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Best Headphones Earphones in 15000 to 22000 Rupees

This headphones and earphones review article – is exclusively for elite users. Here the GS team presenting three most premium headphones and earphones under 22000 Rupees. In the article, we have reviewed best headphones and earphones from top brand Jays, RHA, and Sony.

RHA T20 In-Ear Headphones Review and Price in India

Until now, we have discussed and reviewed dozens of earphones on this website. Many of these devices belonged to the budget segment of the market. Occasionally we also tried to review the premium earphones but only in small numbers. However, now our team wants to make things even. In the coming days (well, starting from today), we will publish reviews of many premium series earphones to help customers in making a right purchase decision. As a starter, this article will focus on the recently launched RHA T20 Headphone, which you can purchase for an amount of 18,999 rupees.

Superior Build for Premium Price: Although the price of this device is high, you are also getting premium features on it. The manufacturer has made its cord with a special kind of reinforced material for high durability. It's gold plated 3.5-mm connector along with a metallic shell is supposed to offer sturdy performance. RHA has impressed us by finding unique ways of using metallic materials on this device.

RHA T20 Headphones Comfort

Changeable Audio Filters: The USP of this earphone is its ability support different types of audio filters. In fact, the manufacturer ships 3 filters in the packaging box, each for bass, treble, and flat frequencies. The audio remains well balanced no matter which filter you use. The dual coil drivers generate immersive sound without any kind of distortion.

The RHA Earphone offers Comfortable Experience

In the box, you can find nine pairs of ear buds that differ in size and material quality. I do not know of any other brand that ships so many ear buds with earphones. Moreover, a compact pouch makes it much easier for the users to carry the earphone around.

Limited Connectivity Options: On the front of connectivity, the RHA T20 proves to be a basic headphone. It only offers 3.5-mm aux-in connectivity. At the price point to which this device belongs, we normally get earphones with Bluetooth connectivity and inbuilt amplifier.

RHA T20 Headphones Price Online in India


  • Super wide frequency response range of 16 – 40,000 Hz
  • Low impedance
  • Lightweight
  • Generates superior audio
  • Comes with replaceable filters
  • Gold plated aux-in connector


  • No Bluetooth
  • No inbuilt amplifier

Verdict: The only potential con, in my opinion, is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. Everything else on this device is perfect. It is stylish, durable and generates superb audio.

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RHA T20 Headphones Review and Specifications

Connectivity Aux-in
Design Earbud
Frequency Response Range 16-40,000 Hz
Dimensions 14 x 5.1 x 20.3 cm
Weight 39 grams
Buy 19000 Rupees


Sony MDR 100ABN – On-Ear Wireless Hi-Res Audio Headphone

Sony’s share in the smartphone market is going down year by year. Still, it has successfully maintained a secure place. But how? Well, all the credit should go to strategy planners who work behind the scenes. For all of its history, Sony has always focused on different product markets. Today, even though Sony’s smartphones are failing to attract customers, its other products are doing really well in the market.

Since the last few years, Sony is intensively focusing on headphones. Sony has even succeeded in creating a different image among headphone lovers.

Recently, the Japanese brand Sony launched its MDR-100 ABN headphone. Normally, headphone brands launch their products much later in Bharat, though Sony has a proper understanding of the profit potential in this country.

The headphone is up sales with a price tag of 21,990 rupees. This is the first variant features Digital Noise Cancellation technology. The second variant of it does not come with the technology is also available here for around 12,000 rupees.

Sony MDR 100ABN Headphones has a solid Build Quality

Sony has used premium quality materials in the making. Its ear cups feature metallic back and are highly durable. The headband is made with great quality plastic but is highly flexible.

Comfortable: Although Sony used some metal and high-density plastic, still it feels very lightweight on the head. It is an around-the-ear style headphone, which means its ear cups will cover your ears instead of sitting on them. These earpieces also allow for both vertical and horizontal movement, as a result, you always get a comfortable experience.

Sony MDR 100ABN Review Specifications Price Online

Superior Audio: I used this headphone for a couple of days as my daily driver; it has really impressed me. Its 40mm drivers are great at generating vocals. Interestingly, this headphone does not exaggerate treble and bass frequencies. What I mean here is, you will get a balanced music listening experience on this device.

Sony also teases the MDR-100ABN with a feature called “High-Resolution Audio.” It means that this headphone is capable of playing music at much high bit rates than any other alternative. The audio track will contain more details and generate crispy frequencies.

Digital Noise Cancellation feature of this Sony Headphone

While listening to music outdoors, the sound of passing vehicles or of an airplane can cause disturbances. To overcome this problem, Sony has equipped this headphone with a Digital Noise Cancellation technology. It works by producing an opposite frequency that cancels out the effect of outer disturbances.

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However, Digital Noise Cancellation technology works only with low-frequency audio. It will not be able to eliminate noises like people’s chat and vehicle horn.

Detachable Cord: This headphone comes with a 1.2-meter detachable aux-in cord. The impedance is low at 32 Ohm enables the drivers to generate loud audio even if the source device gives low power output.


  • Ultra-wide frequency response range of 5-40000 Hz
  • Low impedance
  • Eye-catching design
  • Metallic ear cups
  • Detachable cable
  • Comfortable
  • Foldable
  • Comes with a carrying pouch

Cons: No wireless connectivity

Verdict: This device is one of the few around-ear style headphones that are good for outdoor usage. It looks stylish, feels lightweight, and isolates the user perfectly. There is not a single reason why you should not buy it. The most interesting of all is its wide frequency response range of 5-40000 Hz.

Price 12000 to 22000 Rupees
Connectivity Aux-in
Design Around-Ear
Driver Diameter 40mm
Frequency Response Range 5-40000Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Buy 12000 to 22000 Rupees


Jays u-Jays Wired Headset

Almost all headphones that I have tested until now either come with an impressive design or offer a better audio quality. However, a perfect balance between design and sound quality is not easily seen when it comes purchasing headphones.

This is the reason why the news of Jays u-Jays Headset’s launch, which claims to offer both beauty and premium sound quality on a single product, made me curious. Jays is a Swedish brand and is not that famous in India, though experts do have a great respect for its products. The headphone is available in the Indian market with a price tag of 15,999 rupees. On paper, it really seems to be a nice package.

Durable Body and Impressive Design: The design of this headphone has flattered me. The Swedish manufacturer Jays has really done a great hard work while making it. Under the hood, its headband features a spring-like structure, which is covered by a silicon sheet from outside. Because of this, you can twist the headband to any degree without causing any damage.

A sleek form factor makes this headphone a great solution for outdoor music listening needs. The most interesting thing is one can choose from four color variants while making the purchase.

A Wired Headset for Not Comfortable For Long Sessions

After unboxing the packaging box, the user has to assemble a pair of ear cushions with the headphone drivers. These cushions are made from an ultra-soft material and do feel good on the ear. Its headband is so thin that you will not feel any hotspot on your head.

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Still, this device is not suitable for long music listening sessions. The main reason behind this is a basic flaw in its on-ear design. Instead of covering earflaps, the drivers of this headphone put a direct pressure on them. After 30 minutes of usage, your ears will start to pain. This is not all; the drivers also make the users feel fatigued.

Great Audio Production: This is one of the best sounding headphones of the mid-range segment. It flaunts two really large 40 mm driver units, which generate distortion-free sound frequencies at all volumes.

One of the many reasons why you should choose this device over any other on-ear headphone is it offers a balanced audio profile. Generally, on-ear headphones produce sharp treble but fail to generate thumping bass frequencies; the device has successfully overcome from that problem.

The frequency response range of 10-20000Hz clearly shows how powerful and vibrant audio this headphone generates. As a result, you can use it for listening to almost any music genre.

Jays u Jays Review Specifications Prince Online in India

The Jays Supports all the three Popular Operating Systems

One great thing about this headphone is it supports all famous smartphone platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Thus, while buying it, select the OS that currently powers your smartphone/tablet/laptop.

The inline control features three buttons. With these keys, users can perform a plethora of functions like volume increase/decrease, track change, track seek, play/pause, and call receive. Its 53-inch cord is enough long to offer a great flexibility while walking, sitting and running.


  • Passive noise cancellation works perfectly
  • Minimal sound leakage
  • Generates distortion-free audio at all frequencies
  • Loud audio
  • Low impedance of 32 Ohms
  • Inline remote with microphone
  • Replaceable cushions

Cons: Generates pain during long music listening sessions

Verdict: If your budget as high as the price of this headphone, then it is a great option to go for. Its outer shell features a modern design and the drivers generate appealing audio. Such great balance of beauty and audio quality is not easily found. Read also Best Boat Sports Wireless Headset and Nirvanaa Earphones.

Connectivity Aux-in
Design On-Ear
Driver Diameter 40mm
Frequency Response Range 10-20000Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Buy 16000 Rupees

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