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Best Ink Tank Printers in India: Print in Color at 10 Paisa per Page

Epson Ink Tank System For Printer

Growing a small business into a big company requires relentless effort, smart decisions, and cost cutting every possible way. Small business owners must be vigilant about unnecessary expenses. Although I believe if one puts a small effort in doing excel audit of the expenses on the monthly basis will identify the linkages that could be plugged easily.

Printing documents, presentation and envelopes are every hour need in offices. Compact printer, an essential gadget in every office, and should be selected after a careful comparison of available alternatives in a budget. If you have not opted for a smart printer, this is possible that your current one will swallow a significant chunk of the monthly fund for the regular expenses.

This article helps you to understand about the ink tank printer technology. Printers based on this latest technology reduces per page print cost without compromising print quality. Actually, the idea of this article popped up when I saw HP printer ads. The ad promotes HP ink tank printers: lower per page printing cost to 10 paise.

10 Paise mein kya milta hai HP DeskJet GT Ink Tank System

Knowing the efficiency of ink tank technology well in advance, this website has been endorsing ink tank printers since the first Epson printer with smart ink tank technology became available in the Indian market. For an in-depth review of the best ink tank printers in India market, The Gadgets Shiksha is the best website. This website hosts several reviews articles for covering latest ink tank printers of top brands Epson, Canon, Brother, and HP.

► What is Ink Tank Printer technology?

Japanese giant Epson is the pioneer of making the ink tank technology available in printers. Because of an early lead, it has the best ink tank printers in market today. I must acknowledge though despite being the first to promote the technology, Epson has been fair in terms of pricing of its products. One can buy an Epson ink tank printer as low as 7000 rupees.

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In 2014 when Epson unveiled first two ink tank printers L355 and L555, it was not big news in printer world, though. In fact, Epson effort was termed marketing gimmick to promote its new range of products. However, Epson with its ink tank innovation was sure that sooner or later costly cartridge would become extinct and users will bind trust on this reliable concept, a printer with an ink reservoir.

A Printer based on the concept of ink tank technology comes with an attached tank that carries ink bottles for black and colors. And a printer header executes your print command by using the ink. Printing a large volume of papers in your office, currently, ink tank printers are the best economical solution to rely on. It is still not being a viable solution for home use where printing volumes are very less.

Above all the ink tank technology is a big setback on the monopoly of printer manufacturers. An ink tank printer will free you from prisoner of designer cartridges promoted by your printer’s manufacturer. You can buy a set of ink bottle from third-party suppliers at much lower price. In fact, no longer your printer manufacturer can even force you to pay whatever they wish to extract for a set of cartridge.

In addition, because of ink tank technology, your new printer will be working as long as you find them convenient to work with. You will not be forced to give up a working efficient printer just because the manufacturer has stopped making the suitable cartridge.

→ Canon Pixma G4010 Ink Tank Color Printer (Rs. 16000)

Currently, one of the best ink-tank printers in India market is the Pixma G4010 from the house of Canon. It is an outstanding multifunction print. It can print, copy, scan, and fax. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that it the best office printer under 20000 Rupees. This canon printer, not only can print legal size paper but also scan and copy. Yes, you read it correctly. Canon G4010 printer comes with ADF and through ADF it can scan and copy legal size papers. That is a rare feature on multifunction printers.

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Canon claims for per page print cost on this multifunction color printer to be below 21 Paisa. As per the brand, laser print out cost is only 8 Paisa and color print out cost is 21 Paisa. But that is in the ideal cases. Real life use is not an ideal case. My guess is that the print cost of laser printout on this canon ink tank printer would anything below 15 Paisa and color print out cost below 50 Paisa.

In the Gadgets Shiksha office, we use HP ink tank printer. Therefore, we know for sure that irrespective of brands, all ink-tank printers are able to reduce per page print cost below 50 paise. Thus, if you are looking for a perfect multifunction printer below 20000 Rupees to print at 10 Paisa per page, do consider Canon G4010 ink tank printer. Everything about this printer is excellent expect its print, copy, and scan speed. Its print speed is 8 pages per minutes; a slow printer, indeed. You can read more about this canon multifunction printer at here.

→ Epson 361 Fast Ink-Tank Printer (Rs. 9700)

The Epson printer is one of the best multifunction printers for office and business use. The kind of feedback I got from those who bought it after this website had recommended it, suggests Epson L361 is the best printer in 10000 Rupees currently. This is a fast printer. It can print 33 pages in black and 15 pages in color in ideal conditions. As per the manufacturer, the ink tank printer can bring down your print cost to as low as 25 Paisa for color printout.

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I would recommend this printer for business use. The manufacturer also ships a set of four inkbottles with the printer. A Xerox center charges ten to fifteen rupees for color printout and two to three rupees for laser printout. The set of inkbottles is enough to recover money spent on buying the printer. If there is enough footfall at your shop, you recover your investment within three to six months. After that whatever covers will be 100% profit.

Epson L220 (Rs. 9000): This multifunction printer can print, scan, and copy. Its print speed close to 25 pages per minute will undoubtedly surprise you. One set of black and color bottles has an impressive yield of 4000 black & white pages and 6500 pages in color.

Epson L130 (Rs. 7000): In the low budget, L130 printer is another excellent printer for small offices. It offers best-quality printing. Based on the smart ink tank solution, it can print close to 6000 pages from a set of inkbottles.

The cost of inkbottles set (for bottles) for Epson printers is in between 600 and 1500 Rupees. A detailed review of the recommended ink tank printers is at here.

→ HP Ink Tank Printer GT 5810 & 5820 (Rs. 13000)

Let me start with the details of what HP has to showcase from its ink tank segment. Currently, HP offers two such printers namely GT 5810 and GT 5820. The latter is an upgraded version of the first one but without significant changes in function and features. Getting one of them will help you to lower monthly printing cost extensively. If HP advertisement regarding the promotion of ink tank printers were to be trusted, monthly printing cost in your office would be lowered by 95% (HP DeskJet & LaserJet is printing at the rate of 60 paisa to 2 rupees per page in color and laser).

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The HP ink tank printers (essentially GT 5810 model) have a very high yield capacity. In fact, it prints 8000 color and 5000 black & white pages from one set of bottles. A set of ink bottle usually priced between 600 to 1000 rupees.

Thus HP is very right with the claim that its ink tank printers can print in color and black & white in less than 10 paisa per page. I think this is the best one can expect from a new printer technology and from an HP ink tank printer. Find a full review of HP GT 5810 is at Best Monitor LED Projector and All in Printer.

→ Epson L805 Color Inkjet Printer (Rs. 20000)

Epson has been trying to tap every segment of market with its efficient printers based on smart ink tank technology. The L805 is a reliable printer weighs 6kgs and measured as 547×289×187 mm. On the name of connectivity, it is equipped with USB and Wi-Fi.

This is not a multi-function printer. It consists of one capability, just printing solution in laser and color mode. As far as printing speed is concerned it is not at the best at 5 pages per minute, though. However, its operational cost is very low, a good news indeed if you are under pressure to cut cost in your office. GS team has covered Epson L805, one of the best-selling heavy-duty single function printers globally, in great details at Best Inkjet Printers under 23000 Rupees.

→ Brother DCP T700W (Rs. 13000)

Brother, a sewing machine brand essentially, has been struggling to make its place stable in the global printer market. There are mainly two reasons of this: one Brother does make budget printer and another it keeps low investment for advertisement. In fact, as a believer of Brother Products and some worthy interactions with its printers I believe if one needs a reliable and quality printer, Brother has a solution.

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With impressive 6000 pages yield, the DCP T700W is more than good for medium size offices. Its printing speed, too, is fast. On the average, 20 pages per minute and the first page is out in just 10 seconds. It is not the best printer when comes quality, but it is the printer when a large chunk of pages has to be printed keeping per page printing cost very low.

→ Canon Pixma G3000 (Rs. 15000)

Canon’s decision to join ink tank printer market is quite surprising. According to customer’s testimony on shopping websites, Canon comes at the top in the list of printer brands that exploits customers really hard with costly cartridges. And, the ink tank technology puts end to their monopoly.

The Canon Pixma print machine will give close to 6000 pages printed from a set of ink bottles. And, I think this is appropriate to mention one more time, one can buy ink from third-party manufacturers by paying less than 1000 rupees.

In terms of print quality, there is no match to Canon printers. They are not the best printers, however, when comes to lowering printing cost. 40 to 60 paisa per page printing cost might sound astonishing then but is true. By the way a regular canon printer prints at the rate of 2 to 5 rupees per page. This is just glimpses. A detailed review of Brother DCP T700W and Canon Pixma G3000 visit is at Canon Brother Multi-Function Printers in India.

41 thoughts on “Best Ink Tank Printers in India: Print in Color at 10 Paisa per Page

  1. I need low cost printer for inkjet
    please give me response
    for low price inkjet and more papers to print
    low ink high volume printing papers

  2. we have 9 HP 5820 Printers. They are v v v bad. Pls do not buy. The Service is amazing but this particular product is for random Home use at best.

    1. Hi Srinivas,

      The Epson L405 printer is the successor of the L385 model. Therefore, it has improved print performance, ink saving feature, faster and less noisy operation, and easy print solutions.

  3. I’m looking for a printer for printing around 2-3k pages a month(BW), which 1 to go for, and differences between Epson’s L110-130? Or whatever cheap and best..

    1. Hi Animesh, to save print cost, you should consider buying an ink-tank printer. Since your requirement is limited to printing BW pages, I think a toner-based printer could also be a perfect option.

      I suggest Epson L130 Ink-Tank Printer and Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer. I do not know much about Epson L110 Printer. I think this model has been stopped. Its upgraded version is L130, which provides an outstanding print solution.

  4. The review is good. But I have some doubts here, considering three options of printers 1. Inkjet printers 2. Ink advantage printers 3. Ink tank printers
    could you please clarify on the following:
    1. Which one will give better value for money over a period of 10 years(expecting the printer to last for 10 years)(as cost of inkjet printer and the ink advantage printers are less but the refill cost is more, cost of ink tank printer is high in initial investment but maintenance cost is less)

    2. Doesn’t the ink in the ink tank printer dries off as was mentioned by some of the users.

    1. Hi Vikram,

      There are only three types of printers

      → Toner Based Printer
      → Cartridge Based Printer
      → Ink Tank Printer (Latest)

      Ink Tank printer technology is still in the developing stage. To save cost, however, there is no better solution than the Ink tank printer.

      Think about Holi color. You can use a color packet to color only five to six people. However, if you mix that color in a drum of water, you can color hundreds of people. Ink tank printer uses ink in liquid form hence reduces print cost.

      → Epson has wholly abandoned its cartridge-based printer business.
      → This year HP has launched only ink-tank based printers.

      What does it tell you?


      This is not a new issue. The cartridge-based printer would stop working when you take print out once in three months. Therefore, the ink dries off is not an issue. To keep an ink tank printer functional, you need to take at least one printout a week.


      Why there is suspicion about ink tank printer?

      When Microsoft had introduced Windows 7, there were millions of articles published stating how good Windows XP is and how faulty Windows 7 is.

      Would you like to have Windows XP on your computer machine now?

      We are very good at rejecting innovation even if that brings immense advantage.

      At present, I do not endorse an Ink tank printer for Photo Printing. However, for regular color & laser printout, Ink Tank printer is the best option. If you are looking for a printer for business purpose, an ink tank printer is the only logical solution to increase your profits from the business.

  5. hi suggest me a printer we have printing requirements of 10 pages per day maybe more ( mix of coloured & black/white),want a durable product that can be used for atleast 6 years

  6. Hi suggest me printer for commercial use. 2-3 k black and white prints per month. Want to decrease per page printing cost.

    1. Hi Rishabh, what is your budget? Currently, some of the best laser printers are Canon MF244DW, HP 410, Epson 361, Epson 6170, Brother HL-L2321D, Brother DCP-L2541DW, HP LaserJet M1005, and others. For you, I can recommend Canon MF244DW. I think it fits your requirement.

    1. HP 410 Ink Tank printer is my favorite. Its current printer is 11500 Rupees. The company ships a set of 4 ink bottles with this printer. That would be sufficient to print close to 5000 Pages (BW & Color). I think HP brand has far better reach in giving service than any other brands.

  7. I want a Duplex ADF Printer to be used in Travelling in my Car with Car 12 Volts AC Inverter supporting 100 Watts max. with Wifi Direct and Remote & Cloud Printing. Will any Laser Printer run less than 100 Watts or I have to go for Ink Tank Printers.. Suggest which Printer to go for ..

    1. Sir, you need to buy an Ink Tank printer. Laser printer consumes power in active mode in the range of 200 to 600 Watts whereas Ink Tank printers usually consume 12 to 20W.

  8. Hi Amar,

    For home use under Ink tank segment, I see you recommending HP 410, 5820 and Epson L3150.

    Which is the best one with Wifi, Duplex and ADF per your experience considering ongoing maintenance (ink cost + durability).

    Please suggest.


      1. Thanks Amar. But, Canon G4010 doesn’t have much offer. Wherein Epson and HP for above models have.

        Please suggest why 4010 stands over Epson 3150 or HP5820.

        1. Sir, At Amazon, you will get 10% discount + no cost EMI. The current price of the printer is 16000 Rupees. 16000-1500 (Max discount 1500 Rupees only) = 14500 Rupees. This amount you need to pay in 6 Part in 6 Months. I think this is the best deal.

          The Canon printer has all the modern and smart features. Moreover, it can print Photo (not color printout) in excellent quality. Its per page print cost is very less since it is an ink tank printer. You will agree with me that Canon is a reliable brand for durable products.

          Sir, click on the red color link in my previous response. There you will get a detailed specification of Canon G4010. Whatever features you want in your new printer, all it has.

  9. hi please pick me a printer from Brother DCP T 510W, HP 410 and Cannon prixma G3000 ( Photo printing and less cost per printing is my priority) please rely me as early as possible

  10. Sir, Please suggest which is better Canon or Epson in terms of quality durability. Suggest me best in these categories and why Canon 2012 vs Epson L3110 . Canon G4010 vs Epson L565 . I have found Epson L805 is very good in printing pictures Its printing cost for Coloured is Rs 2.5 per page .But if we use printing for normal business documents in black colour how much running cost for black ?

    1. Hi Aman, Epson is the best brand for business printers, for high-quality printout and photo printing, Canon is best, and for office and home use printer HP is the right brand.

      Canon 2012 vs. Epson L3110 → Canon 2012 is the right choice. Its print quality is better than Epson L3110. It comes with 6 ink bottles currently. Moreover, it is 1000 Rupees cheaper than the Epson printer

      Canon G4010 vs. Epson L565 → For high-quality printing, Canon is still favorite. Epson L565 ink tank printer is an old model. I do not remember much about it. In terms of features and functions, Canon G4010 is better than Epson L565.

      Epson L805 for Laser Printer → I can’t say.

  11. Sir, we are planning to buy a printer to our shop for photostat purposes. Max printing will be 100 pages only. Can you please suggest the best.?

    1. Laser Printer → Brother HL-L2321D @ 7895 Rupees
      Color Printer → Canon G2012 @ 8900 Rupees | Epson L361 @ 9800 Rupees | Epson L3150 @ 13000 Rupees

    1. Sir, Epson makes the best cost-effective ink-tank printers. However, to print in color in high-quality you should consider a Canon Ink Tank printer. Currently, the best Canon Ink-Tank printers are G1010, G2010, G2012, G3000, G4010 and others.

  12. Sir, please suggest me a laser printer under 50000 rupees and ink tank printer under 20000 rupees for small business.

  13. Sir, I have no experience whatsoever regarding printers. I am looking for a color printer under 10k with wifi, scan, copy and for printing about 10 – 20 pages/month and occasional photo printing. This printer is for home use. What are my options among inkjet and inktank?

  14. Sir, I like to buy a new printer. My budget is around ₹ 7000. Main use is for printing notes(as my eyes are not very friendly with soft copies) ,scan documents,copy documents and maybe print some color photos (but not very often). I would like to know the best in that budget that costs less maintenance charges and possess a long life. Could you please suggest me some?

  15. could you please check my needs and suggest me the best for me?
    1. All in one ink tank printer
    2. under 11000
    3. auto duplexing
    4. wifi (not a must one but it’ll be good)

  16. Can you tell me which printer will be best suited for me ? I am a student and will be needing it to print notes.
    I have to print around 20,000 pages black and white.

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