In this piece, we cover reliable wireless computer mouse, flash drive, and a multimedia speaker system for a desktop, laptop, and smartphone. Here you read about the best accessories of the top gadgets brands in India market.

► Logitech Wireless Mouse {M235}

Wired computer mice are affordable and suffice user’s need in many cases. However, they fail to give a nice experience. You will always feel restricted while operating a computer with a wired mouse.

Most people stop themselves from buying a wireless mouse because it is widely believed that these devices are highly priced. However, that is not the real case, at least in the year 2016. The Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse is one of the cheapest solutions that I can recommend you at 699 rupees. This device has impressed me with many good features and I want to discuss them in this review discussion.

Comfortable Design: Logitech has molded the outer shell of this mouse in a way that it feels quite comfortable during usage. Your fingers will perfectly fit onto the carvings and the back of the mouse offers a soothing feeling to the palm. Even the build quality of this device is appreciable. I did not find its body to be flexing or generating any kind of creaking sound.

Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

Decent Accuracy: The mouse comes equipped with a powerful LED bulb. Its sensor is highly sensitive and offers a decent level of accuracy. However, I cannot vow for this device to gamers. It is suitable for casual usage and occasional gaming. So, be sure to keep this in mind before making the order.

I would have appreciated if Logitech had equipped the M235 mouse with a panel to change the CPI level.

Excellent Battery Life: A green indicator at the top of this Logitech mouse informs the user about active status.

You will not have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance of this device. It works on just a single AA battery and will last for about 12 months on one replacement. Another great thing is that the manufacturer sends one free battery along with the packaging box.

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Moreover, it offers quite a long range. I was able to operate my computer from the adjacent room without any kind of signal breaking.

Verdict: As it is clear from above discussion, this device is a simple wireless mouse with no fancy features. Still, I would recommend it because of three years of free server warranty from the brand Logitech.

Weight 86 grams
Wireless Yes
Power Indicator Yes
Power Source AA Battery
Battery Life 12 Months
Type Optical
Warranty 3 Years
Buy 550 Rupees


► SanDisk Wireless Connect Flash Drive

Some two or three years ago, all smartphone manufacturers started competing with each other when USB OTG feature became famous and people started demanding for it.

The ability to browse files stored on a thumb drive is a nice thing to have. However, most smartphones still do not come with this functionality. However, you do not have to worry now, as SanDisk might have the best solution here.

The SanDisk Wireless Connect Flash Drive was launched last year and is currently available in multiple variants based on storage capability. My favorite is the 32 GB version because it offers great money value i.e. you can purchase it for around 2000 rupees only.

High-Speed Wireless Connectivity: The best thing about this thumb drive is user need not connect it physically with a smartphone. You can browse the files stored on it using Wi-Fi connectivity. The drive supports 802.11n standard and is capable of transferring data at much high-speed. During the test, I was able to watch and skip full HD videos without any kind of buffering.

Furthermore, the device also offers USB 2.0 connectivity. However, I would advise choosing wireless connection always as that offers higher speed than USB port.

The one problem that many users will face is they will not be able to connect the smartphone to any other Wi-Fi network until they disconnect from the drive.

SanDisk Wireless Connect Flash Drive

Decent Power Backup: SanDisk has featured quite a big battery inside this device. It gives around 4.5 hours of power backup on a single charge. However, the battery takes about two hours to get fully charged and supports only full-size USB port.

Solid Form Factor: I have become a great fan of this product’s design. Its outer shell reflects a polycarbonate finish and is much strong. The USB cap keeps the plug safe with the help of a metallic cover. It is little big as it features a battery and a Wi-Fi radio.

Supports Android and iOS Platforms: As of now this flash drive is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. However, to view the files, you will have to download an app. Use this application to set an optional password to the wireless network onboard (on the thump-drive) to prevent unauthorized access to secure file index.  You must set a password in order to add an additional layer of security.

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Verdict: The SanDisk Wireless Connect Flash Drive is a unique kind of device. It will help those iOS users who always wanted to connect their smartphones to a thumb drive. However, before making a purchase decision consider the limitation of this SanDisk gadget.

Weight 21.76 grams
Storage 16/32/64/128/200 GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi and USB
Power Backup 4.5 hours
Warranty 2-Years
Buy 1950 Rupees


► Zoook Multimedia Speaker System {ZM-SP3200}

Without a good speaker system, you cannot truly enjoy movies and TV shows at home. A universal truth is popular branded speakers always come at a premium price. This is where companies like Zoook come into the scene. Small brands not only create competition in the market but also stop big manufacturers from having a monopoly.

The Zoook ZM-SP3200 Speaker system that comes at an attractive price of 2135 rupees is becoming popular these days. Even though launched a year before, it has still been bought by customers in the online speaker market. Let us find out more about this amazing speaker. And, precisely I want to know why it is in demand.

Good Build Quality: Hard to believe that even at such a low price, the speaker offers a great build quality. Made with durable materials its body has a glossy black finish and chromed control dials on the front. Without a doubt, it is sturdy and looks very attractive.

Kudos to Zoook for making a speaker set so cool in look and tough inbuilt for a long lasting performance. Its overall design is premium and certainly has a nice appeal. I am sure it will get good feedback from your friends.

2.1-Channel Audio Channel: For an external speaker, least you should take is the power of 2.0 Audio Channel. This is because a speaker system will be of no use if it cannot produce loud & clear stereo audio. With 2.1 audio channels, the Zoook speaker has indeed impressed me.

In the box, you will find two satellite units each with a 3-inch driver and one sub-woofer with a 4-inch driver. Together, all these units give 40 Watts of RMS output, which is indeed hot audio output value.

However, here is a catch. A pair of experienced ears will easily pick up its limitations. The bass that it generates does not belong to deep levels. The same is true for the treble and vocals. However, a regular user will not encounter such fine details and will enjoy listening to Madhur sangeet on it.

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Connectivity Options: The list of connectivity options is unbelievably long on this Zoook speaker. Use 3.5 mm Aux-in port for easiest wired connections with almost all devices in the world. Absence Bluetooth connectivity is one big disappointment. However, the front USB 2.0 port and MicroSD card slot compensate lacking connectivity options.

Verdict: The speaker system comes with a few cons, but that does not mean it is a poor or overpriced product. You will hardly find any other audio system capable of generating powerful audio like this Zoook speaker does.

Features 2.1-Channel | Bass Control | Treble Control
Connectivity Aux In, USB, MicroSD Card Slot and FM Radio
Buy 2100 Rupees