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Best Earphone below 500 rs in India Market

Best Earphone under 500 Rupees in India Market

The market for earphones is fast expanding and players are coming up with new strategies and products every other day to woo the customers. When it comes to earphones, there must be over thousands of them for consumers to choose from. However, only a few are good enough for buying and using. The GS team, therefore, decided assisting you in buying a good quality earphone by presenting in-depth reviews of only the best choices. The Gadgets Shiksha is the only website that provides an in-depth review of some of the best gadgets under 500 Rupees. If you are looking for a list of best earphones in 500 Rupees, here it is.

In this piece, I cover the best in-ear earphones in India market on sale in the price range 100 to 500 Rupees. We regularly update this article. Therefore, the first earphone is the latest launch on the market while the earphone at the end is oldest.

► Artis E400M In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Artis is an Indian smartphone accessories brand. This brand sells premium quality earphones with MIC at affordable prices. The E400M is one of the best-selling headsets of the company. What makes it an outstanding option below 500 rupees is the 15-mm driver. Habitually, the speakers on earphones have 10-mm driver. However, the first time I see a pair of earphones with the 15-mm driver.

Artis E400M In-Ear Headphones with Mic in 400 Rupees

The 15-mm driver speakers produce loud & clear sound with heavy BASS. I had not expected a 400 rs earphone to be this muchloud and with deep BASS. Even if the Artis E400M earphone with MIC had cost 500 Rupees, I would have still rated it as one of best headsets available in India market at the right price.

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Further, the E400M has a sumptuous look and design. The design of ear caps is perfect, thus, correctly first into the user’s ears. The cable between ear caps and the 3.5-mm audio connector has a unique threaded pattern, features an inline control at the suitable height for handling calls and audio playlist.

Artis brand with the E400M headset provides an additional microphone clip and two ear caps in the sales box. Those have used the earphone set never communicated with the brand for service as their E400M earphone is in well & good consider despite regular use. Thus, I am not sure how customer-friendly the brand is in providing post-sale service. As it has been in practice, for earphone especially, in case of malfunction, the user gets a new unit. You can expect the same if your E400M earphone becomes faulty within 6-months. Artis E400M is the best earphones with MIC If your budget is anything between 300 to 500 Rupees.

Price 370 Rupees
Speaker 15-mm Driver | Powerful BASS | Loud Punchy Sound
Build Weight: 50 Grams | 1.5-meter Tangle-Free Cable | MIC with Inline Control | Soft Silicon Ear-buds
Sales Box E400M Earphone | Microphone Clip | 2 Pair of Ear caps
Warranty 6 Months | Artis Customer Care 1800 120 8195


► Seven X Metal In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Which is the best earphone on the market under 300 Rupees? There is no branded earphone on sale at such a low price. You should consider non-branded earphones if you want a durable headset with clear sound and powerful Bass under a tight budget.

Best Earphone with MIC in 300 rs

Here I suggest non-branded best bass earphones under 500 Rupees. The Metal Earphone by Seven X is a great product to go for – in case you did not get the right quality earphone bundled with your new smartphone. You need to spend only 299 Rupees to order it online.

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Comfortable: The headset has a perfect metal build (not fully metal). Flawlessly designed ear caps fit well into every size of ears. These caps are ultra-soft and do not put any strain on the user’s ears. The earpieces do not suffer from any kind of creaking or flexing as well.

Further, the cord measures 1.2 meters. That is an ideal length for outdoor usage. High-quality rubber insulation makes it quite durable, too.

You would get a great music listening experience on the earphones as they generate loud & clear audio with clear BASS. The ear caps are good at isolating the user from the noise outside.

Pro Features:-

  • Good build
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Loud & Clear sound with Clear Bass
  • Compatible with mobile phones, Android Smartphones, and all music producing system

Conclusion: Despite being a non-branded earphone, the metal earphone by Seven X impresses with its build and sound quality. Moreover, the design of ear caps is such that perfectly cuts ambient noise. Thus, considering everything, I would not be wrong in saying that the Metal earphone is indeed one of the best in-ear headphones under 500 Rupees. Do not miss it.

Price 299 Rupees
MIC YES | In-Line Control
Speaker Frequency range: 20-20K Hz | Impedance: 32 Ω | Sensitivity: 98 dB
Build Weight: 17-grams | Cord length: 1.2-m | Dustproof Level: IP2X | Waterproof Level: IPX2
Warranty 30 Days Replacement
Compatible with Feature phone | Smartphone | Apple Devices | Laptop | PC | Samsung Devices | Tablet


► Samsung Earphone with MIC EHS64

The Samsung headset is one of the top-rated earphones under 500 Rupees. Priced 450 Rupees, Samsung EHS64 earphone is a bestseller. Apparent reasons as to why it is a top favorite are it being a branded earphone, which produces loud & clear sound, and it is convenient to use as well.

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Samsung EHS64 Earphone with MIC

The audio jack that it comes with is easily compatible with most of the smartphones. It also comes with an inline remote, which makes it easier for the user to take calls or disconnect, play or pause music while on the move.

This earphone, however, lacks behind in many areas compared to its substitutes on the market. It does not provide Bluetooth connectivity and no noise cancellation feature either.

Low-cost Earphone yet a decent sound quality: The sound quality of the Samsung earphone under 500 rs is decent considering how cheap they are. The headset design offered by Samsung on these earphones is earbud. They make for a cozy fit. After prolonged use, however, one can start feeling uncomfortable and inside of ears might start hurting.

Easy to use: These earphones are compatible with feature phones, smartphone, laptop, and tablet. The microphone on its wire is placed on the one that is shorter than the other is. The reason for that would be for achieving better voice quality when in the middle of a phone call.


  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Decent sound quality
  • Available at a bargain price


  • No Noise Cancellation
  • Lacking Bass
  • Fragile Cord
  • Detangling of cord a significant issue

Final Verdict: The rounded wire of these earphones is not that great. Often they are tangled. It takes some time and much patience to get them de-tangled. However, since the earphone is so lightweight to carry, you can overlook this shortcoming.

Samsung launched the EHS64 earphone in two color options of black and white. Users can pick whichever they feel suits them best. My favorite would be a black color variant. The white variant would collect enough fingerprint and darts in few weeks of use. Then bring the earphone to the original state would be cumbersome work.

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Connectivity Wired
Design Earbud
Weight 59g
Warranty 6 Months
Buy 450 Rupees


► Xiaomi Mi Headset

Xiaomi wants to take on Apple and Sony by providing quality headphones from the side of smartphone makers. Its Mi In-Ear Headphone is outstanding in terms of design and sound quality. There cannot be a second opinion that the best earphone under 500 Rupees is this Mi headset.

The in-ear design of this earphone with MIC stops outside noise from reaching your ears. In fact, you will not hear disturbance while listening to favorite music on it even on a busy road. The angled design of earpieces and earbuds provide better comfort when you use it for a longer duration.

Mi Headset Earphone with MIC

The impedance of 32-Ohm means this Mi earphone is capable of producing loud sound even if your phone does not release enough power. A unique sandwich design of the diaphragms ensures excellent quality of sound production on all frequencies. Thanks to the 3rd Gen damping and unique airflow channels that result in improved sound quality and stereo effect. The frequency response range of 20 – 20000 Hz enables this headphone to produce deep bass levels with super sharp treble.

The in-line volume rockers and a dedicated multi-functional button give this headphone an extra edge over most of the smartphone headphones. The controller also features a Knowles microphone that provides excellent audio quality during a call. Cable length of 1.2-meters makes this headphone best suited for outdoor use. The anodized aluminum material provides durability with attractiveness to the headphone unit. The Mi Headset is one of the top earphones under 500 Rupees.

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Price 400 Rupees
Feature Tangle-Free Cable | Deep Bass | Silicon Earbuds | Passive Noise Isolation
Speaker Impedance 32-ohm | Frequency response range: 20-20K Hz  | Rated Power 5 mW | 10-mm Driver | HD clear Sound | Aluminum alloy sound chamber
Inline Control YES: Play/pause and answer/reject call
Weight 13.6-grams
Connection Wired | 3.5-mm
Warranty 180-days


► boAt BassHeads 100 Earphone with Mic

In online superstores, the boAt earphone is one of the all-time best selling earphones under 500 Rupees. This Indian brand headset has 4.1 rating based on close to 7500 reviews. That certifies the boAt BassHeads 100 is an excellent quality earphone with MIC. You can order it online by paying no more than 500 Rupees.

boAt BassHeads 100 Earphone with MIC

Sound quality by the 10-mm drivers on both the sides of the earphone is fantastic. Bass in the audio is evident but not overly dominant. That is good for listening to static audio, but those looking for best bass earphones under 500 rupees, would not like much. Further, it is compatible with feature phones, smartphones, laptops, tablets, Boombox and so on.

Design: Uniquely designed earbuds of the earphone with MIC would fit and lock outside the ear canal of any size of ears. Listen to your favorite collection as long as you wish to, you would not feel heavy in your ears, as the earphone is lightweight. It weighs only 41-grams.

The BassHeads 100 earphone has rounded thin wire that gets sometimes poorly tangled. If you can increase your budget by 100 Rupees, you could get purchase the BassHeads 225 earphone at 600 Rupees. The 600 rs earphone with MIC has a superior build and tangle-free flat wire. In fact, because of tangle-free wire, BassHeads-225 is far more comfortable in use than BassHeads 100 is.

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Price 499 Rupees
Speakers 10-mm Driver | Impedance 16-ohm |
MIC YES | HD Microphone
Weight 41 Grams
Warranty 365-Days
Cable 1.2-Meter | Regular


► Mobilife in-Ear Headset with Extra Bass

India is awash with cheap and substandard earphones. If you are not careful, you might end up with a set of poor-quality earphones. However, not all cheap earphones are substandard. I had a chance to review a rather interesting pair of earphones under 500 rupees and to talk the truth I was impressed. These earphones are none other than the Mobilife in-Ear Headphones.

Mobilife Magnetic in-Ear Wired Earphone with Extra Bass

Lightweight: After using these earphones for not less than an hour, I noticed that I wasn’t experiencing any heaviness or discomfort from within the ear canal. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for people who listen to music all day long.

Good bass output: Although these earphones can’t really compete with any pair of earphones above the 500 rupees mark, I would say that they have sufficient bass. The bass is good enough considering the throwaway price that these headphones come at.

In-line Mic: If you are looking for good earphones with mic under 500 Rupees then this pair of earphones suits you best. I did not experience any issues whatsoever with the mic. Nonetheless, I would suggest that you take a little bit more care with the in-line control buttons on this product.  I noticed that the cable was fragile. Therefore, I would not recommend these earphones to use during a workout.

Price 300 Rupees
Features Lightweight | Compatible with Apple Devices, MP3 Player, Tablet, PC and Android devices … | In-Ear Design
Build 1.5-Meter Cord
Warranty 10 Days Replacement
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► Sencer S320 Extra-Bass Metal In-Ear Earphones with Microphone

Sencer is a relatively new brand in India’s earphone market. Actually, the first time I heard of the brand was in a YouTube review of their trendy S410 earphones. Although I have not yet laid my hands on their S410 earphones, I am somewhat confident with the brand. Nevertheless, their S320 earphones are arguably the best earphones for android phones under 500 rs. Here is what we liked about them:

Sencer S320 Extra Bass Metal Earphones with Microphone

Sturdy Aluminum build: It is not a common thing to find aluminum earphones below the 500 rs mark. However, thanks to Sencer, we now have the S320 to be thankful for.  In addition to having a robust metallic casing, these earphones come with an oxygen-free copper cable.  The cable is non-corrodible not to mention free from interferences.

Good Bass and noise isolation capability: At their price range, the S320 in-ear earphones may not be the best mobile earphones for you, especially if looks are your judgment criteria. Keeping in mind that there are better-looking earphones in this price range such as JBL’s own C200SI, there is no way that the S320 earphones are the best looking.

However, if the bass is what you want, I can assure you that no other earphones below 500 rs can challenge the S320. Actually, for bass performance, these earphones contest against some of their bigger brothers in the market such as the Brainwavz Omega. The manufacturer also incorporated a functional noise isolation system into these earphones.

Cons: The earpieces feel a little bit heavy on the ears, and the cable is not tangle-free.

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Price 499 Rupees
Build Aluminum Alloy Housing | Durable Cord | 1 Button In-line Control | Noise Isolating | 1.2-meter Cable | Oxygen-free copper cable
Sound Stereo Bass Sound | 10-mm Driver | Sensitivity: 108 dB | Frequency Response: 20 – 20K Hz
Sales Box Sencer S320 Earphone | 3 × Soft Silicone Earbuds | 1 × Cable Clip | User Manual
Compatible With Apple Devices | MP3 Players | Android Devices | Tablets | Devices with 3.5-mm Audio Jack
Warranty 12 Months

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