ML-3310ND Mono Laser Printer is a good office printer, the paper output is good and crisp, and it offers a low running cost and has fast print speed. You can definitely see this replacing the mono laser printers in your office for easing connectivity to all of the staff.

Speed 31 ppm in A4
Duty Cycle 50000 sheets monthly
Resolution upto 1200 × 1200 dpi
Duplex Printing Built-in
Connectivity USB 2.0, Ethernet LAN Ready
Weight 10 kg
Buy 13500 Rupees


HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw Printer

A neat looking multifunction printer sitting in the corner of an office that can perform all the daily tasks without hesitation and that all staff can connect to without an issue is what every small business, branch office or a start-up requires. To cater to these requirements, American MNC HP brings the LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw with built-in wireless printing capabilities.

Design and Build: The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw is a simple cuboidal shaped printer in a black color tone. With maximum dimensions of 420 x 438 x 254 mm the printer will sit nicely at the edge of any office desk.

On the bottom is the paper tray for standard A4 size papers and a few special documents such as Envelopes, A5, etc. The paper tray can hold up to 150 standard A4 size papers. And, the output tray comes with a tray extender which can hold 100 printed sheets at a time.

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Control Panel: The control panel is situated between the Input & Output trays. It includes a 2 line LCD display with various buttons for navigation, settings, Wi-Fi, scanning, copying, among others. The buttons are well spaced out and provide a nice tactile feedback.

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw

Scanning: The top of the printer is a flat-bed that houses the scanner. The flap is well built, but we would have liked it more if the hinge was adjustable because if you want to scan a thick book or magazine, then the flap rests at an angle against the material being scanned or copied.

To access the toner just lift up the top cover and you can easily pull out the toner drum. Give it a nice shake before using the printer for the first time.

Connectivity Driver of this HP Laser Printer

The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw offers a variety of options for connectivity, namely, Ethernet 10/100bse tx network port, hi-speed USB 2.0 port and latest wireless standard of 802.11b/g/n with built-in Wi-Fi support.

You can also directly print from your mobile device with built-in print capability or HP ePrint app and software. All the drivers are actually pre-bundled into the printer’s firmware. So all you have to do is connect a USB cable from the Pinter to your computer and it’ll do the rest.

Printing Quality: The printer is able to churn out 20 pages per minute, which is not bad for a printer at this price point. The print quality is also good, the text is rich and dark. The printer has a resolution of up to 600 dpi.

Effortless Scan and Photocopy by HP laser printer M126nw

The scanning and copying functions of the printer work effortlessly. Both features can be called up from the printers control centre or from the printing software package provided along with the printer.


  • Well built & design
  • Wireless printing capability
  • Economical printing cost


  • Small input tray, only 150 Sheets
  • No duplex printing capabilities

Final Verdict: The HP LaserJet Pro M126nw is really a well-built printer. And its wireless printing functionality at this price point is a definite bonus. With nice output and good speed this is a real value for money office printer machine.

Functions Copy, Print, Scan
Display 2 – line LCD (Text)
Duty Cycle 8000 pages monthly
Resolution 1200 × 1200 dpi
USB Support USB 2.0
Wireless Support YES
Duplex Printing Manual
Print Speed 20 ppm
Buy 10500 Rupees

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