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Best Choice Champion 800VA UPS Below 2500 Rupees

I manage multiple websites and client servers. Therefore, the smooth power supply is an essential requirement to sustain pressure from client and monitor server in real-time. In last three years, Numeric 600 VA UPS had backed up my desktop and router even in extreme electricity crisis. Numeric is a reputed Indian UPS manufacturer. I would recommend Numeric UPS for my friends with tight pocket.

In a regular conversation with one of my team members, working outside Tamilnadu, I mentioned that here in Chennai electricity problem has been solved completely. Now we are getting 24 hours of power supply. Also, TNEB is making sure high voltage electricity supply to homes without fluctuation. Yes, this is true. This summer, we are not suffering from power crisis thanks to the TN government's priority monitoring. While I was having the conversation, an unexpected power cut lasted for approx 30 minutes. And when power resume, it resume with huge voltage fluctuation. Because of that, electronics equipments at my residence had badly affected. In fact, I had to close all the running gadgets and equipment except desktop. I continue working to complete all pending works on time. Actually, the intencity of voltage fluctuation was too high, which killed my three-year-old Numeric 600VA UPS (3 Year × 365 Days × 16 Hours = 17520 Hours or more usages). The UPS released lite smoke; which was an indication of a final goodbye.

The new task for me was to find a UPS, which can backup my computer for 5 to 10 minutes. Power crisis in Tamil Nadu has solved and we do not face long power cut nowadays. As you all my friends come on the GS to get suggestion on gadgets, I started searching online for a UPS with good ratings. My search ended with a suggestion from a friend to look for the Champion 800 VA USP. This backup gadget is available at Flipkart for a price of 2500 rupees. Flipkart seller had offered me a free home delivery. However, while I am drafting this review, a new seller now offers purchase with a paid delivery. Buyer needs to pay 200 extra to get the UPS delivered at your home.

Champion Home Office 800VA UPS Review

Why I have selected the Champion USP

Excellent online rating and reviews: Although this is a costly UPS, but its 800VA capacity, long backup time, and performance is well-justified. For a home PC, a 600VA UPS is more than sufficient. As I mentioned above I was using the Numeric 600 VA UPS, I would suggest this Champion 800VA UPS for advance users. Whereas basic system users can look for an option below 2000 rupees. My Laptop, PC, and Smartphones are mostly in on mode. But this is not for everyone. Most of users usages desktop computer for an hour or half. For such usages requirement, a 600 VA UPS is absolutely fine.

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Indian Brand Value: Coming back to this advance UPS; it is a decent product from Indian brand Champion. Pune-based Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd sales the best quality UPS on affordable price under Champion brand name. We have visited the official website, which is customer friendly and easily accessible. Most of my friend must be thinking – why a customer friendly brand website is important. Trust me, a genuine company with good intention will adopt all possible way to help the customer. In today’s IT revolution era, while a brand cannot maintain a decent website then it does not have right to continue in business. We cannot go to the corporate office and seek support. An official website is the first primary gateway for customer support.Champion Home Office 800VA UPS Specifications

Another good fact is, the company sales only UPS, which means it has a sturdy focus on UPS technology development and designing and customer support. Although I have not approached to customer support, but I am 100% sure the brand will be fair with me in case I face an unholy situation with this UPS.

According to the website Champion operates service center across India. Therefore, customer can have on-site support in every corner of India. If we look its client list, the Champion UPS delivers product to the best brands in India including TATA, HP, BSNL, LIC, Blue Dart, LG, FIAT and so on.

Ideal Temperature for the Best Performance

The Champion UPS operates in ideal temperature range of Zero degree to 45 degree Celsius. It means you should not use it while surrounding temperature is more than 40 degree.

Indicator : There are two types of indicator inform user current status and active mode. The first is the light indicator, which blinks to indicate – Low battery, Normal status, Charging mode, Backup mode, overload indication and fault update. The second indicator is audio or alarm or buzzer for low battery, main power supply failure, and overload update.

Protection: The Champion 800 VA UPS will indicate for overload, if you did not unplug high power sucking gadget, it will respond with a complete shutdown. While main electricity supply is out, you are notified to close open tasks and shut down all gadgets plugged in there.

Best of Technology : Champion UPS is bundled with three concept technology, which makes it a hot choice for advance usages. These three technologies are presented below: –

  1. Line Interactive Technology
  2. Auto Voltage Regulation
  3. Single phase with Sine wave Technology

The addition of Sine-ware technology, which is mostly featured in an advance home inverter safeguards gadget for long usages. In sweet terms because of this feature, all connected gadgets will get smooth power supply. In fact, because of the best technologies in use, the Champion UPS insures smooth power supply to plugged-in gadgets.

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Long Lasting Battery Power Backup

This 800 VA UPS features a non-removable battery with a capacity of 9Ah. According to the official statement, a full load gets 15 min of backup whereas half load setup will be backed up for 25 to 30 minutes.

In real life, I am using this UPS to power desktop and TP-Link router. In last two days, I have not faced more than 10 minutes of power outrage, therefore I cannot confirm on actual backup. In 48 hours, I had faced three power cut all had less than 10 minutes of session. During these power cut, UPS has performed well. Thus, I am happy with this performance. I would like to add here, I am using a desktop, which is a combination of 22 inches AOC monitor, Keyboard, mouse and an assembled CPU. The additional gadget in use is TP-Link router.

Output Voltage : The Champion UPS offers 480 W power output. A desktop consumes 180 to 200 W. Therefore, user can attach additional equipment for smooth backup and protection against voltage fluctuation.

Warranty: the brand offers two years of full-service warranty. For the battery, the user will get one year of warranty. During the first 365 days, if you face fault in UPS, you can request for a technician at your residence for service. After one year, customer needs to carry the UPS to nearest service center.Champion Home Office 800VA UPS Price in India

Pro Features:-

  1. Advance UPS to support a desktop and two more gadget within limit of 480 W power output
  2. Sine Wave Technology for Smooth Power supply
  3. Automatic Voltage stabilizer
  4. Full Load 15 Min and Half Load 30 min backup
  5. One year of free on-site warranty. Total 2 years of free warranty


  1. No Replaceable Battery
  2. Costly for common consumers

Verdict: I am using this UPS, so not much I can say on the name of a final verdict. The Champion 800 VA home UPS is for advance usages. For basic usages, you can choose a UPS with a capacity of 600 VA.

Brand Model Champion 800 VA
Price 2300 Rupees
Output 480 W
Full Load Backup 15 Minutes
Half Load Backup 30 Minutes
Warranty 2 Years

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