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Best Five HD and 1080P LED TV under 23000 Rupees

Samsung 32J4003 HD LED TV Review and Specifications

24 inch Sansui SKJ24FH07F Full HD LED TV

Sales of the television set, having screen size less than 32-inch are a fraction of the Indian market; as a result, not many brands are keenly participating with exacting products. However, Sansui, with a recent launch of a 24-inch Full HD LED TV has given a quality boost the category. This is certainly good news for those looking for a television set suitable for small or single rooms. Read also 24 inch LED TV between 13000 to 16000 Rupees.

In terms of audio output quality, picture quality, and connectivity options, the TV set is absolutely brilliant. I am more excited for its 1080P screen resolution as it lets you watch HD channels with your new HD setup box. In fact, users will be able to play Blu-ray films also by having this TV connected with a Blu-ray player.

Sansui has blessed this 24-inch full HD TV with a long list of connectivity options. That includes a VGA port too- making it suitable for a computer setup wherein it can be used as a monitor.

Being a 1080P budget television set does not mean it is lacking features for user’s experience enhancement. Five picture modes and four audio modes are more than enough for energizing viewers.

The 20-watt audio output of this Sansui TV is another significant advancement. Having loud and clear audio with a significant share of Bass in it, the Sansui TV is a true champion for every time entertainment.

Everything about this Sansui LED is perfect other than its design and built quality. The huge bezel on the front does not provide a pleasant viewing experience. Its built quality is also sub-standard.

Sansui SKJ24FH07F Full HD LED Review and Specifications

However, in my opinion, Sansui deserves appreciation than criticism. For a price of 13500 rupees, the 24-inch LED TV, which can also be used a computer monitor gets full mark for advanced features in audio, picture, and connectivity segments of it.

Buying it for family entertainment will be a mistake. It is more suitable for personal entertainment. For bachelors, students and single rooms, the Sansui TV is absolutely perfect. Read also Budget LED TV between 10000 to 12500 Rupees.

Display 24inch, LED, 1920×1080 Pixels, Five Mode(Hi-Bright, Cinema, Sports, Vivid, User)
Audio 2x10W, 4 Modes (User, Music, Speech, Standard)
Connectivity HDMI Input, USB Port, VGA Input, Component Input
Dimensions 649 x 170 x 402 mm
Net Weight 4.00 kg (approx)
Warranty One Year
Buy 13500 Rupees


Intex LED-3210 32 inches HD Ready LED TV

A detail review of this Intex television model is alreayd live at Top 4 LED TV for Indian Home Below 22000 Rupees


39 inch Noble Skiodo 40MS39P01 HD Ready LED TV

As Vu by using Flipkart platform has brought huge excitement in the Indian television market and lowered priced of HD and full HD LED TV, Noble Skiodo, a new Indian TV manufacturer, too, wants to create a big market for itself by repeating the same. Noble has been using Amazon India platform for retailing its innovative TV sets at affordable prices.

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Whatever features one would expect in a budget television set is very much present on this Noble product. Besides a big screen, full HD resolution, advanced audio solution and ability to be a computer monitor also makes it a hot choice today. I cannot miss a long list of modern connectivity option onboard, which will keep it relevant even after five years.

In this Noble TV, you will never have any complaint about brightness, response time, colors, contrast, and viewing angle as well. In fact, for gaming too, this TV could be a right budget solution. Its VGA-in connectivity option certainly supports my assessment.

In the display segment of this TV, smartly Nobile has trusted Samsung screen panel. It is a full HD panel supports the aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3. Thus, it is well-managed LED TV for seeing HD TV channels and full HD & Blu-ray video contents as well. Having 5ms response time in the right balance of color, contrast, and brightness level – making the screen suitable for using in production activity as well.

Getting the next level in audio production, the television set comes with inbuilt amplifier and options to retune Bass, treble, and other audio settings. Its remote too has the options to select audio from four dedicated modes and one user-defined mode.

There are many unique features onboard of this TV for adding spices in user’s experience. Games, built in tuner, backlight adjustment, amplifier speaker out, picture freeze, and password lock are some features that I found interesting and worthy.

Noble Skiodo 40MS39P01 HD LED Review and Specifications

If you are looking for an advanced budget TV, which could also be used as a computer occasionally, Noble Skiodo 40MS39P01 is one excellent choice under 20000 rupees budget. Have no concern with its long list of features as delivery by them is always above a general expectation.

Should you buy this TV? Honestly, I am not very sure. The reason being, the next TV, I am going review here is also a product of Noble comes with one inch bigger screen and officially declared as a full HD TV. Read about both TV, and then decide which one is better for you.

Noble Skiodo 42CV40CN01 40 inch Full HD LED TV : If you need a big screen LED TV purely for entertainment and news, Noble’s 2015 model 42CV40CN01 with a huge 40 inch full HD screen could also be a right choice below the 20000 rupees price range.

Loaded with a bunch of features for picture and audio enhancement, the Noble LED TV is one of the hottest TV models in the market today in the 40-inch screen category.

One obvious question, I have to answer here is – which one to buy. Both the models have the same set of features. They are different from each other on screen size thereby just 1000 rupee price different in their prices. My vote is with the 40-inch full HD model, though. Read also Best Smart LED TV in Best Screen Sizes below 40000 Rupees.

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Noble Skiodo 42CV40CN01 40 inch Full HD LED TV Review and Specifications

Display 39inch, D-LED, 768×1366 Pixels, Panda SHARP, 5.5ms response time, WIDE VIEWING ANGLE
Connectivity 2×HDMI, 2×USB Port, USB-to-USB Data transfer, Bluetooth, Video Decoder
Warranty One Year
Buy ( HD 39 inch 19000 Rupees
Buy ( Full HD 40 inch) 20000 Rupees


32 inch Onida LEO32HRZS HD LED TV

Onida does not require an introduction to the Indian consumers. Nowadays, familiar Indian manufacturers in the 90s like Onida, BPL, and Salora are relaunching itself in the Indian television market with better products. In fact, this has indeed helped them to regain old glory by having loyal customers of that years turning back as well as flared up their reputation further with appreciable products and better customer service.

Onida and BPL have successfully launched itself in today’s market and giving tough competition not only to Indian brands like Vu but to established brands LG and Sony as well.

Today, we have a 32-inch television set from Onida: good enough for seeing daily TV programs in good quality as well as brilliant multimedia especially in terms of audio entertainment.

Onida has named this model as “Rockstarz”. This name comes because it has a significant boost in the audio features. The massive 30-watt audio output is more than sufficient to shake your home as well as in entire neighborhood.

There is one more variant of this TV, launched in the year 2014, has the same model name “Rockstarz”, but model number differs as LEO32HRZ. The 2014 model comes with twice more audio power exactly 60W. Both TV models have a 32-inch LED screen with HD ready resolution. However, here I am explaining the 2016 variant that comes with the 30watt audio system priced just 19000 rupees.

Onida LEO32HRZS HD LED TV Full HD LED Review and Specifications

Since it just a basic HD-ready LED TV, not many connectivity options are needed; therefore, having just two USB 2.0 and one HDMI port should be sufficient for users.

In the amazing sound system of this LED TV, Onida has used a set of six powerful speakers. That together generates loud and clear audio in utmost clarity. Audio quality remains better in high and low volume levels. Background noise is also stand to nil. Users will have no complaint about the share of Bass and treble in the audio output.

Advancement in the sound system has resulted in a poor design that does not render a harmonious look, which is, by the way, a must feature in a family use television set. The Onida TV with massive 30-watt audio output is more suitable for bachelor's room. Read also Latest LG Onida VU 32 Inch LED TV below 21000 Rupees.

Display 32inch, 768×1366 Pixels, 60Hz Refresh Rate
Audio 30W, 6 speakers
Connectivity 1×HDMI, 2×USB Port
Warranty One Year
Buy 19000 Rupees


32 inch Samsung 32J4003 Television

If you are not interested in investing for Indian brand television sets, then I got a best-selling Samsung LED TV. Having a price of 22000 rupees makes it affordable, too. This is one latest HD ready LED TV from the Korean brand offers brilliant picture quality and decent audio.

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Its connectivity options may not be sufficient for some users, but the advancement of playing videos right from USB drive certainly offers great convenience. Just because of this feature, no longer the end user needs a DVD player for watching movies on this innovative HD LED set.

Allowing more convenience to users, the TV set comes with features like auto channel search, Indian cinema mode, game mode, and sports mode. The Samsung LED in the mini Arc design, in which it appears absolutely brilliant, will be quite an addition to user’s bedroom decoration.

As I mentioned in the beginning – users will experience picture quality even better than the quality delivered by full HD LED TVs from some Indian brands. However, how this magic happens? Samsung explains: by using an advanced algorithm for the enhancement of picture quality, which ensures a fine balance between colors, contrast, and brightness too. In fact, Samsung’s indigenous technology in use is so strong that even dead content in terms of color appears eloquent to viewers.

During a research about this TV, we encounter some complaints about average audio quality. However, we do not support that as our experience has been really great as its awesome picture and powerful audio is in a perfect sync.

Samsung 32J4003 HD LED TV Review and Specifications

Your aim is to buy an affordable LED TV in a stylish look with unique features, excellent picture quality, and a powerful audio system, Samsung 32J4003 is a brilliant choice then.

In my opinion, if the count of features one a device is less, the device durability will be long lasting. Having too many features onboard adds complexity that results in a possibility of malfunction much sooner.

A celebrated design, latest picture technology, and loud audio system as well as inbuilt features that render the possibility of playing video right from a USB drive – are some specialty of this Samsung 32 inch HD LED TV.

If I need a TV under 22000 rupees for my home, I will choose Samsung product before any other models listed above. Actually, I do not get too excited for add-on features. TV sets from Indian brand carry lots of features onboard, but they lack depth in audio, video, and design area. Read also Top 4 Samsung LED TV Review in India.

Display 32inch, 768×1366 Pixels, Edge LED Display, Wide Color Enhancer, 1000000:1 (Static) Contract ratio, Hyper Real Picture Engine, Clear Motion Rate: 100 Hz
Audio 10W, Dolby Digital Plus, Down Firing Base Reflex, Two Speaker
Connectivity 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB
Warranty One Year
Buy 23000 Rupees

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