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Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine below 18000 Rupees

Best Washing Machine in India Market under 18000 Rupees

In this piece, we cover the latest models of branded smart washing machines those come with many convenience features. Here you read about the best fully automatic washing machines on sale in the price range of 16000 to 18000 Rupees.  Read also Top fully automatic washing machines under 16000 Rupees.

► 6.5-Kg LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine T7581NDDLG

Are you wondering which is best fully automatic washing machine in the market at the moment? Yes? Well, bring LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine home and feel the difference. LG has loaded this washing machine with quite a lot of smart features. This fantastic machine features the most incredible technology – Smart Inverter Technology, LG Smart Motion, as well as Turbo Drum technology for a quick and useful cleaning of your laundry.

Let’s catch a glimpse of all the wonderful features of this best selling fully automatic washing machine. And let us make out what makes it the best top load washing machine under 20000.

LG Fully-Automatic Washing Machine T7581NDDLG in 17500 rs

LG Smart Motion & Turbo Drum: Smart motion, smart inverter control, and turbo drum technology, when combined; improve the general way of the washing operation. The better performance achieved as a result allows for great washing of laundry that may let you do away with harsh stains and dirt. The mighty water stream of the pulsator and the rotating drum offers an enhanced and remarkable performance as well.

→ Smart Inverter Technology

Smart inverter technology is an energy saving technology that gets you rid of the inadequate process by competently controlling the usage of energy. It does that by regulating the power consumption in the most favorable way as per the needed power. The innovative waterproof motor of the machine doesn’t rust away. In fact, it is the most sturdy and robust motor in its league.

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LG Smart Diagnosis: Thanks to a tremendous feature of LG Smart Diagnosis, troubleshooting a variety of problems associated with the washing machine becomes trouble-free. All you need to do is turn on the machine’s power switch and call the Customer Service of LG. Alternatively, launch the LG Smart Laundry App on your Smartphone. As a consequence, the diagnosis can be made in a super-quick, super-convenient and super-easy way. You don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting for an engineer to visit and perceive the problem.

→ Trust of LG Brand in India Market

LG is a South Korean multinational corporation that produces more than a few electronics and domestic devices. LG washing machines are specially selected electrical devices that come in stylish designs and go pretty well with nearly every washing need as well as the budget. Thus, you can choose this washing machine without any uncertainty or shilly-shallying.


  • 36% lower power consumption
  • Waterproof Motor area
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Smart Inverter Technology + Smart Motion
  • Lo-Decibel and Less Vibration
  • Tub Clean
  • Auto Restart
  • Standby Power Save
  • Stainless steel Turbo Drum
  • Side Waterfall mixes detergent with water effectively

Verdict: All in all, the LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine with the Smart Inverter motor improves the overall laundry washing performance by adding smart motions up. It makes use of 40% less electricity than general motors. On top of that, there’s not as much of vibration and a smaller amount noise. The appliance comes with a tremendous ten years of motor warranty as well. When compared to other products, this washing machine is the best washing machine under 20000 in India market and provides the absolute value of money.

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Price 17500 Rupees
Overview 6.5-Kg | Fully Automatic | Top Loading | Inverter Technology
Features Smart Inverter Technology | Air Dry | Turbo Soak | Cold Water inlet | 10 Water Levels | Memory Backup | Delay Start : 3~18 Hr | Child Lock | Auto Balance System | Auto Prewash
Function 3-Step Wash | Smart Diagnosis | Fuzzy Logic Control | Beeper | Auto Restart |
Programs Normal | Pre Wash+ Normal | Gentle (Wool/Saree) | Quick Wash | Strong (Jeans) | Tub Clean/Aqua reserve | Favorite
Body Dimensions : 540 x 540 x 870 mm | Turbo drum | Pulsator : Punch+3 | Digital Display
Warranty 10 Years


► 6.8-Kg Onida Washing Machine (WO68TSPHYDRA-LR)

Trust the brand Onida and its wide range of washing machines if you cannot zero in on one from hundreds of popular washing machines available below 20000 Rupees. Onida is a reliable brand and its washing machine models come with many convenience features. And on the front of post-sales service, too, buyers experience remains the same as it was during the first week of the purchase.

The Washing machine model (WO68TSPHYDRA-LR) from the Indian manufacturer is really a good choice under 20000 Rupees. Onida offers free installation and demo. Not sure about its service quality on the ground but I have never read any negative comment against Onida service on Gadgets Shiksha. Even on the online shopping websites, buyers confirm that Onida provides service on time. Thus, be sure of Onida’s product quality and its service quality, too. One thing though has to be noted here that service commitment lasts only two years from the date of purchase. This is a lot less than what other top brands in the Indian washing machine market offer to their customers.

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On the front of advanced technology, the washing machine has not much to say. In fact, it has the same regular features and more wash programs. On the count of wash programs, with 13 wash programs, though it is certainly an advanced washing machine than any other washing machine would be under 20000 Rupees.

Talking about its body build, though the whole body is made using durable plastic, the tube material is steel. Top window is transparent so users could review the running washing without setting the machine to stop. Wheels are there, too. It, thus, becomes quite easier to move this heavy machine for cleaning moping. Once it is being installed at one place, locked wheel ensures naughty kids in your home do not push it around just for fun.

Onida Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine WO68TSPHYDRA-LR

→ Many Convenience features

Count and quality of convenience features is what differentiate products of big brands. The digital display of this Onida washing machine is for users to monitor the machine settings, time remaining, and active wash programs. Other nifty features of this washing machine are memory backup feature, Lint filter, and Tub Self-clean.

On the front of power and security management, Auto Power OFF, Child lock, and its shockproof body are some necessary features there, too.

Having not just 5 or 8 or even 10, in fact, 13 wash Programs of this Onida washing machine makes it a perfect solution for all types of cloth washing needs in your home. Fuzzy Logic, Hot Wash, Pre-Wash Soak, Quick wash, Spin only, Spin & Rinse with other wash programs is more than enough to solve all types of washing requirement.

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Baby, especially infant’s clothes should not be washed with the clothes of other members in the family. Therefore, the Onida automatic washing machine comes with a special wash program for babies clothes. In fact, the same is the case with woolen and some uniquely made clothes that require a soft wash. Here this Onida machine has the standard, soft, and the programs discussed above are under its hard wash programs.

Search in the local and online market. Only a few selected automatic washing machines are qualified enough and could fulfill the solution to all washing needs as this Onida washing machine does. If the two years of the warranty period (only two years whereas other brands offer 5 years and more) is not a big concern then go ahead place an order for this Onida Champ. Buying this Onida machine is a worthy investment if trust is a priority.

Buy 15000 Rupees
Rust Free Body YES
Cabinet Plastic
Turbo Dry YES
Body & Base Plastic
Magic Filter YES
Pulsator Plastic
Fuzzy Logic YES
Water Saving NO
Lid Transparent
Stainless Steel Drum YES
Wash & Spin Capacity 6.8 Kg
Maximum Spin RPM 780 RPM
Display Digital
Water Select Level 10
Wash Programs 13
Other Features Click Here


► 7-Kg Haier Washing Machine (HWM 70-12688 NZP)

Over the period while reviewing home appliances I have observed one thing that Chinese brands, not only offer a better product, but better post-sales service, too. In fact, they are able to do this by maintaining a healthy balance sheet. Actually, Chinese brands use cutting age technology at their production facility to produce products at relatively less price. And the money saved because of that – is spent in providing better service delivery to the end users. As a result, home appliances by Chinese brands have done more damage to the market of Korean brands like Samsung and LG in India. In fact, after losing leadership in the smartphone market, now it is home appliances market turn where Korean brands have been facing a huge challenge from the new entrants from the land of China.

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The Haier fully automatic washing machine comes with eight wash programs. That includes, besides the regular wash programs, the popular wash programs like Fuzzy Logic, Quick wash, Spin Only, Spin & Rinse, and special wash programs for Cotton, Synthetics, Wool, and Sports dress also. My favorite wash programs, however, is the feature – termed as “Night wash” and “Half load.” In fact, just because of these two features, this Haier washing machine is a brilliant choice for working women.

The body of this Haier washing machine is made using metal and its tub material is stainless steel, too. A detergent drawer is also built-in on this – is a great convenience for storing washing power at the right place. Adjustable wheel underneath is for moving it aside for brooming & cleaning.

Haier Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine HWM 70-12688 NZP

→ Security Convenience and Protection features

The Motor overheating protection on this Haier automatic washing machine is one of a kind that providing a certain protection to the motor against sudden power spike.

Not all the washing machines would work in a flat, which is located on top floor. The issue is simple. A healthy water pressure level is also a factor for the smooth functioning of a washing machine. To provide a solution to the low water pressure problem, this Haier washing comes with the NZP technology that successfully sucks water from tap even when the water pressure is set to nil (almost).

Complementing to Haier’s NZP technology is other features that only Haier washing machine has. I mean those are some patent technology of the brand Haier. Jet Stream Technology, Double Level Spin Tub, Rust free Body, and Digital display are some key features making this Haier product really a unique one in the set of best washing machines below 20000 Rupees.

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Start, stop, pause, and memory backup for settings and wash programs – is also a great help in busy daily routine. In fact, no need to retune the washing machine in every session. Because of the flexible operation, you can wash clothes while doing other works. Recall your favorite wash settings, first Pre-soak, start washing clothes, pause it in middle, start again, pause it again to attend another urgent requirement, and start again, then go for rinse and in dryer mode and through other features as well.

→ Service Warranty with this top loading washing machine

Other good things about this Haier automatic washing machine is – it is not that noisy. Moreover, the brand Haier offers two years of free service on the product, and three years of extended free service ( total five years) for the motor in action.

All in all, the Haier washing is a brilliant choice and is a best-selling washing machine in the online market. Buy it without a second thought. It comes with lots of convenience features and it has genuine a total of five years of warranty. The capacity of 7 kg also proves that this washing machine is a perfect choice for big families and working people.

Price 16500 Rupees
USP NZP, Jet Express, Fully Automatic, Air Dryer
Spin Speed 800 RPM
Wash Programs 8 (cotton, Synthetics, Wool, Pre-Wash, Quick Wash, Sport, Rinse, Spin)
Memory Function YES
Rinse Hold YES
Night Wash YES
Display LCD
Drain YES
Low Heat YES
Timer YES
Child Lock YES
Start/Stop/Pause YES
ABT Detergent Drawer YES
Fuzzy Logic YES
Sensor Drying YES
Motor Overheating Protection YES
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► 6.5-Kg SAMSUNG Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WA65K4200HA/TL)

I am not a big fan of the Korean brand Samsung since it keeps product overpriced. However, when comes to quality, Samsung with LG is the brands that have been trusted by home appliance buyers across the globe. It is, therefore, oblivious that I should select at least one reliable washing from either Samsung or LG in the list of best fully automatic washing machines below 20000 Rupees.

I selected this Samsung automatic washing machine after going through all its nifty features. In fact, the USP of this is indeed unique, thus, separates it in the cluster of the popular automatic washing machines below 20000 rupees in the market. I will count those unique features next one by one.

The Samsung machine is not just a washing machine with washer; in fact, it comes with a powerful dry function as well. The air dryer system here is called “Air Turbo Drying System.”

Though I cannot say whether the innovative Wobble technology of this Samsung automatic washing is the best among the available ones but it does perfect washing job. Not only is it quick in washing but hard on stains dirt, too. While other washing machines just use the jet water spray and rapid spinning of the clothes, the Samsung washing technology in use forces dynamic multidirectional flow of the fabrics. That removes dirt and stains from the fabrics and prevents tangles, and twists on them as well. Thus washing clothes, drying them, and readying them for ironing is just a matter of few minutes with this Samsung machine.

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→ Transparent Durable Glass Lid and Magic Filter to collect dirt and Lint

The lid on this washing machine that covers the digital display window is durable, has the scratch resistant properties, and is actually a tempered glass. Thus it would last really long even when used roughly or not with so much care by the users. But I would advise using it carefully as the brand does not provide warranty or guarantee for this luxury attachment.

Besides a gentle treatment to the fabrics under wash, I really like the powerful filtration that effectively collects lint, dirt or any particles that might choke bathroom drainage. It appears, however, not so important but the fact is – it is a big problem. With this Samsung machine, you would not face such problems.

SAMSUNG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine WA65K4200HA TL

→ Warranty Water and Wash Programs

With the capacity of 6.5 Kg, it is an ideal washing machine for small to large families. Technologies used on this is the digital inverter technology, wobble technology, and eco tube clean technology as well. It comes with a water selector and users could select one from the five water levels.

The 7 wash programs of this washing machine are Fuzzy Logic, Quick wash, Spin Only, and other wash programs as well. If you are looking for a durable washing machine to wash hard heavy fabrics like blanket and jeans, this is the washing machine for you. Although most of the washing machines would be able to wash jeans, but this because of 1000 RPM spin capability especially – is one of the most oblivious choices under 20000 Rupees in the Indian market.

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Samsung offers two years of warranty for the product and eight years more on the motor. This is a lot better than what the Onida and Haier washing machine has for buyers.

→ Power Security and convenience management

Talking about security feature, yes, the most necessary child lock feature is present on it. Further, to protect internal circuit and heart & soul of it, the motor, there is voltage control protection as well. That means even when electrify fluctuates, even in the most adverse case, there would be negligible damage to the machine and its vital component, the motor.

On the front of power consumption, this is unbelievably one of the most advanced washing machines in fact in the entire segment. Effectively it would not consume more that 350 watts electricity yet it would generate close to 1000 RPM. This is simply outstanding. If the drum design is perfect then high run per minute does effect positively- washing ability of a washing machine. And, therefore, this Samsung automatic washing machine would wash your clothes on the double the speed than the two models discussed above could. That is because of their low RPM.

Conclusion!!! Being hard on dirt yet gentle to the fabric – is what makes this Samsung automatic washing machine really a unique choice. Its diamond drum based on a unique motion technology with the blue LED digital display has won my heart. High RPM delivery against its power consumption is unbeatable under 20000 Rupees in the online market at present. Again, on the warranty front, only LG could match the greatness of the brand Samsung.

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Longer warranty commitment by the brand means the quality of the product certainly high. You may not get the convenience features you are looking for, yet the washing machine is the one you should consider, and even I would wish to have it in my home.

Buy 18000 Rupees
Air Turbo YES
Auto Restart YES
Child Lock YES
Drum Type Diamond
Magic Filter YES
Pulsator Wobble
Top Window Tempered Glass Window
Water Level Five
Additional Cycle Soak
Blanket & Jeans YES
Delicates YES
Eco Tub Clean YES
Number of Cycle 7
Fuzzy & Quick Wash YES
Rinse & Spin YES
Drum Material STS
Complete Specs Click Here

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