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Best LED Computer Monitor Below 22000 Rupees

Best Computer Monitor below 22000 Rupees in India Market

What are the best monitors for photo editing, gaming, internet browsing, and watching movies? In this piece, we cover newly launched best computer monitors, which are on sale in the price range of 20000 to 22000 Rupees. The suggested big screen computer monitors are the ideal choice for multimedia editing, action gaming, and watching movies, videos.

► 32-Inch Acer EB321HQU 2K QHD Monitor

The Acer monitor is the best LED computer monitor under 22000 Rupees currently for general use. If you need a gaming monitor, consider LG 29UM69G, whose screen refresh rate is 75-Hz. This 29-Inch monitor comes with an IPS panel, but that is optimized for gaming also. An in-depth review of its 25-Inch variant is at the end of this article.

Build of this Acer QHD monitor is excellent but not the design. 20000 Rupees is too much cost for a computer monitor. Then a thick bezel around the screen makes no sense. The rest of the design has a great appeal, however. Its rectangle shape stand is much more secure than the V-Shape stand.

32-Inch Acer EB321HQU 2K QHD Monitor in 21000 Rs

→ Design and Specs

In 21000 Rupees if I expect a branded monitor to have an invisible cable management system, I am not asking for too much. Although connectivity points on this Acer 32-inch Monitor are at easy to reach places at the rear side, on the left and right side. While Power connection point is at one side, points for CPU connectivity is on another side. That is a user-friendly placement of connectivity points.

Not much to say when the specs of the monitor say it all. 32-Inch (in real 31.5-Inch) is the biggest screen size you can buy when your budget is around 22000 Rupees. Other top monitor brands still stuck with a screen size below 30-Inch and screen resolution only 1080P.

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This Acer monitor has a 32-Inch screen with 2K resolution. IPS display panel, 4ms response time, and 60-Hz refresh. That translates as the screen is the best choice for watching movies, reading and accessing to multimedia contents online. Therefore, it is not the best choice for gaming.

→ Blue light filter and flicker-less

Acer also added essential features to this big screen monitor to protect user’s eye and reduce its power consumption. Thus, the best computer monitor under 22000 Rupees is Acer EB321HQU. Do not miss it if you want to experience the best of a computer screen.

Price 21000 Rupees
Screen IPS Display Panel | 32-Inch | 2560 x 1440 Pixels | 60-Hz Refresh Rate | Aspect Ratio 16:9 | 4-ms Response time | Bluelight Filter | Flicker-Free | Brightness: 300 cd/m2 | Tilt Angle: -5°Up to15°
Connectivity DVI | HDMI | DisplayPort
Power 55-Watt Consumption | Energy Star 6.0
Installation Table-top | VESA mount
Build Height: 486 grams | Width: 730 grams | Depth: 180 Grams | Weight: 6 to 7 Kgs
Warranty 36 Months


► 24-Inch Dell U2414H Full HD LED Monitor

The reason that most YouTubers and graphic professionals spend more money on monitors is that they want their produced projects to be perfect. Most budget displays out there offer bad color reproduction, which stops the designers from delivering everything in the original form to the viewers.

Actually, the problem is most people do not have enough budgets to purchase products like iMac or a monitor that costs more than 50000 rupees. The good thing, however, is you can still get a decent LED Monitor without spending huge money.

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The Dell U2414H LED Monitor was made available in India last year and since then it has impressed many people. Its main highlight is the usability that it offers to the users. This Dell display comes equipped with powerful features to help you in video or graphic production.

Dell U2414H 23 8 inch LED Monitor

→ Premium Quality Build

Normally, I do not go into the details of a monitor stand, but this device deserves an exception. Actually that is made of high quality and durable materials. The main highlight of this stand is that allows for great flexibility. Its display bracket can be adjusted to the height of the users. The stand allows the users to tilt and swivel the monitor. Moreover, you also get the ability to rotate the monitor up to 90 degrees in both the directions.

Anti-Glare Screen : Dell has coated the display panel of this monitor with a layer of transparent anti-glare material. It eliminates reflections even if you have installed the monitor in front of a window or a bulb. Ultra-thin bezels measure only 6.05 mm in thickness and will certainly help the users in the creating a multi-display setup. Its display panel measures 23.8 inches diagonally and has been molded in 16:09 aspect ratio.

Because of full HD resolution everything appears razor sharp on this Dell monitor. Its viewing angles are impressive and extend up to 178 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions. Typical color gamut of 85 percent and sRGB color gamut of 96 percent helps in generating lifelike pictures. Users can easily differentiate between multiple colors shades because of the high contrast ratio of 1000:1.

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→ Is this Dell monitor suitable for gaming?

However, if you are a gamer, then do not even think of purchasing this product. Its response time of eight ms is much low. Its low motion refresh rate stops the games from offering high frame rates, which ultimately results in jittery graphics and animations. You might also experience frequent frame drops while playing graphic intensive games on this monitor.

Supports Wide Voltage Input Range: This Dell monitor is perfectly safe for Indian electrical conditions. It supports a wide voltage input range of 100 – 240 Volts and can easily resist power fluctuations. On an average, this product consumes only 16 Watts of electricity, but that number can jump up to 74 Watts on a busy day. However, do not worry about the electricity bill as its PowerNap feature allows the users to manage the power consumption wisely.

Impressive Touch Controls: To make this monitor futuristic, Dell has used touch controls on it. Under the hood, the control panel uses Infrared light to sense touch, which is not highly reliable. So, do expect to face some problems while browsing through the OSD menu.

→ Connectivity Features

The Dell U2414H monitor is the best product that I can recommend to anyone on the front of connectivity. It features all those connectivity ports that other brands will not even dare to offer at this price point. Using the Display Port 1.2, one can create the multi-display setup with minimal discontinuity. There are four downstream USB 3.0 ports and one upstream USB 3.0 port on the back of this monitor. Dell has also featured two HDMI ports on it, both of which support MHL connectivity.

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You can also find an audio port on the back that can be used if you are also transferring audio using an HDMI cable.


  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Covers 96 percent of sRGB color gamut
  • Great connectivity options
  • Display can be rotated, swiveled as well as tilted
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Ultra-thin bezels are good for multi-display setup
  • A special USB 3.0 port for charging devices
  • Smartphone screen can be shared using MHL connectivity


  • Low motion refresh rate
  • High response time
  • Touch controls do not work sometimes

Conclusion: You will not get a better deal at this price point. Although the screen size should be a bit bigger still, this monitor is perfect to work on. Graphics and video editing professionals will fall in love with it on the very first look. One of the main highlights of this product is that users can also charge their USB devices such as smartphones and tablets at a high-speed using the USB 3.0 port. The use of this monitor is not just limited to professionals, but it is also a great platform for watching movies.

However, I would not recommend it to the gaming community because of low motion refresh rate and high response time.

Price 22000 Rupees
Display Size 23.8 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Contrast Ratio 1000:01
Response Time 8 ms
Viewing Angles 178 (Vertical) and 178 (Horizontal)
Connectivity 2 X HDMI, 2 X DisplayPort, 1 X miniDisplayPort, 5 X USB, Audio Out and VGA
Power 16 Watts Power consumption


► LG 25UM65 Full HD Ultra-Wide LED Monitor

This is the era of globalization where the evolution of internet has given great power to individuals. The rise of websites like YouTube and Vimeo has helped a number of production houses based on a single man to survive. Some YouTubers like PewDiePie are earning millions of dollars every year. However, before you get excited to start an online production channel, a few things might be of your concern.

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Camera and CPU are definitely important elements of video production. However, to manage everything virtually, you would need a wide and quality display. In this regard, the LG 25UM65-P Full HD Ultra-Wide LED Monitor could be the best solution for the people who have a limited budget.

LG 25UM65 P Full HD Ultra Wide LED Monitor Price Online in India

Great Aspect Ratio: This monitor offers a wide work-space to the users. Its aspect ratio of 21:1 is suitable for producing and testing even cinema like movies. The best thing is you will not see the black strips at the top and bottom while playing movies on it. This display is so wide that users can easily work on two windows side by side. Gamers will certainly love its screen as they will be getting an immersive experience while playing games like GTA V and Fallout 4. After purchasing this monitor, you would not need any other additional display on your desk.

Another special thing is LG promises that this product is compatible with the devices like Mac mini and Mac Pro.

→ Is this the best monitor for graphics designers?

The environment that this monitor provides is like heaven for graphic designers. Its display covers about 99 percent of sRGB color gamut. Users can process their images with absolute precision as this monitor produces life-like colors.

IPS Display Panel: LG used a 25-inch IPS panel for making this product. It packs a resolution of 2560 X 1080 pixels. It is actually a full HD display, the increase in horizontal pixels is just because the aspect ratio. Viewing angles are great. I would not say that its contrast ratio is amazing, but it is certainly good enough to help users in distinguishing different colors. The monitor offers a disappointing response time of 14 ms and its motion refresh rate is limited to 60 Hz only.

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One of the main highlights of this monitor is the split screen feature. You can organize all the windows by splitting the screen into four parts with just a single click. Moreover, the other windows will fit the display themselves upon resizing a particular window. The users also get the ability to connect up to two devices simultaneously to this monitor. In this case, the display will be divided into two sections and each side will be assigned to a particular device.

→ Eye-Catching Form Factor

The elegant design of this monitor will certainly blow your mind. With thin bezels and a sleek stand, it looks appealing that will enhance your work desk experience. It can be tilted from -5 to 20 degrees on its base. Surprisingly, this monitor features a joystick interface underneath the bottom bezel, which is used to browse through the OSD menu.

Offers a Bunch of Connectivity Options: On the back, this monitor features two HDMI ports for connecting up to two devices simultaneously. You can also find a standard VGA port and DVI port on this product. Moreover, it comes equipped with Audio In and Audio Out jacks.

It also supports MHL connectivity. This means the users will be able to cast the screen of their smartphones right on the huge display of this monitor.

Stereo Speakers: LG equipped this device with two 3-Watt speakers. The audio that is produced is enough loud and the stereo effect enhances the movie watching experience of the users.

→ Low Power Consumption

A monitor this huge generally requires a lot of power to run, but that is certainly not the case here. It only consumes 31 Watts of electricity while in use. The device supports a wide voltage input range of 100-240 Volts, which means it can resist power fluctuations.

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LG 25UM65 P Full HD Ultra Wide LED Monitor Review and Specifications


  • Energy star qualified product
  • Wide display (aspect ratio of 21:9)
  • Split screen feature
  • Covers 99 percent of sRGB color gamut
  • HDMI, DVI and MHL connectivity
  • Inbuilt speakers give a total RMS output of 6 Watts
  • Wall mount support
  • Can be simultaneously connected to two input sources

Conclusion: Are you planning to start a YouTube Channel? Consider this LG monitor with either 25-inch screen or 29-Inch screen. Its wide display will certainly enhance your productivity. The extra features that LG has bundled with it are appreciable.

The LG monitor model is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Going by the built and specifications, I can assure, no manufacturer can offer such a great product in this price segment. Therefore, my advice would be, not to waste more time looking for an alternative and seal your final decision with it.

Price 20000 Rupees
Display Size 25 Inch | 29-Inch
Resolution 2560 X 1080 pixels
Contrast Ratio 1000:01:00
Response Time 1 ms
Viewing Angles 65 (Vertical) and 90 (Horizontal)
Connectivity 2 X HDMI, 1 X Headphone Out, 1 X VGA  and 1 X DVI
Power 31 Watts Power Consumption

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