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Best F&D Speakers Reviewed on GS under 5000 Rupees

Indian brand F&D, JBL, and Philips are few trusted names in the budget segment of multimedia speaker market.

At GS, we have so far reviewed three F&D products. These F&D masterpieces are trusted choice for clear crisp sound and they are economical too. In this article, I revisit them – they are top trending speakers in the online market currently.

F&D F550X with FM Radio and Remote

Equipped with Bass and Treble knobs, the F&D speaker is one best-selling multimedia speaker with flawless wireless connectivity. It is a brand new speaker model in market, it was launched online recently. Primarily it is a portable wireless speaker but it has wired connectivity option as well – for ensuring its connectivity with TV and media players lacking Bluetooth feature.

Bass dominates its audio output. It is, therefore, an oblivious choice for those celebrates home parties quite often. Talking about its audio quality, both satellite channels are optimized for 28 watts (14 watts×2) audio output whereas its powerful subwoofer shoots sharp 28 watts powerful Bass.

It is not limited to just being a 2.1 channel multimedia speaker set. Rather FM tuner feature onboard is making it a full-fledged working FM radio as well. It could tune up to 100 FM channels. The F&D F550X thus is a multimedia speaker set, which closely resembles with Boombox.

Going by buyer’s reviews and ratings, this speaker set worth every penny. It looks stylish, it produces powerful audio, and it offers easy wireless connectivity as well.

Though the F550X set is priced below 5000 rupees, but it has features and qualities better than higher priced Sony, LG speakers. GS team strongly recommends this speaker set.

A detailed review of this F&D speaker cum FM radio is live at F&D F550X Home Speaker with FM Radio Remote in 4600 Rupees.

F&D W330X Bluetooth Speaker

This too is a 2.1 channel speaker, supports smartphone, tablet, and any audio player that could transmit music over Bluetooth network. Fans of powerful Bass is going to like this speaker as it comes with a dedicated Bass balancing knob.

The total sound output by this F&D speaker is quite impressive, precisely 56W. The audio output breakup stands as both the satellite speakers can produce 28W audio (14W×2), whereas 28W, essentially for Bass sound is from the subwoofer.

While the satellite speakers are based on 2.5mm full range driver, 6.5mm Bass driver is in Subwoofer speaker.

The selection of color, build material, and design patterns is simply brilliant on this F&D marvel. It is strong and looks elegant too. Your friends will find hard in guessing actual price of this. Especially the use of golden texture design on volume control knob, which stays at front in a genuine setup, is a master stroke design. In fact, only the design engineers of F&D could yield such revolutionary angle in the design of a budget speaker.

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Talking about some key features of this masterpiece, it supports Bluetooth, USB, and microSD cards as well. In fact, it could play songs right from a microSD card. It bears premium design and offers hassle-free easy setup.

F&D W330X is a perfect choice for playing audio from USB and SD cards. It will work well with MP3 player, TV, and computer, Smartphone, tablet, laptop, CD/DVD player, and any other multimedia players you have in home with the latest connectivity options.

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F&D Multimedia Speaker M8

The USB powered M8 is designed to work with handheld devices like smartphone and tablets; it will also work fine with laptops and media players. Essentially it will support any audio producing device that could feed it music through wireless Bluetooth connectivity or by using an input audio cable. Its Bluetooth card is powerful enough to work up to 10 meters of range.

If voice our Bluetooth connectivity is supported by your smartphone or tablet, this F&D speaker will provide hands-free calling option to users.

Though it is a low budget portable pocket speaker (115.8×74×39mm) but its build quality because of oval shape design is really attractive. It requires USB power input and has a Li-ion battery as well to store backup for offline use.

On the connectivity side, the F&D speaker features audio input cable port, USB port, and Bluetooth. To operate and manage its functionality, there are three oval shape buttons on a side.

Just 1.2 Watt audio output although less but in real use, it is quite loud. And, why that is so because it is a product of F&D. The tiny speaker inside is based on a full range drive unit exactly 1.5 inches in size.

Officially it is priced around 1100 rupees, however, now it is selling for a price of 500 Rupees only. It could be a good buy if you are looking for a portable pocket speaker, which is loud enough to entertain your friend group and also help listen to low audio output by portable multimedia gadgets.

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