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Best LG Washing Machine below 10000 Rupees in India

LG P7550R3FA Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review Specifications

LG brand loyalists would appreciate this review piece. Here I review a best-selling LG top loading washing machine. The model selected has smart wash features and lasting built-in protection. It is a perfect top loading washing machine for home use. Based on its capacity, it is fit for a family of four to seven members. Read also 21 High Capacity Washing Machine below 30000 Rupees.

However, first I would answer few questions, which the followers of Gadgets Shiksha asked us. What is a top loader washing machine? How a top load washing machine works? Also, what are top loading washing machine advantages? Let me answer them one by one.

As is appears from the name, in a top loading machine, laundry is loaded from the top. The drum in a top loading washing machine faces upward, and the motor sits at the base. The motor and the drum are belted tighter. When you switch on the power supply, the motor spins the drum at a faster rate. The spin rate of the drum could be in between 500 to 1500 Runs per minute.

LG P7550R3FA Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Inside View

Detergent mixed in the water creates a reaction that separates dust from fabrics. In a high-speed washing machine drum, dust particles due to less mass accelerate faster with water than heavy mass fabrics. That triggers their separation. Later dusts mixed in the water pass out through exit pipe and left in the drum is neatly cleaned fabrics.

The design of the top loading washing machine makes it less energy efficient compared to a front loading washing machine. Front-loading washing machines are mechanically better than a top loading washing machine by giving proper wash, saving water and electricity.

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However, the price of a top loading washing machine is almost half the price of a front loading washing machine. In fact, one can buy a best mini washing machine in as low as 3000 Rupees.

►6.5-Kg LG P7550R3FA Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Only a few brands could justify their brand name with quality products and hassle-free service. LG is one brand keeping a good name and the best customer service (Life is good) in India. Trust in this Korean brand is such that Indian consumers prefer an LG top loading washing machine despite being priced on the higher side than a cheap washing machine and dryer combo by any other brand.

LG P7550R3FA Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Wheels

The variant is one of the best semi-automatic washing machines on the market. Around 10000 Rupees is the LG washing machine price in India. In fact, its users’ testimony endorses – one excellent top loading washing machine with dryer. It is also silent: a noiseless washing machine. The brand LG is one of the top favorites for a best silent washing machine.

→Strong Rustproof Body with Rat Away Technology

The rust-free outer body of this semi-automatic washing machine provides complete protection. Make full-fledged usage of this LG masterpiece under all the circumstances for years to come. One of the quirky qualities of the washing design is the elimination of vibration and noises emanating from it.

LG Top Loading Washing Machine Specs

Apparently, the most budget washing machine makes enormous noise ultimately disturbs surrounding. The new anti-vibration rubber in this brilliant LG design provides a vibration and noise-free operation during its use. I am not saying that the LG machine is very silent, but it is certainly less noisy. The plastic body is a complete shock free, too.

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LG washing machine rat away technology: According to the official webpage, rat repellent chemical applied on the body of this LG washing machines. LG claims the rat repellent chemical would keep away rats from the washing machine as long as it is in use.

→The LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is Monster in performance

The electromechanical control provides the utmost comfort in its use. There are four control knobs for setting wash time, wash selector, drain selector, and spin time. Further, depending upon the type of the clothes, the machine comes with a three-step change process: gentle wash, regular wash, and strong wash.

LG Top Loading Washing Machine Controls Knob

Flexi use: The cold-water setting is useful when it comes to washing delicate fabrics, which require extra and gentle care. Moreover, the separation of clothes is very much required. In fact, special care must be taken to separate the laundry based on the dirt, fabric type, and the amount of the stain on them.

The Washing machine is not that powerful compared to its options in the market. However, It can meet the very most requirement which a washing machine needs to satisfy.

The main thing to consider is the spin motor which delivers an optimum amount of output. According to the official specs, the maximum spin this LG top loading washing machine could achieve is 1000 RPM.

→Advanced Wash Features of this LG Washing Machine Top Loading

Most of the machines available in the market fail to meet the very underlying function of the removal of stain. However, the LG P7550R3FA washing machine comes with a separate collar scrubber removing the dirt and the stain in cuff and collar of your favorite shirt.

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LG Roller Jet Pulsator Washing Method LG Washing Machine

The built-in roller jet technology not only utilizes the full wrath of the centrifugal force but also it is keen on maintaining a tangle-free experience of the clothes making the washing a smooth process and spread throughout. The roller moreover provides an additional frictional force just like the regular washing with the hand.

Wash Time: The 15 minutes of wash timer and the 5 minutes spin timer is enough for all types of fabrics. You need not continually check whether the operation has ended due to the buzzer feed. This washing machine model lacks required soak function, however.

→The LG Washing Machine comes with a Fast Dryer and Ling Filter

The LG Wind Jet Dry does two things. First is to dry up clothes to be ready for ironing. The second is to release moisture from the inner tube, required for its long life. Thus, the Jet Air Dry function of this LG washing machine also improves this machine's washing abilities on the hygienic front. If you are looking for a washing machine that dries clothes, undoubtedly this LG semi-automatic washing machine is one of the options currently.

LG Top Loading Washing Machine Back View

The lint filter is a great boon in terms of removing the dust, the fibers, and the stain during each cycle keeping the pipe free for flow. That results in best washing performance. In fact, lint filter is one must-have feature for any washing machine.


  • Rust free housing
  • Powerful washing
  • Shockproof
  • Wind jet dry
  • Rat-Proof
  • Three Wash


  • Lacking Auto Selection Feature
  • Not so efficient motor
  • Design may not be that appealing
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Conclusion: The features, performance, and the efficiency of this LG top loading washing machine and thereby its delivery is such that it is not just a machine, it is a helping hand for homemakers.

Even though the washing machine top loading is not entirely automatic, but it is very efficient. It keeps up LG’s good name. The performance of this LG washing machine that also dries fabrics is very reliable as well.

The Roller jet pulsator gives a great deal when it comes to providing clean and crisp wash and is very much efficient in removing the everyday dirt and coffee stains. It appears as though the air dryer also gives a smooth transition to the wet clothes. If you are concerned with the performance and not with the appealing look, then you are about to buy a washing machine, which is budget friendly and makes washing a sweet experience. Read also Best Washing Machines To Attain A Superb Job In Cleaning Laundry.

Price 10000 Rupees
Wash Capacity 6.5 Kg
Spin Tub Capacity 5.5 Kg
Maximum Spin Speed 1000 RPM
Pulsator Roller Jet Pulsator
Rat away feature Yes
Wash Programs 3; Gentle, Normal, Strong
Control Method Electro Mech.
Wash Timer(min) 15
Air Dry Yes
Spin Timer(min) 5
Soak No
Water fall No
Water Level Selector No
Buzzer Yes
Anti-Vibration Rubber Yes
Lint Collector Yes
Unidirectional Wheel Yes (4EA)
Magic wheels No
Collar Scrubber Yes
Wash Window No
Spin Window No
Rust Free Plastic Base Yes
Spin Shower Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 795 x 470 x 975 mm

Users Review and Opinion

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