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Best Lamination Machines with Advanced Features

TCL INDIA DSAFDFDG43534 Lamination Machine

In recent years, rapid digitalization of government department and offices has reduced the use of physical documents. We still keep hard copies of essential papers, however. Documents like property paper, educational certificates, licenses, and identification cards are valuable. These documents are paper-based, which means they are susceptible to damage.

Laminating valuable documents is the best way to protect them. Lamination not only makes papers hard to tear, but it also saves them from the water.

This website has received many queries regarding suggestion on the best lamination machines on a budget. With this article suggesting five best lamination machine with advanced features.

Since document lamination is not advanced technology, top-rated lamination machines of desi brands could be the best buy. In this piece, I discuss best lamination machine on sale in the price range of 3500 to 11000 rupees. The suggested laminators are excellent choices for stationary and xerox shop owners. Read also 2000 रुपए से कम कीमत में तीन सबसे बढ़िया लेमिनेशन मशीन.

► 12.6-Inch Lamination Machine Gobbler Type 320

The Gobbler Type 320 is one of the most affordable lamination machines for Xerox shop owners from small cities, where demand is less. It is available in the market for an attractive amount of 3600 rupees.

Great Functionality: In spite of being a basic lamination machine, it has some interesting features. The direction of rollers is reversible. Its control panel sports two indicator lights: one glows when the machine is heating and another light up when it becomes ready for use.

A dial will allow you to select the temperature, which needs to be set according to the thickness of pouch. In the case of a power cut, one can use the manual knob to take the stuck document out.

Gobbler Type 320 Lamination Machine

Wide Rollers: This lamination machine features 12.6-inch wide rollers. You will be able to laminate A4 as well as A3 documents on it without any problem.

Durable Body: The manufacturer Gobbler has used a thick sheet of metal to make the outer shell of this device. It has a number of vents for dissipating heat. Proper insulation stops heat from radiating, as a result, the users do not feel any degree of warmth.

Takes A Little Bit Of To Heat Up: Customers will have to wait for around 5-6 minutes before using this device. Its 440-Watt heating element is less powerful than the alternatives available out there.

Pro Features:-

  • Supports both hot and cold lamination
  • Solid build quality
  • Effective heat shield
  • Manual knob
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Cons: Low power heating element

Verdict: Considering the price point, we cannot blame this machine for a slow heating process. It comes although with a number of other great features that are not easily available on budget lamination machines.

Speed 475-mm/min
Lamination Thickness 1-mm
Lamination Width 320-mm
Heat Control Yes
Reverse Rolling Yes
Power Consumption 440 Watts
Document Support Up To A3
Warranty 1-Year
Buy 3600 Rupees


► 13-Inch Lamination Machine Bambalio LAM-007

Those people who prefer design over functionality can go for the Bambalio LAM-007 lamination machine. This device will cost you somewhere around 5,500 rupees, give or take 500 rupees.

Mind Blowing Design: No other lamination machine in the market can match the beauty of this product. The manufacturer has tried to give it a modern and appealing touch. Its curved design and unibody look will add to the beauty of your workspace.

Not a Durable Solution: The appealing design of this product comes at a cost. Because of limited vents, generated heat does not dissipate properly. Because of excess heat, its circuitry will always remain susceptible to damage. In fact, this design flaw will also put the users at a greater risk of getting burnt.

Bambalio LAM007 Lamination Machine

Limited Usage: This Bambalio machine gives limited options. Neither has it reverse movement functionality nor will allow changing temperature of its heating element.

Pro Features:-

  • Eye-catching looks
  • Space-friendly


  • No cold lamination option
  • Lacks reverse function
  • Temperature controls are not present

Verdict: In terms of productivity, this machine lags much behind. I would not recommend any Xerox shop owner to purchase it.

Lamination Thickness 0.6mm
Lamination Width 13 Inch
Heat Control No
Reverse Rolling No
Document Size Support Up To A3
Buy 5500 Rupees


► A3 Lamination Machine GBC FUSION 1100L

GBC is famous around the world for its laminators. Its products are durable, highly functional, and offer great value for money as well. The Fusion 1100L Lamination Machine of this brand has attracted many customers in the recent years. Most people we interviewed gave positive feedback about this device. Currently, it is available out there with a price tag of 5,200 rupees.

A Portable Machine: This laminator comes in a compact outer shell. It is so small that customers will have no problem while carrying it in a backpack. The build quality of the Fusion 1100L is impressive. From the looks, it does not feel like a budget level product.

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GBC FUSION 1100L Lamination Machine

Fast Heating Features: The GBC lamination machine heats up within 4 minutes. It consumes just 360 Watts of power, which is quite less indeed. In fact, an intelligent Power Off technology onboard is saving even more energy by cutting the electricity supply when the is not in use.

As the name suggests, one can laminate documents of sizes up to A3 using this device. It is a great solution for processing ID cards and other thick items.

Easy To Use: People with no prior experience of using laminator can also use this GBC machine.

After connecting it to a power supply, just adjust the pouch thickness slider as per requirement and the machine will start heating. When it reaches desired temperature, a green light, and a beep sound will notify you.

If a pouch does not enter the machine properly, hit the release button to reinsert it.

Pro Features:-

  • Superior build quality
  • Portable setup
  • Attractive outer shell
  • Heats up within in minutes
  • Low power consumption

Cons: Lacks reverse functionality

Verdict: This lamination machine is perfect for offices. It is durable, functional, also good looking. Moreover, the customers will not have to sacrifice huge space for it. There cannot be a better deal at such a low price.

Speed 330-mm/min
Lamination Thickness 2-mm
Heat Control Yes
Reverse Rolling No
Power Consumption 360-Watts
Document Support Up To A3
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 5200 Rupees


► Aditya Systems XL325 Lamination Machine

Some shops and offices heavily depend on doing laminations. In this scenario, Aditya Systems XL325 although not so affordable may suffice the needs. This heavy-duty product requires less maintenance and offers high productivity. To get it, you will have to spend 5,000 rupees.

Fast Lamination: This machine is capable of processing 650 mm (length) sheet every minute. Its mouth is 330 mm wide and can take in A3 documents easily.

While other laminators fail to laminate even 1.5 mm thick pouches, the Aditya Systems machine has a maximum pouch thickness capacity of 2.5 mm. Before putting a pouch inside, users need to make sure they have selected the right temperature from the control panel.

Aditya Systems XL325 Lamination Machine

Cold and Hot Lamination: The Aditya Systems Xl25 laminator is suitable for hot as well as cold lamination. Those lacking about cold lamination, it is used for covering documents and photographs using a layer of the translucent plastic sheet with the help of an adhesive.

Another important thing to mention here is – this device also supports reverse rolling of documents.

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Strong Body: The manufacturer has made this lamination machine on a strong metallic frame. Wide and spacious platform helping users in aligning the pouch correctly. The back position of air vents stops heat from radiating to the user.

Pro Features:-

  • Performs all basic functions
  • High-speed rollers
  • Features a dual heating system
  • Capable of laminating 2.5 mm thick pouches
  • Inbuilt overheat protection system for safety of users

Verdict: I must say, the product of Aditya Systems has greatly impressed me. Customers will find this laminator safe and easy to use. It has substance to increase the productivity of offices and shops.

Speed 650-mm/min
Lamination Thickness 2.5-mm
Lamination Width 330-mm
Heat Control Yes
Reverse Rolling Yes
Power Consumption 600-Watts
Document Support Up To A3
Buy 5000 Rupees


► TCL India Lamination Machine

TCL India is a relatively unpopular lamination machine manufacturer. I would like to point out though it may have the best deal you can get right now. TCL INDIA Lamination Machine (model number DSAFDFDG43534) is listed online with a price tag of 11,000 rupees.

At first, I thought of it as an overpriced product, but my opinion changed after going through its specs-sheet.

A Bunch of Freebies: The manufacturers ship a number of freebies along with this laminator. These items include a bookbinding machine, lamination pouches, paper cutter, spiral rings, and 100 binding sheets. Thus, you will actually save a ton of money after purchasing this combo pack.

Adjustable Temperature: Just like a good quality laminator, this machine features a temperature control dial. Interestingly, the control dial also lets the users set the thermostat to room temperature for cold lamination. And, it supports A3 document size and heats in about 4-5 minutes.

TCL INDIA DSAFDFDG43534 Lamination Machine

Decent Build Quality: The TCL India lamination machine comes in an all-metal body. However, it does not have a user-friendly design. Despite having good ventilation, heat still radiates through the front of the machine. Its platform is not long because of which you will face little difficulty in aligning the documents.

Pro Features:-

  • Free bookbinding machine
  • Wide rollers
  • Full metal body


  • Unimpressive design
  • Just one month of warranty on the laminator

Verdict: Purchasing this combo pack, which also includes a heavy-duty lamination machine, you will indeed save some money. However, if you need only a lamination machine, then it would be better to go for some other product.

Heat Control Yes
Reverse Rolling Yes
Document Size Support Up To A3
Warranty 1 Month On The Laminator
Buy 11000 Rupees
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