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Best LED Monitors between 5500 to 9000 Rupees

LG LED Monitor 20M35D Review and Specifications

AOC E2070SWNL 19.5-inch LED Monitor

American brand AOC is a popular brand when it comes to select a good monitor at an affordable price. Even the You Tubers who are tight on budget front choose this brand for creating their setup. The AOC E2070SWNL is a 19.5-inch LED monitor, which you can purchase for just 5800 rupees.

Bigger and Brighter Display: This desktop monitor has the LED backlit panel that offers superb contrast ratio. Its backlit is enough powerful to be used in offices that are installed with bright lighting systems. Motion refresh rate is decent considering the price point. In fact, You will get a nice movie watching and gaming experience on this monitor as it has a better display resolution of 1600 X 900 pixels. However, the limited viewing angles will disappoint a number of customers.

AOC E2070SWNL 19 5 Inch LED Monitor

Consumes Less Power

The crystalline display helps this device run on much less power. It consumes just 18 Watts of electricity in active mode and just 0.5 Watt of electricity in standby mode. Moreover, the monitor supports a wide voltage input range of 100 – 240 volts, which means it will not be damaged in case of power fluctuations. Built-in Eco Mode lets the user choose from five different display settings.

Sturdy Build: AOC is highly criticized in the market for its bad design policy and you should not expect this monitor to be appealing. However, the materials that the manufacturer has used in the making are of good quality. Its outer shell does not flex easily. The best thing is you will be able to mount this display on a wall.

Screen Plus Feature: The AOC monitor helps a lot in managing the work-space of user’s desktop. Using the Screen + software, one can divide the screen into four parts and assign each part a specific window. Those prefer to executive multiple tasks at the same time will be benefited most from this functionality.

No HDMI Port: Unfortunately, there is no HDMI port on the back. All you are getting is a single VGA port that transmits low capacity analog signals. This means it is very much limited to use in a desktop setup. In addition, users will not be able to use this AOC display to play HD videos or connect it with a TV tuner for live TV programs.

Pros Features:

  • Build quality is good
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Consumes just 18 Watts of power
  • Eco Mode
  • Screen + feature


  • Viewing angles are really bad
  • Lacks HDMI port
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Verdict: Considering the price point, this AOC monitor does offer some nice features that include Eco Mode and Screen + functionality. However, you should also consider the above-listed cons before making a purchase decision final.

Price 5700 Rupees
Display Size 19.5 inch
Resolution 1600 X 900 pixels
Contrast Ratio 600:01:00
Response Time 5 ms
Viewing Angles 50 (Vertical) and 90 (Horizontal)
Connectivity VGA
Warranty 3 Years
Power Consumption 18 Watts


LG 20M35D 19.5-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor

The LG 20M35D is one of the cheapest 19.5-inch monitors in the market. It is currently available for an amount of 6,371 rupees. However, before we move into the discussion, you should know there is not much to say about this monitor. Even though it is a low cost branded monitor, but it has not impressed me in terms of performance, refresh rate, picture quality and the availability of connectivity ports.

LED Backlit: Its crystalline display is backlit by LEDs on the back. The contrast ratio of 600:1 is not so impressive, but it certainly gets the job done.

The LG monitor produces life-like colors and covers about 72% of sRGB gamut. Considering the price point, the response time of five milliseconds seems good, although gamers will not appreciate it. In addition, Bad viewing angles will certainly disappoint many customers.

This 19.5-inch monitor offers a display resolution of 1600 X 900 pixels. The resolution ration is quite enough to generate crispy graphics and sharp frames, which translates into a decent movie watching experience. If your work requires reading content, then be sure to use the built-in reading mode that filters out the blue light. Moreover, LG has used a special dimming technology to reduce flicker that helps in eliminating eye stress.

LG LED Monitor 20M35D Review and Specifications

Standard But Sturdy Design: The design of this monitor is not that attractive, but I have to say that it is made of sturdy materials. Even the hard buttons underneath the bottom bezels give a solid feedback. This product supports both wall mount and table top installation types.

Consume Much less Power: I do not know how LG has done it, but this monitor consumes remarkably less power. It only needs 16 Watts of energy in active mode. This number drops to a mere 0.3 Watts when the monitor goes in standby mode. Voltage input range of 100-240 Volts is great for Indian conditions.

Surprising Connectivity Features

Generally, budget PC monitors are only equipped with VGA ports that transfer analog signals and are not reliable when it comes to full HD resolution. However, LG has featured a DVI port on the back of this monitor. The reason behind this is certainly the higher resolution display.

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Pros Features:

  • Compact, sturdy and durable design
  • Supports both wall mount and table top installation types
  • Decent resolution of 1600 X 900 pixels
  • Power efficient
  • Wide color gamut
  • DVI port on the back


  • Viewing angles are really bad

Verdict: The only thing that will attract customers to this LG monitor is the DVI port. In my opinion, there are better alternatives available in this price segment.

Price 7000 Rupees
Display Size 19.5 inch
Resolution 1600 X 900 pixels
Contrast Ratio 600:01:00
Response Time 5 ms
Viewing Angles 65 (Vertical) and 90 (Horizontal)
Connectivity VGA  and DVO
Power Consumption 16 Watts


LG 22MP56HQ-T 22-inch LED Monitor

If video quality is on top of your priority list, then the LG 22MP56HQ-T 22-inch LED Monitor is best the best option to go for. At just 8533 rupees of a price, this product offers a high-resolution panel, bunch of connectivity options, and an elegant outer shell.

Crisp and Stunning Graphics: The 22-inch display of this Led monitor packs in a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Playing games and watching movies feels amazing on this display. As it features an IPS panel, the viewing angles are wide and impressive. Color reproduction is accurate and the contrast ratio is highly impressive.

This LG monitor gives an immersive experience to the end users. LG has also used a special technology to reduce the flickering, which helps in eliminating fatigue that results from longer work sessions.

The Super Plus resolution technology sharpens the rough edges thereby takes the end user experience to the next level. Further, the response time (5 ms) is indeed impressive on this low-cost FHD monitor.

Rising energy price is a clear indication that we should invest for gadget requires less power for operation. The LG monitor consumes just 20 Watts of power in active mode. Since it is an FHD display, 20W of power consumption is normal. When the monitor goes in standby mode, operational power consumption drops from 20W to a mere 0.3 Watt.

LG 22MP56HQ T 22 inch LED Monitor

Premium Design

LG has tried the best to make this monitor as appealing as it could. The LG LED monitor flaunts the same design line that we find mostly on a premium television set manufactured by this Korean brand.

Silver finish of the bezels gives a nice appeal to the eyes. Display panel offers a glossy finish that eliminates reflection. The base that comes in the box is detachable and can be tilted according to the end user’s need.

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To ensure a sleek look and hassle free access to buttons, LG has placed all the controls just underneath the bottom bezel.

LG has made the monitor with sturdy and durable materials. Since the brand is assured about the durability, as an end user you will get three years of onsite warranty free.

Great Connectivity Options: This LG device can throw other monitors out of competition on the connectivity front. Apart from a standard VGA port, it also features an HDMI and a DVI port for processing digital signals. Although the monitor does not feature inbuilt speakers but it does come with a dedicated Audio Out port on the back.

Set and reset the monitor with on-screen menu, which is easy to browse through. You are also getting to choose from 17 languages for OSD menu.

Pros Features:

  • Attractive and durable build
  • Supports both wall mount and table-top mount installation types
  • Runs on low power
  • Full HD resolution
  • Does not put a lot of strain on eyes
  • IPS panel offers wide viewing angles
  • Features ports like HDMI, DVI, and Audio Out

Verdict: In the 9000 rupees price segment, you will not get a better LED display than this LG monitor. Do not waste your time looking for an alternative. This monitor will be a perfect solution for all types of usage.

Price 8600 Rupees
Display Size 21.5 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Contrast Ratio 5000000:1 (Dynamic)
Response Time 5 ms
Viewing Angles 178 (Vertical) and 178 (Horizontal)
Power Consumption 20 Watts
Dimensions 411 X 509 X 188 mm
Weight 2.7 KG
Connectivity VGA, HDMI, and DVI
Warranty 3 Years

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