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Best Mobile Phones between 800 to 1400 Rupees

Micromax X1850 Review Specifications and Price Online

Lava KKT 28i

While there has been a continuous fight among big brands to control budget smartphone market, LAVA finds itself happy in ruling the market of low-cost feature phones. In fact, today LAVA is one brand you should trust for a decent low-cost mobile phone.

Here, we have brand new Lava KKT 28i at an affordable price of 1400 rupees. The phone is so good in terms of design and built that I just grabbed one for personal use.

Key Features

  1. Attractive Look
  2. Big Screen
  3. Huge Battery
  4. Brilliant features for Entertainment

In the sales Box

  1. Lava KKT 28i Phone
  2. 1800 mAh Battery
  3. Earphone
  4. Charger

Discuss Design Features

Eye-catching looks and premium design should be the main reason of buying this phone besides lots of entertainment features on board. In spite of a low MRP, LAVA has been gracious with the built, color combination and the finish at front & back of this device.

This is a dual SIM smartphone has a 2.8-inch TFT screen with a 240P resolution. I am not too happy with the pixel density of 143 PPI, which in my opinion should be more than 170 PPI. High pixel density means sharp and crispier text, icons, and pictures on screen. Nevertheless, the 2.8-inch screen of Lava KKT 28i makes appear everything perfect.Lava KKT 28i Review Specifications and Price Online

Wireless FM Entertainment

The Lava phone comes with music & audio player along with wireless FM. One good news is you can record live FM program easily. Wireless FM means the phone do not require an earphone plugged in as an antenna to receive radio signals.

You can make most with microSD card support, which goes up to 16GB. Use the FM recording feature to store live FM programs to listen later on.

Useful Features

  1. Auto Call recording
  2. LED Torch
  3. Hindi and English language support
  4. GRPS internet
  5. Calculator
  6. Stopwatch
  7. Calendar
  8. Alarm

Final Verdict

I am using the Lava KKT 28i and I feel happy to have it in my pocket. The phone comes with all the regular features, however, the design is something that makes it quite interesting in the crowd. In my opinion, you should try this cute gadget.

Price 1400 Rupees
Screen 2.8 inch, TFT, 240×320 Pixels, 143 PPI
Memory MicroSD card support up to 16GB
Camera 1.3 MP, Zoom
Battery 1800 mAh, Li-ion
Language Hindi and English
Buy Lava KKT 28i

Intex Eco 206

You will get thousands of choices in low budget feature phone segment particularly around 1000 rupees price. After a careful consideration, we have selected the Intex Eco available at Flipkart for a payment of just 1100 rupees.

Premium Features

You should consider this mobile phone for a stylish looks, powerful battery, and a storage solution as well as connectivity options.

1750 mAh Mighty Battery

The phone packs 1750-mAh battery, which lasts more than two days in spite of hard usages. When I say hard usages, I meant it to be used for frequent calling, listen to live FM programs and playing some cool music.Intex Eco 206 Review Specifications and Price Online

 1.8-inch TFT screen

I am a fan of big screen mobile phone. In fact, I use two smartphones both have the 6-inch screen. However, in the low budget segment, you get to choose between 1.8 and 2.4 inches screen. Although 2.4-inch display could have been better but the 1.8-inch screen is not bad either.

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Since the phone’s software is well customized to suit a small screen, you will not find any problem in using it well.

Dual SIM and Huge Storage support

In the gadget world, we are surprised with every new introduction in the market. I am surprised, in spite of 1100 rupees price tag the Intex Eco can support 64GB memory expansion. In reality, you cannot use more than 16GB card microSD card on this phone. Still, it is brilliant as Intex offers such heroic features on a phone.

Camera and Bluetooth

Most of 1000 rupees phone do not feature a camera module. However, with Intex Eco you are getting the power of a VGA camera (0.3 MP), which takes snaps on demand. Let us not discuss the picture quality.

Bluetooth medium is the easiest and most used connectivity option in today’s time. On this device, you get the strength of Bluetooth variant three, which is much faster than mostly found BT2 in feature phones.

Additional Features

Touch, Auto call recording, Video recording, MP3 player, MP4 video player, calculator, stopwatch, calendar, Alarm, Games, USB Port

Final Verdict

From the house of Indian brand Intex, the Eco 206 comes in glossy black & red colors combination. The phone looks stylish, has Bluetooth, and USB connectivity options. Use the rear shooter to grab snaps and insert a microSD to storage a mega songs collection and videos.

Making a decision final about this gadget is not a bad idea. Remember, for a price of 1100 rupees, you are getting almost all features mostly available on a smartphone priced not less than 3000 rupees.

Price 1200 Rupees
Screen 1.8 inch, TFT, 128×160 Pixels, 114 PPI
Memory MicroSD card support up to 64GB
Camera 1.3 MP, Zoom
Battery 1750 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity 1G, 2G, BT3, USB Port
Features Auto Call Recording, Voice recording, Torch, Calculator, Video Player, FM Radio, MP3 Music Player, World clock, Calendar, Alarm
Buy Intex Eco 206

Spice Champ 2455

In the low-cost mobile phone bazaar, we focus mostly on battery power and screen size. Most of the 1000 rupees budget phones support dual SIM, FM tuner, music & video player as well as a few connectivity options. The same is true with Spice Champ 2455. While compared it with other feature phones below 1000 rupees, the only difference we could identify is that the Spice Champ 2455 comes with better battery life, decent call quality and relatively a bigger screen to play preloaded games.

1800 mAh Battery

Let us look back and rethink the primary use of a phone. Of course, it is calling. To make a call, you need the phone in active mode. Therefore, the need of huge battery life becomes evident.

The Spice Champ model number 2455 comes with a massive 1800 mAh battery. This is lithium –ion battery though older than lithium polymer but durable and quick chargeable with better standby and calling support.Spice Champ 2455 Review Specifications and Price Online

2.4 inches Screen

Spice has given a decent screen to this phone. The 2.4-inch screen size bears TFT panel has a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels and a pixel density of 167 PPI. Just for a price of 999 rupees, the phone sports a brilliant screen and offer clear images, sharp text & icons.

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Dual SIM support but in Mini Shape

We want to feel and experience a new gadget as quickly as possible. If you have been using a regular size SIM so far, then you have to wait to make the very first call from this phone. It supports only mini size SIM. Visit local mobile phone shop to cut a regular size SIM to make a mini SIM.

1.3 MP Camera

In the Intex Eco 206, the primary camera is 0.3MP whereas the Spice 2455 phone has a 1.3 MP sensor, which takes better quality snaps in daylight. The primary camera of both Intex Eco and Spice Champ 2455 comes with digital zoom feature.

Phone Book and SMS Memory

You can store up to 500 contacts in the phone book memory. One SIM card can store up to 200 contact details. Since it is a dual SIM phone total 400 contact numbers can be stored in both SIM card. Therefore, the spice Champ 2455 can store up to 900 contacts.

Additional Features

FM Radio, Video player (3GP, MPEG4), MP3 Player, Loudspeaker, Torch, Auto call recording and Voice recording

Final Verdict

Opinion expressed in this review article is based on feedback received from Spice Champ 2455 users. One thing is clear, by just paying 999 rupees for the Champ 2455 you get many features in hand, which you cannot even find in a 2500 to 3500 rupees range phones. Even though the phone looks bulky, but the listed features are impressive.

Price 1000 Rupees
Screen 2.4 inch, TFT, 240×320 Pixels, 167 PPI
Memory MicroSD card support up to 16GB
Camera 1.3 MP, Zoom
Battery 1800 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity 1G, 2G, BT
Features Auto Call Recording, Voice recording, Torch, Calculator, Video Player, FM Radio, MP3 Music Player, World clock, Calendar, Alarm
Buy Spice 2455

Intex Eco 102e

Intex has long been criticized for using low-quality materials in the product making. However, these days the brand is trying to change that conception. The Intex Eco 102e that was launched in the month of August last year comes in a sleek body. It is one of the most attractive devices in the feature phone segment of the market. You can get it for just 815 rupees.

Attractive Looks

The black finish of the outer shell of this phone gives a much appealing feel to the eyes. It can survive short falls and light collisions. The device is small enough that it fits perfectly in the hand of any size. Its number keys are big, which will help a lot to the people who have poor eyesight. The phone has a 1.8-inch display that generates vibrant colors and decent graphics.Intex Eco 102e Review Specifications and Price Online

Inbuilt Camera

Shots taken from its 0.3 MP camera will not be that impressive, but at least, you are getting a camera on this feature phone. The phone also features a microSD card slot because of which you will be able to store unlimited music. It is equipped with all the extra features that people generally expect on a feature phone like Torch, FM Radio, and Auto Call Recording. Intex has equipped this device with a sophisticated mobile tracker system.

Dual SIM

This Intex phone can work with two SIM cards on GSM networks. You are also getting Bluetooth connectivity on it. The 800-mAh battery is supposed to give at least 2 days of power backup on a single charge.

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  • Good call quality
  • Onboard multimedia player
  • Supports microSD card of up to 32 GB
  • Auto Call Recorder
  • Mobile Tracker


  • Camera quality is not good


In my opinion, it is a perfect budget phone for anyone living in rural area. Its battery backup is good and it offers decent call quality. Moreover, the inbuilt torch will help a lot in dark situations.

Price 900 Rupees
Screen 1.8 inch, TFT, 128×160 Pixels, 114 PPI
Memory MicroSD card support up to 32GB
Camera 0.3 MP, Zoom
Battery 800 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity 1G, 2G, BT3, USB 2.0
Features Auto Call Recording, Mobile Tracker, Torch, Calculator, Multi-language, Video Player, FM Radio, MP3 Music Player, World clock, Calendar, Alarm
Buy Intex 102e

Micromax Dual SIM X1850

Modern smartphones suffer a lot from the bad battery backup problem. There are only a few devices offer more than 24 hours of battery backup. However, if you are ready to sacrifice all the bells and whistles that these innovative smartphones offer then there are many options to choose from. Features phone are getting popular for their long battery backups.

The Micromax X1850 is one such feature phone that features a massive battery. Moreover, it comes with a number of features that are worth mentioning here.

Marathon Battery

This device belongs to Marathon series of Micromax. Its inbuilt 1800 mAh battery does not need to be frequently charged. On a single charge, it offers a power backup of more than 1 week. Another good thing is that this battery does not take a lot of time get fully charged.Micromax X1850 Review Specifications and Price Online

Color Display

On the front is located a 1.8-inch display that produces vibrant colors. The interface of the phone is much easier to understand. Another highlight of this device is the digital camera that it features on the back. You will be able to capture decent shots with it, but do not expect lots of detail in that.

Inbuilt Media Player

This is a Dual SIM multimedia feature phone. The inbuilt media player supports modern file formats like MP3. Unfortunately, the onboard storage can only be expanded up to 4GB. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to share multimedia files like images and songs wirelessly without any problem. You can also listen to FM radio on this phone.


  • Long lasting 1800 mAh battery
  • Dual SIM card slots
  • Good call quality
  • Video recording is supported


  • No internet connectivity
  • Supports microSD card of up to 4 GB only


The Micromax X1850 does come with some cons, but that does not mean it is a bad phone. Its massive battery lasts for days. The phone also features a decent camera.

Price 800 Rupees
Screen 1.8 inch, TFT, 128×160 Pixels, 114 PPI
Memory MicroSD card support up to 4GB
Camera 0.8 MP, Zoom
Battery 1800 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity 1G, 2G, BT3, USB 2.0
Features Torch, Calculator, Stopwatch, Video Player, FM Radio, MP3 Music Player, World clock, Calendar, Alarm
Buy Micromax X1850

Users Review and Opinion


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