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Best Inkjet Printers between 16000 to 23000 Rupees

Epson L805 Ink

Canon iP110 Single Function Color Inkjet Printer

With technology getting smaller and smarter, it was only a matter of time until printers caught on. The Canon iP110 is a small, sleek, and portable inkjet printer. For a price of Rs.23160, the printer is ideal for home or small office purposes. It is small and light enough to carry and an ideal if you want to take out some last minute prints if you are traveling for your meeting.

Solid Built and Portable Design

The Canon iP110 is a smart looking sleek printer. The body has a nice metallic black finish, which give it a premium look. The paper input and output tray fold out, thus making it easier to transport when folded. The printer is just 2.5-inches tall meaning it can fit easily in any bag or briefcase. The paper input tray can hold up to 50 standard A4 pages.

There are only three physical buttons present on the printer. These buttons are dedicated to power, paper feed, and Wi-Fi switch. There is not any screen on the printer and everything is controlled either from the mobile app or from the printer software.

The printer weighs approximately 2Kgs without the battery.

Canon iP110 Review Specifications Prince Online in India

Functionality: The printer can handle the print job in various ways. You can connect the printer directly with a Laptop using a USB cable.

For Apple users, the printing can be accomplished via the Apple AirPrint, which is easy to configure. For Android user, print command can be given using the Google Cloud Print or the Canon PIXMA Print Solution app. You also have the option to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network and seamlessly print from anywhere.

No Duplex and Scan Feature: There is no duplex print option. Therefore, you will probably have to feed the paper manually if you want to print on both sides. This is also not a multifunction printer so you do not get options for scan or copy.

Best Quality Printing

The printer is able to print at a maximum resolution of 9600×2400 dpi. This is a high resolution that we have seen from printers. Needless to say, the output is very sharp and clear. With the text appearing, full black and glossy.

The printer is able to print 9 black and white pages per minute and 5.8 color pages per minute. This is sufficient for daily use, but might not be the case for high volume office usage.


  • Good design
  • Lightweight
  • Good output quality


  • High printing cost per page
  • Optional battery raises the cost

Conclusion: The Canon PIXMA iP110 is probably the best and cheapest portable printers in the market today. The printer offers excellent print image output. It is small enough to fit in a briefcase thus making it convenient to travel with. The only issue is the output speed, which is at the lower end and the cost per page, which is high. However, if you are more concerned with the output image quality and need a portable printer. The Canon PIXMA iP110 is for you.

Price 23000 Rupees
Printer Type Colour Inkjet
Dimensions 32.3 x 18.5 x 6.4 cm
Weight 2 KG
Maximum Printing Resolution 9600 x 2400 dpi
Print Speed 5 ppm (Color) and 9 ppm (Black)
Input Tray Capacity 50 (A4)
Maximum Media Size Supported  A4, A5, B5, Letter = 50, Legal = 50
Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi
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Epson L805 Color Inkjet Ink Tank Printer

Although you can get an inkjet printer at a low price but they do cost more in a long run. The cost of cartridges is something that haunts many people in India. One unique Epson printer, which recently launched in the Indian market, tries to solve this problem.

The Epson L805 is an inkjet printer, but it does not consume ink cartridges. Instead, it uses a special ink tank system to make photo printing affordable for the studio owners. However, you should have really deep pockets to purchase this device. In the present online market, it is available for an amount of 18999 rupees.

Attractive Look: I must say that Epson has done an amazing job of designing this printer. This printer does not consume a lot of space on a table and still gives an appealing feel to the eyes. The black finish of its outer shell gives it a much premium look. Its ergonomics is appreciable.

This printer is as compact as it can be. Moreover, everything on the outside feels sleek. Even the front panel of the device has been flattened to enhance the beauty aspect. The manufacturer has also used quality build materials in the making. It weighs just six KG and is much easier to move from one place to another.

Epson L805 Review Specifications Prince Online in India

Ink Tank Technology: On the left side of the printer, you will find the ink tank that looks more like a small rectangular box. The users can detach this tank. Under the cover, you will find several ink bottles. The ink that this printer consumes is available at a much cheaper price in the market. To do the refilling, you just have to remove the cap of each ink bottle and fill it in with the liquid ink that you have purchased.

Keep in mind that before using the printer, you will have to recharge the print head. You can use the dedicated button located at the front panel to do this. It normally takes around 20 minutes to recharge fully the print head with the inks of different colors.

High-Quality Photo Printing: Epson has focused on photo print quality while designing this printer. The quality of the photos that you will print using it will be amazing. It prints at a super high resolution of 5760 X 1440 DPI, which is extraordinary.

The manufacturer promises that this printer is capable of printing one 10 X 15 cm photo every 12 seconds. However, if you are using the highest settings, then the whole process will take not less than one minute.

Moreover, this device also supports border-less printing, a feature that will be liked by most professional photographers.

Wireless Printing

One of the main highlights of this printer is Wi-Fi connectivity. You can pair it with a router and use this device as a network printer. It also features a standard USB port that can be used to make physical connections.

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No Scanning Functionality: Perhaps, the only reason why you should not go for this printer is that it lacks an inbuilt scanner. You will not be able to make scans and copies. This is the thing that will be criticized by a number of people around the world.

Epson L805 Ink


  • Supports A4, Legal and Letter sizes
  • Good for photo and CD printing
  • Input tray capacity of 120 sheets
  • High print resolution
  • Compact and attractive body
  • Maintenance cost is not too high


  • No Scanner

Verdict: For high-quality printing, this printer will prove to be a great solution. However, before making a purchase decision does remember one thing that it does not feature a scanner bed. If you can manage to purchase a dedicated scanner, then there is no problem in trusting this innovative and muscular printer.

Price 20000 Rupees
Printer Type Inkjet
Capabilities Print
Supported Operating Systems Windows and Macintosh
Dimensions  547‎ x 289 x 187 mm
Weight 6 KG
Maximum Printing Resolution  5,760 x 1,440 DPI
Print Speed 5 ppm (Color) and 5.1 ppm (Black)
Input Tray Capacity 120(A4)
Maximum Media Size Supported 215 X 279 mm
Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi


Ricoh 310SFN Colour Scanner Duplex Laser Printer with Network Printing and Scanning

Ricoh is the brand I recommend for a heavy-duty printer segment. Its printers are always perfect for both homes and offices. Most of Ricoh products are available at affordable prices. Experts around the world suggest Ricoh products if the budget is limited.

The product I am going to discuss here is the Ricoh 310SFN that comes at the price of 16,900 rupees. For the price, you are getting a bunch of features that no other brand would even dare to offer in this segment. So, without wasting any more time let us get into the details of this printer.

Compact and Sturdy Build

One of the reasons why I appreciate Ricoh is that its printers are compact and sturdy in general. This device also performs exceptionally on that expectation. You will not have to sacrifice a lot of space on a table. The materials that are used in the making are of much high quality and will last for years. However, the printer is a little heavy and weighs in at 18 KG. However, that will not create a big problem because people do not always move printers from one place to another.

Quality Printing: The maximum printing resolution of this device is 1200 X 600 dpi, which is high. The prints that come out contain sharp and easy to read texts. This printer even generates much high-quality graphics. However, you should keep in mind that it is a monochromatic printer that means it will not do color printing. Moreover, it does not support A3 printing. The maximum size of sheets, which you can print with this Ricoh device is A4, Legal, and Letter.

This is really a powerful printer. The first print out requires minimum eight seconds. However, you expect its printing speed at 28 to 30 pages per minute.

Ricoh 310SFN Review Specifications Prince Online in India

Duplex Printing: Another attraction of this device is it comes equipped with a duplexer at the back. You will not have to reinsert the printed-paper in order to do printing on the other side. This Ricoh printer is capable of doing that automatically.

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Inbuilt Scanner with ADF: The greatest feature of this device is that it scans at a much high resolution. It uses CCD array image sensor to scan the documents at a great speed. You will get a copying speed of up to 28 pages in case of A4 documents. Moreover, it comes equipped with Automatic Document Feeder aka ADF, so there is no need to individually scan the documents. The ADF can hold up to 35 sheets at once.

The end users can also change the zoom level while copying documents. Under one command, this printer can make up to 99 copies.

Heavy Duty Printer

You can put about 250 sheets in the standard input tray and about 50 sheets in the bypass input tray. This is great considering that the other compact printers in the market can load only 50 sheets at once. Even the output tray of this printer can easily hold 150 pages, which is another surprising feature.

Decent Connectivity Options: One the back of the printer, you will find a USB 2.0 port and an Ethernet port. This printer can also be used as a network printer. The disappointing thing is it does not support wireless connectivity. However, if you have installed a router, then you can connect it with this printer using an LAN cable. Moreover, the Ricoh 310SFN also supports Fax functionality.

High Power Consumption: As this device is a laser printer, it melts toner to print on sheets. However, the catch is it requires electricity to melt the toner. According to the manufacturer, this printer can consume up to 890 Watts of power. So, do consider this fact before installing it at your home/office.


  • High capacity of input and output tray
  • Automatic document feeder
  • High printing speed of 28 pages per minute in case of A4 sheets
  • Fax support
  • Zoom support in case of copying
  • Great printing and scanning resolution
  • High yield
  • Monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages
  • Compact and attractive design
  • Fully functional control panel


  • A3 sheets are not supported
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Consumes a lot of power

Verdict: Although the Rich 310SFN is a great printer but I would have appreciated it more if it had the functionality to scan and print A3 size documents. Still, there is no harm in purchasing this device. It will increase your productivity without consuming a lot of space. Considering all aspects including performance and features, it is not a suitable printer for home use.

Price 17000 Rupees
Printer Type Inkjet
Capabilities Print, Copy, Scan
Supported Operating Systems Windows and Macintosh
Dimensions  420x397x442 mm
Weight 18 KG
Maximum Printing Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi
Scanning Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi
Print Speed 28 ppm (Black)
Input Tray Capacity 250(A4)
Maximum Media Size Supported 215 X 279 mm
Connectivity USB and Ethernet
Power Consumption Maximum 890 Watts

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