With more than a few cosmetic products on the market in the present day than ever before, it becomes apparent that they play a remarkable role in our day-to-day life. Cosmetics may not just help you to enrich your looks; in fact, it might make you feel extremely confident.  No matter how much you rebuff, you just cannot refute the importance of beauty industry. Looking beautiful and dazzling has been the inclination of all men and women, right from the creation of the world.

In this day and age, quite a lot of people are taking several treatments just to look attractive as appreciating good looks and longing for love is human nature. The beauty industry, at the present, has grown into a business with billions of people working repeatedly at cultivating the products and improving their quality. After all, who doesn’t want to look and feel good?

Finding safe and harmless varieties of your beauty products isn't easy all the time, but searching for the right products can help you in your quest to look beautiful. So, now, no matter if you're just beginning to wear your powders and paints or are an expert makeup artist, we have certain products that will make you look good.

Moreover, we’ll explore some bathroom accessories that have the power to make your bathrooms look well-designed and feature rich. After all, bathrooms have always been a place of fantasy for both –men and women.  These inimitable and stylish bathroom products are just what your bathroom's needs for that classic and eye-catching touch. We highly recommend these products as you can look your best by using these products, and we'll elucidate — WHY?

► Zafos Makeup Brush Flat Top Angled Face Brush

Zafos Makeup Brush lets you apply powder and paint like a professional. This contouring and sculpting makeup brush lets you apply face makeups for that perfect face rapidly and uniformly. The Flat Top Angled Face Brush perfectly fits into your facial contours for defined application each time.

Special Quality Brush: The dimensions of the Zafos foundation brush are 6″ length and 1.5″ breadth. That means it has the perfect size to meet the requirements of expert makeup professionals. On top of that, it is too easy for any person to use at home! The Flat Top Angled Face brush features a well-made wooden handlebar. Moreover, the bristles are extra thick to hold more cosmetics and confirm strength.

All set to fold away and travel with you: With the Zafos foundation brush, you catch a carrying case – absolutely FREE! You can carry it along with you on the go! Therefore, it is an absolutely perfect solution for the touch-ups even when you are not at home.  Besides, thanks to its compact design, you can carry it with you everywhere without damaging the brush at all.

Perfect for all kinds of foundation: You can use this contouring and sculpting brush as a brush for your creams and foundation. You can likewise use it to apply mineral foundation, liquid foundation as well as the powder foundation. The results you attain are exceptionally well-blended with high-definition; just like a dream!

Zafos Makeup Brush Flat Top Angled Face Brush

→ Exclusive versatility of this Makeup Brush

Zafos Flat Top Angled Face Brush balances your contouring application with the blending application for all your highlighting and silhouette needs. Now, getting that defined line while outlining your cheekbones is going to be super easy. Just rub in and blend out your favorite bronzer on your jawline, cheeks, and hairline for that extra charming and carved finish. The product is ideal for dabbing, contouring, sculpting, polishing, blending, and finishing. So, get all set to conquer a charismatic, smudge free coverage and touch up with precision every single time.

Blissfully soft! Zafos contouring makeup brush will cuddle your skin like feathery and cottony clouds. It comprises of thousands of artificial hairs that are completely animal free and are appropriate for all kinds of skin! These matchless curved bristles shape, outline, shade, highlight, and blend all cosmetics without a glitch while fitting into your facial lines for that impeccable natural gloss.

Verdict: Zafos Makeup Brush for contouring and sculpting allows you to enjoy specialized contouring for the multi-directional blending of your makeup. For all the beauty aficionados out there, this makeup brush is hands-down! You can produce a defined application on your face, neckline, and body with cream, powder, shimmer, bronzer or liquid with no trouble. The Contouring Brush dispenses a soft brushing of your powder. That’s why it’s flawless for your contouring and highlighting needs while you blend your makeup with wonderful effect uniformly. Don't miss out! Buy: 250 Rupees

► Puna Store Makeup Brush Set with Black PU Leather Case

With absolutely dense and easy-going brush head, Puna Store Makeup Brush makes it painless to put on powdered makeup on your skin. Besides being so caringly and sensibly packed, this makeup brush comes with a beautiful and manageable Black PU leather case that looks somewhat like a tool-kit with loops to grip the brushes.

Let’s you put on powder and paint in a little while: Even if you’re not a cosmetics enthusiast, you can attain the perfect finish and provide your skin a pleasant, appealing and smooth finish that looks totally natural. So, no matter if you are going to an evening get-together or heading for the beach party, this makeup brush set will offer you a convenient way out.

Ease of application with fine bristles and high hair density: The brushes from Puna Store Makeup Brush Set are finished with easygoing and soft bristles of extraordinary quality. That means they’ll not be tough on your skin. The brushes would slither effortlessly on your skin, confirming a charming application of cosmetics. More than that, the brushes display an extraordinary hair density that makes it appropriate for the application of powder, mineral makeup or maquillage. The high hair density brush simplifies the course of makeup application and assists you in smooth amalgamation without any residue.

Puna Store Makeup Brush Set with Black PU Leather Case

→ The handy Make Brush set comes together with PU Leather Case

With this set of brushes, you can face the world with flair and elegance. Being lightweight and compact in size, the portable brush set can be packed within your vanity baggage, with no trouble. You can easily store all the makeup brushes in the convenient PU Leather Case that comes together with the set. PU leather assures an extensive shelf life as well.

Multi use brushes for more than a few purposes: The Puna Store Makeup Brush Set comes packed with different brushes of more than a few shapes and dimensions. Each of them is suitable for different makeup needs. The large brushes cover bigger parts that can be used to spread over foundation or makeup base. The brushes with a smaller size can be used to highlight your eyes or define your lips.

Verdict: The Puna Store Makeup Brushes are made with soft and fine bristles of tremendous quality. These brushes are not harsh on your skin at all. They are an impeccable option for both studio and individual cosmetics needs. The brushes slide with ease on your skin. All in all, you get a charming application of face paint. All brushes are enclosed in plastic wraps. You can collect them and store in the easy reach using PU leather case that comes together with the product. I would absolutely recommend this product, no matter if you're an unprofessional or a qualified makeup artist. Largely, this is a valuable set and undeniably worth every single penny you're willing to expend on it. Buy: 725 Rupees

► Generic Makeup Brush

Are you on a lookout for a Makeup Brush set that has every single brush you might probably need? If yes, then you must consider Generic Makeup Brush. You can carry these makeup brushes in all places you go. The easy-going and soft bristles of these brushes are of decent quality.

The Brushes for foundation and eye shadow provide meticulousness with each stroke: No matter if you're going to an evening celebration or planning for merrymaking at the beach, this cost-effective makeup brush is the handiest alternative for your touch ups. The foundation and eye shadow brush from Generic are ultimate for both types of makeup — studio or personal. The great hair density of the brush makes the application of cosmetics a stress-free process. The Generic brushes are composed of soft hair fiber that is not at all tough on your skin. As a result, it slides along as smooth as butter.

Versatile brushes for several purposes: The Generic brushes for foundation and eye shadow come heaving with more than a few brushes of quite a few shapes and sizes. Each of them serves an assortment of makeup needs. Ranging from the application of makeup base to defining your lips, you can do it all. However, I’d advise you to wash these brushes on a regular basis to avoid undesirable residue of powder and paint on your brushes. These might deter the stress-free application of cosmetics on your skin.

Generic Makeup Brush Set

→ This Makeup Brush has an Ease of application with fiber hair

The brushes are finished with remarkable quality fiber hair. These fine and soft hairs are not painful on your skin at all. They are a flawless choice for both studio and personal makeup needs. The brushes move effortlessly on your skin, confirming a charismatic and smooth application of cosmetics.

  • Wooden handle: The Generic brushes are ergonomically-designed that have a wooden handgrip together with an aluminum tube that improves the appearance of the brushes. The wooden handlebar makes these Generic brushes more long-lasting.
  • Handy Set that’s easy to transport: This amazing set of brushes from Generic allows you to face the world with panache and elegance due to its portability. In addition to being extremely compact and lightweight, the brushes can be packed inside your personal belongings without problems or difficulty.


  • Quite dense to put on powder on your face
  • Balances the powder pretty well
  • Fairly soft
  • Low-cost

Cons: You won’t get a small bag with it

Verdict: The Generic brushes are a splendid choice for applying foundation, eye shadow, mascara, concealer, and all kinds of makeup. It won’t irritate your skin at all, hence, is perfect for a makeup loving woman of normal to delicate skin.  All these brushes are prepared from natural hair and artificial fiber that would produce a completely natural makeup daily. Every single brush is concealed with plastics for hygiene. All in all, these soft, durable and wonderful brushes will make an outstanding addition to your collection. It can make a breathtaking gift for your cherished friend. Buy: 500 Rupees

► Lakme Eye Liner

Who doesn’t like creating a cat wing with a liner brush? Of course, everyone loves that! Smearing on your eyeliner is very essential and if you have a wonderful eyeliner from LAKME, you can consider your half the battle won. Here, I’m talking about the Lakme Insta Liner that comes in a little pack of 9 ml together with a smooth brush.

Attain that perfect winged lining: This eyeliner offers you that sharp and squeaky lining for any cat of winged liner.  The brush holder is exactly of precise length and makes the liner application cooler and more relaxed. As a matter of fact, you can even make a cool wing in a rush with it. The bristles of the applicator brush are somewhat soft and long with the accurate amount of strength and allow you to work with it effortlessly.

Amazing staying power: Does the Lakme Insta Liner smudge at all? Nope! This eye liner is absolutely smudge proof and has an overwhelming staying power. Nonetheless, it might crack up a bit after more than a few hours of wear time. It won’t budge at all even if you squelch some water on your face or use a facial mist. Yet, if you brush your eyes briskly with water, you may perhaps see the liner vanishing off.

Lakme EyeLiner Review

→ Deep black color with perfect pigmentation

Lakme Insta Liner retains a deep black color that contributes a fine distinction to your eyes. The consistency is quite runny that might take a little more time to dry out. This feature has both the adverse and constructive impact.

  • The helpful impact is that for amateurs, it is stress-free to streak it off and reapply.
  • The undesirable part is that for professionals this may create a problem as they have to hold to put on any other eye cosmetics till it dries up.

However, as soon as this liner dries up, it stays unbroken for the entire day without any smudging. The pigmentation is remarkably perfect and the minute you draw a line you don’t have to get back and deepen or blacken it. The eyeliner dries out to provide a matte black gloss to your eyelids.

→ Not ample change in the packing of Lakme Eye Liner

The Lakme Insta Liner comes in a pint-sized thick glass bottle with a charming peach colored bolt cap and a thin applicator brush that is attached to the lid. The bottle is quite well-made, robust as well as suitable for traveling purposes. The applicator brush is squeaky, medium-sized, and defined to draw appealing lines over your eyelids. In my opinion, the applicator brush looks quite elegant with a lot of monochrome feels.


  • Travel-friendly durable bottle
  • Appropriate consistency
  • Useful applicator brush
  • Doesn't stain or makes your skin dry
  • Staying power is good
  • Deep black color with matte finish
  • Easy on pocket


  • Takes a lot of time to dry
  • Not waterproof

Verdict: The Lakme Insta Eye Liner is deep black in color with a runny consistency that is impeccable for routine use.  If you are a learner in cosmetics and seeking for decent eyeliner for normal use, I would highly vouch for this product. Apart from for the drying portion, the eyeliner fares immaculately well for a regular user. However, if you are a person who seeks out for delightful packing, Lakme Insta Eye Liner won’t be your choice as the packing is fairly simple. Buy: 300 Rupees

► Dolphy Shaving Makeup Vanity Mirror

Are you looking for a wall mountable folding mirror that may help keep your bathroom spick and span? With Dolphy Shaving Makeup Vanity Mirror, you can do it with no trouble.

Incredible Design: The Dolphy Shaving Makeup Vanity Mirror is built of steel and incorporates Gold chrome finish as well. The base of the mirror has rippled effect with a trace of additional beautification that complements it. You can fix it on your bathroom stand without difficulty and push it sideways if you want more space.

Double sided mirror: Above and beyond, the Dolphy mirror owns duo sides:-

  • The first side is a normal mirror.
  • The other side consists of a 5x magnifying mirror.

Wall-mounted mirror with a noticeably adjustable swivel function

It will not just attach perfectly to your wall, but will also allow you to extend it scrupulously to your favored location. Likewise, you can fold it away by means of the linked folding arm when not in use. The folding arm and frame of the Shaving Makeup Vanity Mirror are finished off the chrome finish. Along with a sophisticated design, this wall-mounted mirror has a substantially adjustable swivel function that makes it foldable and bendable.

Dolphy Shaving Makeup Vanity Mirror


  • Vanity Mirror is vibrant
  • 5x magnification
  • Dual sided
  • Swivel head permits stress-free viewing at any angle

Verdict: This vanity mirror is the ultimate choice for serving shaving needs or smearing cosmetics.  Its flexible armrest and chrome finish make vanity mirror useful and attractive without question.  In addition to enhancing your bathroom appeal, this mirror will let you enjoy a shadow-free, glare-free, and crystal clear view for manifold resolutions. You can use it for twee-zing, applying make-ups, shaving, back viewing, and putting in your contact lens without problems. Buy: 1750 Rupees

► Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer

Yes, now you can install Hair dryers on your bathroom walls as well. Wall mounted hairdryers are mainly designed to conserve space.

Traditional and classy design: The Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer with its European traditional design and beauty is a new name for luxury. Besides being an exclusive choice for your home décor, it is the first and foremost option for Hotels’ bathrooms. It's a dependable product for hotel and household use and can be used to dry your hair and skin without problems. This wall-mounted hair dryer is a trendy product designed the combine science with aesthetics. Thus, it brings grandeur and splendor to life with ease.

Drying power of 1200 Watts: This stylish, high quality, safe and trustworthy Wall mounted Hair Dryer from Dolphy features the drying power of 1200 Watts and ionic technology that allows fast drying.

Installing it is a breeze! Furthermore, installing this wall-mounted hair dryer is a fairly stress-free process. It's not complex at all. You can do the all the work by hand. On top of that, you will acquire a handbook along with the hair dryer that will offer you the step-by-step commands.

Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer

→ You can trust this Trustworthy Hair Dryer Brand

Speaking from my personal experience, Dolphy has been a front-runner in the industry for quite a few years. In fact, at the moment, you can find the Dolphy products including the wall mounted hair dryer in the bathrooms of more than a few 5-star hotels and guesthouses all over the world. So, next time you're in a top-class hotel, check out which hair dryer is straddling on their wall.

Additional features: Some supplementary features of this convenient bathroom appliance are:-

  • Improved airflow
  • Lowered noise level
  • Smooth styling
  • Magnetic handset
  • Strong hanging safety support
  • Blowing Rate of 12m/s
  • Energy saving

Verdict: The Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer with amazing drying power of 1200 Watts as well as ionic technology lets you enjoy the luxury of fast drying in your bathrooms. Some of the most powerful features of this wall-mounted hair dryer are blowing rate of 12 m/s, smooth design, magnetic base, influential airflow and so forth. All these persuasive features make this product a tempting option for your hair drying needs. No matter if you have smooth or curly hair, this dryer would work incredibly well on all hairstyles. Buy: 1600 Rupees