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Best Monitor LED Projector and All in Printer

Best Monitor LED Projector and All in Printer

In this piece, we cover best computer peripherals for professional multimedia developers. Here the GS team provides a review of a curved screen computer monitor, a LED projector, and an ink-tank printer. The Samsung 34-Inch curved LED is one of the best-class computer monitors in the market. In the segment of the big-screen monitor, this Samsung curved display is a top favorite currently. Under 15000 Rupees, a top-rated LED projector is the CROCON projector. Further, if you want to save money on per page print cost, you should buy an ink-tank printer. Here is a review of a fantastic HP ink-tank printer. Read also 4 Most Efficient Printer for Small Business and Corporate Office.

► Samsung S34E790C – 34-Inch Curved Monitor

A few years ago, Samsung unveiled world’s first curved display at a Consumer Electronics Show. This technology was first introduced in televisions, but Samsung did not waste much time in porting it to monitors. At the beginning of last year, Samsung launched the Curved Monitor S34E790C in the world market. In India, it has become available just recently.

The advance monitor features a 34-inch curved display and offers superior picture quality. Unfortunately, not everyone can purchase this device. You should have a deep pocket to take this monitor home. Those who can afford it, I can assure it will be a worthy purchase.

Solid Build Quality: Samsung has taken a good care of the design. It is made out of the best quality materials. It comes painted in a combination of black and silver colors. The bezels are ultrathin that helps a lot in giving an immersive experience to the users.

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You will not face problem in accessing all the connectivity ports, placed on the back. The monitor is just 51.5mm thick and looks great on a working table.

Samsung S34E790C Curved Monitor Built and Design

Adjustable Stand: Wall-mount and tabletop, both installations are possible, so I would like to go with the tabletop to avail easy portability feature. Moreover, the looks of the stand that comes along have a curved profile and molded in “T” shape to offer better stability. The advantage of using the stand is it offers both height and tilt adjustment. Wall-mount installation is more suited for an industrial use.

→ Amazing Curved Display of this Samsung Ultra Wide Monitor

There are many unique features in this Samsung Curved Display, and I will discuss them here one by one.

Among all, The first is, of course, its curved profile that puts the user nearer to the graphics. It would be a great replacement for your multi-monitor setup. Its curved display might look a little weird in the beginning, but after working on it for a couple of days, you will never think of going back.

The screen size is another interesting thing here. The Samsung monitor features a 34-inch ultra-wide display panel molded in 21:09 aspect ratio. It offers an Ultra WQHD resolution of 3440 X 1440 pixels. I cannot describe in words how great the display feels. It generates super sharp graphics without any pixelation. Thanks to the VA panel that helps in increasing the contrast ratio up to 3000:1.

Samsung S34E790C Curved Monitor

The monitor covers about 99 percent of the sRGB color gamut and generates everything with great accuracy. Its viewing angles are as high as they can be and I did not find any LED leaking on the edges after painting the screen with black color. Even the response time of the monitor is quite low. You will get a decent gaming experience with it.

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→ This Samsung Monitor comes with Inbuilt Speakers

Unlike other high-priced monitors that come with low power speakers, this device is equipped with a pair of two 7-Watt drivers. The total RMS output of 14 Watts will be enough for your setup. Moreover, these speakers can generate really loud and clear audio. If you are not a music critic, then there is no need to purchase a set of external speakers.

Decent Connectivity Options: On the back, you will find a plethora of connectivity ports including a set of five USB ports; four from them offer high power downlink. Two HDMI ports are good for connecting the monitor to multiple devices simultaneously. Samsung has also provided a DisplayPort on it. Additionally, a 3.5 mm headphone jack will prove to be quite handy.


  • Appealing looks
  • Great build quality
  • Ultra-wide curved display
  • Super high resolution
  • Inbuilt high-quality speakers
  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable stand

Verdict: The Samsung Curved monitor will offer a great platform to the people who can afford it. Samsung has tried to give a tough competition to its rivals and I can confidently say it has been quite successful in the mission. However, if your budget is too low, browse this website for other better options in your budget.

Price 65000 Rupees
Display Size 34 inch
Resolution 3440 X 1440 pixels
Contrast Ratio 3000:01
Response Time 4 ms
Viewing Angles 178 (Vertical) and 178 (Horizontal)
Connectivity 2 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 1 UP/ 4 Down USB,  Audio Out and VGA
Power Consumption 47 Watts
Dimensions 821.5 x 364.0 x 51.5 mm
Weight 7.4 KG


► CROCON EC-77 LED Projector

Let me start with a brief introduction of the Crocon, a Delhi-based company making, selling, and rebranding OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products from whole variety of categories. On their homepage, you will find mobile and laptop accessories, home and kitchen appliances, smart watches, lights, routers, and many more articles. In home theater department, they always have a couple of projectors to offer.

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Affordable Projector: This is a cheap LED projector offers a decent performance. On the internet, you will find whole range of projectors under 10000 Rupees, and portable versions even under 7000 rupees. However, the big question is, are they any good and for what purpose we can use them? I would say if there is a market and people are buying it, then they must be good for something.

Specifications – marketing could trick you: When you look at the specification sheet and on the device, you will see that resolution is 1920×1080 Pixels, and signs like “1080P HD support.” However, be aware, as the native optical resolution of this LED project is only 854×480 pixels. It is a bit misleading because it only supports input for HD. You can connect whatever source you want in input, it does not change the fact that it will play video in native resolution only.

Declared brightness of the LED lamp is 1800 lumens with 1000:1 contrast radio. LCD technology provides better image and brightness at least on paper, and LED lamps have about 50,000+ hours’ average life. Personally, I prefer LCD to DLP, but there are good projectors made by any technology.

→ Connectivity Options of this LED Projector

On the back of the device, you will find multiple connections including HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, TV input, and 3.5mm audio out. On the left, there is power button and power input, and on the right, there is a small speaker.

Project distance is 1.07-3.8m, and there is available zoom up to x 1.2. Focus adjusting is manual by rotating the lens, and you can get picture from 20-80 inches. With its weight of 1.2kg, it is very portable, but this is not a classic pocket series projector.CROCON EC77 LED Projector

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Performance- good quality up to a point: When we talk about picture quality and performance, one thing must be clear. The device is not competing itself against big office projectors, which costs 5-10 times more. This is a projector for watching movies or TV at home, and in a dark room if you want decent quality and sharpness. If you need a projector for excel/PowerPoint presentations, business meetings in light rooms you should look for something else.

Light that comes out from the beamer is very strong so 1800 lumens brightness seems true. As we said earlier, the native resolution is 854×480 pixels, at there are some drawbacks coming from that fact.

According to its specification sheet, you can manipulate picture size up to 80” size, but in reality, as soon you go over 60”, blur or low quality becomes noticeable. If you stay up to 60”, then the quality is actually good and a lot better than every cheap mini projector.

→ Gaming and Presentation Test of this CROCON Projector

The process is easy and results are good if you want to connect Xbox, PlayStation or some other console for playing games. Best results in term of sharpness you will get around 40” though.

After multimedia testing, we tried to project some word documents, PDF, excel sheets. Definitely, results were not satisfying; fonts are blurry and hard to read even for a short period.

Do not Trust 2W Audio output: Integrated speaker is not something to be proud. It is only 2W speaker so if you really want to enjoy a movie go out and buy some external speakers. That especially applies if you are seating near device because it could be noisy when it heats up.

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  1. Affordable Price tag
  2. Long lasting LED lamp
  3. 1800 lumen brightness
  4. Portable built
  5. Good picture quality for movies and games up to 60” size


  1. Weak speaker
  2. Low native resolution
  3. Low quality if room is not very dark
  4. Noisy operation

Verdict –you get what you pay for: It all revolves around how much money you invested in some device and what do you expect to get for it. This device is cheap, it will last long (in terms of lamp lifetime), and if you intend to use it for what is made for you will be pleased.

Price 13000 Rupees
Connectivity 1xHDMI, TV, USB, AV & Audio input/output, VGA Port, Headphone Port
Lens Projection Distance : 1.07-3.8m
Optical Resolution : 854x480dpi, 1800 lumens
Lamp :  LED lamp 50000 lifetime
Lens : F=125
Speaker Internal speaker 2W power


► HP DeskJet Ink Tank GT-5810 All-in-One Printer

You might have heard about Epson’s Ink Tank based Printer series that offers a great yield, despite affordable MRP. The Ink Tank technology has become popular lately and now even major brands have started adopting it. The recently launched HP Ink Tank GT 5810 All-in-One Printer is a great proof of my claim. In fact, HP has announced a new all-in-one printer series the “GT” based on the ink bottle technology for affordable printing.

You can buy this all-in-one printer from any online mall for a price less than 12000 rupees. I know the price is scary, but in a long run, it will save more money than any other AIO printer with cartridge technology can.

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Classic HP Design: The GT-5810 looks like any other HP budget printer, this is pro or con, consider whichever way you want because looks really matter least if you are buying a printer. Does this mean I have no argument for its built and design? I find its overall built and compact size impressive.

You will not have to vacate too much space on a desk, as it is a portable printer. It looks appealing, but the attached tank system degrades the beauty. In my opinion, HP should have followed the design language of Epson ink bottle printers.

HP Ink Tank GT 5810 All In One Printer Review Specifications

→ This HP Printer Provides Ultra-Low Cost Print

As I mentioned in the introduction, it offers a great yield per ink bottle, which is a specialty of the Ink Tank system. A single set of HP color ink bottles can print up to 8,000 pages and the yield of black ink bottle is 5,000 pages.

High-Quality Printing: A couple of weeks ago, I did a review on Epson’s L130 Printer that also uses Ink Tank system. And, I had mentioned that occasionally it spills ink on printouts. In fact, the problem is very common among most Ink Tank system based printers. However, HP has successfully solved the leakage issue. Therefore, there is no need to worry either misuse of ink or poor quality printout.

The HP machine is capable of printing super high-quality color documents at a resolution of 4800 X 1200 dpi. This is not all. The scanner bed that it comes with scans at 1200 dpi and creates crispy soft/hard copies.

Limited Connectivity: One thing that might stop customers from purchasing this HP product is its limitation on connectivity. On the back, you get only a single USB port. It does not even come with inbuilt Wi-Fi.

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→ Important Information related to this Ink-Tank Printer

  1. One set contains three ink Bottle
  2. One inkbottle costs only 498 rupees


  • Low cost printing
  • High printing and scanning resolution
  • Prints at a decent speed
  • Durable build

Cons:- No wireless connectivity

Verdict: I do not think customers will refuse to purchase this great printer only because it lacks wireless connectivity. Thanks to HP’s built quality with the latest inkbottle technology, the HP GT5810 is one trusted printer for money saving on printing and scanning.

HP Ink Tank GT 5810 All In One Printer Ink Bottle Technology

I agree that 12000 rupees is too much price for an AIO printer, but in a long run, it will become “Sone Ka Anda Dene Vali Murgi”. We suggest this printer as it one efficient printer to reduce monthly printing expense.

Price 12000 Rupees
Printer Type Ink Tank
Capabilities Print, Copy, and Scan
Supported Operating Systems Windows and Macintosh
Dimensions 525 x 310 x 158 mm
Weight 4.67 KG
Maximum Printing Resolution 4800 X 1200 DPI (Color)
Scanning Resolution 1200 DPI
Print Speed 13 seconds per page for black and 17 seconds per page for color
Input Tray Capacity 60(A4)
Maximum Media Size Supported 215 X 355 mm
Connectivity USB
Power Consumption 10 Watts

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