Which is the most used function of mixer grinder machines? In Indian homes, primarily we need a mixer grinder for grinding ingredients. Yes, grinding is most used functions of mixer grinder and juicer machines. Therefore, a standalone grinder as a kitchen appliance makes sense.

In this piece, I cover best coffee and masala grinding machine. Need turmeric grinding machine, here you would find one in less price. Here you read about top-rated wet & dry grinding machine available in the Indian market.

I provide in this article an in-depth review of the top recommended dry spices grinders. You should be sure of one thing that suggested mini grinders are the only best options. Carefully read about each of them, go through their pros and cons, check provided specs, and then decide which is best for your requirement.

The recommended appliances here come with a single function that is grinding. If you are looking for best mixer grinder for Indian cooking, check other articles on this website that feature such products. Here you read only about bestselling mini grinders.

Affordable Spice Grinder under 2000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | मसाला पीसने की मशीन

► 400-Watt Lee Star Wet and Dry Spice Grinder

Lee Star is an Indian home appliances brand. It sells good quality kitchen use electrical products. I came to know this brand when working on the article project automatic baby food maker.

Lee Star LE-804 Wet Dry Spice Grinder

The Lee Star machine is a dry grinder for spices as well as a wet masala grinder. While other portable grinders on sale in the market are limited to dry grinding, this mini wonder can grind both, wet and dry spices in fine quality.

This small grinder price currently is 1575 Rupees. Its build and functions justify the price. It is neither a pricey small spice grinder nor the costliest option on the market.

Build and Design: Besides wet and dry grinding ability, the build and design of this small spice grinder attracted me most. It comes with single stainless steel jar, which is detachable and washable. The motor capacity of this Lee Star grinder is 400-Watt. The motor part is made of ABS plastic. This spices crusher can process all kinds of spices and ingredients that we use in our cooking by its rustproof sharp stainless steel blades, withal.

→ Performance of this Lee Star Masala Grinder

This mini grinder has no speed control. Press the knob on the front side to start the motor and press the button again to stop the motor. Therefore, it is advisable that while using it for the first time — do not run it too long. Run it only for 15 to 20 seconds— or max-to-max 30 seconds. Check the spice quality, if required rerun the grinder to get desired quality. When you have sensed this Lee Star dry & wet grinder performance, run it as required.

The dry and wet grinder can process 100 grams of any spices in one go. Besides, grinding coffee beans and masala, it can also grind pulses, peanut, almonds, poppy seeds, rice, and the ingredients required to make our home food delicious.

Here are some tips to keep this Less Star small grinder operational for many years.

  • Can this machine grind the ingredient also…..let we check — never do such experiment
  • Try to grind a small quantity of ingredients in one go
  • Rice, pulses, almonds and other similar ingredients should be first soaked in water at least six to eight hours


  • Wet grinding, dry grinding
  • Powerful motor
  • Stylish design
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel blades
  • Push button control


  • Single speed
  • Small Jar
  • No Safety mechanism
Price 1575 Rupees
Motor 400-Watt
Build Steel Jar, Rustproof stainless blades, Motor Part is made in ABS plastic
Jar Capacity Less than 100 grams
Speed Single
Control Push button at front
Grinding Wet and Dry
Capable of grinding Wet spices, Dry spices, Roasted coffee beans, Ginger Garlic, soaked rice & pulses, almonds, Jeera, Green and dry Dhaniya, Nuts, Dalchini, Chutneys and…almost everything that we use in cooking but in small quantity
Warranty 12-months
Lee Star Customer Care [email protected]
Product User Manual Click Here


► 200-Watt USHA Nutri Chef Dry Spice and Coffee Grinder

Indian consumer electronics brand Usha offers a 200-Watt multipurpose grinder uniquely designed for coffee and spice grinding works. It is available for a price of 1700 Rupees.

The Usha grinder is useful for people who love to drink coffee prepared by the freshly ground coffee beans get amazed by exotic aroma. It is also for those people who love to cook food with the ground spices as their special ingredient in household. Here, USHA gives a promising product with its glossy and elegant design. Read also Top 5 Philips Mixer Grinder Juicer and Hand Blender for Indian Kitchen.

Design: The grinder is available in Brushed SS with black beading colour, which gives a glossy stainless steel look. It is a compact machine has a transparent lid that covers the whole container and adds a classy look to this device. The lid of the grinder can be removed and reinstated easily. The whole body is supported by a strong handle for steady handling. Usha 200W grinder is lightweight and extremely mobile. It has a firm rubber suction foot to avoid skidding on moist surfaces.

USHA 200 Watt Dry Spice Masala and Coffee Grinder Review and Specifications

→ Best features of this Usha Spice Grinder 

The Usha grinder consumes only 200-Watt of power, making it a power efficient device. Being a low power device we cannot demand high performance from the device. The grinder has got a defined functionality to grind coffee beans, churn spices of day to day use, process herbs and powder sugar. Also, the product comes with a very small container limiting its use to process small quantity at a time.

The container can hold up to 75-grams of ingredients only. Yes, container can be scrubbed under Kitchen water tab. The product has anti-corrosion multi- function sharp blades, which will be durable in the long run. It operates on only one pulsation, which means it comes with only one speed set. A safety lock is also there to ensure proper that the container or jar is perfectly fitted onto the body. There is no need to worry about any accident as it runs on very low power. The company also provides a two-year warranty on the product.


  1. The grinder is power efficient as it only consumes 200 watts of power.
  2. Grind coffee beans and spices.
  3. A modest spice grinder occupying less space in kitchen.
  4. It is very safe to be handled.


  1. It has got a lavish price.
  2. This grinder can only be put to limited use.
  3. It has got a single pulse speed knob.

Conclusion: The Usha 200-Watt dry masala coffee grinder is a highly exclusive product, providing limited routine. Having its pros greater than cons makes it top-notch, but it comes at a fancy price of Rs 1,700 where other companies are providing mixer grinders in the same price range. If you are fancy person to buy products for a distinct use, then this is the product you want on your shelves.

USHA Nutri Chef 200 Watt Dry Spice Masala and Coffee Grinder

Power 200-Watts
Accessories Transparent Lid
Extra Features Suction Legs, Stainless Steel Blades
Speed Only one
Grinding Capacity 75 grams
Usages Spices, Coffee, Bread Crums , Nuts
Safety Lock CE and Lock
Warranty Two Year
Buy 1700 Rupees


► 150-Watt Asent Masala Grinder

If you are looking for a really affordable gadget to grind spices at home, then the Asent AS-11CG Masala Grinder should be a choice. It is available in the online market for an unbelievable price of just 690 rupees. I am pretty sure you will be stunned by its efficiency in spite of low price tag.

Design: The masala grinder comes with a compact form factor. It is so small that one can even put it in backpack, carry on long journey. We seriously doubt the built durability as the materials used in the making are not of high quality. Even the color of the outer shell looks ugly.

The jar comes with 50 gram of capacity, which means user will be grind only 50 gram spices in one go. Also, the main unit cannot be detached from the Jar this make cleaning process really tedious.

Asent Masala Grinder AS 11CG Price Online in India

→ How is the Performance of this Ascent Masala Grinder ?

With a low power 150 Watt motor inside, the masala grinder is not able to effectively grind hard ingredients like turmeric or dry ginger. User will find it a good machine for grinding dry ingredients because wet items could damage the electrical circuit underneath.

Let’s talk a few good features of the Ascent Masala grinder. The bowl and sharp blades are made of stainless steel for durability. Also, it consumes much less power than other grinding machines available in the market.

Maintenance: During the grinding operation it will not create any mess in the kitchen as it comes with a lockable lid. However, you might face difficulty in cleaning the jar after its use.


  • Power input range of 220-240 Volts
  • Compact
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to use
  • 1 year of warranty


  • Single speed setting
  • 50 grams capacity
  • Jar cannot be detached
  • Hard to clean

Verdict: I would recommend this grinding machine only to beginners and under-budget households. Even though it is affordable, you cannot grind all types of spices with this device.

Power 150-Watts
Speed Modes 1
Accessories Non-Detachable Grinding Jar
Features Safety Lock On Lid and Stainless Steel Jar
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 700 Rupees


► 150-Watt Prestige Dry Grinder

Prestige being the India’s leading kitchen Appliance Company, showcases its masala grinder for customers love to supplement their food with fresh ground spices. This awesome product will meet all your expectations.

Design: The grinder comes in black shade with strips of white across a body in a streamlined fashion to indicate most features of the product. It is a compact machine. The transparent lid lets you keep watch of the process of grinding. It can easily be removed to get the container and reinstated. It has an ABS body to have perfect grip over the device. A power button is placed near the bottom rim of the device. The base is strong, but does not have rubber pads to avoid skidding on moist surfaces.

Prestige PDMG 01 150 Watt Dry Masala Grinder Review and Specifications

It weighs around 1-kg and is about 12-inches high. The product comes with a stainless steel container. The container can be scrubbed. We can use the grinder to process spices, herbs, sugar, dry chilies, cloves, nutmeg, coffee beans, pepper, mustard, rice, khus-khus and even poppy seeds.

→ Specifications and Features of this Prestige Dry Grinder

The company has not specified details about the blades installed on the device and the container capacity. But the container seems can hold up to 100 grams of content. Although the device runs on single speed setting configured to the single touch button available for power option. It requires 230V power supply and consumes only 150W making it highly power efficient in the masala grinder segment available in the market. The transparent lid has spiral cuts to fit firmly onto the device. It also has an automatic shut off feature. The company gives one year warranty on product.


  1. Transparent lid
  2. Single touch button
  3. Power efficient: 150-Watt
  4. Container: Stainless Steel bowl
  5. Safety feature: Automatic Shut off
  6. Process all types of masala items


  1. Small container
  2. Single speed motor
  3. No rubber pads on base

Conclusion: Overall the product seems better compared to other grinders by the USHA and GLEN. It is one of the most power efficient products available in the market. Prestige has made it quite easy to use and handle. You can buy this 150W product if you need to process spices and other herbs are less. Remember the container is small that limiting your use. Else the Prestige Dry masala grinder can blow expectations in terms of performance and convenience.

Power 150-Watts
Speed Modes One
Extra Features Stainless Steel Blades and Transparent lid, Steel Body
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 1350 Rupees


► Glen Mini Dry Grinder

Finding an efficient budget friendly appliance remains a challenge for budget households. Most of the affordable grinders available in the market come with really cheap build and get malfunctioned within a year.

Indian brand Glen, which is a reputable home appliance manufacturer since 1999, offers a mini grinder for all your basic grinding needs at a much friendly price tag of just 1525 rupees. You can place order for this machine at Amazon India for quick delivery at your doorstep.

Glen Mini Grinder 4045G Review and Specifications

Design: The manufacturer has adopted an elegant design strategy on this product. One colour option with transparent lid enhances its beauty. It is an efficient gadget in your decorated kitchen. Since it sports a compact built the installation process is simple also does not take much space in the Kitchen.

The body is made of high quality materials wears white colour finish that looks really stunning. The Glen grinder has got suction legs, holds surface tightly so that stability is ensured during its use. The transparent lid makes easy for the end user to see if the ingredients have achieved desired consistency or not.

One can also go with the combo pack that includes a motor unit, a grinding jar and a blending jar (with food filter).

→ How Good is the Performance of this Glen Spice Grinder

Unlike other budget grinding devices online, this grinder machine from Indian brand Glen is capable of processing rugged ingredients like turmeric, cinnamon, dry ginger etc. However, you might have to spend more time in case of dry grinding. Stainless steel blades inside the jar are razor sharp, extra molded in order to make the grinding process more effect and quick.

One thing that will disappoint user is this machine can only grind 30 grams of ingredients in one go.

Maintenance: Since grinding jar that comes along is detachable, cleaning the machine becomes easy. Moreover, this device consumes only 350 Watts of electricity, which is really low helps saving electricity bill in spite of frequent usages.


  • Consumes less power
  • Durable
  • Can grind hard ingredients but will take time
  • Compact
  • Transparent lid


  • Grinding jar comes with a capacity to hold 30 grams of ingredients only
  • No variable speed

Verdict: The Glen 4045G is affordable yet qualified grinding machine. I suggest you that choose the combo pack available at Amazon Indian. With extra jars, you will be able to use this gadget for all kinds of mixing, grinding and juicing need.

Power 350-Watts
Speed Modes 1
Accessories Grinding Jar and Blending Jar (Combo Pack)
Features Suction Legs, Stainless Steel Blades and Push Button Switch
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 1550 Rupees