☼ Sony RX1B Digital Camera with Carl Zeiss Lens

Bulky DSLR cameras are not liked by many users, but they are forced to buy one only for high picture quality and greater control options for situational shootings. Sony is one brand, which has been trying hard to push premium products and components in the compact size. In the year 2012, the brand had launched the Cybershot DS RX1 compact camera that actually features a full frame sensor for the brilliant result according to user's expectation. It captures breathtaking images with amazing details. However, to get this device, you will have to spend approx 177000 rupees, which is not much for an enthusiastic professional in India.

Sony DSC RX1 B in India

Fixed 35mm Carl Zeiss Lens: Unfortunately, users will not be able to use a custom lens on this camera. But the fixed Carl Zeiss lens has been specifically designed for the full-frame sensor that the RX1 features. The images that you will capture will be on par with any of the high-end cameras out there.


The lens has got three rings for different functions and also comes with a metallic cap. One thing that might disappoint many users is the lack of hood on this camera.

Great Image Quality: Compact cameras do not offer many features for professional photography. However, the perception now has been changed by the launch of Sony RX1. It captures snaps in 24 megapixels and its low light capability will certainly impress the end-user. ISO range of 100-102400 also seems to be pretty good. Images remain sharp and noise free up to ISO 12,800.

Sony DSC RX1 B Review

Super Silent Shutter: This camera features a leaf shutter, which is extremely fast and unbelievably silent. You can easily capture important events or moments of life without creating any kind of disturbance.

Mind Blowing Design: Since the launch, the RX1 has become an inspiration for most of new compact camera models that were launched by Sony in follow-up. Although it fits easily into palm but that should not confuse you that it is lightweight gadget rather it is heavy. Most of the outer shell is made of metal and gives a great feel to the eyes. In terms of design and premium feel, it does not look any less than a professional camera.

All the controls are located at easy to reach places. There are even a few customizable buttons that do help during action photography. Please note, this camera is not suitable for rugged photography as it does not have a weather sealed body.

Good Connectivity Options: Even though it is not a DSLR, Sony has offered a good number of connectivity features on this device. Under the flap located on the left side ports like micro USB, HDMI and Audio In can be found. Moreover, a horse shoe at the top makes it possible for the users to connect a great number of accessories to the Sony RX1.

Sony DSC RX1 B Price in India

Records Videos In Full HD Resolution

Full frame sensor throws in lots of information and helps in quality video recording. Faster processing of the data on this camera is making possible to shoot full HD videos at 50 frames per second. Also, it records in AVCHD, which is a format that does not put pressure on computers during the final production. One of the main concerns that really bothered me is that Sony RX1 struggles to focus in low lighting conditions.


  • Camera lens is really great
  • Impressive build quality
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Full frame sensor
  • Audio In connectivity
  • SD card slot
  • Shutter produces much less noise


  • Auto-focusing system is not that great
  • In-camera battery charging

Verdict: It is true that the Sony RX1 camera is highly priced, but that is justified as you are getting result equivalent to a premium highly advanced DSLR camera in same price range. Also, in spite of its compact size and limited control buttons, the camera does offer brilliant performance.

Sony DSC RX1 B Specifications

Comparing the RX1 to other DSLRs in this price range is not a good notion in my opinion. Before you place an order, let me tell you one thing that you’re shopping will not be completed by just buying the camera unit. Rather, you have to invest for additional accessories in order to use this supreme camera at its full potential.

Sensor Full Frame CMOS Sensor, 24.3 MP
Processor BIONZ Image Processor
ISO 50-25600
Burst Mode 5 Frames Per Second
Fixed Lens Carl Zeiss® Sonnar® T lens
Still Formats RAW and JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity Audio In, HDMI and USB
Video Features Full HD At 50 FPS
Battery 1240 mAh
Weight 480 grams
Buy 175000 Rupees


☼ Nikon D810 FX – Superior Camera for Action Shooting

The Nikon D800 has been a popular camera among pro users since the launch in the year 2012. Now you won’t be able to buy this model as Nikon has decided to discontinue it as the upgraded model D810 is out in the market. The new camera model D810 brings a number of great improvements than the predecessor.

The Nikon D810 is priced for 158,950 rupees in the online market. I am sure you will place an order if I tell it is one of the best cameras available in Indian market for wildlife photography. This is a stated fact from Camera experts.

FX Format Sensor: Nikon has not changed many things on the new model. The D810 still features a full frame sensor. Megapixel count of 36.3 MP is definitely a welcome move from the brand. This device captures great dynamic range and flat profile, which can also be used if you are good at production/editing table. Moreover, the removal of anti-aliasing filter will also help in capturing good amount of details from the subject and the backgrounds.

Nikon D810 FX Specifications

Fast Auto-Focus: Thanks to the Expeed 4 processor, the Nikon D810 can focus the subject much faster. 51 focus points also help in creating a dense tracking area. Group focus tracking is also featured that helps a lot when the frame is full of multiple subjects.

Good For Action Scenes: Fast processing speed and large buffer make this camera a dream device for road and wildlife photographers. Burst can be used for quite a long time before the buffer creates a problem. Images can be captured at 5 frames per second and if you want more just jump to the DX crop mode. Moreover, attaching a battery grip will further increase the burst speed up to 7 frames per second.

Increased ISO Range: The sensor of this camera can now record information down from ISO 32 and up to ISO 51200. This wide range enables the users to capture images in almost every situation. Of course, the highest setting will generate noise, but up to ISO 6400 all the details remain razor sharp. In most cases, you will not have to be dependent on flash.

Nikon D810 FX Review

A Great DSLR For Documentaries: Nikon includes most of the viable video recording features on this camera. Full HD recording at a whopping 60 frames per second is an appreciable thing. Zebra pattern enhances the image and makes sure that the frame does not get over or under exposed. The camera also features dual storage card slots, so you will never run out of memory while recording a long video. Its External recorder can also be used to achieve a chroma sampling of 4:2:2.

However, this device lacks a few important features one of them is the ability to record in multiple formats. Furthermore, I would have loved if Nikon D810 had offered focus peaking feature.

Long Battery Life: The Nikon D810 FX’s battery performance has got a bump of 33 percent. Therefore, unless you are going to shoot for a full day, there is no need to carry an additional battery set.

Nikon D810 FX Online Price


  • No anti-aliasing filter
  • Designed is improved
  • 3 MP full frame sensor
  • Loaded with Expeed 4 processor
  • 51 autofocus-points
  • 5 frames per second burst mode
  • Full HD video recording at 60 frames per second
  • External video recorder can also be used
  • USB 3 and HMDI ports
  • Two card slots
  • Zebra pattern
  • Battery life is good

Verdict: Certainly, the price of this DSLR will not be under everyone’s budget, but those can afford it will have a great photography experience. It features full-frame sensor and comes without an anti-aliasing filter. I am sure action scene photographers will just fall in love with this camera. In fact, the Nikon D810 FX also takes the DSLR photography to a new high by allowing 60 fps recording in full HD resolution.

Sensor Full Frame CMOS Sensor, 36.3 MP
Processor Expeed 4 Image Processor
ISO 64-12800 (51200 In Extreme Setting)
Burst Mode 5 Frames Per Second
Autofocus Points 51
Lens Mount Nikon F
Still Formats RAW, TIFF and JPEG
Display 3.2 inch
Storage CF and SD
Connectivity Headphone Jack, Microphone Jack, HDMI and USB 3.0
Video Features Full HD At 60 FPS
Battery 1900 mAh
Weight 880 grams
Buy 159000 Rupees