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Best Computer Stick Below 7000 Rupees

Asus Chromebit Chromebox Review

Asus Chromebit CS10 with USB and Bluetooth and Internal Memory

The premier microchip company Intel introduced the notion of an ultra portable CPU or more rightly, a Compute Stick, a new form of concept computing.

Taking a note from the success of Intel stick, this time, Google in a partnership with Chinese hardware vendor Asus has introduced the Asus Chromebit in the world market. The very new computer stick is a pen drive shaped portable Chrome OS.

For your information, the Chromo OS is a Google’s initiative to make a simple and stable operating system much like Android for a personal computer. Read also Why You Should Not Buy The Intel Compute Stick.

Asus Chromebit Chromebox Box Contents

Know about Chromebit: The Asus Chromebit is a next generation portable device in the shape of a pen drive. Plug the device into any Laptop or TV or Monitor to turn it into a full-fledged Desktop platform. It comes with a vast variety of features, which were initially available in a chrome book machine. Further, it makes easier to use top Google products such as Google Doc, Google Music, and mouth watering innovative & creative applications available at the play store.

To get it running all you need to do is push it, in an HDMI port, connect a port power source and now you are good to go. In addition, it requires a separate keyboard and a mouse that too connected via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. It does not come with internal battery setup.

The Asus Chromebit is essentially a Chrome browser with some expanded file management and app capabilities. What is truly interesting is the price. The device comes at a price of less than 6000 rupees, which is much lesser than Intel’s stick costs nearly 8000 rupees. Essentially, you get a full-fledged desktop experience under 6500 rupees with the Asus Chromebit.

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Small and Sleek Built and Design of this Asus Stick

If you marvelled at the small Intel compute stick, then you will love the Chromebit. The Chromebit is smaller and sleeker than the Intel Compute Stick. It is made of matte plastic and has the rounded edges, which give it a nice consumer friendly look.

The Chromebit has a USB port on one end, a jack for the power cable and an HDMI port on the other end. Even though the Chromebit has an integrated HDMI connector, the thickness of the device might become an issue in some TVs or monitors. Asus has bundled along a foot long HDMI cable in the box to ease the connection.

Asus Chromebit Chromebox Review

Docs Apps OS Features: The Chromebit runs the Chrome OS. Essentially, it focuses on the likes of which we have seen in the Chrome book and Chrome box. Everything is meant to be online although the Chrome OS has some very basic file management system. The concept of everything online might seem limiting but for a basic OS that’s all you shall need. Emails are handled through online servers, documents can be stored and edited through Google Docs or Microsoft’s online office apps. Remember, the Chromebit concept is still in the process of development and cannot replace a Windows/iOS power machine.

Connecting the Chromebit to a monitor or TV instantly boots up the OS thanks to the lightweight Chrome OS. The real issue is the Keyboard and Mouse. You will need to invest in Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse in order to use the OS. This instantly increase the price of the device. You can also use a USB hub and use that to connect to a Keyboard and Mouse. But this completely ruins the concept of a hidden computer.

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In order to store your files, the Chromebit comes with a modest 16GB internal memory. There is no option of expandable memory.

This Chrome Stick is Not Suitable for Great Performance

The Chromebit is powered by a 1.8GHz Rockchip processor along with 2GB of RAM. Since it is not AMD or Intel processor, do not expect too much in terms of multitasking. However, in everyday surfing and office productivity, the processor will be up to the mark.

Open multiple browser tabs including email, use word processing application, benefit from Google searches and do some light photo editing. We should not forget that the stick is not for ultimate computing rather a solution in crunch time.

The thing that makes the Chromebit feel insanely more powerful than the Intel Compute stick is its boot time. The Chromebit boots up almost instantly. Read also Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Below 3000 Rupees.


  • Low Price
  • Can work online as well as offline
  • Simplicity of the Chrome OS
  • Small boot time
  • 4K video playback from YouTube without frame drop
  • 16GB internal memory onboard


  • Minimal storage capacity
  • Single USB port
  • Requires Bluetooth mouse and Keyboard
  • External memory support is not present

Final Verdict: Just when you thought that Windows laptops getting insanely cheap, the Chrome OS was being pushed into obscurity, Asus brings you this. It brings the concept of a fully functioning portable desktop at very low price.

However, it suffers identity crises. You still need to invest in a keyboard and mouse and it isn’t exactly a cheap laptop. If you wish to use it to convert your television into a media streaming device then there’s already the Chromecast that does the same at a cheaper cost. At the end of the day, the Chromebit will find very select few buyers.

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How to Plug Asus Chromebit Chromebox

Basics Stick, HDMI, Linux
Connection USB 2.0 Rear & front, BT 4.0
Internal Memory 16GB
External memory Support No
Buy 6500 Rupees
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