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Best Headphones below 1000 from Philips Sony Audio Technica

Audio Technica ATH-S100 On-The-Ear Headphone

More than 50 years of active service in the global music industries earns Japanese brand Audio Technica the credit of being one of the most trusted and highly rated brands today. Audio Technical products are available in all price groups and are affordable for budget customers even in developing countries like India.

In India, Audio Technica earphone and headphone products range starts from 500 Rupees and go up to unbelievable 1, 20,000 Rupees. Such a wide coverage of market is not so easy but the proud Japanese brand has been doing this successfully without taking slight of dents on its reputation so far.

In this article I talk about Audio Technica’s budget headphone, the ATH-S100, this is priced just 990 Rupees on online shopping websites.

Build Quality and Design of the Audio Technica Headphone

This is an over-the-head with on-the-ear headphone, has an impressive build quality, and an attractive design as well. 36mm headphone drive unit in its both sides of micro speakers is a certification of it being a headphone with superior loud sound output. It is smaller and lightweight thus a sound choice for those likes to have a budget headphone to carry along on a travel. There are other features too making ATH-S100 headphone model a decent choice for using in bus and train.

For the official price, I do not think this could be the best headphone choice in the price category. However, its current online price, which is, after close to 50% of discount, is making it certainly one of the best-selling headphones from the manufacturer and in budget headphone market as well.

Although Audio Technica is a reputed name in providing lightweight yet strong build quality but the same do not come true with this headphone set. Apparently, the price is a barrier. It has a plastic body that feels cheap, certainly not so impressive in terms of quality. Both earcups of the ATH-S100 swivels at 90 degree – make it foldable and easy to carry in daily use bag or in a travel bag.

Audio Technica ATH-S100 On-The-Ear Headphone Review and Specifications

Sound Quality: Audio Technica ATH-S100 produces loud and clear sound with a natural mix of background instruments and vocals. I mean it presents the music in the same way as that was generated. It neither overplays nor underplays any of the beats in the sound – this is an incredible factor and not expected from a 1000 rupees budget headphone.

Even at noise cancellation front, this offers good results by keeping a fair amount of noise out. Whether you use it while in a crowded bus or metro or in a garden, it delivers pretty decent sound.

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Verdict: Audio Technica ATH100 with its audio delivery beats my expectation. Honestly, such good audio quality was not expected from it. But the same cannot be said about its build quality. If I rank this headphone on the scale of one to five points: audio delivery gets 5 points, comfort factor is limited at 3.5, whereas build quality gets just 2.5.


  • Clean loud sound and impressive sub-bass levels
  • Lightweight, foldable, and trendy
Price 990 Rupees
Type Over-the-head, on-the-ear
Microphone NO
Drivers 36mm
Sensitivity 104bB
Impedance 32 ohm
Frequency 15-22,000 Hz
Wireless NO


Philips SHL5000 On-Ear Headphone with Deep Bass

When it comes to headphone we have the variety of choices to look out on the market. What makes Philips a unique brand toward other accessories brands is their comfortability and performance. Philips SHL5000 headphone provides deep bass, providing complete comfort to your ear as well. It has 32-mm driver units to push all the music vibes right into your ears. SHL 5000 also offer noise cancellation and comes with an adjustable strap to fit all head size from teen to adult.

Technical specifications: Philips SHS5000 is a closed acoustic system headphone with neodymium magnet. Its 32mm dynamic sound driver performs deadly with dome type diaphragm for deep bass. Uniquely designed both cups keep the music to scatter around beyond the ear surface. Hence, their closed structure and soft cushion help in complete noise cancellation. Philips SHS5000 has 24 Ohm impedance which prevents your headphone from a high sound frequency and even safe while using with any high-end sound system.

Further, this offers the frequency response range of 9-24K Hz and sensitivity of 104dB, which is louder enough to provide optimal lyric clarity.

Build Specifications: Philips SHS5000 is also an easily foldable headphone so it is easy to place on a flat surface or pack it in a mini bag for your gym session. Ear domes are rotatable, the strap allowing you to adjust as per your skull height.

This is lightweight, weighs 181 grams which is an average headphone weight, making it comfortable wear as long as user wish to. Philips SHS5000 has soft cushions on the sound cups. The soft leather ear cushion is not just for providing relentless comfort but also to amplify quality music once it gets out of the driver.

SHS5000 has symmetric (parallel) OFC type cables of length 1.2m. Its 1.2m cable is both long enough for outdoor usage and reaching it in your CPU jack and short enough to keep in your bag. OFC or Optical Fiber Cable comes with plastic coating inside the visible coating which protects it’s from any external twist, turn, and stretches. Most of the Philips headphone is available with OFC cable. On the other end, it has a straight type connector coated with 24K gold. Gold ensure stainlessness of your headphone connector.

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Philips SHL5000 On-Ear Headphone with Deep Bass Review and Specifications

Conclusion: Philip Headphone SHS5000 comes with one- year warranty which excludes external damage only. However, the overall durability of these headphones does not require you to attend walk in at service centers.

Based on brilliant positive responses from its regular users on various online shopping and social media platforms I am very convinced that this is a worthy headphone for a long run if your budget is less than 1000 Rupees. It is a value of money headphone over other competitive of various brands. In fact, Philips, too, received a good reputation & trust from customer end for this budget brawny headphone. Philips SHS5000 can ensure you both comfort and quality music right into your ears.

Price 800 Rupees
Magnet type Neodymium
Voice coil CCAW
Diaphragm Mylar dome
Frequency response 9 – 24 000 Hz
Impedance 24 Ohm
Maximum power input 40 mW
Sensitivity 104 dB
Speaker diameter 32 mm, Dynamic
Weight 357  Grams
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty


Sony MDR-ZX110 Stereo Headphone

Do you like to indulge yourself in the world of music? Want to have a good headphone in your budget? Are you a fan of the brand Sony? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this is an amazing product to go for. But, before purchasing the product, you better know its features, pros, and cons, so that you can get a better idea to take the right decision.

Stylish look: The Sony MDR-ZX110 looks stylish and fancy. It also looks expensive with a glossy finish. This comes in two colors – Black and white. In 1000 Rupees budget, this seems to be the best headphone compared to others. But, however, the plastic is cheap and can bend easily. So, careful handling is advised.

Flat foldable ear cups: When you are not using the headphone, you can just swivel fold the ear cups which lets you store in your bag easily in small space. Swiveling flat and folding up the ear cups also improves portability. So, you can easily take the headphone wherever you go.

When you are listening to your favorite music, you would like to relax without feeling any discomfort. The ear cups are provided with soft cushion which covers the whole ear. This headphone comes with the adjustable headband.

Sony MDR-ZX110 Over Ear Headphone

Tangle-free cord: The headphone comes with flat y-type cable design that prevents tangling of the cord. It also has good strength by which you do not worry about the damage of the cord. This cord terminates in an L-shaped stereo mini plug.

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Good sound quality: The sound quality of these headphones is just awesome and it is really worthy for its price. But, other headphones such as Sennheiser HD180 offer better levels of detail at this price. If you are habituated of using in-ear headphones, then this may not sound so good to you. But, once you get used of – using the headphones, you can feel the good quality of sound. The 30mm dynamic dome driver is able to produce not just noticeable but pleasant bass.

Clear highs and lows: It has a wide frequency range spanning 12Hz to 22KHz. With this frequency response, you can hear the detail in every track.


  • Stylish look
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable on the head
  • Good design with foldable ear cups
  • Cord doesn’t get tangled; good strength
  • Worth the price


  • Heats up your earbuds
  • Plastic may feel cheap
  • Cord length is too short for desktop PC. But, can be used in smartphones/laptops easily.

Verdict: The Sony MDR-ZX110 stereo headphones might look good and fancy but it doesn’t provide very good quality of sound as we expect from the brand Sony. But, still, if you are on a budget and looking for a good headphone in your price range, you can definitely go for this product which costs less than Rs.1000. Read More about this effective Sony Headphone at Top 10 Wired Headphones Under 2000 Rupees.

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