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The Best Laser Printer under 8000 Rupees This Month

best laser printer for office use in india under 8000 Rupees

For single function printers, one of the best brands in the Indian market is Brother. Other best brands are Ricoh, Epson, and Samsung. Brother is a US brand. In the Indian market, this brand is famous for efficient printers and affordable advanced sewing machine. We at Gadgets Shiksha regularly cover the best products of this Global brand, which has mastered the art of producing durable but affordable electronics. In this piece, I cover the details of its heavy-duty laser printer HL-L2321D, which costs only 7200 Rupees.

The low-cost printer is in huge demand because of its low-cost printing. It is a monochrome printer. That means it can print only in black & white, not in color. I would highly recommend it for office use as well as to use in a stationery shop. For home use, you should consider an HP printer, which can also print in color and has a multi-function operation.

In the Indian market, Brother HL-L2321D is currently a top-rated single function laser printer. Even though designed in Japan, Brother Manufactures the printer model in China.

Its input paper tray can hold up to 250 sheets, and its print speed is up to 30 pages per minute. Therefore, I can rightly rate it, the best laser printer under 8000 Rupees. This heavy-duty printer can print thousands of pages daily. However, is it the best low printing cost laser printer in India, let us find out?

► Brother HL-L2321D Pro Features

  • A fast laser printer
  • Heavy Duty Printer – This printer can even print thousands of pages daily
  • Print on all office use paper sizes including legal paper
  • High Yield Toner – Printer More than 2000 pages per refill
  • Auto Duplexing

Cons: – Only USB connectivity, No Wi-Fi

Alternatives: On the Gadgets Shiksha, in my recent articles on “laser printers for office use” I advocated for an ink-tank printer use to bring down per page print cost. I use an HP ink tank printer in my office.

Brother HL-L2321D Alternatives Best Ink Tank Printer

Ink Tank printers reduce per page print cost is an established fact. Therefore, instead of this Brother heavy-duty laser printer, consider its ink tank printer, DCP-T300. That is a color multi-function ink tank printer, costs 9000 Rupees. It is, in fact, one of the best multi-function printers for office use in India under 10000 Rupees.

At 8000 Rupees, Canon Pixma G-1000, which is a single function color ink-tank printer, is another excellent choice. Besides, a single function ink-tank printer that could be an excellent choice instead of the Brother HL-L2321D is Epson L130. It costs only 7400 Rupees, currently.

I have two other outstanding printers to suggest as alternatives of this Brother laser printer if you are not willing to trust the latest printer technology that is ink-tank and interested in a conventional toner based printer.

Brother HL-L2321D Alternatives Best Single Function Toner Printer

Samsung claims that its single function laser printer M2021, which is on sale for 6000 Rupees, can reduce par page print cost to only 25 paise. For a small office, however, the most recommended single function laser printer under 7000 Rupees is Ricoh SP-111. The features of this Ricoh heavy-duty printer are parallel to the feature of the Brother single function printer.

► Build and Design of This Brother Laser Printer

Inside the sales box of this brother printer – is a printer unit, tonner, USB cable, driver CD, warranty card, manual, and a diagram to install the printer.

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On the top of the printer, there are LED light notification for toner, drum, paper, and ready status. Just above the LED lights is the power button. For user convenience, on the left side of the printer is a sticker pasted. It details LED status and their meaning on this printer. Using any printer for the first time requires such essential information.

Brother Heavy Duty Laser Printer HL-L2321D

The build of this Brother printer is sturdy. It has a formal, traditional design, nothing futuristic although. The only attention-grabber thing is the logo on the front side. It announces – the printer is “Designed in Japan.” That looks cool, though. On the right side of the printer is another logo posted. That details the information of Brother India customer care. I must say Brother takes good care of the end users and provides all necessary information to help them in every possible way.

You need to be careful while fixing toner with drum and then placing the setup inside the laser printer. Its installation and connection with a computer is just a child’s play, however. Warily go through the setup manual. Read every detail carefully and follow them as explained step-wise, in the same order. Slowly push the Drum + Toner inside the printer. If you hear, crisp click sound meaning you is genius in setting up a printer.

► Input Try Print Quality and Noise Level

The paper tray of Brother HL-L2321D laser printer is commodious. You can store up to 250 sheets in it. As per size of the papers you can well-arrange them so that printer runs fast and does not jam. The output tray whereas can hold up to 100 printed pages.

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The print quality by the Brother HL-L2321D printer is impressive. It prints only in Black & White. The details on the printout appear crisp and clear as letters, numbers, symbols, and graphics have sharp edges and required depth.

There is little difference in the quality of the printout, printed in HD quality, 1200 dpi, and in the standard print quality, that is 600 dpi. Therefore, I advise printing mostly in 600 dpi to save toner life and reduce per page print cost.

Now let us talk about the noise level of this Brother single function printer. On the official web-page for the printer model, there is not much information about how much noise it generates. Therefore, I would go by what I heard by seeing a demo of the printer.

Is Brother HL- L2321D a quiet laser printer? The answer is no. Although compared to other best multifunction laser printers under 10000 Rupees, it is less raucous.

► Conclusion and Brother HL-L2321D Printer Specs

Longevity, connectivity options, and per page printer cost are the yardsticks I use to form a final opinion about any printer.

The durability of a product is something one cannot test and measure in a trial run. Therefore, we go by the reputation of the brand. How the buyers have received the other products of the company in the past – could provide a basis to form precise estimation about the current product. Brother, the US brand, sells made in China products, still its products last longer. That asserts that the best laser printer in India under 10000 Rupees rightly, is durable enough to remain operational a good number of years.

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Is this printer efficient enough to reduce per page printer cost? Bearing in mind the market reputation of the recommended high-yield tonner, per page printer cost on this printer should be reasonably less. It has nothing to offer on the connectivity front, however. It comes with only the necessary option, USB 2.0 support.

The Brother HL-2321D single function laser printer with Auto-duplex is genuinely an outstanding printer. I would highly recommend it for small offices with headcount, not more than 10, and for small businesses as well.

Price 7500 Rupees
Features Ideal for: {Home | Office | Photocopy Center} | Laser Printer | 12-Months Warranty | LED Indicator and Control Button | Connectivity: USB 2.0
Print Max-Speed: 30 PPM | Max-Resolution: 2400×600 dpi | Auto Duplexing
Paper Type: {Plain, Thin, Recycled} | Paper-Size: {A4, Letter, A5, A5(Long Edge), A6, Executive, Legal, Folio} | Paper-Weight: {Max 80-gsm}
Power Consumption: {Active:  537MB | Standby:  58W}
Toner Brother TN-2365 Toner @ 2500 Rupees {2600 A4-Prints} | Brother DR-2365 @ 3200 Rupees {12000 A4/Letter-Prints} | Compatible Non-Branded Toner: 900 Rupees | Refill Powder 80-Grams: 200 Rupees
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